UFC Vegas 14: Weigh-in Faceoffs

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

219 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼41

    All of the fighters competing at UFC Vegas 14: Felder vs dos Anjos faced off after weighing in on Friday morning. Main card action starts at 7pm ET / 4pm PT tomorrow night.
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    1. supercar spotter

      0:04 when you order Joshua vs Ruiz on ali express

    2. Atta Said

      Take off your mask!

    3. Manuel Romero Ibáñez

      The best moment for Dana :)

    4. NoKeshBeck

      1:13 danas eyes👀

    5. Sugar Seany B

      Khaos looks in way better shape then he did in his last fight. He’s gonna hurt Overrated Alhassan

      1. Sugar Seany B

        @TOP10TRASH lol he hurt him badly

      2. TOP10TRASH


    6. Bryan Merillat

      Paul Felder looks like Ned Flanders

    7. Fizure

      The list for best fighters who never won the belt for each division: hw: Alistar Overeem lhw: Alexander Gustafson mw: Yoel Romero,Chael Sonnen ww: Stephen Thompson lw: Tony Ferguson fw: Chad Mendez bw: Uriah Faber fw: Joseph Benavidez The list for best champions for each division: hw: Stipe Miocic lhw: Jon Jones mw: Anderson Silva ww: GSP lw: Khabib Nurmagomedov fw: Jose Aldo bw: Dominick Cruz fw: Demitrius Johnson

    8. Bryan De Gracia

      predicciones para el evento de UFC de hoy: (los que estan en negrita como ganadores) felder vs *dos anjos* *alhassan* vs williams yoder vs *granger* *allen* vs strickland *hansen* vs mckenna quinonez vs *smolka* *markos* vs murata *de freitas* vs gravely *morono* vs mckee mayes vs *martinez*

    9. Capronic2 Dethroned

      I've seen this girl Randa Markos lost like 4 in a row and still she didn't get cut. Maybe uncle Dana must have slept with her lmao.

    10. Glas Jaw

      1:16 Michael Bisping on the right?

    11. Glas Jaw

      0:57 don't act tough u got smashed by Chimaev

    12. Tramp the Looser

      🤣 Rees McGee ?? Is he the one who got smeshed by Khazmat

    13. T Fam

      RDA isn’t as good as he was back before USADA but I doubt he’ll beat Felder. Same age but RDA has almost twice as many fights. More experience but also more wear and tear. Let’s see how 5 days notice affects Felder but he should be able to pull off the decision win

    14. Best Remix

      Watch the fight here: music-channel24.com/

    15. 50_shadesof_green

      Why is Dana never wearing a mask yet EVERYBODY else is lol Not complaining, just wondering

    16. Gleb Skyroller

      Dana is bigger and bigger 😅🤣🤣

    17. Gleb Skyroller

      1:33 O'hoio 🤣🤣🤣 ufc you ST%PPD as AF


      Battle of the stashes

    19. Christian McDonald


    20. Tyrone on the throne

      Paul needs to be seriously KO'D i hate his Face so much.

    21. PoRyGoN GaMeS

      RDA without faciel hair is more lethal than the moustache one, scientifically proven.

    22. Krille Krille

      @UCC2EWAyq6Fk84lY4ryndmNw Look this up, so good. Just like Mini Chael.

    23. Курбоали Камолов


    24. Shawn Cahill

      Randa, thanks for your choice of clothing.

    25. Gemini Jake

      RDA lost his mustache one day on a walk...Felder found it, cut of its collar, began feeding it, changed its name and took it in as his own.

    26. AminAcdc

      i want to see rda vs islam but.. sigh.............

    27. Samuel Campos

      Whoever mustaches first wins ! Felder vs RDA

    28. M P

      RDA trying to steal that stache back! Let's Go!!!😂

    29. Nicholas

      Love RDA but gotta pull for Paul here.

    30. lolhass1

      2:10 Hiram lodge v Archie Artem Lobov Andrews

    31. Ice Mingle

      That co-main nasty 👀👀

    32. patagonia

      Much better main event!

    33. kiruoful

      They looks like skeletons

    34. Soufiane Abkiss

      Dos anjos look like an infiltrator inside a Mexican cartel

    35. Ahmad Taushif

      Always miss you... Khabib the bear

    36. Akshay C J


    37. Tommy Arnold

      The main event boys shaved both of their mustaches...maybe to cut weight better 😂😂

    38. Shantanu Sengupta

      Khaos "Chaos" Williams

    39. Keith Needham

      Battle of the tash

    40. Ian Shead

      I hope felder wins, he deserves this dub

    41. N

      Paul Felder started tennis? He's looks like Alex de Minaur 😂

    42. Ofelia Michel

      That co main event is gonna be a war

    43. blahtalk

      Felder looks gaunt.

    44. TheAntManChannel

      RDA gonna add Felder to his list of victims.

    45. AdamMMA18

      The fewl at the desk will win

    46. boyaaah1

      Felder looks gaunt.

    47. Александр


    48. 치킨

      main event : battle between two grandpas

    49. friday thirteen

      rda looking ripped

    50. Skamilsions

      GG 💪👊

    51. Shaytan is a Loser

      AbdulRazak lets go!! Talking about AlHassan,,,,,, where is that very good Tunisian guy who beat him a few months ago??????

    52. Chris Lazaro

      I love how most of these fighters are respectful

    53. Myles Scott

      Go Paul Felder

    54. 박나그네


    55. Cargonzo

      RDA gonna whoop your boy

    56. one4all

      For rda to make weight he shaved off the 5 pound mustache, and an additional 5 pounds from doing his pubs. Should have shaved the eyebrows instead to stand out from all other fighters. He'd probably look like a freak though.

    57. Theblackvortex75

      If fielder was 185 ish or 170 think he should just fight there he looked jacked asf in the fight island doc props on stepping up and that brutal weight cut hope he's all good

    58. عاشق لاءِ ِ پئسا ڳوليو


    59. Zaheer Dawood

      Felder or RDA? Who's your pick guys? I think Felder by decision

    60. ColdCoffeeBear

      They're going to splash each other's blood,spit,sweat,tears and possibly shit on each other,...but God forbid they don't BREATHE on each other.

    61. Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux

      Jesus Christ could Dana white possibly get any more swollen lol he must keep getting stung by them over seas Bees !

    62. Muhammad Irfan

      Felder and Dos Anjos Looks like Serial killer in Old Movie's.😸👆😁😀😀😉😂

    63. Shinigami

      RDA is going to lose because he shaved his Mustache. What a bitch move.

    64. Konstantin

      Knockaut ps4 paprom.info/block/v/m43LiLhnzoV4mqg.html

    65. Acoustic Soulexternal

      So difficult to look tough with what looks like women's panties on your face 😂

    66. anne laine

      We love you president Trump. We stand with president Trump 💯% . We are with you president Trump. We will win. Long live Donald Trump

    67. Tyro Cyr

      Whooooooh 🔥

    68. cooldude69ify

      Wouldve been epic if RDA still had his moustache. Moustache face off

    69. Artem Tantsura

      RDA won

    70. gunfighterdrummer

      Paul trying to compete woth that RDA mustache.


      Where is Dana's mask?

    72. Tycares

      yess more womans fights we usually get one maybe 2

    73. Cody Machado

      What did Strickland say to Dana??

    74. Mr. Berry

      Paul, lose the stache!!!

    75. Golden Duck6

      Paul Felder looking like he aboutta come out with the old fashioned Irish boxer stance 😂

    76. arthur maia

      boraaa rafael, é encarada sanguinaria e porrada nele

    77. Meteora Sky

      Nice watch, dos anjos

    78. Chito Panchito

      Imagine your name is Khaos Williams. He should change his last name to Warfield.

      1. Chito Panchito

        @Ali K - Khaos Warfield would be the perfect name.

      2. Ali K

        I think he changed his name to Khaos

    79. Side Winder

      RDA looks dam good.

    80. DLD 77

      Rda looks like a mexican cartel shot caller.

    81. 대물림된대물

      백 절 불 굴

    82. the one

      Excited to see abdul razak alhassan.This should be an exciting fight.Alhassan will knock him out i think.He hits real hard.

    83. Cobra Kai

      I just love Paul Felder❤️ No reasons to describe that👍

    84. Nataraj Monk

      When RDA and Felder's eye locked, HOLY SHIT!!!

    85. Joshua Allen

      Paul looks like a cop

    86. brettyh1

      a little disappointed RDA ditched the stache for this one

    87. Kalob Hubbard

      Mannn Paul even asked RDA to keep the mustache so they could see who’s was better on fight day during one of his interviews this week, why he have to go and shave it off smh

    88. Asian Tiger

      RDA win

    89. uncle_creepy27

      stupid mustaches always lose :)

    90. Menard Acosta

      Hafayel wins

    91. Jay H

      Paul "Dallas Buyers Club" Felder!!!


      Going with Big Red 🐲 .

    93. Dep Sui

      Felder looks like Ethan hawk from the predestination movie


      card is garbage!

    95. Rob S.

      RDA by submission

    96. iGotMiilk

      Let's fucking go rhys mckee!!!

    97. broly alí abagua

      I Think the best figth of this event is khaos vs abdul because i Think this figth finish in ko

    98. Spencer Hawkins

      I won't stream this

    99. Reigen Shishou

      For me Felder is already the winner for making weight in such a short notice. What a beast 💪

    100. M R T

      dos anjos without mustache looks young lmao