UFC Vegas 14: Rafael dos Anjos Interview after Main Event Win

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

227 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼60

    Rafael dos Anjos returned to the lightweight division, where he was champion in 2015 and 2016, with an impressive performance against Paul Felder in the UFC Vegas 14 main event.
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    1. Patrick Delaney

      Personally, I would have scored felder 50-45

    2. Boxing & Gaming Pro

      50-45 was spot on the 2 judges earned my respect But the first judge was on crack

    3. Bikaira Nikamaru

      Haven’t watched it knew RDA would win due to that short notice but wow. 48-47 smh

    4. Alexandros Mpougatsas

      Soooo bored match... and this coch roufus is so loser all he's fighters lose all time

    5. Peter

      The comment section is full of Chris Lee comments and Kevin Lee references. I love it lol

    6. jaja

      Did you bet on todays fight Chris Lee? Chris Lee:.......Me dont speak englisho,

    7. Boxing & Gaming Pro

      Prime RDA is back

    8. tattounxx

      He has a so hot body !!

    9. amr abdallah

      Khabib retired , every one is gangster now 😁

    10. Joely Rapley

      Chris lee scored Jones vs Reyes Fight also, he needs to be fired.

    11. jancar guarino

      its just the same RDA nothing changes...

    12. Sanhok Studios

      This is why Khabib Nurmagomedov no1 pound to pound fighter

    13. Vaquero Vegano


    14. Nathan J

      Crotch sniffing at it's finest.

    15. mitsubishidiamante

      meh, I gave up on Conor, after He Wins, Hes gonna be Missing in Action for two or three years without Defending the Belt.. Hard Pass


      When I heard one judge had it for Felder I was like was it the judge or me then they said 50 45 rda

    17. Mateusz Dąbrowski

      Tony, Dustin and Gaethje would beat RDA in my opinion....

    18. Miguel Hernandez

      Is Jason parillo still rda coach?

    19. nir S

      damn rda looks amazing at 155

    20. Gustavo Serrano

      Felder is the biggest troll. He beats the crap out of guys so bad, win or lose, they are damaged goods on their next fight and will lose it.

    21. Phishy Phil

      I think we all know the real winner here is that Moustache.

    22. stringsnare

      Lol theres one in every family.

    23. Lucas Godoy

      RDA whats that belt so bad that he implement Khabib´s game plan on this one. Great performance for both.

    24. Ifti Alam

      Felder was overwhelmingly effective on the feet and had more strikes. But RDA had strikes some almost equal to Felders but overwhelmingly more control time. 14+ minutes of control time in a 25 min fight. HOLYSHIT.

    25. Ifti Alam

      I've got the fight 49-46 RDA. Rounds 1,2,3 and 5 for RDA and Round 4 for Felder. Heres why:- Round 1: Total strikes were almost equal, but RDA had more control time with clinch and takedown. Round 2: Again, pretty even on the feet but again, RDA controlled most of the Round. Round 3: Not much of striking but RDA had overwhelming control in the Round. Round 4: nearly 2 mins of control by RDA but Felder had significantly more strikes plus he got a take down in this. So this goes to Felder. Round 5: No doubt, over 4 mins of control by RDA. Hence, 49-46 RDA.

    26. Ifti Alam

      While watching this match, it didn't feel like Felder came in with 5 days notice. How good he was on the feet. A pure warrior. RDA is back in his winning ways, good to see that.

    27. Tommycus K

      What a Joke! Split decision!? Huge respect for Felder though

    28. Aidan Mclean

      Chris lee was one of the judges on the jones vs reyes fight, also dan hooker vs rda?

    29. Mike Stanek

      They need to have some serious judging classes. It's getting out of control. One judge was just like oh well Felder is a commentator so I think he won this fight. Fans could judge better than these guys. I would do it for a portion of what they get paid.

    30. T Iger

      Rafael is wanting a red pantie night!

    31. Rev Lite

      Man dos Anjos is such a cool guy, always been a fan

    32. Yasir Baig

      He straight up comes back to the lightweight division when khabib retires, now you should watch their fight and see why😭

    33. Juan Ramirez

      RDA barely beat Felder (who literally step in on 5 day’s notice) i like RDA but he ain’t becoming champion in the lightweight division anytime soon. He will fold against a top level fighter with a full training camp.

    34. Lucas Rogers

      These split decisions are straight out bullshit. I don't get it. I had rda 49-46 tbh

    35. Hussii

      Respect from Felder even he was confused he knew he didn’t come close.

    36. Spy PM2

      RDA is all juiced up. Cheater

    37. Harmen Mann

      1:08 "got the news that he had chipotle" i thought he was about to say

    38. JoRdAnRwS

      Hats off to Felder. Five days notice cuts over 20 lbs and goes to war with a Former champion, and current savage. RDA is no easy fight let alone with no camp. Nothing but respect to my fellow Irishman. One of the last of a dieing breed. Cheers Felder, can't wait to see you in action again brother.

    39. felia maria gil narvaez

      Felder a real Warrior... A real BMF.

    40. Luke Murphy

      I know it wont happen but I'd love to see then run it back with Felder in a full camp!

    41. Alexis Paquet

      Chris Lee smelled like cigarette and booze

    42. Son Dursun

      My god, what is wrong with these judges! 47-48 for Felder?! It's getting to a worrisome point now where no one is going to take decisions seriously in the sport. Something needs to be done soon!

    43. Plucky

      Felder was so confused when he was given a decision by one of the judges. My guy was like wait what

    44. FaZe Ocean

      Was that a mcgregor callout?

    45. Just Hustle

      It’s funny how he calls out mcgregor, he just beat a so-so fighter in fielder and now wants to get paid. The peds must of screwed with his brain.

    46. Jonny Botten

      yikes... piss test him! ;)

    47. LifeOfBD

      Split decision? Them judges are idiots

    48. Jorge Ledesma

      Paul is game one week notice and didn't get finished.

    49. SAGS

      Hahaha, who had the genius idea to put Michael Bisping interviewing Dos Anjos??? It was a pain for both to understand what the other said.

    50. Rodrigo Herrera

      Damn, Felder brought it, but 'Split Decision'... wtf?! That judge needs to be fired.

    51. walter2319

      RDA: me and Connor are only champs Anthony Pettis has entered the chat

      1. Johnny mac

        Pettis is unranked tho

    52. Anioł Samotny

      Na moim kanale będzie transmisja na żywo aby nie przegapić zostaw suba na moim kanale

    53. Norman Hinojosa

      Chris Lee gave it to Felder because he has the better pornstache.

    54. holfyrarris

      I would welcome a Ferguson rematch as the first one was such a good fight

    55. AlfiSinFiltros HD

      To be fair felder did a great job in the stand up

    56. jensen

      "Chris Lee smelled of cigarettes and alcohol" - Rafael Dos Anjos probably

      1. Éire Abú

        People that watched the fight*

    57. Pedro R

      He just wants his red panty night

    58. jensen

      I like how honest both fighters are with their reaction to the 48-47 judge lol

    59. D Krappenschitz

      Anyone got chris lee's twitter?

    60. Good for you

      The judge giving it to Felder is corrupt

    61. Ferita Keyy

      Conor would tear you apart my friend

    62. YOUNG ISO

      He needs money he called out Conor to get a good check

    63. leo bidon

      Dos Anjos vs hooker pls

    64. kevin

      Felder should stick to triathlons

    65. Ian Shead

      Paul felder is now one of my top three favorite lightweights

    66. Ashis Rai

      Love ur english RDA.

    67. Thin Line

      Warriors! Them both 💪🏻 Great fighters!! Congrats dos Anjos on the win!👍🏻

    68. nunho14 l

      Chris lee to RDA after the fight: I'm not impressed by your perfomance

    69. Fayaz Ul hassan

      Isn't Chris Lee the same judge who gave the Jones vs Reyes fight to Jones 4-1 rounds?

    70. Lesten D'souza

      Felder is the man.

    71. Atit Rijal

      The judges are on Crack again!

    72. Артем Негрій

      I think he would beat islama

    73. Matt Smith

      Felder performed man.

    74. Italia 1897

      Dos Anjos looks at 50-45 , ahah

    75. Liam Gelissen

      Its always like brazilian fighers : "Dont really get the question".

    76. Eugene List loves Truth

      if not watch on screen and just listen I hear Kevin Lee

    77. Jay Jay

      charles Oliveira vs rda make it happen

    78. wesley vitality

      This is the first time i hear rafael talk

    79. Brendan Nelson

      RDA looked like he never left the division

    80. SHKH

      He speaks better English than Harry Kane.

    81. Haris Hendra

      5 days notice and he give a good fight Well done paul

    82. Zeta ELN

      Great fight, much respect to Paul Feldor for stepping in on short notice.

    83. MGM ODP

      RDA real Old Gangsta in this game...

    84. Ultra Instinct Goku

      Congrats RDA. Legend.

    85. Nathan Dust

      UFC and the Commission need to figure out a better judging system. Because guys win or lose fights over incompetent judging.

    86. lagendary 11

      Lightweight never interesting without khabib

    87. Bloater Snake

      RDA was afraid to actually fight someone who was coming in on 5 days notice, wish Islam never pulled out and humped him for 5 rounds.

    88. Therockdwarf Mockdwarf

      Bruh look at felders reaction to 48-47 to him, he knew he lost and took it like a champ

    89. Dundo Maroje

      First judge who scored for Felder is either stupid beyond belief, or he is so biased against RDA. Either way he should not be judging.

      1. oh boy


    90. Lost Sauce

      Dos Anjos wants the red panty night he never got! Connor made that line with Rafael and now it comes full circle lol

    91. Marat V

      48-47 Felder You gotta be fucking kidding me. Dude should be arrested immediately.

    92. Neil Old

      Conor is a class above RDA. He barely won ...... Conor would pick him apart.

      1. Éire Abú

        @Carole Brown Conor would beat RDA with ease now tbf

      2. Éire Abú

        RDA clearly won

      3. Carole Brown

        Conor beats RDA? All you part time conor fanboys make me laugh. You wanna leave the drugs alone fella....🤣

    93. eesaa mohammed

      Let's go islam

    94. ItsreallyWilson Insta


    95. Mantas Mykolaitis

      Not sure what judging criteria was used by the first judge. Clearly he was not competent, this cannot happen for main, co-main events.

    96. Noufal Majdi

      RDA is the type of guy to fight only killers in his career.

    97. Patrick Davis

      I wonder if he fought Islam would he have won

    98. Aditya pundir

      Bisping said the right thing. that judge should change his job.