UFC Vegas 14: Khaos Williams Interview after One-punch KO

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Hear from Khaos Williams after his second knockout in 30 seconds or less in as many bouts to open up his UFC career. Williams improved to 11-1 overall in his career.
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. imeldo marcos

      This sport could be dangerous.

    2. Chris Grieve

      That knockout was absolutely brutal. That's a life changing ko that will probably stick with Alhassan the rest of his career.

    3. u-alrdykno C.V.O

      Chaos " I want to play wit myself " Williams... P.s... He'll knock you out also...

    4. Dwight Chatman

      Put him in ufc 4 dlc pack right now

    5. John Wicks

      Did I get this right he just said he wants to play with himself

    6. Morgan Rees-Pearson

      "I wanna play with myself"

    7. The Stoned Bros

      One punch man in rl lmfao


      Real detroit gangster got it out the mud

    9. JerJerBynx

      Backflips baby

    10. The Bluebells are Blue

      Khaos " hard work and dedication "Williams

    11. Sherminator

      this guy looked dangerous even before the fight with that stare. i wanted him to do well after hearing meek mill with his entrance. i hope he fights soon again.

    12. Skoal Bandit

      Play with myself Williams lol

    13. EVO6

      He looks like Roy Jones Jr. with a really weird physique

    14. l cost

      I would knock him out for 1 million ✌️

    15. Msizi Nkosi

      On his ufc debut i thought he just got lucky cos he was just swinging hoping something will connect but nonetheless knocked the dude out so i was like meh beginners luck but he suprised me yesterday, that right hand was technically perfect, on the button BANG LIGHTS OUT, Khaos williams is a bad bad man he definitely got my attention now

    16. Yalter777

      If Chimaev will beat Edwards i want to see him vs Williams.

    17. Rob S.

      was like a changing of the guard, KOd a guy who's a brutal ko artist himself who'd never been KOd before

    18. N N

      that knockout was very reminiscent of Sean O’Malley vs eddie wineland. Two very quick subtle feints followed by a piston straight right hand. Only difference is this guy has some SERIOUS power combined with that precision. I see a future contender before our eyes

    19. Marlon Shaw

      Nice to see some young blood coming in. He’s got a long road to the top, and I’m looking forward to watching him

    20. Joseph McCoy

      Khaos looked undeniable in this one. His next fight is gonna be crazy.

    21. Dangledorf

      I just wanna thank God he makes me so humble.....but also Jay Z and Meek Mill I hope we do business in the future

    22. the blitz

      Definitely looking forward to seeing him get the strap around his waist, explosive fighter, he gonna multiply his fans in the millions in no time... They should call him " The Unemployment"anybody who walk up on him is gonna get that work!

    23. Frank V

      Looks like Roy but his hero is Jon.

    24. Jonathan La Noce

      you know...

    25. Alexander Martinez

      Is his nickname “The Oxfighter” because he can knock out an ox?

      1. Alexander Martinez

        @Mrnoodles 619 No

      2. Mrnoodles 619

        You saw that tweet?

    26. Eduardo Diaz

      Remind me of iron MIKE TYSON LEGEND Thats the attitude in every fight No matter who My respect BRO Hard work and dedication No fluke thats it confidence NICE🖒

    27. jester bob

      Khaos vs khamzat 👏

    28. Majdi

      I'm excited for the Leon vs Khamzat fight but I gotta say I think Khaos vs Khamzat would be a solid fight to make. On one end you have a fighter that is the definition of hype train and on the other end you have a fighter unwilling to jump on the hype train just yet.

    29. carytowncat

      Man this Cat is out of sight! Dismisses praise and gives thanks, Concern for his opponent, shows up to press conference in a dope suit; true character and class.

    30. DS Daniels


    31. Ronin Yang

      Punchers are born, not made...

    32. FarLeDJ

      Not a one punch KO, but impressive nevertheless

    33. Daniel Merzetti-Grieve

      Meek inspiration ...what???😅

    34. Manny Correa

      Michael strahan

    35. Brian Onwuegbu

      "People keep sleeping on me and the doctor gon wake em up" 😂🤣

    36. Cesar Fadul

      This man just spoke for a nation of midnight men when he said "I Just Want To Play With Myself." Beautifully spoken

    37. Durkanya R

      This guy should fight Khamzat.. why don't he get direct fight with Masvidal or Colby or Usman or wonderboy

    38. Dave Costa

      Hmmm he is good on standing, but he needs to face a proper wrestler then I will take my conclusion

    39. SP P

      Chris lee had this fight for Abdul razak al Hassan

    40. Ice Mingle


    41. zamalman 974

      Give him kamzhat 🔥

    42. Zachary Nicholas

      Method man in the 🏠

    43. bak 138

      That ko was a scary 1 holy shit. He blasted him into orbit

    44. Clockwork Man

      Why do ppl keep saying he has insane KO power, it was his technique that dropped him....hit him right on the button

    45. Anthony Hood

      Ey Bisping is looking sharp.

    46. Samus

      KO = Khaos

    47. Pistachio

      WHERE IS ISLAM MAKHACHEV FIGHT ?? what happen?

    48. Patrick Stewart

      Roy Jones Jr 🤣

    49. Bobir Gafurov

      Fokk vere is nakaut vere

    50. Docraki Docraki

      Should fight Masvidal next.

    51. oakDRlyfe

      Guys about to sell you a timeshare...

    52. Jack Erick Bolaños Alban


    53. Calvin Gonzalez

      Him vs Lyman Good tho. That is a great stylistic matchup that is winnable for both and is likely a finish

    54. XBLonTwitch

      This dude could be Jax for Halloween easily, lol.

    55. Fedor Ferguson

      Williams looks like he dropped out of a 90s R&B group. His next walk out song is gonna be one by 112 or Blackstreet.

    56. mmafreak yee

      Chris Brown | Roy Jones Jr FUSION

    57. I Cook Tea

      dam anderson silva switched to reffing already

    58. Smartass Star


    59. Shubham Singh

      He did beat a good opponent, unlike Chimaev. Dana should book these two.

      1. roar falcon

        Al Hasan only beat bums . this guy also beat bums . but got crazy ko power . Chimaev is a wrestler . dont forget that . this guy has no wrestling .

    60. RAYS REALM


    61. RKN

      Matthew 19:26

    62. Dru670

      They need to stop bringing God into this. I don't think Gods chooses sides lol unless he is betting lol

    63. Cameron scott

      His name is khaos? What the....😳

    64. Youcrosseyed H

      God loves knock outs

    65. A Guy

      People here bigging this guy up too much, he has power but I don't see the technique and skill to be champ, in ufc too quickly for my liking. Just saw his first fight and it was Derek brunson-esque with his chin held high. Shame cos with these wins and everyone hyping this guy up, he'll shoot through the rankings. Would like to see what his ground game is like cos based on that stance he's pure striking and doesn't seem too difficult for a wrestler to take down, he's got a more traditional muay Thai stance which isn't good for sprawling or fast movements in general to defend takedowns. He could improve drastically but I feel like you must be in close distance skill wise to win the title by the time you step into the ufc, as in, you are advanced enough that with a few fights you'll be good enough, I don't think this guy is at that stage yet.

    66. ilovetables

      looks like a cross between frank ocean and roy jones jr

    67. Adam Korn

      DETROIT Michigan STAND UP. I think we got one. That look in his eyes I’ve seen many times. That man has been in the water with them sharks.

      1. dreadghoul23

        He looks determined and dead serious, or you could say all business. Definitely can see him being ducked a lot if he makes it higher in the ranks. Just his stare could finish some opponens lol

    68. ANTI VENOM


    69. introvertsrulethisworld

      THIS is exactly why i dont like throwing kicks anymore. MOST kickboxing KOs are punch counters to leg kicks. If Abdul had kept it Boxing he may have had a different outcome. He was the more skilled striker.

      1. T Bone

        Yup.. everybody is talking about his knockout power this and that. Don't get me wrong the guy hits hard as hell. BUT, the fact that Abdul was kicking when the punch landed made that knockout possible in my opinion.

    70. Michael J.F.

      Him saying “I wanna play with myself” immediately goes up there with Aljamain Sterling saying “I’m gonna come on ya ass-I’m gonna come for ya ass...”

      1. Taco Tacotington

        @jalen1480 thats a classic

      2. jalen1480

        Or “I want to fuck- fight chuck”

    71. Tyro Cyr

      Good stuff

    72. Noel Taylor

      This dude is strong

    73. sychophantt

      Lucky punch nothing more.

    74. AxaFin

      dude won me 400

    75. Niall John

      This boi needs to stop rehearsing in the mirror

    76. RyanZakMusic

      i'd like to thank god for helping me punch this other guy's lights out

    77. CratCR0T Channel


    78. Jesus Is King of Kings

      God reigns.

    79. Mr PheNoM3noN

      Tbh no one ever ko Abdul he ko mofos fukkkkkkkk wot a ko tho i thought he was dead

    80. duuk k 17

      Khaos Williams vs Khamzat Chimaev

    81. Sylvan George

      yo, i thought that was Dr Dre as the Referee

    82. Jamie Goose

      *You know you're good, when you are on par with an anime character*

    83. A. P.

      What a violent display of power. The whole sequence was intense.

    84. Daffy Maestro

      Wow weaved that punch through the hands to the chin.

    85. Wikkitt Klown66

      Where's this guy from? There's no place on earth that has this goofy ass accent 😂😂 talk normal Cuuuuhhhhh

    86. A. Double The Chef!!

      Anybody noticing a trend of Dana White only matching top black fighters against other black fighters??

      1. Lawrence M.

        There’s just so many of us in MMA. Plus, fighters can reject a fight offered if they choose to. And it’s Sean Shelby who does the match making although Dana White has the ultimate business decisions.

    87. Jimmy Kantstandyourbitz

      I didn’t even see how he got caught cause i was focused on the hard leg kicks they were throwing lmao.

    88. Eyes OnPies

      Khaos "The White Mike Perry" Williams

    89. The Last Stylebender

      Give this guy Vicente Luque, Daniel Rodriguez or Mike Perry. Massive potential from Khaos can’t wait to see more. Khaos, Shavkat and Geoff my dark horses for the next WW champs.

      1. L. Borges

        Michel Pereira... December 19th

      2. The Last Stylebender

        @Sarcastic Genius good taste my man he’s suppose to fight Muslim shalikov next year! Hopefully he stays healthy like you said lol.

      3. Phi Le

        And Santiago ponzinbibbo if he gets healthy

      4. Byorn

        MIKE PERRY

      5. Sarcastic Genius

        Don't forget Ponzinibbio either. If he can stop getting injured and actually get back in the cage that is.

    90. 95RAW

      Was that Dre raising Khaos hand?

    91. Warren Galloway

      He really just said “I wanna play with myself”. If he doesn’t have a SO at home I’m sure he will tonight.

    92. Smouve Couve

      Speaking about jay z and meek and God .

    93. synthWizkid

      What a dork

    94. Smouve Couve

      He hongry!!!!

    95. Patrick Newbern

      Yeah ...that's performance bonus, no question 😳

    96. Aaditya Vermaa

      Chaos Williams vs Khamzat Chimaev Next 💥

      1. Drifter27

        @Al Johnson Owe for sure, i will. I don't usually bet but that's a easy one. I hope Leon is paying out good Also got 100$ bet with my mates for Aljo to beat Petyr Yan ez money

      2. Al Johnson

        @Drifter27 put some money on it if you're sure

      3. dreadghoul23

        khamzat is just a hype train

      4. Mihawk

        @Drifter27 keep thinking that Lmao

      5. Drifter27

        Khamzat not gonna get passed Leon you fool

    97. Seymur Tagiyev


    98. Dylan Olson

      lmao shoutout meek mill

    99. IrritatedFighter

      watching this interview live had me begging for them to cut that trash short

    100. FinnishZombiesGamer

      Yo Dr. Dre! Stop reffing fights, and release The Detox already.