UFC Vegas 13: Santos vs Teixeira - Weigh-in

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Thiago Santos and Glover Teixeira are on weight for Saturday's light heavyweight main event at UFC Vegas 13. Watch Santos, Teixeira and the rest of the fighter's competing tomorrow night officially weigh in.
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    1. Александр


    2. Brian Harford


    3. Jesse

      Female mma is terrible.

    4. One_who_watches_you_at_night

      Im with full form edson barboza

    5. Milan Wolf 300

      Thiago Santos ☝️💪

    6. Milan Wolf 300

      Next Top Fighting Jirka Procházka vs Dominik Reyes 🇨🇿👊.

    7. cory thomas

      Come on Dana lose the facediapers!!!!

    8. Dirty South Bushcraft and MMA

      I really like Glover, I hope it's not a bad KO.

    9. driving games


    10. Dominiguez bolo

      To me one thing for sure, thiago santos is very strong in his upper body as well as in his lower body, it's almost equal I'm assuming and that's very important for any fighter and that's very important for almost any athlete.. Thiago has powerful punches as well as powerful kicks and for an elite striker he's great at defending against the elite wrestlers and grapplers takedowns and he doesn't allow himself to get controlled by great wrestlers and grapplers too much, for a striker he knows very well how to dictate on how the fight goes because most of the time it's the wrestlers and grapplers who dictates the fights.. And glover Teixeira is a great all around mma fighter, this man knows how to win a fight in many ways.. It should definitely be a great battle between these two I'm assuming.. For me overall, I'm betting on santos winning..

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    12. Christian McDonald


    13. Kola Kola

      Santos will kill him

    14. Anas Shahid 224

      Let’s go Santos 😃

    15. Chris Mac

      This fight makes zero sense to me 🤔

    16. Cisco Gaspar

      Never seen JDS this ripped

    17. Niall Connell

      Damn, Glover looks lean!

    18. John Allen

      Claudia is so beautiful!

    19. martin martin

      Psy s náhubkama. Gratuluju lúzo.

    20. Gaby Ponce

      Definitely not the same fella that weighed Khabib. Weighing them to the molecule

    21. valax

      Glover will win by TKO in 3 round ez.

      1. Naveed Ahmad

        Kinda right

    22. Glenda Vazquez

      Claudia Gdellha all the way

    23. Eamon Ahern

      Meanwhile Corey Anderson had an easy sparring session with a 44yo over in Bellator.

    24. Okie Mick

      Arlovski and Teixeira are still at it after all these years, truly amazing.

    25. Rob K

      Dear god that tat looks awful. Brock Lesner and his sword tat started this nonsense. What's next? Morne's great hammer between the pecs?

    26. Laura Benjamin

      thiago santos is a steroid user

    27. Evan Lennar

      Here we go marreta

    28. Antonio Music

      If glover can win he is def a problem for Jan

    29. Brendan Nelson

      Cave man gets weighed last

    30. Michael Ciavarella

      Claudia is hot

    31. yolo 1690

      Deadest weightins in history


      Seram😱 paprom.info/block/v/eoebqpSdu4mf4KQ.html

    33. abdul amuntai

      Wow... God man

    34. John doughboy Jr

      00:02 Trevin Giles 00:28 Raoni Barcelos 00:46 Yan Xiaonan 01:11 Giga Chikadze 01:46 Khalid Taha 02:19 Thiago Santos 02:49 Eduardo Garagorri 03:10 Alexander Romanov 03:32 Brendan Allen 03:59 Max Griffin 04:26 Bevon Lewis 04:50 Anthony Birchak 05:10 Gustavo Lopez 05:47 Ian Heinisch 06:14 Ramiz Brahimaj 06:43 Darren Elkins 07:04 Glover Teixeira 07:26 Claudia Gadelha 07:52 Andrei Arlovski 08:24 Tanner Boser 08:46 Marcos Rogerio De Lima 09:25 Jamey Simmons

    35. chris graybags Gray

      So many pretenders in here saying santos has it standing n glover on ground .... idiots

    36. Yaxyo Yuldashev

      Короновирус силнее чем кувалды, с такими силами в масках интересно как-то .

    37. The CursedSharingan

      My fight prediction played out ufc 4 paprom.info/block/v/pq3YopeTuY2huYo.html

    38. KGF

      *GT the real P4P no.1*

    39. Wes Oss

      Everyone came to see Claudias chesticles.

    40. Rifki Aleppo

      Need information how to watch Live UFC fights...

    41. Ronan Zoa

      Thiago mamen rooting

      1. Ronan Zoa

        Thankyou ufc from ph

    42. Dashoost

      00:02 Trevin Giles 00:28 Raoni Barcelos 00:46 Yan Xiaonan 01:11 Giga Chikadze 01:46 Khalid Taha 02:19 Thiago Santos 02:49 Eduardo Garagorri 03:10 Alexander Romanov 03:32 Brendan Allen 03:59 Max Griffin 04:26 Bevon Lewis 04:50 Anthony Birchak 05:10 Gustavo Lopez 05:47 Ian Heinisch 06:14 Ramiz Brahimaj 06:43 Darren Elkins 07:04 Glover Teixeira 07:26 Claudia Gadelha 07:52 Andrei Arlovski 08:24 Tanner Boser 08:46 Marcos Rogerio De Lima 09:25 Jamey Simmons

      1. Rose G

        Thank you! 💖

      2. Okie Mick

        Damn, thanks.

      3. O Block Scrappy

        u god

      4. Nicholas Lopez

        You're doing gods work

    43. Sr. RIVERA

      Suscribansen a mi canal y que dios llene de bendiciones e sus hogares

    44. Juliano Campos

      Gadelha is so hot, wtf.

    45. Gike Moldberg

      Why is there a diaper on his face?

    46. VOID

      boser looks like hes got a jock strap on his face

    47. Slick Perspective

      Ugh, so many tattos. Glad I don't have one.

    48. Castelo Roy

      I am not understand why they got tattoos on their body..its look horrible and ugly

    49. doobsnack

      6:58 is that supposed to be abdominals.. wtf is that even?

    50. Taco Tacotington

      A lot of people doubting Glover are going to be shocked tomorrow night.

      1. Naveed Ahmad

        You were correct.

      2. John doughboy Jr

        Glover is roided up to the hilt...should be a good, clean fight.

    51. Abdulkadir .Türker

      @ Tom James Me 2

    52. Henry JR

      Max Griffen looks like a larger version of John Dodson

    53. dragosavo

      Curious about Santos posing with only one arm flexed. Shoulder problem, maybe?

      1. VIZ D

        Santos said he is 100% fit right now.

    54. Anselmo Jones

      Its 2020 why they using a scale from 1820?

      1. Taco Tacotington

        Those scales are the most accurate. Electronic scales are always off.

    55. Nba videos

      What was that at the end 😕

    56. puntsize

      3/4 of the video is of that turtle trying to balance the scale. Brutal

    57. Jiva Daya

      Claudia THICCC Galimundo

    58. Eduardo Flores

      If Glover wins I would prefer the 41 years old coming from behind to a title shot storyline than the MW champ moving up to try and become double champ

      1. Eduardo Flores

        abcdefghijklmnop 😂I Can already hear Dana saying it

      2. abcdefghijklmnop

        Me too, but that is not where the money is so Dana will tell us, "Glover didn't want the fight".

    59. buljo leopard1

      mma is for democrats and gays...ban this stupid satanic sport

    60. gregorymjr12

      Glover found the fountain of youth. He physically looks better every fight! Thiago better be careful in there!

      1. gregorymjr12

        @Josh Dutczak right!

      2. Josh Dutczak

        Master Roshi gave him some of it at Korin Tower

    61. روتيني اليومي عربي

      أخواتي إخواني السلام عليكم...ديرولي أبوني في هده القناة..راني عاد خرجت مالحبس..وماباغياش نبيع البغرير فالمارشي...عاونوني لوجه الله..وبدون تخسار الهدرة.ولكم جزيل الشكر.subscrieb

    62. thefatalveli1

      GIGA !!!

    63. TheDXJC56

      That chinese chick was definitely a man wearing a bikini

    64. anothaview

      Can't wait to watch.

    65. TexBand

      When the fight will be

    66. Cable Parrott

      01:49 Hot XXX Movie 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    67. Justin Ejimah

      Santos actually looks like hes in really good shape. looks like he put on some muscle since his last fight with jones. we will see if he has the same explosiveness after blowing both knees.

    68. nir S

      love santos great fighter and he got my favorite tatoo by far the Star of david

    69. Delta Fibonacci

      Santos wins by ko, or too 3rd round.

    70. Diablo YTB

      اعانة للقناة

    71. Радостин Ангелов

      Will be an interesting fight, a grappler v power puncher. Will end either via knockout or a submission.

      1. wilwat9

        Glover has some power!!💪💦😮1⃣👌🙆‍♂️👍

    72. Robert Johnson

      Santos deserves the title. 1st rd ko for Santos!

    73. Redon Matoshi


    74. нарру вriтнday 2Pac

      вu nə коnserтdi

    75. Janaelson Alves da Silva


    76. yahir segura

      Y’all see the difference between these weigh-ins and khabibs weigh-in 🤣🤣🤣👎🏽

      1. Taco Tacotington

        Yeah, nobody missed weight here and had the commission save their ass

      2. dfaultnick


    77. Tentang Terkini

      Virall terbaruu.!! *Atraksi Seni bela diri Jeblag (AL JABBAR) Pondok Pesantren Darul Falah jambudipa cianjur MALAM 12 MAULID* 👉paprom.info/block/v/h6vAiNSV3m2a2pg.html

    78. Tom James

      I need some UFC in my life now more than ever!

      1. Daniel Gonzalez

        Don't we all brother

      2. Indio o

        Well i need a chick bro but ufc will do :D

    79. Wolf 01

      Hajde Santos 👊👊

    80. Aziz Zidane

      Otman zaytar ❤️💪👊👊

    81. THE DangerMan

      Let's Go Max Pain!!!✊🏾🤛🏾

    82. lololololololol ol

      7:25 Claudia's weigh in

      1. motocrossriders2002

        Only thing worth watching!

    83. ishmael arc

      Santos almost beat jon on 1 leg. If both legs show up no1 can beat him

      1. Prashant Awasthi

        Jones haters 😂

      2. Lars Malsbender

        Hahaha u trippin....typical Nonsense jones hater

    84. Adam Badali

      Glover is an OG but Santos is too deadly in his prime.

    85. Jcgamer599


    86. KING YETI

      I’m hyped for this fight! It’s crazy it’s free

    87. Dr Duke

      Guys, in order to develop abilities, protect yourself from other people's energies, the devil and eye hallucinations, you need to train your body physically like crossfit with work on boxing bags, then bad energies and black dust from bionanorobots will not be able to cling to your body and nerves of the eyes and you will not see and feel pain, you need to train all muscle groups so that there are no weak spots and mentally imagine how you tear apart the pain and the picture in front of your eyes with your hands, also imagine how this dust burns up turning into emptiness in this way, you mentally destroy this shit this is the beginning of super strength, exercising and fantasizing, you can develop other abilities in yourself, but for each person individually, it will be easier to get some kind of strength. Also, minimize the amount of food, it is best to eat rice cooked in water like the Shaolin monks, hunger and a minimum of different flavors, you will redirect the energy from the digestion of food by the stomach to the strength you want! Another tip is to eat lemons or citric acid, it will speed up your metabolism and protect against poisons, spoiled food and metal salts, if you have any questions, ask! I am writing through translator from Russian so there may be problems with understanding the text.////..//,

      1. Leafy IsHere

        What the heck?

      2. Dr Duke

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      3. Dr Duke

        This is my life experience, I began to monitor my weaknesses in the body, I had a problem with drugs, I did not control myself and was already dying coughing up blood and suffering from pain and bad trips, at first I stopped using spice and various salts like amphetamines, I began to save myself from this shit and realized what and who changed my brains - it was a system of nanorobots (eyes), also called the devil, it is a systemic regulator - weak people are weakened and killed if a person does not obey and does not want to become a slave! the eye has followers they are trained to penetrate into the mind and add to drugs and a lazy lifestyle so that a person is depressed and accepts the fate of a slave or kills himself in any way usually these people themselves come up to you and try to become friends so that you lose your guard and begin to trust them ..../

    88. Bladimir Shade

      If Glover Teixeira wins, he'll be my idol.

      1. Quatsch Tütenwürger

        Man i tought Santos gonna roll over him but Glover is a true legend!!!

      2. gregorymjr12

        @Naveed Ahmad Yoel's not winning.

      3. gregorymjr12

        You got a new idol brother!!!

      4. Bruno O.L.V


      5. The Pervatasaurus

        He is everyone's idol now.

    89. I S A M S Y R I A


    90. Стас Швед

      Orlovskiy looks good))) good luck to him

      1. John doughboy Jr

        @BRJ M They sneak him into said cards..so he still gets a pay cheque.

      2. BRJ M

        Wont help his glass jaw


      Glover scary since usada been limited .... hope winner waits for title shot unlike tony and blows it late in their careers

      1. Emmanuel

        @SearchMePapi yea but he wouldve got the title shot if he waited

      2. SearchMePapi

        @Emmanuel Tony was stripped of his belt when he got injured in April of 2018

      3. Emmanuel

        @Taco Tacotington tony was already interim champion and he wouldve been given the title shot anyway

      4. Taco Tacotington

        Tony took the fight against Gaethje because it was an interim title fight. Had he won that fight and then fought Khabib, the UFC would be forced to give him PPV points on the card.

      5. Ragnar King

        Hahahahah after Motivated Conor we got Quarantine Glover

    92. Smooth Aristocrat TV

      Glover-Thiago is one of them rare fights where you know it’s not coming down to a submission or decision. Somebody gettin Knocked the fuck out ! Only question is who ????!?

    93. Rorschach

      RIP Teixeira

    94. Douche Monkey

      Lets go Marreta's Gut~~~~~ HAHAHHA

      1. PrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPretty

        If that’s a gut, I’m morbidly obese and need a triple bypass by the time I finish this post.

      2. Masud Khoa

        Gut? Are you blind?

    95. Jonny Beats


    96. EVM

      Why did Tanner used his cup/protector as his mask?


      Ils sont prêts ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌜😎🌛

    98. creep life

      Caludia can always get it