UFC Vegas 13: Raoni Barcelos Interview after Unanimous Decision Win

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

31 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼7

    Raoni Barcelos improved to 16-1 in his career with a unanimous decision victory over Khalid Taha at UFC Vegas 13 on Saturday evening.
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    1. Talking NPC

      first fight i have seen from Raoni.... definitely not the last! looked VERY IMPRESSIVE!

    2. Suda

      Is this an “Anderson Aldo”?

    3. doobsnack

      Cannot wait to see him fight again

    4. Matheus Marques

      Brabíssimo, Raoni é extremamente completo.

    5. Abel M

      his coach is pedro rizzo? no wonder those leg kicks were insane

    6. Will carter

      the hype is real, the man can fight

    7. jay sullivan

      He was looking like a young Aldo.

    8. Александр Павленко

      It was best fight in card! It was awesome

    9. POP MUSIC

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    10. Dhgf VggD

      Wow. Incredible performance.

    11. Speed Racer

      This guys reminds me of a young Jose Aldo Beast

    12. Miguel Izaguirre

      like your video Soo much

    13. Grafir Leite Junior

      Is he going to the top 15 now? What else is needed ???

    14. john lo

      the biggest surprise wasnt glover winning, it was glover not getting fight of the night, and not getting thr 50K tko bonus

      1. mpforeverunlimited

        Dana is cheap

    15. Cable Parrott

      0:30 Hot Romance Movie 💋 💝💖❤️

      1. Matheus Marques

        Hey gorgeous

    16. Nicolas M

      Sick fight

    17. الغدره Gcju

      اخواني واخواتي الاحباء: ‏حافظوا على قول : لا إله إلا أنت سُبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين ، فإن أولها توحييد وَ اوسطها تسبيح ، وَ اخرها أستغفار:وصلو على شفيعكم يوم القيامه... اذا مررتم من هنا يامؤمنيين اذكرو الله ذكرا كثيرا وصلو وسلمو على سيدنا محمد صل الله عليه وسلم ‏تنفّسْ ب لا إله إلا الله وعاتبْ نفسكَ بـ استغفر الله وتألّمْ بـ الحمد لله وتعجّبْ بـ سبحان الله وافرحْ بالصلاة على رسول الله واحزنْ بـ إنّا لله وانا إليه راجعون واكسرْ سُمَّ عينكَ بـ ما شاء الله تبارك الله وابدأْ بـ بسم الله واختمْ بـ الحمد لله..

    18. Southside 609

      *This was a hellacious fight. Hats off to Taha for being a tough SOB and having no quit in him. Barcelos is one to watch.*

    19. Fidem Dia

      Barcelos and Texiera for PON!

    20. Immigrant Mentality

      Give Glover his title shot! Adesanya getting a title shot at LHW for beating a whole trex??? This man is 41 beating THIAGO SANTOS!!!

      1. Ngati Warrior

        @Tim Terrell it's mind boggling that there's even a dispute, they should also of booked jon vs stipe already imo

      2. POP MUSIC

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      3. ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY

        @Emerson Amaya I swear MMA are the worst 😂... If that's "T-Rex" had of squashed him, these lame, toxic fans would have never let him live it down. So fickle 😂

      4. Orlando R956

        He won against Cutelaba too, Smith and now Santos!!!

      5. Sarthak Sharma

        Yeah!!.. Adesanya doesn't deserve the shot over Teixeira!!

    21. El Mismísimo

      My man Glover just put a show tonight!

      1. Chvj Dvpa

        Her sure did! Awesome fight!

    22. VBaêta

      Glover is a beast!

      1. El Mismísimo

        Jan you gotta watch your back


      UFC paprom.info/block/v/eoebqpSdu4mf4KQ.html

    24. VBaêta

      Such a talented dude!Those takedowns were so smooth. Need to improve his cardio for the top guys tho

      1. Chris Cyborg

        His pace was insane actually , i think it was also reason for gassing out

      2. Ssg

        He took this fight on short notice

    25. Andrew Ortiz

      O'Malley vs this guy would be a fun matchup

      1. Thiago Tanikawa

        Barcelos would either smash him with wrestling or take his leg off with low kicks

      2. Matheus Marques

        Did you see those low kicks Raoni was throwing? I doubt Sean could take even just one of those 😂😂

      3. Chvj Dvpa

        Man, you really want to see O'malley on a wheelchair, don't you?

      4. mpforeverunlimited

        O'Malley sucks

      5. Joseph Stalin

        O'malley's legs would die

    26. Canal Cultura e Arte

      Que espetáculo de performance guerreira... Parabéns...👏👏👏

    27. Eric Hernandez

      Barcelo reminds me of Jose Aldo

      1. Manny Blackstar

        WEC Aldo

      2. Mari G

        He trains with aldo

      3. bjjzs

        Aldo with Wrestiling

      4. Chvj Dvpa

        So I'm not the only one then

      5. Nick Rodriguez

        they trained together back in the day

    28. Yuriel Cundangan

      Raoni Barcelas is as athletic as Westbrick

    29. The Pervatasaurus

      Raoni Aldo was born this day..

    30. Elen Guanzon

      Gaethjeeeee all the way

    31. giant head

      You deserve it have a good afterparty bro

    32. it`s-Chris Gamer XD


    33. Ron Yanthan

      What a match. Bantamweight is really stacked. Barcelo is the Bantamweight Barboza. Great fight by Taha too👌🏻

      1. Murilloh h

        @LN aldo has very good wrestling too, and the best tdd in ufc history

      2. Ron Yanthan

        @Tim Terrell Chill guys. I said Bantamweight Barcelo just because he physically looks like Barboza and not because of his fighting style.

      3. LN

        How Barcelos is a bantamweight Barboza if Barcelos always take down his oponents? Barcelos is more like Aldo, but with good wrestling, it's like ''american aldo'' rs

      4. Ron Yanthan

        @Murilloh h Yeah, I can see that👌🏻

      5. Murilloh h

        More like a Bantamweight wec Aldo

    34. Murilloh h

      Fight of the night, and he's top 10 level at BW for sure.

      1. nd209

        @EmptyBio main event isnt fotn

    35. Rocket league Clips

      Great fight 👏

    36. Chahong Wor

      Prime Jose Aldo in Barcelos body suit

    37. RøSs

      Whatta fight...

    38. shadow scarf 22

      Leta go lets get conor vs jorge

      1. C J

        I think they’re looking into Jorge vs Colby for TUF

    39. Tanmay Adhikary

      What is his Walkout song?

    40. Kostalgic

      LETS GO

    41. Panca 169-

      UFC 💜

    42. Minh Dinh

      What a fight! Give this man a top 10

      1. Fede Bateli

        @Joseph Stalin Or Assunção

      2. Joseph Stalin

        Give him jimmie rivera

      3. marcos sa

        @TheGuyEatingPie fast??? He won 5 in a row...

      4. TheGuyEatingPie

        Not so fast, give him a top 15.

      5. Big Dom

        Minh Dinh That was a slugfest. Btw im 15 and i do karate and boxing. Wanna spar? I see your kickboxing videos on your channel and i like the hustle 💪

    43. madhuri likhitkar


      1. Tanmay Adhikary

        No u r not :p