UFC Vegas 13: Post-fight Press Conference

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    Watch the UFC Vegas 13: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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      you are only forty ?? almost saying you look like much older lol

    2. The Metal

      40:00 what an inception

    3. Cheeto Ortiz

      7:58 "I want to fight Rozenstruik guy" "I want to fight against everybody else whoop my ass." Now that's how you answer that question! Go Andrei.

    4. WeHaveFun

      “Light Heavyweight is Up for Grabs” The Top-15 at LHW is sparse. Glover Teixeira has won 5-straight to thrust himself into title contention, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a truly special fighter among the 5. Roberson, Cutelaba and Krylov have flashed, but never sustained. Santos and Smith have a title fight each, but both are missing something. Santos is wild. An easy takedown let Glover back into Round 1, and a gift-wrapped reversal gave Glover the finish. The path to beating Teixeira was there on Saturday night. He strayed. Smith doesn’t excel in any one area. His greatest strength is his durability. Even that has come into question after rough go’s against Teixeira and Aleksandar Rakic. Glover is an old dog with new tricks. His skill set is refined and diverse. His boxing is crisp, his wrestling is technical and well-timed, and his top pressure is tectonic. Once you’re under him, you’re staying there. The longer you stay there, the closer the fight is to stoppage. None of it matters without his durability. Glover is hittable. It’s what separates him from the best of the best. You can’t survive the punishment he takes against the cream of the crop. Rumble Johnson showed us that. There may not be a truly special fighter at Light Heavyweight. Even the champ has questions. Jan Blachowicz is putting people in the dirt, but he’ll be 38 before his next fight, and he has blotches on his resume that are unusual for a fighter at the top of the heap. (Souza, Santos). Israel Adesanya is a special fighter. He’s angling for the 205 crown, but it doesn’t feel like he’ll be there to stay. He’s talked Heavyweight fights for a while now. Whether Adesanya sticks around or not, Reyes, Rakic and Prochazka will have their shot to carry the Light Heavyweight Torch. Reyes looked like a special fighter against Jon Jones, but his loss to Jan raised questions. Was Jon Jones a one-off? Does Dom have the natural gifts to hang with the Pound-for-Pound best? He’s a talented, diverse striker, but he didn’t have the power to trade with the Polish Hammer, nor the length to keep him at bay. Rakic has the physical tools. His skillset doesn’t match up yet. He’s well-rounded, but he leaves himself a little too open, and his hands need work. He has room to grow. Prochazka might be it. His striking is different; his punches land unseen, from bizarre angles. He’s athletic and long. His 80’ reach is the longest of the Top-5, including the champ, and equal to Izzy’s. The next year should be interesting. We’ll see who separates from the pack.

      1. WeHaveFun

        @Ayush Shetty Much appreciated.

      2. Ayush Shetty

        Good analysis man👍

    5. Brian Harford

      paprom.info/block/v/rIffpJSV1LCa2XY.html wow

    6. Nick C

      0:00 Arlovski 33:28 Texiera

    7. Videos Chistosos

      yo...my dude steve o is a journalist now"??

    8. Videos Chistosos

      glover is the bomb!!!

    9. TallFox Nation

      Who is holding Arlovski mic lol

    10. Andrew Hampson

      UFC fighters are class. Love this sport.

    11. Mayan Ruins

      I couldnt believe that main event. They both almost killed eachother many times.

    12. christopher Gilland

      Steve O should have the first and last question going forward.

    13. Vinicius Carvalho

      Glover deserves a title shot. Camon Gloveeeer

    14. nidhal boulifa

      give this man his title shot !

    15. BOCC VanderWild

      Steve-O was a much better interviewer than most of the media. True fan of the sport and you can tell

    16. Enoeth Ylnodna

      All that UFC money and no interpreters in the post conference??

    17. Chewbaccasaw

      Wtf is Steveo doing And yes the 135 fight on main card was the fight of the night for sure

    18. Marcaveli7

      If Cody Garbrandt can get a title shot in a different weight class coming off of a loss, Glover should absolutely get one on a 5-fight win streak

    19. Supreme BEE

      Man wtf are we just not going to discuss someone getting their ear punched off ?? No ones talking about it no media not Dana wtf

    20. chris blanchard

      Arlovski could barely stand up after his interview.. i agree boser didnt have the best performance.. but he outstuck him 3/1 at times... and they judges are either payed by vegas bookies to shit boser and everyones parlays.. or they dont score or at least count leg kicks as significant.. bollocks.. boser robbed fact

    21. Christian McDonald


    22. Team Youphoric - Health & Fitness Education

      6:36 I think you mean satisfaction... 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Ragnar Már

      Too many fkn ads! Goddam!

    24. Karabo Molele

      Who's the 46vyear old sir?

      1. Soufiane N.

        Steve-O from Jackass

    25. IamADRIAN

      Glover's my hero!

    26. Jo TV

      i'm glad arlovski is still competing and winning and the ufc isn't completely disrespecting this legend by giving him unwinnable match ups like they do to their other aging popular stars. hopefully arlovski puts together 1 more 4-5 fight win streak

    27. Jo TV

      why does the volume always suck on these

    28. Eye Gee

      Izzy should respect what Glover has done recently and not go for that title shot.

    29. Bongani Masonabo

      Jan said he'll fight Izzy arnd è same tym dat Rob said he'll be ready to fight - in March, coz they r both expecting newborns in Dec/Jan. Rob came out & said he wants the fight w Izzy & ppl took his prev statement outta context. So make Izzy v Rob 2 arnd the same time as Jan vs Glover, in March. Screw the UFC BS, they can do dat afterwards.

    30. Msizi Nkosi

      After the beating Texeira gave Smith, i knew Santos was in trouble.

    31. Louis

      Great job with the editing

    32. Alexandros Geromarkakis

      I hope we get to see his training partner and glory champ alex po atan pereira in the ufc very soon

    33. Hussein Hammoud


    34. IYMON SARI


    35. Hakuna Matata

      "NR 1 bullshit..." what a performance of this warriors Glover.. On of the best fights of the year.

    36. Badman forward

      mike perry doing well

    37. Cdamiengtz

      Cool to hear Wildman Stevo trying to get into the UFC media, start of a great beginning 👍

      1. Cdamiengtz

        @Nomad x if he does his homework , why not?

      2. Nomad x

        He has no business in MMA media.

    38. Mad Villain

      Glover deserves the belt

    39. Fabrizio Baldani

      Arlovski is so sincere 👴💯🗡️

    40. InjectWeed

      Bosser got robbed wtffff

    41. Rye ellz

      Skip to 33:25 for glover

    42. Bwa V.

      Steve-O is now an MMA journalist ! I love it

    43. WWE and UFC

      How is the firster fighter in UFC Write in comment

    44. Kennedy Perry

      Glover might just win a belt yet

    45. Rye ellz

      This guys accent is still so thick after all these years in America

    46. joeyservo

      Lol is Steve-O an MMA journalist now?

    47. KINO XIT


    48. Adelcio J Santos

      O marreta é msm um bosta nossa

    49. Adam Jo

      Breaking news glover gets title shot at age 47 because style bender will hold up 2 divisions

    50. A Oliveira

      Bão demais sô.

    51. Jordan Sharkey

      Andre lost that fight.

    52. Jesus Schizus

      00:00 - Andrei 33:29 - Glover

      1. Jay Martinez

        Wish there was a way to keep posts like this at the top of the comments

    53. HYPE _T_C_K

      S A T I S F I C A T I O N

    54. Harold Bettencourt

      I still can't believe that Arlovski is still fighting and is relevant. Everything changes but Arlovski doesn't.

    55. John Clare

      Glover deserves the title shot way more than Adesanya. He is already old, he shouldn't be accepting another fight and wait for the winner of Izzy and Jan. Wish him all the best.

    56. Deborah Barnes

      As much as I like Jones and Izzy, I want Glover to be champ. His last two fights he has been so kind and respectful, we need more good guys like him in this sport. Respect to Glover will be supporting you when you challenge for that tittle.

    57. Sick6Six

      I like how they cut the out the beginning but don't cut out the 30 minutes of dead air. Gotta make it seem like you got some substance eh? 48 minute video's pay more, who cares if it's all shit content lol

      1. Sick6Six

        They can't even get the face offs right lol

      2. Eye Gee

        I honestly don't think I've seen one press conference that's smooth.

    58. Ferita Keyy

      What a beast Glover is!!

    59. Paul Blackman

      beards hide a HGH, testosterone shaped face?

    60. Paul Blackman

      biggest problem for fighters, wages?

    61. Paul Blackman

      Just a shame they can't do it without drugs. So much for martial arts and honour. This is a 190 rule wrestling contest?

    62. Nick M

      The way glover fought tonight he beats Izzy.

    63. Steven grime Rose

      Man a beast 👍🏻💪🏻👊🏻

    64. Alex Popowski

      All that budget and you still can’t get the post fight conference working properly 🤣

    65. Hauke Seiler

      Wtf 50 minutes 2 people are talking and half a hour nothing

    66. WhySoSerious

      Andrei is such an intelligent and professionell fighter!

    67. Ayomide Otukoya

      All respect to glover you the effing man bro Izzy my boy but i want you to get that title shot first bro 👊🏾

    68. Nico Kent


    69. Bloater Snake

      You don't wanna be cellmates with Glover...

    70. nir S

      Give Glover his title shot! Adesanya getting a title shot at LHW for beating a whole trex??? This man is 41 beating THIAGO SANTOS!!!

    71. UFC Arabic

      Hee Dana what about Charles Oliveira ... where is he??? Seven win streak and we never heard about him!! He should fight Khabib next if khabib back from hisr etirement


      Olaaa tudo bem.. Ouça a minha música nova... paprom.info/block/v/f2Weq7Jjta50p2U.html

    73. Denis Skenderović

      Respect for Glover's english. It's despicable that many brazillians fight for 15-years or so and never learn english.

      1. Denis Skenderović

        @Nomad x Indeed. It's too rare to actually have a constructive discussion, without being mean and offensive. I enjoyed this one. Cheers friend!

      2. Nomad x

        @Denis Skenderović I see your point as well, however I don't agree. I am glad though you and I have been able to discuss our opposing viewpoints and not resort to name calling or just dismissing the other. Thank you, it's very refreshing. Especially on the internet. You're a man of class.

      3. Denis Skenderović

        @Nomad x I get what you are saying but you are missing the point. Japanese is being talked in Japan. And English is a language known and used in 95% of the modern World. I am lamenting their lack of english knowledge as WORLD athletes. The UFC has been held in many places. In Abu Dhabi, the local reporters still used english to ask questions. But the whole of Brazil seems to be ignorant towards learning english. And that's why everytime a brazilian fighter speaks english there's people complimenting it. It should be default. If you want to be part of any international business, you should know english.

      4. Nomad x

        @Denis Skenderović I don't think any of the Brazilian or American fighters in Pride tried learning Japanese, I know Cro Cop didn't. They don't need to learn English to fight in the states, all they're doing is fighting.

      5. Denis Skenderović

        @Nomad x Being an international athlete for more than a decade and never learning english is borderline illiteracy. And it's only a problem with brazillian fighters. Russian newcomers may struggle in the begining, but learn it down the road. With the fighters from Brazil it seems like it's personal. Like they simply refuse to give it any effort.

    74. Denis Skenderović

      Give glover the title shot! He has a fair chance against Jan. He is a true warrior.

    75. SG57

      Get this man a title shot nothing else, true warrior

    76. Meth Monkey

      Glover is P4P one of the incest guys in the UFC

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      1. A Gough

        The whole system is rigged. Trump is probably in on it. It's like professional wrestling they know the script and have to make it look real.

    78. Jade Helm

      The dude must have titanium reinforced skull or something

    79. Kodi MacNeil

      he's bin one of the the fighter's you're always wanting to see he's one of the toughest guy's out there

    80. arun sinha

      Review my comments... I told you Glover Taxera win WIN!!... CHEERS!! GLOVER..

    81. Rodrigo P. Padula

      47:17 Glover says in portuguese: now I'm going to get a beer and eat a pizza. I don't have my cachaça here, but when I get home I'll have a shot for the win. (Adapted translation) Cachaça is a Brazilian booze, minimum 40% alcohol, made of sugar cane. That's a true man ladies and gentlemen 😆

      1. Louis Vaney

        He is from Minas Gerais so you know he got the good stuff (cachaça) at home.

      2. Jay Martinez


      3. Pedro Costa


      4. Adam Jo

        Thank you sir 👍

    82. Evan Lennar

      Glover desreves title shot

    83. Twistaz

      I really dislike the politics of UFC sometimes. Why does Adesanya get a LHW title shot? he didn't work his way through the rankings. How's that fair? I hope Glover sits and waits and isn't forced to take any fights. He earned that title shot..

      1. Twistaz

        @iv0ry iv0ry Yeah but problem is all that does is stall divisions. If there are no title contenders, okay sure but when you got two title contenders why you make them wait? I know it's cause of bigger draw, bigger PPV but it's just BS..

      2. A Gough

        Glover has fought for the title ans lost. Izzy is undefeated and you know he's worth more in PPV

      3. iv0ry iv0ry

        Champion can challenge any other champion in any division, like almost any other combat sport 0.o

    84. Maja kama

      can someone please explain to me why did santos go to the ground with texiera at round 3 ? i mean he should've got up when he saw he couldn't finish him

    85. colin wj

      What's up with the empty chair?? Why couldn't someone edit it off??

      1. Amir Quraishi

        It was live

    86. Dubai Vlad

      It wouldn’t be a ufc post fight conference without sound problems

    87. Rob Dog

      That Co-Main was one of the most BORING "fights" I have ever seen. I want those 20 minutes of my life back

      1. David Mendelssohn

        Glad I didnt watch it and thanks to this comment I won't waste 20 mins of my life. Kudos to you

      2. A Gough

        I agree

    88. PainlessJen

      My favorite guys won tonight. 🥳🤓

    89. Grivs king of Skellige

      2:20 It might make your chin little stronger lol

    90. Behan Flaherty

      It Looks like some else’s band holding the mic for Arlovski 0:21

    91. Lil JoeyJuJitsu

      Anyone else think steve-o was going to steal Glovers attention only to give a few great questions and compliments lol

    92. 786 body fitness

      I'm from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇮🇳🌹♥️

      1. A Gough

        That's whatsup. Cheers from Texas!

      2. Sean Matthew King


    93. Joe Stango

      Glovers a shit old fighter who barely finishes Thiago Santos was beating the absolute piss out of him then gets choked out 😡

    94. MrAddyan

      Man I honestly don't see glover beating Jan, israel or jones, but he's a veteran for sure.

    95. Clarity Window Care

      20 Mins dead air ..no Satifacation...

    96. colt45hero

      Dope lets go

    97. Tyler Gogan

      Thiago shoulda never jumped on top after he dropped Glover in the third.

    98. Side Winder

      Slack af conference. Where Dana at?


      Glover: theo! Stevo: yeah that me man!

    100. MERYEM FF

      تونس بلدي 🚩من يحبها 💕يدعموني🙏