UFC Vegas 13: Glover Teixeira Interview after Submission Win

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

165 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼21

    Glover Teixeira won his fifth fight in a row after winning the UFC Vegas 13 main event over Thiago Santos via submission due to an RNC in the third round on Saturday night.
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    1. H H

      Wakanda forever

    2. Kimbo slice

      Amazing performance by glover took som bombs from santos but not a mark on his face

    3. DiVine eXchange

      Man AMAZEING GOD mode he deserves a title shot, he is one of the best fighters to live he is breaking illusions!! Big ups to Glover.

    4. OSSU! L'autre Japon

      Rocky Balboa's words are easy to say in a movie, but he proved them right in the octagon, that's so great

    5. Thomas Jenkins

      Arguably the biggest win of his career. Santos came in as the No.1 contender and he's the only man to beat Jon Jones on a judge's scorecard. Teixeira had lost to previous No.1 contenders Anthony Johnson and Alexander Gustafsson, Glover Teixeira's No.1 contender curse has finally been conquered, and at 41 years old. ONE LAST TITLE SHOT!

    6. Sick Dog


    7. Sanjay Bonakurthi

      *Glover still fighting while some are retiring young*

    8. Obaid K

      dainaa, give him a titaaa shawt maynnn

    9. Michael Fee

      He totally deserves a title shot!

    10. Lucas

      Everybody says: GLOVER.

    11. vico 10x

      His MMA record is outstanding

    12. Arantxa Urrutia

      Texeira is 41 but looks 67 LoL!!Marreta is an animal and Glover survived multiple heavy shot and found a way to make him quit mentally. What a match and what a performance!

    13. ayman amrani

      Cmon ufc he has a good chance of beating blackovic give hil the title shot

    14. Gecko Kid

      Glover looking like JDS long lost brother lol

    15. Gecko Kid

      Glover looking like JDS lomg lost brother lol

    16. Mamed Aliyev


    17. Emotional Hygiene

      It's understandable that Santos had undergone surgery on his right knee shortly after his title challenge against Jones in March. It is evident that his right knee in this clip shows swollen and couldn't put full weight bearing. The whole anousement he was in left leg stand! He is not fully recovered, and hope I'm wrong though.

    18. rick spins

      glover is the fucking man!!!

    19. Midas Mike

      Dana Give him the title shot He has earned it

    20. Sem Lapa

      Just wondering how Glover Teixeira vs Jon Jones 2 fight will go, should be a great technical fight.

    21. ivo Brinto


    22. Vincent Cao

      Glover is fucking tough. There is moment I thought Thiago going to K.O. him but Glover is too durable

    23. OG Jin Bling

      Wakanda forever, Glover

    24. SmokeyDesperado

      Izzy could get in problems with Glovers "new" ground style!

    25. Mr. Husky

      I want to see Glover vs Jan. Power vs power. Fuck toothpick-scaredy-cat Adesanya.

    26. Pah G


    27. JFern

      I like his attitude.

    28. Jordan Limantara

      I am so happy for him! I haven't been rooting for fighters since I know the pain of your pick losing it's just so sad😥. I hope he takes that title away!!

    29. Rafael Cabral Williams

      The man's a beast, they HAVE TO give him the title shot right after the Jan-Izzy fight

    30. South Ram

      Really want to see him fight jan before issy does, his form backs this up

    31. Introduce Anarchy

      He deserves to fight Jan first after that let adensaya get his big money fight

    32. Иван Грозный

      41 years old wow 👍👌👍👌👍👌

    33. Roctis Kravei

      Dana white doesnt care about the ranking , the only thing he wants is money

    34. Adeel Sattar

      Goes to prove who important is ground work & grappling... How Teixeira went from being knocked on the ground and then ending up chocking Thiago is sorcery!!!

    35. Andrew Ellis

      Nobody can beat jon jones tho

    36. Jonathan Artiga

      Is he the assasin from Smokin Aces???

    37. Vince Ventura

      Santos’s fight iq is just awful n he’s gotta get better corners telling him I don’t know how to stop the takedown but you have to figure out a way . He drops glover if their on their feet for more than six seconds , does s anyone think glover actually won n santos didn’t absolutely blow it? I’ve never liked glovers sloppy ass style it’s such a terrible representation of the sport where it looks like it’s a clown show, he has no technical skill n just uses a massive size advantage to throw slop in half guard when he postures . He’s not getting a title shot because nobody cares if you win because you can get your ass beaten so badly that your opponent gassed out and you can still function enough to use a massive size advantage to get a submission

    38. Trae X

      Let's give Santos some credit from coming back from such a gruesome injury. He probably wanted to get back in the picture so badly that he said fuck the injury, get back in it.

    39. Berbagi Ilmu

      The best"pound for pound" =Khabib

    40. Steve Han

      Wow give this guy the title shot

    41. IKhan

      Classy, tough and talented. Glover deserves the title shot though UFC and their stupid casual fans (who unfortunately represent the majority) will say Israel Adesanya should get the title shot even though he hasn't proven himself at 205lb yet just because the name will sell more tickets. Teixeira has fought long and hard in the division to work his way up title contention since 2014 and has schooled a lot of young guns.

    42. Huỳnh Huy Linh University of LIFE

      I am surprised yet happy for Glover Teixeira

    43. Dhgf VggD

      Pure class.

    44. Adrian Tan

      Glover for sure deserves a title shot after an impressive performance against thiago and I am so impressed cause Glover is still tough and staying strong at that age

    45. one4all

      Bad timing for Santos. He went into the jon jones fight with bad injuries and still got a split decision. Then after all the surgery and unable to do much training on the ground, this happens. When he's healthy he'll be competing for the title. If he was healthy he'd have been champion long ago.

    46. miniprince88

      Teixera adopting that Diaz brother style of taking punishment until his opponents gas out and get submitted , love it

    47. Mateus Santos

      He's Rocky from MMA.

    48. Janaka

      Glover better not take any more fights and get that title shot.

    49. Brandon Amézquita

      This was a crazy fight

    50. Boneginer Meatslabs

      Blachowicz VS Texeira Adesanya VS Reyes

    51. Aex Matso

      Man you can never count him out, respects 🙏🙏

    52. AldairSilva Silva

      Parabéns Glover ms si fosse na trocacão nada dava pra vc.

    53. Richmirez

      Who would have thought a year ago, that Jan would be the champ, and Glover the number 1 contender..unreal.

    54. Gladhe

      He protecc He Attacc He take Thiagos bacc!

    55. Tiago Lima

      One of the best fights I've ever seen. Forget Adesanya. Glover ground and pound against Blachwicz powerful striking is the thing right now.

    56. Tom Manos

      That was impressive

    57. Paulo Roberto Spina

      1:02 this Poatan beat Israel Adesanya twice on Glory

    58. ShitTalker SkyWalkerTM

      Glover is a fucking problem for the Lightweight division

    59. Juliocesar Serejovieira


    60. alexs aquariums


    61. Mario Gomez

      There’s good sportsmanship then there’s Glover. A true credit to the sport.

    62. pedrocolo25

      He needs to fight for the title make it happen

    63. danny blackhorse

      Damn I think this was an upset

    64. BrainFuck10

      Brazilian Bruce Willis from Die Hard

    65. Leopoldo Fregoli

      this guy is tought as nails. Love his resilience and technique. go rocky

    66. Rob S.

      Glover vs Jan for the 🏆 , winner faces Jon Jones. Let the O.G.s run the Lightheavyweight division. Adesanya still has contenders at middleweight and I'm sure he'll get another one next year

    67. Talking NPC

      AMAZING PERFORMANCE! Very happy glover won this one! Much respect to izzy, but glover deserve the next title shot!

    68. Randominator

      This makes Jones look terrible. Both the guys that were very close to beating him (Reyes and Santos) got finished in their next fights.

    69. il bz

      It is not special to fight on that age. Look Fedor, DC, Alistair; their all fought very good

    70. bikibaws

      first thing he says is praise his beaten/finished opponent then thanks his team and put a teammate over. so refreshing to hear with all these cringe self promos of "me me me me all my opponents suck" all the time.

    71. Viktor

      Glover needs more respect, a fucking beast. Hall of famer aswell, give him the next go at the belt imo.

    72. Hamno Dilshad

      Good fight!

    73. C Jns

      The BHop of MMA

    74. Hail to The_Rooster

      Glover deserves the title shot before Izzy goes for the champ champ title.

    75. thenotorious

      Blachowicz v Glover-Thiago v Reyes-Smith v Walker-Volkan v Paul Craig Dana make it

    76. shaleea johan


    77. American Lion

      Teixeira has so much class. Congrats.

    78. Art Of Combat

      Shoutout Connecticut

    79. Art Of Combat


    80. mz204455

      Did better than Jones. Santos has to shoot knees and Jones barely edged out a decision.

    81. Rudey

      Love Glover. What an absolute Dreadnought of a light heavyweight! 41 years old!

    82. Ty R

      Tex was amazing!

    83. Aa Aa


    84. POWER MMA

      He finished two top fighters that Jon jones couldn’t and had difficulty with. Proof that jon jones is not the goat. Glover has skills to even beat the champion and adesanya as well.

    85. DrDem420

      How the fuck did he not get a bonus for his domination? I like Giga Chikadze but that fight got called early cus of good ol Herb Dean. Hope he at least gets the title shot he deserves.

    86. TheOwnpktank

      Made comment cuz 667 better then 1 number before it😇, but realy good job teixeira 💪

    87. AHS

      Lol Jan and glover are the the best In There division how pathetic is that 🤣

    88. EMF Epic Music Future

      Jan vs Glover!

    89. Without Rest

      Such a respectful guy

    90. Ferita Keyy


    91. Angel Mendez-Perez

      If he dosent get his title shot Dana is a clown

    92. Joey Torres


    93. Zaid Alowdi

      In my eyes he should be next for the title Not Izzy Dana white should make the fights that make sense instead of the ones that get him more revenue or 💰

    94. Tyro Cyr

      Dana, UFC needs to show Glover respect ✊🏼

    95. DS Daniels

      What a beast

    96. Akash TrehanMMA

      paprom.info/block/v/jJeTfMOh36dyuHI.html KHABIB SHARES FOOTAGE OF HIM AND FATHER GRAPPLING, very emotional

    97. Akash TrehanMMA

      paprom.info/block/v/mqeun6uJ2IGJn5w.html CONOR MCGREGOR’s latest training video 🔥 HE LOOKS BIG FOR A 155 er😐

    98. dirtyreg22

      glover's top game is unreal. i was sleeping on that. i had santos winning was so wrong like alot of others were. great fight though.

    99. Sklen Bahkwards

      Thiago is a beast, but Glover is a monster...

    100. Teddy Silversky

      This man irradiates.