UFC Vegas 12: Kevin Holland Interview after First Round Finish

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Hear from Kevin Holland after his first round finish at UFC Vegas 12 and fourth win already in the year 2020.
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    1. A Rambo

      THE FUTURE 🏆

    2. Camo Blaizz

      kevin , izzy is your daddy 🤦🏾‍♂️

    3. Locked Down

      Fight Costa and let's see where you're at

    4. All Truth


    5. nir S

      Holland swings like hes never fought before sometimes surprised it works

    6. Vigo The Carpathian

      Kevin nearly killed ontiveros

    7. TheOriginalMakaaka

      He says that his neck is broken - while on the mat. Hope he alright because that opening Axe kick was awesome.

    8. Ski11xHunter

      If Kevin gets good enough to face izzy, that'll be an interesting match up. Izzy and Kevin match up evenly in height/reach. And Kevin is actually fast as well so he could actually be a threat in the near future.

    9. Colour Blue

      nice dude, you gave someone brain damage! what a hero! incredible! how awesome.

    10. AletheAce

      This guy has the potential to be the next MVP, flashy style with a big mouth but will never crack the top 15 lol

    11. AletheAce

      His opponent was the biggest underdog on the card and got a bad neck injury, and this clown dances around like he just beat the number 1 contender and calls out Izzy when neither him or his opponent are even ranked. Arrogant and delusional

    12. K MAD88

      I wanna see this idiot hit the deck hard lmao

    13. T Mac

      This dude fights in every card I swear lol

    14. sports super cars

      Kevin Holland like that dude, he gonna entertain us 2021, smashed it 2020 no crowd's

    15. Money Line Lalo

      Holland! lol "F Him"

    16. j l

      adesanya is human garbage.

    17. Knowledge Discovery

      "My name is Conor Mcgregor". Funny moment of Khabib 😂 paprom.info/block/v/iWvMg6VjsKOg1Jw.html

    18. Benn Daniel Vai

      Kevin Lee?

    19. Mark Frosty

      You gotta love this man 😎🤙💪💪💪

    20. jensen

      He got a school desk tatted on his chest

    21. HIP HOP HUB TV


    22. Vi _XXiV

      Trust me my guy, You don't want this beef with Izzy right now.

    23. MMAYHEM

      holland lost to darren the dentist stewart

    24. Álvaro

      Kevin ''im on every card'' Holland

    25. Gabriel FC

      Me encanta mucho Kevin Holland xdd, es gracioso y un buenísimo peleador!!! Ojalá ontiveros esté biennn!!!

    26. * Mako *

      He wants to fight as much as possible. Khamzat mentality.

    27. Philly Duo

      Dude isn’t even ranked calling out the champ, stay in your lane.

    28. pu be

      Haha this guy is a joke he beats a +550 underdog and thinks israel doesn't want the smoke.

    29. Darin OG

      I wanna see Holland smash Perry

    30. Shivam Soam

      The guy is a fluent speaker😯

    31. Shivam Shivam

      He is a good man

    32. LUISA FERNANDA mamacita

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    33. Reegan Kistler

      This dude is good but could never go toe to toe with Izzy lmao

    34. CMFT93

      Never knew Chris Tucker did MMA these days but I dig it 👊

    35. Raider Richard

      I went to highschool with Kevin. We had PE together.

    36. B MO

      Izzy knows he is a threat already, that's why he approached him backstage

      1. chinese knees

        what a stupid thing to say. he said wassup to his co worker

      2. Bernard Lartims

        a threat ? there are bigger challenges infront him , he shuldnt even worry about izzy

    37. California Michael

      Man this foo just wins. What he's fought like 3x in the last 3 months or something???

    38. Dr Manhattan

      I prey for the other dude not to be paralysed

      1. Jimmy Kantstandyourbitz

        That was scary. Hopefully he doesn’t

      2. Ziga Vidmar

        He may end up in a wheelchair eating food through a straw. Blind deaf and dumb aswell

    39. Gill Bates

      dude already has 4 wins this year

    40. Leking Asghedom

      Omfg he broke that guy's neck💔😢👆

    41. Kxvin.11

      I swear this guy gets dropped every fight

    42. Sumting Wong

      Dude broke is opponent's neck... damn

    43. Khabib Fans Channel.

      Silva Vs Hall Free fight. paprom.info/block/v/bY2ZoaaJsIOIm3I.html

    44. Raiden James Taylor

      You the smoke??

    45. D. Ro

      He needs to fight phil hawes. Pleaseeee

    46. Royko Farm

      Oh please. Nuthing impressive about his fight today. Still long way to go to mention Adesanya. Give him Chimaev.

    47. Tyro Cyr

      Keep it rolling mang

    48. Shannon Bayley

      I'm getting a Kevin "Lee" Holand vibe from dude. Slow your roll bruh, I see holes in your game 😅

    49. Anthony OG

      This card was full of great finishes for the fighters that they were supposed to be for Amazing time tonight you know but last week Khabib and now this week Silva it is sad but we will see those guys as faces of the UFC forever...much respect to the hardwork that they put in

    50. MMA GEEKS

      Looks like former rap turned into MMA Fighter

    51. Mr.Narendra Modi Fan / 10K SUBSCRIBERS CHALLENGE

      *सच्चाई के इस जंग मे ,* *कभी झूठे भी जीत जाते है..* *समय अपना अच्छा न हो तो ,* *कभी अपने भी बिक जाते है..🌹 *कच्चे मकान देखकर किसी से रिश्ता ना तोडना* *क्योंकि* *मिट्टी की पकड बहुत मजबूत होती है* *और* *संगमरमर पर तो अक्सर पैर फिसलते है*

    52. OneHourShower

      Can someone make a remix of this interview

    53. Randki ZNAMCIE

      ❤️Something for men👉 LOVE69.PL

    54. PoochZie

      Is this Kevin Lee?

    55. Nigalas Cage

      This dude hasn't beaten anyone yet but he acts like he has something for Izzy. Get real.

      1. Adolfthejewbaka _

        @Caleb Bryan man you’re the typical 13 year old Izzy fan pure casual. Try watching a full card before you start talking about bums. Your argument is that top 10 ranked fighters in the world are bums 😂

      2. Caleb Bryan

        @Adolfthejewbaka _ buckley and neal are bums santos was trash at middleweight then went up to a unstacked devision to get a shot at jones so yeah hollands a can crusher. He submits a bum welterweight and then barks at the champ behind the fence. Its embarrassing.

      3. Adolfthejewbaka _

        @Caleb Bryan are neal, santos and Buckley bums bearing in mind two are top ten and one fought for the title?

      4. Caleb Bryan

        @Adolfthejewbaka _ he's still fighting bums and he's been in the ufc longer than the champ. izzy would spank holland bro.

      5. Adolfthejewbaka _

        @Mr. Molokhia No they don’t because that kid didn’t know them😂 and i knew Buckley after getting koed by holland you muppet. Sure you have kid you don’t watch full cards so I immediately know you’re a casual no amount of lying will change that

    56. Noah

      Him calling out Izzy is so cringe

      1. Caleb Bryan

        @Winston Wood he must be your boy then cause calling out the champ is pointless, just call out someone ranked. izzy would spank him

      2. Winston Wood

        He’s calling out Izzy because he’s tired of fighting no names and wants a chance to prove himself

    57. Puteri Suhaila

      this is the real problem , Khamzat always said dosn't matter right now im ready . But reality his not Kevin Holland prove who is the real deal.

    58. Error 404

      Maneeee give my manz chris tucker his top 5 opponent

    59. Имя Фамилия

      Kevin Holland🔥 paprom.info/block/v/gKDPhbWq2p6RrnI.html

    60. Komal Khan

      Silva x Hall VIVO

    61. Derrick Jones

      Kevin Holland is extremely underrated

      1. Scoundrel _


      2. Bon Paoi


    62. Fernandez Randy

      Holland vs khamzat

    63. B W

      Seems like a dude with decent raw natural talent but not someone who's going to hang with world-class fighters

      1. Nolan Herbst

        We shall see

    64. King Smokes

      Kevin Holland for Miles Morales Spider-Man

    65. Zachary Hain

      I like Kevin Holland but I don't like that he's calling Izzy out. Izzy made Paulo Costa look like a fool only a month ago. Izzy's tougher than you think Kevin.

      1. AK

        @Zachary Hain Both Costa and Izzy were talking shit to each other, Izzy's terrible at trash talk so no one remembers it, hell it happened again here where Izzy started it with Holland in the first place. It's not like it's important either way, their only job is to be good at fighting which is where Izzy delivers, people complaining about fighters trash talking Izzy is getting old though imo

      2. Locked Down

        feed Kevin to Costa

      3. Profile One

        @Zachary Hain well Edwards was offered usman before masvidal and he turned it down because of the pandemic , also now that the UK is shutdown again the fight with chimaev might be at jeopardy . I say chimaev never deserved that fight so let either magny or Holland fight him and then book Stephens vs Edwards on fight island in January

      4. Zachary Hain

        @Profile One Now that's an interesting fight. Holland vs. Chimaev. I like it. Also, I'm kind of nervous about Khamzat's fight with Leon Edwards. I know Edwards hasn't fought in over a year and over half of his current 8-fight win streak is some sort of decision victory but Edwards is no joke. I think Chimaev might be too good to be true and he might falter in this fight. Key word: might. As much as Edwards has chirped on Twitter, the fact that he hasn't gotten a title shot yet is disrespectful. I think he would've gotten a title shot if it wasn't for the pandemic. Also, Usman was his last loss nearly 5 years ago. Also, Edwards-Usman is a more intriguing fight to me than Chimaev-Usman.

      5. Profile One

        @Zachary Hain yet all these casuals were pushing chimaev for the title fight when he ain’t beat nobody . Now he’s got the number 3 guy. So Holland can play his cards as well. And the way I see it he’s just a free spirit says what he wants and gets into it with whoever, I like that. He wasn’t calling out Izzy, Izzy was starting shi with him . I wanna see Holland vs chimaev . Been calling for it before the meerschaet fight was booked.

    66. Tramp the Looser

      Obviously he wants khazmat. Coz right now he is the one with a name

    67. Spartan_A117

      Calling out izzy already? Lol

    68. Oisin

      High pitch gangster substitute teacher Harlem prodigy

    69. Magic Marlon Moraes

      Israel Adesanya's Evil Cousin😂👏

    70. Real Life Media

      When you cant make up your mind on what style or what tattoo to get ...

      1. RT

        Or when your homie from down the street do all your tatts

      2. Bon Paoi


    71. Johan Berggren

      Haha !! Straight up

    72. Борис Лаптев

      0:52 awesome-teens24.online

    73. Meth Monkey

      I like Holland, but u can’t shit talk the champ when ur not even ranked

    74. Steven Diaz

      Im a fan let’s goo kev~

    75. Bagas rhmd


    76. DIY Lobotomy

      “I can do catch weight” is the single most effective method of not getting a fight

      1. Ryan Hindle

        Why? he's being nice enough to cut weight to meet Mike Perry halfway. Mike's crazy so he'd probably take the fight.

      2. Bernardo W. Lopes

        So true

    77. Simply Era

      Hall by KO

    78. hell racer

      Lol he talking about fighting people back to back couple months apart xD that he aint even tired like foo chill just cuz you got one easy k.o he thinking he unstoppable

    79. J T

      This guy talks too much

    80. Scott Boyer

      Adesanya will fucking destroy you.

    81. TKChamp BROScastle

      Verbal submission ?

    82. Peter Hamilton

      Unleash Khamzat

    83. Deej

      500/1 odds on this fight in his favor and he talks shit to the champ like he just demolished a top 5 fighter lmao

      1. Javier Olmedo

        And a Welterweight.

    84. Hellenic Nationalist

      Just makes you think how good is Thiago Santos 🤯

      1. Javier Olmedo

        @dubla321 say it at his face bro.

      2. dubla321

        Not really. Santos is a bum.

      3. Black Camer


    85. roar falcon

      1st time i heard a submission called verbal submission . now u can verbally submit people 😲

      1. Jay Luis

        Henderson vs Pettis 2...

      2. Anthony Hertlein

        It's been a thing as long as the rules have been established

    86. Zabi OKzai

      Kevin Holland wanted to rap during interview

      1. Eugene List loves Truth

        @Snoozeman u like Mars? phh .... no nuts or crispy😒

      2. Snoozeman

        @Eugene List loves Truth Nah man mars bar

      3. Eugene List loves Truth

        @Snoozeman chocolate bars? like snickers?

      4. Snoozeman

        Kev spits bars 😎

      5. Bon Paoi


    87. Jimi Arisandi

      im noticed its getting more danger and more to using grapling style. its to brutal for me

    88. Manne02

      Beh che dire ez

    89. Ngati Warrior

      He broke the dude neck jeeeeezzzzz.

    90. Millennial Puppet

      Next: Kevin Holland vs Tom Holland and then Hollander. Millennial Puppet phenomenal you get.

      1. Bon Paoi


      2. Randki ZNAMCIE

        ❤️Something for men👉 LOVE69.PL

      3. Имя Фамилия

        Kevin Holland🔥 paprom.info/block/v/gKDPhbWq2p6RrnI.html

      4. Kuis Kotahu


    91. Uncle Junior

      Is that dude alright? scary stuff man

      1. A. R.

        Uncle Jun what are you doing eating sushi?

    92. 320speed

      This guy and Khamzat are killing it this year.

      1. Ettore Bugatti

        @Black Camer Based on what? What makes you think that? Some arguments, anything? No?

      2. Black Camer

        @Ettore Bugatti you dumb you're saying nonesenses and i repeat Kevin Holland is a future UFC champ, but chimaev is just a joke that will be broken soon

      3. Ettore Bugatti

        @Black Camer Khamzat is yet to be broken while Holland has been broken already so idk where that "future champ" predictions come from. I'm stating facts and things that happened, you keep repeating things that you want to happen.

      4. Black Camer

        @Ettore Bugatti i repeat for you dumb : Kevin Holland is a future UFC champ, but chimaev is just a joke that will be broken soon

      5. Ettore Bugatti

        @Black Camer Lies? Khamzat knocked Meerschaert out cold with one punch while Holland beat him by split decision. Khamzat choked out John Phillips in the 2nd round after scoring second 10-7 round in history of the UFC while Holland choked him out in 3rd round. Those are just facts that you don't like because they prove that Khamzat is not a joke. And if he is then Holland is also a joke. But Khamzat is fighing number 3 ranked fighter next, who is Holland fighting next?

    93. M J


    94. Asher

      Imagine getting dropped by and then beating some unranked Welterweight kid and calling out Israel fcuking Adesanya 😂 😂 🤣

    95. X3MA

      He's talented. But let's be honest. Easy work for the champ. Not the right time to call out Izzy right now. He's just doing himself a disservice.

      1. pu be

        Adesanya just laughed at Holland because he's a joke

      2. chinese knees

        @Christian Guzman he already called him ex champ and said he wants the smoke.

      3. Bon Paoi


      4. Christian Guzman

        He didn’t even call Izzy out lol. He said he has a ways to go and the only reason they have a problem is because of something personal, did you watch the interview?

      5. Spirit Shinobi

        That's true. He's got to get better but he has time.

    96. Adam Badali

      Holland by Verbal sub 😂

    97. doremi2012

      Kevin "Lee" Holland

      1. Bon Paoi


      2. Jay


      3. Scott Mclucas

        Perfect comment my man

    98. Amaan Syed

      great win for kevin holland but he will get smoked by israel

    99. Thunderfist McBeefcake

      He got finished by Brendan Allen, whoever that is

      1. Thunderfist McBeefcake

        @Uncle Junior He's not. Who's he fought recently?

      2. Uncle Junior

        This dude is fighting every day tho

    100. Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje

      Holland’s personality is what adesanya wants to be

      1. NIKHIL MEEL

        @CJ He is right.. Kevin was clout chasing and it was kinda embarrassing

      2. CJ

        @Asher Triggered much? Lol

      3. Asher

        Personality?? I like Holland but he was acting like a Instagram thot clout chasing like that. Also 1/10th of Izzy's skills is what Holland wants to be 😂🤦‍♂️