UFC Vegas 12: Hall vs Silva - Weigh-in

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

88 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼21

    Headliners Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva officially weighed in on Friday morning with the rest of the fighters competing on tomorrow night's card.
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    1. Pain Tendo


    2. Komal Khan

      Silva x Hall VIVO

    3. Dominiguez bolo

      To me even if greg hardy is a little over the 265 lbs limit, I don't think it makes that much of a difference, I realize in pro American boxing some heavyweight fighters were over 265lbs fighting..pretty anything over 265 lbs in the UFC or mma is considered a super heavyweight but to me it's makes no difference in their weight because they are still some big boys, it's all about whose the more well conditioned, skilled and talented fighter, that's whose going to win for sure specifically in the UFC because the best fighters in world is mostly from the UFC..

    4. Deny Suprapto


    5. Scott Campbell

      Why is silvia still fighting 😭. Nothing to prove and way past it

    6. Terry Coneby

      Anderson looking good.

    7. Rene Stanneveld

      Uriah (nobody cares) Hall vs Anderson (retirement home) Silva... great headline card..... not worth the cash...

    8. David Petruic

      Hardy coming in at 266.5 lol!!! Bro that’s like a couple pieces of pizza you didn’t HAVE to eat this week!!!!!

    9. David Petruic

      Adrian be clapping like he’s “special” excited

    10. Adam L

      Times it on UK?

    11. Matt Ramos

      You know Greg Hardy rich AF/Dumb AF if he thought those big ass ear rings were weighing him down 😂

    12. Hewad Ahmadzai

      Yo go at 10:41 Greg Hardy’s eyes are black wtf

    13. Dashoost

      00:02 Alexander Hernandez 00:28 Adrian Yanez 00:53 Justin Ledet 01:13 Jason Witt 01:37 Bryce Mitchell 01:57 Kevin Natividad 02:20 Victor Rodriguez 02:51 Kevin Holland 03:20 Andre Fili 03:45 Miles Johns 04:12 Bobby Green 04:39 Charlie Ontiveros 05:12 Uriah Hall 05:38 Anderson Silva 06:25 Sean Strickland 06:50 Cole Williams 07:27 Jack Marshman 07:59 Thiago Moises 08:35 Maurice Greene 09:05 Dustin Jacoby 09:31 Chris Gruetzemacher 10:01 Greg Hardy

      1. Mark C.

        00:53 Dusitn Jacoby

    14. JustLee MeAlone

      Lol I don't even know who the fuck Bryce Mitchel is and I already know his reading level and political persuasion.

    15. Clifton M. Uhl

      1:49 my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    16. Christian McDonald

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 But how do you almost miss weight at HEAVYWEIGHT??!!!!!???? THAT'S EMBARRASSING

    17. Dillon Cansler

      Charlie Ontiveros will smash Kevin Holland. Remember this comment

    18. Vinicius Nascimento Oliveira

      Go silva, Brazil is gonna watch you

    19. UfakeShaek

      9:55 my ears wasn't ready for that

    20. Tommy Arnold

      Hardy super heavy weight..🙈👁️🍞🍔🌭🥪🍕🌮🍟

    21. Marcelo Zanuski

      Cut those filthy dreads. Make weight.

    22. Atit Rijal

      Hardy is too heavy for a heavyweight! Lmao I think this the first time I'm seeing an overweight heavyweight. And did he just take his earrings off for getting on the scale again? I'm laughing my frigging buttocks out!

    23. 2008supermaged

      The worst card of the year , they all suck , Booo 👎

      1. 2008supermaged

        @Tristan Winchester 14 bitch yes yes you nailed smart ass

      2. Tristan Winchester

        12 year old

    24. Everton Santos

      Quem veio pelo anderson silva deixa o like💪

    25. danilo martins

      Anderson is in a better shape than he was in the previous fights.

    26. Kahele K

      Spider is in shape Hall could be in trouble

    27. david r10

      *This CARD is GOOOOD !!!!!!* 💯

    28. Sandeep Singal

      40+ still easy weight cut.

    29. Pierre fontaine

      shave your head and do 1h of bike in a sauna with a sweatsuit on.

    30. SaiGonBoi WRX.APBT.23

      Aaron" your an old man"Hernandez

    31. Colucci Cédric

      Bryce Mitchell look like jared leto

    32. Andy Yohn

      I feel like this guy was rounding up .5 every time 😂😂

    33. Remo Vlog

      Silva win

    34. Blake X

      0:52 walmart Johnny Walker

    35. Badshah bhai

      Silva will get knocked out I feel ....my predictions have never went wrong.....

      1. Badshah bhai

        @Ike friends 🙄 wt do you mean

      2. Ike

        I bet your friends think otherwise lol

    36. Scott Campbell

      I wish they made Silva vs Weidman 3 for Silvas last fight let him try get one back! let's be honest you would watch that! Silva 1 win in his last 8 and Weidman 2 wins in last 7 lol

    37. Francis Lima

      Anderson sempre representou o Brasil no tatame, ele errou, errou mais quem nunca errou, Anderson prá mim ainda é o melhor.

    38. Dhu l-Qarnain

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    39. Aaron Sterling

      Any thoughts on why Silva would come in 2lbs light??

    40. piz rux

      Didn’t know Alexander Hernandez was on this card

    41. #TeamHawaii Promotions

      Super excited for the UFC debut of Kevin Natividad! Let's gooo!!! 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 #TeamHawaii

    42. Justin Kovach

      Common Greg Hardy! If the Black Beast can make 265 so can you!

    43. puntsize

      This guy on the scales is BRUTAL

    44. William Munny

      *_Isaiah 41.9 You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, And called from its farthest regions, And said to you, ‘You are My servant, I have chosen you and have not cast you away: 10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ 11 “Behold, all those who were incensed against you Shall be ashamed and disgraced; They shall be as nothing, And those who strive with you shall perish._* *_John 6.37 All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out._* _Jesus Christ loves you. Repent and be saved. Only Jesus Christ saves. God bless you, and peace be upon you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ_

    45. ShezzaBoyy

      If Anderson wins put him against Costa lol if he doesn’t retire that is if wins then give him one last shot at the title rematch sod it

    46. Cris Elba

      6:21 I't Normal

    47. somniumisdreaming

      Silva don’t do this. You were the best don’t do this to yourself.

      1. Shareyour3Dprints

        but he loved it and he only live once

    48. Ryan McGuire

      Arkansas boiii

    49. MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life

      Joe sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia and they gave millions to Joe's son, he sold planes full of money to Iran, he sold weapons to Ukraine and his son was paid millions, Joe sold U.S. Jobs to China and his son was paid millions. .. ....

    50. gamer bod

      Hardy cuts his hair he makes weight

    51. Sterling Archer

      how tf do you miss weight at HEAVYWEIGHT ?!

    52. CH

      Wtf why do Greg's eyes look so weird

    53. Tyro Cyr

      Let’s go

    54. bougie ma vie


    55. Bob Loblaw

      Greg Hardy looking like those black eyed aliens in Prometheus ...

    56. Super Glide

      Just as well this guy wasn't weighing them in last week heh.

    57. Ting Tong Aj

      Isn't Anderson Silva bit long in the tooth to be fighting in spite of his greatness in the UFC

    58. PAlive La

      Heavyweight missing weight is a joke but I still got hardy.

    59. Cool daddy breeze

      What happened to the women's fight casey vs priscilla

    60. Julian Grier

      If hall had any control over his mind he would already be champion and defending his belt numerous times.

    61. Michael Ciavarella

      Greg Hardy 266,5 lbs .......Wait i take off my earrings and my underwear and we try again 😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Majin VEGETA

      On Nov 3 all the republicans will cry when their orange man loses right now Biden is up in all the major states nd nobody wants trump re-elected hahahahahah it will be good seeing republicans cry when their master loses hahahahahaahahaha

    63. Samuel Campana

      Besides hardy who else missed weight???, thanks

    64. D O

      Why are they so on point with these guys but passed khabib with a scale mid swing.

    65. Luka

      4:40 Charlie "The Khabib Hat" Ontiveros

    66. Danny B.

      Silva looks to be in better shape than normal.

    67. Baturalp Akin

      Wait, did Hardy get an eye tattoo??


      I'm with Izzy, they should give 80% of the fighter's pay to the opponent if they miss weight. Missing weight solved.

      1. Ike

        @WHITEowlMASSACRE this is assuming that the UFC will reward the fighter who missed weight with better matchups. The UFC hates this stuff.


        @Muhammad Ahmed Nah, because people will still be undisciplined and take the pay cut for less hell in cutting while the guy that makes weight might have just as bad a cut but make the weight because he's a professional and be at a disadvantage for following the rules. Make it really hurt them in the pockets, they'll be more disciplined in the days before the actual cut.

      3. Muhammad Ahmed

        Depends how much they miss weight by. Every half pound every 10%

    69. Johnny Bacon

      Wait why are these guys weighing soo much *under* the limit?

    70. Cookazor

      Bryce’s mask was in his fucking chin😂

    71. Davidoff

      Did silva just broke his leg again after stepping off the scale ffs

    72. Johnny Bacon

      Bunchhh of Contender Series fighters on this one! Pumpped for this, sleeper card for suure!

    73. Bruno Guimarães

      mitchell looks like he's on drugs


      Damn ik hardy deserves no favors in life, but that lil white dude did him dirty, hardy xl shorts don’t drop 1/2 pound meanwhile everybody elses always drop Atleast 1

    75. WarMir

      Greg "Prince of Pizza" Hardy

    76. Mr Dayum Fine

      Basically clean

    77. Rich MilliOFL


    78. John Nolan

      So odd seeing the spider weighing in for the last time. Kinda sad

    79. priscila chamorro

      Alexander Hernandez will forever be remembered as the little douchebag that shit-talked Cowboy and got his ass kicked

    80. steven Mitchell

      0:23 chat-elegant-girls.online

    81. Свободный Человек

      Everybody talking about Khamzat, but Holland got his 3rd fight in 3 months. How about that ?

      1. kris wayne

        @Zaki Chan u didn't get what i meant I didn't misspell anything

      2. Zaki Chan

        @kris wayne you spelled casuals wrong

      3. StigmaShadow

        Holland is special, love watching that guy

      4. kris wayne

        Those r khasuals mate, after khabib they got another one to support him

    82. Андрей Илья Робертович Блейков

      Wtf is going on with Greg Hardy’s eyeballs

    83. Craig M

      Es Normal for me to be happy for the Spider Es Normal.

    84. Alex Leal

      Humbled Alexander Hernandez

    85. Nik

      The fact he continued this long shows tremendous dedication and hard work. He helped bring MMA to another level and has inspired countless number of people around the globe. What a Legend.

      1. M. .G

        Meh he used PEDS. If it wasn't for usada he'll probably still be on that shit.

    86. J C

      I thought Hardy had black contact lenses in for Halloween or something Edit: I know now that they're contacts, would've been scary if they weren't

      1. J C

        @Janemba 112 is it actually?? I just assumed it wasn't cuz like, the weigh ins are quite an intense moment for a fighter

      2. Janemba 112

        @J C You're so confident in saying it wasn't contacts even though it is. Lol

      3. HitmanLowe3

        @Olajugoat confirmed it was contacts

      4. Olajugoat

        It's definitely contact lenses lmao

      5. J C

        @HitmanLowe3 yes it was, so strange to believe but yes

    87. bob Hanncock

      Come on silva

    88. Rahim Wiko

      his last fight in mma it is sucks

    89. rymxo

      Greg Hardy really doing everything he can to be unlikeable

    90. Pro Fights Info

      Damn I like Greg Hardy but nothing is ever smooth for him, seems like there is always something.

      1. Bonaoa Aoaiia


      2. Dodo Dodo

        so who yall got tomorrow. MAURICE or Hardy

      3. The Prodigy

        Yeah he's the first to use an inhaler during a fight and he's the first heavyweight to miss weight he's a good fighter feel bad for him

    91. Z-zero Extreme

      10:39 horror movie

    92. marmar Blt

      Silva Wt. in 5:35

    93. Krille Krille

      Alexander Hernandez hope you lose! Dont disrespect legends. When Cowboy won 99.99% cheered!

      1. Hotep Tiger


    94. Justin Garcia

      Man silva still got it to be fighting a top elite fighter for his last fight

    95. Chapo x ABK

      Damn Anderson ... Taken foev

    96. Gosro Poorheydar

      10:46 Did Hardy get eyeball tattoos?

      1. Benji Boi

        Lol I noticed that too

      2. Leo S

        Just lens

    97. WTHWasThat

      Best part of this card? No women.

      1. Yusuf ا

        Isn't Courtney Casey vs Priscila Cachoeira on the card

    98. Haojam Chingkheinganba Meetei

      Official weight 266 1/2 for Greg hardy , he has one hour to continue cutting 😂😂

      1. Tony B

        Rational Economic Man absolutely lmao

      2. Haojam Chingkheinganba Meetei

        @Tony B it's kinda sad when a heavy weight misses weight lol

      3. Tony B

        Then the video just cuts lmao Like I guess he didn’t continue cutting?