UFC Vegas 12: Fighters You Should Know

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Adrian Yanez, Thiago Moises and Bryce Mitchell are three more fighters to get more familiar with heading into UFC Vegas 12: Hall vs Silva this upcoming weekend.
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    1. lowlowseesee

      yo yanez' foot work,.....he was l stepping after that lead hook with his hands down then worked his way back in like it was eating a sandwich lololol holy shit

    2. Evan Ossinger

      I like how they all won

    3. Deny Suprapto


    4. Brent S

      Let's fuckkkking go Yanez!!! Repping Houston HMU if you wanna train some BJJ those hands look great!!!

    5. D Legionnaire


    6. Tamás Tánczos

      Watch out for Makhmud Muradov too 😉

    7. Mma from Sereban

      KO from UFC : paprom.info/block/v/apuZpJZp0oJ4v5g.html

    8. Pain Tendo


    9. Mawan One


    10. Holy Kafir

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    11. CIutching

      0:24 he’s actually 13-0🤷🏼‍♂️

    12. Ruben

      Adrian Yanez is a beast!! I train with him and he's super humble and an amazing fighter

    13. Muhammad Suhaib

      I know only Khabib

    14. Adam Etok

      I love the way Thug Nasty uses the threat of his submissions to stay in a good position on the ground

    15. jay rodriguez

      0:49 Freddie 😝❤️🇪🇸

    16. MVP_KZ

      May be some of them are future champions :)

    17. hoseein tatalitii


    18. Myles Scott

      I'm a huge fan of Bryce Mitchell

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    20. Knowledge Discovery

      "My name is Conor McGregor".😂. funny moment of Khabib paprom.info/block/v/iWvMg6VjsKOg1Jw.html

    21. mpforeverunlimited

      Mitchell vs hall? You could also throw zabit and ortega in there at some point. Actually any 4 of those dudes vs another would be good

    22. JM Shakil Sadat

      Boycott french products.

    23. TypeSly

      Seriously, is there a cooler submission than the twister?

    24. Bladimir Shade


    25. adrian teba

      Mitchell will lose to Fili...book it!

    26. Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II

      Y’all really don’t know who Andre Fili is? If you think Bryce is going to have it easy, you’re in for a long night. Fili is adaptable and has the striking advantage in both stances. Fili’s ground game is underrated too.

    27. Heisen

      I dont want to watch ufc without Khabib

    28. Valentine

      This is pity I don’t need to know themselves

    29. Trey Webster

      ⚡I'm not the one to brag or boast. When your hungry enough you'll open your mouth.. clothes mouths don't get fed. 145lb here I come!

    30. The Pervatasaurus

      2:50 I see nobody is talking about Yanez, the guy has a pretty sweet boxing, don't sleep on him people.

      1. Brent S

        He looks great!! Can't wait to see him fight! I'll be rooting for him! Im also from South East Houston so lets gooo!!

      2. Jamie Nadeau

        Been saying this

    31. Gard Linde

      Thug nasty is undefeated as a pro

    32. Ajay Rana

      Kevin Holland > any of these guys

    33. AletheAce

      Michael Johnson was lighting that dude tf up on the feet, he got sloppy there by giving the dude his leg

      1. lowlowseesee


    34. expiredcroutons

      Michael johnson: keith peterson smelled of alcohol and cigarettes

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    36. Eduardo Flores

      Picking Andre Fili for the upset. Thug Nasty is good but Fili has crazy experience

    37. SarhiL ChanneL OfficiaL

      Sip , paprom.info/block/v/iIa4mbmXuWiD26g.html

    38. shrouq sunshine

      حبيييت 🤗

    39. Shark

      this is paprom.info/block/v/sGqYacejvICIumU.html

    40. Tyler Brame

      Bryce Mitchell looks like if one of the dudes from street beefs was actually good.

    41. Tyro Cyr

      Will be a memorable night

    42. Shamz KSA شمس السعودية


    43. AnDSTiLL

      Bryce gonna have that strap in the next yr or so.

    44. Robert S

      Mitchell and Moises taking L's this Halloween 🎃

    45. Kozuu

      As if he needed another advantage, now his opponents won't be able to find him thanks to the camo.

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      Brice is rilee good fightet!!!

    48. jesse jes

      If he isn’t wearing camo shorts we riot

    49. Just A Lunatic

      Hey Dana... why did Bryce's TUF loss count in his pro record while Costa's didn't?

      1. Aðalúlfr Geirsson Játvarðingr

        Honest, humble Europeans getting shafted yet again.

    50. xxxmarco

      So mostly Grapplers fighting this week? Lmao thanks for the heads up

    51. nir S

      Bryce Mitchell is such an awesome jiu jitsu player.

    52. darious manning

      We all know Bryce just put him in the game already!

    53. الزهراني Ali

      I wish I had a physics like that guy on the thumbnail..

    54. Mike Tython

      Can't wait to see a twister Kill in the octagon one day

    55. Kev G

      Michael Johnson literally did nothing to get out of that

    56. Kev G

      Masvidal’s lil bro got them hands too

    57. Greg Skelhorn

      You thought you had a friend boy! AAAAAAAAAAAH

    58. Gol Falcao


    59. Robert Bordevik

      My god i miss fans being there at UFC events.. It’s just not the same. Btw 4:06 is one of the best stoppages I’ve seen

      1. lowlowseesee

        on so many levels

    60. Zain Razvi

      0:28 13-1? I thought Bryce Mitchell was undefeated 13-0?

      1. s1Lence

        @Daniel Šmerda if you count tuf he should be 14-1 as he has 1 win and 1 loss there

      2. Daniel Šmerda

        It was exhibition match during TUF, got submitted by Katona. Not sure why they count it, coz everytime they dont count these matches (f.e. Costa lost on Brazilian TUF, unbeaten before meeting Israel)

      3. s1Lence

        Pretty sure it is 13-0 idk what UFC is smoking

    61. Houcine

      Don't even try ... There is only one khabib .

    62. Cyber Punk 2.0

      Khabib: *Retires* UFC: Fighters You Should Know

      1. Cyber Punk 2.0

        @EVO6 Ufc is so clever they don't make this video on only lightweights they added Bryce and yanez Why u bully me?

      2. EVO6

        @Cyber Punk 2.0 have you been a fan for 2 weeks? They do these with almost every event before it happens, it's a showcase for the card. Also wtf does 'when khabib was beating everyone these fighters were not popular so now they have to make them popular' mean, what tf does khabib beating a handful of lightweights have to do with Bryce Mitchell or Yanez?

      3. Cyber Punk 2.0

        @Liam Morgans 😂

      4. Liam Morgans

        @Cyber Punk 2.0 haha oh I see, they do these “fighters you should know” regularly though so that’s why I didn’t understand

      5. Cyber Punk 2.0

        @Liam Morgans its means that when khabib was beating everyone these fighters were not popular so now Ufc wanna make them everyone's fav

    63. myles rucker

      Bruce is so unknown...

    64. Kev

      Michael Johnson is still in the UFC?

    65. JohnCastillo

      I think Bryce will lose this saturday.

    66. Principal Richard Vernon

      Leg locks look pretty scary, I wouldn't want to see a heavyweight do one.

    67. Kelli Bain

      Does bryce hit another twister?

    68. schützt rammstein

      The only fighter i have to know is Khabib Nurmagomedov!!! The rest are nothing against khabib !

      1. Principal Richard Vernon

        Jon "Bones" Jones

    69. D

      Poster looks amazing

    70. Ricky Sanchez

      Yanez gonna hold it down for H-TOWN

    71. Catsoup

      My boy Thug Nasty gonna rock the camo shorts!

    72. YaboiShaun

      That was a nasty twister. Only Chan Sung Jung pulls it off better

    73. Federico Videla

      Why is the ufc showing Bryce Mitchell with one loss on his record and not doing the same for Paulo Costa? Bryce lost to Brad Katona by submission on the ultimate fighter. Costa lost to Marcio Alexandre by split decision on the ultimate fighter Brazil. But the official ufc stats only count the loss for Bryce despite both being pro fights in the ufc. Israel Adesanya also brought up this topic on an interview, that Costa is not undefeated. What is going on here? If Bryce is 13-1, Costa is now 13-2

    74. Ricky Marks

      Bryce has no losses guys lol

    75. Жасурбек Шарипов

      Is Thiago Moises able to submit Bobby Green?

    76. SMPLSCK

      Isn't Bryce Mitchell undefeated?

    77. anothaview

      Sweet ankle/ leg lock so quick by Thiago Moises especially from bottom position, @1:22.

    78. TICO

      Bryce goes for knockout to show his stand up is better,but hes always looking to use his skill set "GHETTO FIGHTER" ground game.Great he dosent say wrestler or boxer etc

    79. Immigrant Mentality Stiopic

      Thiago moises is a f*cking monster! Good luck mate!

    80. Benjamin Richard

      Thug Nasty is a homegrown bad-ass!

    81. Patriots Nation 4 life

      How is this guy making his UFC debut They literally just showed him fighting in the UFC (3:28)

      1. Patriots Nation 4 life

        @Odrox dont know how i missed that but now I feel dumb

      2. Shabba Banks

        When they fight on the Contender Series, it does not count as their official UFC debut on a UFC card. They are fighting in the Contender Series to be offered a contract to fight for the UFC.

      3. Odrox

        It's from Dana White's Contender Series. Look at the center of the mat at 4:00

    82. John Stover

      Bryce Mitchell has been out for so long that I see him improving his stand up. I see him rocking Filli and submitting him on the ground.

      1. Andrej Vasiljevic

        Submitting ok but rocking him on the feet just nahhh

      2. Belieber I am

        Fili is a tough fighter.. Let's see

      3. A1 Gamez

        Nah bro

    83. Bee's Knees

      3:11 how are these guys the same weight class Asian dude looks huge compared to yanez

    84. Rob F


    85. Umer Atiq

      Michael Johnson dominated him the first round

      1. The One

        @Umer Atiq omg ur stupid 😆🤦. Thats like saying If i had a billion i would be a billionaire.

      2. Mikey Knuckles

        @Cody _ lol

      3. XZ 55

        Johnson is an awesome fighter, hate to see him loose that much

      4. Cody _

        "If he didn't do the stuff that won him the fight, he wouldn't have won the fight" ...I mean, yeah?

      5. Umer Atiq

        @[ Ícaro ] if he didnt get that submission, then johnson wouldve fucked him up

    86. Socal Jackpotscratcher

      UFC back in vegas. Silva vs hall. Very nice.

    87. Matthew Gardocki

      I wish Anderson Silva would retire. I hope he doesn't get hurt

    88. przemek zgliwic

      I feel bad for MJ

    89. Football Fuse

      Build someone up. Put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they’re WORTHY. Tell them they’re INCREDIBLE. Be a light in a too often DIM world🌎.(By the way am also a small PApromr looking for your support). Just wanna spread Love❤️

    90. just flow

      No muradov this Saturday! Dude is a monster.

    91. just flow

      Khabib = GOAT

    92. Cookazor

      I thought Bryce was undefeated. I’ve seen his record with both 1 loss and no losses. I didn’t think they counted exhibitions

    93. Be Inspired


    94. Robert Mitchell

      Why this music over top of this. Feels like one of those copyright evasion techniques

      1. Jahim Uddin

        UFC's official YT posted this. No copyright evasion.

    95. Kelly Higgs

      Bryce Mitchel is going to climb the rankings.

      1. lowlowseesee

        i like the kid but his striking is lacking, he aint climbing shit but the stairs to a commercial plane to move to a new state to get his striking in order hahhah

      2. Mma from Sereban

        KO from UFC : paprom.info/block/v/apuZpJZp0oJ4v5g.html

      3. tommy 868

        ThugNasty got his shorts that's all that matters right now

      4. Živana Vujačić


      5. George_Lunatic

        Or get head kicked. Let's wait and see

    96. BPB9973952

      that should be Michael Johnson's last fight. I mean come on man

      1. PjXu98

        This is also the same guy who faced the absolute best fighter on the planet ever.

      2. EVO6

        You realise he dominated the entire previous round right?

      3. BPB9973952

        David Corelli I think that is what they have been doing for a while now

      4. David Corelli

        They use him to see if others are ready.

      5. Magic Marlon Moraes

        He does so well until he gets Caught😫

    97. * Mako *

      All three fighters have no tattoos on them. How nice.

    98. TheAntManChannel

      Ryan Hall vs. Bryce Mitchell would be the craziest thing ever.

      1. lowlowseesee

        ryan would turn that boy into a democrat ahahhhahaa

      2. Mma from Sereban

        KO from UFC : paprom.info/block/v/apuZpJZp0oJ4v5g.html

      3. priscila chamorro

        Ryan Hall would dominate him, way more experience

      4. TheAntManChannel

        @Kautsar MW he'd be their bitch lol

      5. Trang Pham


    99. TokHot

      *UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship* Nice!! video

    100. Slim Shady

      Mitchell vs Ryan Hall