UFC Vegas 12: Bryce Mitchell Interview after Unanimous Decision Win

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

112 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼28

    Hear from Bryce Mitchell after he defeated Andre Fili in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 12 in Las Vegas via unanimous decision and improved to 14-0 in his career.
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    1. Sejirohiko

      Bryce Mitchell vs Ryan hall Both undefeated in the ufc and are bjj aces that would be a great fight to watch

    2. Eli Pergande

      Camo for the win YEAH

    3. Louis W

      You lost that fight, boring fighter

    4. JustLee MeAlone

      Bryce "i diDeNt vOtE 4 mAsKs!" Mitchell

    5. Ben

      What's with dude's ears?

    6. Doron Daley

      What's the name of his walk out song

    7. Tyler Jordan

      That's Theo Vons boy!!!!!!!

    8. Axeman

      Great skillset and attitude, can't wait to see Bryce again.

    9. Ducko Eli_FN

      Bryce vs Niko price at lightweight???

    10. Ross Canfield

      He should fight dawodu


      he didnt really win that fight imo just didnt lose. was scared to mix it up on the feet and really never came close to finishing it on the ground

    12. Jacob Mcdermott

      I love Bryce Mitchell so much but he is so so so so dumb

    13. Juan Araiza

      Love thug nasty and his I can always do better attitude. That's the champion mentality

    14. motocrossriders2002

      Bryce is a good dude, I can't wait to see him fight again.

    15. Ratik Umstayn

      Knowbody can stop Bryce "Nut-twister" Mitchell.

    16. nir S

      Fighting this dude looks like fighting quicksand

    17. Rabbi Ama

      Bryce Mitchell vs Ryan Hall?

      1. Whose House Football

        Ryan submits bryce easily

    18. Locker-Room Dwarf

      GOD BLESS-

    19. Jon Smith

      I’ve liked this kid since the first time I saw him fight. Just a hard working country boy that understands that it is all about putting in the effort and being disciplined. His interviews are entertaining as fuk too. Congrats kid, you’ve earned your own damned camo shorts. 👍👍

    20. pacificloon

      Love this guy.

    21. Ameerul Aqmal Malek

      This guy have great wrestling, it's suffocating the opponent, the only thing he could work on imo is his ground and pound.. I believe he would be the champion next year.. Props to andre fili.. Round one is brutal for him, but he definitely has a good cardio

    22. b10rain

      Good show of class by his opponent! Losing is hard enough. But admitting defeat and congratulating the winner... That's what true competition is all about!!!

    23. 37OHSSV O773H

      People’s champion.

    24. Little lammie

      I like this guy seems legit 👊

    25. TechStacker

      Love this guy!

    26. Tadhg O' Ceallaigh

      He forgot to say arkansas

    27. Mike Fox

      Bryce deserves a top 5 fight honestly, but maybe they'll give him one more before a top 5 opponent. He is just so good for the division.

    28. Russell Jones

      You see at future our champ from Arkansas

    29. Dark Star King

      Fili did amazing getting reversals and getting out of mount multiple times. Bryce has the bigger punches to.

    30. Bubblegum Cowboy

      Another year or so in the gym and he should be rollin

    31. Nick Hayden

      Andre has legit experience. Hope to see bryce continue to improve. Dudes really entertaining

    32. Oreo-San

      seems like fili hit his ceiling for mma...just keeps losing

    33. Anthony Lavelle

      I like this guy

    34. videoski11

      Bryce the man, respect from Russia

    35. Josh Dutczak

      Big ups to both fighters

    36. Ogami0Itto

      Where's ZABIT At ??

    37. Jaxon Allen

      Fuck yeah brycey now how about them Cano shorts

    38. Eric Y

      Fili's stand-up was dissapointing to watch this time around.

    39. Yogesh Everest Thapa

      Clean guy wins ✅

    40. Albert Wisenauer

      About time fighters show courage and speak some common fucking sense! Raise up world! Stop being willing slaves! Fight back

    41. Matvei I

      Boy looks like he's tearing up... too much of them "yes sir, yes sir" not enough of being a man

      1. JJ Speck

        he became a yes man for dana

    42. Knowledge Discovery

      "My name is Conor Mcgregor". Funny moment of Khabib 😂 paprom.info/block/v/iWvMg6VjsKOg1Jw.html

    43. Gen_Vez.

      Put respect on my boy fucking name !! BRYCE HEADS UP!!

    44. DrPhil 420

      Bryce should wear a mask, I think he caught CTE

      1. JJ Speck

        he always had it dont worry

    45. C Jersey

      I put Mitchell fights on to fall asleep at night. He’s like that guy who’s good at grinding so he gave up on learning to strike lol. This is MMA so I’ll pass on 90s eta UFC skill set no matter how dominant he is at one martial art

    46. jptothetree

      I feel like if Gunnar Nelson and Ken Burns had a baby, it would be Bryce Mitchell.

    47. Savage Mode

      His standup has to improve a lot. But his ground game is sick

    48. Chaz Edgar

      Hell yeah

    49. Justin O'Connor

      Massive fan of bryce. I do agree he has a few things to work on especially if he can get a top 5 fighter now. Striking could be a little better . Fili being a longer legged fighter and very well experienced on the ground, I dont think bryce should be to hard on himself especially andre fili having a few genetic advantages on the floor and striking.

    50. Kaspars Kārkliņš

      CAMO for life

    51. Chad B

      He looked great in his camo

    52. KAZO98’

      Why is he unhappy after a dominant win lol

    53. Jordan Scarborough

      Was good to get the takedowns but other than that did nothing but hold him down, I saw him have perfect openings for elbows in side control and he just chose to not bother. Not an exciting fight for me. Atleast do something on the Ground only time he did was when he new the fight was nearly over.

    54. Kevin From Walmart

      Gang gang boy! RatKing gotta be proud! Let’s go Bryce

    55. Mustaneer Ahmed

      Grappling is such a beautiful art.

    56. SKRMZ

      thugnasty merked that dont know why fili thought he was the only person to do damage, one little cut vs all the clean punches he took when they were on the feet lol

    57. Feels Man

      God damn he eyes are a blue million miles

    58. clive ramsbotty

      bisping so much better than anik

    59. Vi _XXiV

      Give this man a fight against Dan Ige next!

    60. WestCoastIrk

      Bryce Mitchell was looking to fight, wherever it went, dont matter how nasty it got.. He kept that killer instinct. HELL YEAH!!! he ain't no point fighter-elusive "tactical" bitch... he gets in that cage and scraps with the best of them and gets after it! FUCK YEAH!!!

    61. 4d4m

      Go watch his post fight scrum

    62. Matt Bradbury

      Mitchell vs yussuf makes Sense now

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    64. Kevin G

      Where's his post fight interview? Dana just recently said after the Colby fight he would let fighters say anything they wanted because we do have that right here in this country. I thought this was the UFC and not the CCP.

    65. riffgroove

      As soon as this guy fights someone with better takedown defense he's done. No cardio and got owned in the stand-up.

      1. HIGH Monkey94

        At this moment you're correct but luckily he gets to go back to the gym and get better.

      2. Irving Ceron

        They were pretty evened out in the stand up? 21 to 22 according to the stats. I thought his striking was impressive from his last fight. Def improving, becoming more well rounded.

    66. Wez Makes

      Ah man, you can kind of tell he's concussed after that knee. Doesn't remember it too well. Hope his mind and body heal up soon.

    67. Timothy Helton

      One of my top 10 favorite fighters , glad to see him get the W. Hope he brings a title to the south. Zabit would be a really good,tough fight for him. UFC knows he's marketable, expect to see big things from him.

    68. Mitch G Pap

      Bryce Mitchell spoke the truth in his post fight press conference about the Elites and the scary agenda going on in the world right now. Please check it out he may be the only athlete out here using his platform for good. He may be the only real one around. Don’t let the media turn you against him.

    69. Jacoby miles

      Needs more work on the striking

    70. Daniel Bridgland

      Put Bryce Mitchell against Ryan Hall and let's so who's the baddest submission specialist at 145.

    71. The Incompetent Investor

      Is that the god of Kali on his chest?

    72. Draco85

      Yes lad well done Bryce 👏

    73. Andrew Thomas

      Bryce Mitchell’s style sucks he belongs on the undercard. He’s bad for the sport.

      1. Nick Kelly

        He broke his hand in the 1st

      2. Teeroy

        Please explain

    74. Catsoup

      No mention of Arkansas?

    75. J P

      Ortega would clap him

      1. Nick Kelly

        Yeah, I bet bryce would agree with you he's pretty hard on himself.

    76. Eddie Zamora 101

      Say NO to MASK

    77. Daniel Quijada

      For sure my fav fighter I thought it the first PAprom series of him back home home grown fighter. He's just a wholesome great dude. Even if he lost I wouldn't give a give a F.

    78. Richard Alfaro

      He’s small for the division and still mauls this guys

    79. Robert Smith

      Wow 3x more views that Uriah Halls post fight interview.

    80. Jarel17-

      it was a good fight he just too self critical 💯

    81. Micks NotNice

      Lol if you ask me Mitchell got exposed tonight.... if he had that much trouble with fili who loses most of his fights he's gonna get destroyed by top 10s/5s

    82. C N

      Bryce gave a pretty subdued victory postfight interview--I feel like he was concussed heavily during this fight or something.

    83. Brandon Hicks

      I thought ufc said he could wear his camo shorts tonight? Was really looking forward to seeing them

      1. Brandon Hicks

        @Nick Kelly I watched the video and the fight live but I still didn’t see any

      2. Nick Kelly

        He did man watch the whole video

    84. Nor Tomorrow

      0:52 Volkanovski is on a 9 win streak in the UFC, not 7.

    85. Kai Alford

      Wasn't the real Bryce Mitchell, he didn't saw Arkansas once, it's a fake Bryce.

    86. Pretzel Head

      Fili was a great opponent. Bryce still has a lot to learn. Good fight.

    87. The Oathman

      I'm rooting for anyone without tattoos.

    88. caleb

      Fili was way bigger than Bryce

    89. Akita 90

      Bryce can be the 145lb Khabib!!!! Keep it up bro!!!

    90. سوريا الجريحه


    91. kaigee wong

      0:19 Andre "Touchy" Fili got a bit FEELY with Bryce's Buttocks LOL

    92. Batknuckles

      H'YUCK H'YUCK!

    93. Chase Murphy

      Bryce looks like he could be Michael’s son lol

    94. Ball Islife

      I was worried when he got hit with the flying knee but he dominated a great opponent who is more experienced, phenomenal

    95. Ball Islife


    96. J P

      He got exposed. Anyone in top 10 will beat him easy.

      1. David Shay

        Fili is a stud bro and he’s gotten better and better. Not sure what you were watching. Def didn’t get exposed.

    97. Emma H

      I freaking love this guy !

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    100. James Mcknight

      Bryce is dope so humble