UFC Celebrates America’s Veterans

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    On Veteran’s Day, we want to congratulate DAV on its centennial anniversary by helping veterans of all generations. Thank you for helping veterans reach victories great and small. Visit www.dav.org/
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    1. Tyrone on the throne

      Wtf did Stipe say?

    2. Tyrone on the throne

      You guys just Love Violence and War.

    3. packerpf

      Give veterans a better deal/discount on tickets then..just like all other forms of entertainment do.

    4. My Penis is incredibly small but,

      1:20 - Jeez, I told you not to order Kevin Randleman from eBay.

    5. Khan Saab

      Yes, huge shout out to the men and women who slaughtered thousands of civilians in Vietnam, Korea and the Middle Eastern countries.

    6. Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it)

      States across the country announce lockdowns on Veterans day. A true slap in the face. Those people that used to say "I fight/fought for freedom" sure are in one heck of a predicament now, huh?

    7. Luanmondi Nuhaj

      All i see is STUPID HUMANS!!your contry??no one is bombing USA.USA are bombin irak.afghan.etc..so plz..

    8. Current King

      Stop killing civilians from other countries. The industrial military complex needs to be dismantle.

    9. Dundo Maroje

      0:45 * former interim champion

    10. Ho Lee Fok

      O'MyLeg keeps the ecuadorian flag on his head LOL.

    11. Steve

      0:21 Who duh fook is that gu- oh his name is right there

    12. jay sullivan

      Thanks, soldiers. This is so much more genuine than Hollywood’s “I take responsibility” video was. They should get refunds for their acting classes and just STFU.

      1. Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it)

        @Joseph Bauman Good. Then they will rise up soon...

      2. Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it)

        @Joseph Bauman p.s. they announced lockdowns on Veterans day. This should be a massive slap in the face to people that REALLY care. Not virtue signaling bs.

      3. Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it)

        @Joseph Bauman Plenty do. This is obvious. Rah rah freedom Merica!

      4. Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it)

        @Joseph Bauman UFC basically is Hollywood... even ssoldier hate America. Just look at the lockdowns.

    13. Tanmay Rauthan

      Colby❤️❤️ and Stipe😂😂

    14. José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici

      Miocic is the lost brother off Rua's bros .

    15. Liverpool Army

      Colby chaos colvington

    16. Tommy Dilldine

      I thank you with all the Marines and soldiers fought for this country I'm sorry our president come to you I just graveyard didn't make a speech so we know where he stands before the people apart for America I love you all and good luck to you and your family sits missing you you guys are the best

    17. dreamliner 01

      Shame on you ufc to Support terrorists. A day will come us soldiers get what they deserv

      1. dreamliner 01

        @Joseph Bauman yeah maybe but f.... us soldiers too. By the way. That Was soo low

    18. JasonMason1991

      Heros of what? Invading foreigner countries and kill millions of innocent civilians for oil? Dont let me bring up Julian Assange to expose u again.

    19. Zether 1456

      1:12 damn

    20. Nicholas Santos

      0:22 who da fook is that guy

    21. Spirit Shinobi

      Thank you UFC and their fighters ❤️🇺🇸

    22. Ofelia Michel

      Sean o'Malley vs garbrandt

    23. Ofelia Michel

      Dustin was never a champ

    24. Operation Fitness

      I am just surprised to see that Jeremy Stephens is still alive

    25. crownretro

      Please don't go down the war promotion, fear porn, & propaganda route, UFC

    26. Sleepwalking Bear

      1:12 - 1:14 Bruh, we fukn need subtitles. ☠️

    27. Saleh Cheema

      why did it say dustin was a champ?

    28. Kyau

      they really got sean o malley to talk about victories 😂

    29. WillieRants

      UFC stay strong, don't be like other sports and cave into this sociopolitical bullshit. Keep politics out of the sport. By being a positive example you speak to what is right without all the noise and suffocating bullshit. Thank you. USA 1988 - 1998

    30. Fran Sorka

      war is a hell, thank you paprom.info/block/v/aoGXjNqRvaFzlqg.html

    31. Detroit What

      Salute #KAGA

    32. ju ka

      So many dislikes on a video honoring the real heroes is really sad to see.

    33. Kid mma Fan

      I love the veterans

      1. Kid mma Fan

        @Joseph Bauman how are they souporting Isis

    34. Jimi Hendrix

      What language Stipe speaks? Any idea?🤣

      1. Khabitch & ABDULMANAPOOP


    35. BigBootyCookie

      Wtf did stipe say?

    36. Soge King

      Congratulation on being pawns who rampaged the middle east 🥱

    37. Y 5

      Thanks MTV for pimping my ride

    38. ꧁TigerDragon꧂

      God bless America. Number one global super power.

    39. Chris Smith

      🤔 USA Russia are you listening

    40. Chris Smith

      💥 if it was up to me you were that maga hat for the rest of your miserable existence

    41. here

      UFC censors the comment section, lmfao. Guess I will stream from now on

    42. Conor McGregor Drip

      I came here just for Jessica eyes shes so intriguing and love ybe sound of her voice

    43. Real patriot

      Thanks for destroying innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Vietnam etc etc

    44. Alejandro Montoto

      I didn’t know Dustin was a champ lol

    45. Daniel Solorio

      U.S.A. ARMY 100%.

    46. Joe Marmolejo

      1:22 Brunson face looking like he got told to bare knuckle izzy haha

    47. Chicken Joe

      Why you gotta disrespect Liz Carmouche tho, while she was at the White House

    48. Trash Fire

      Thank you to all veterans and military families for your service and your sacrifice.

      1. Trash Fire

        @Joseph Bauman Which ISIS sympathizers do they promote?

    49. Славян Сапёр

      Чувак с волоснёй радуги насмешил.

    50. Tramp the Looser

      Invading foreign countries to cause wars and sell weapons ,and gain their hands on oil makes them War Criminals, not Veterans

      1. Tramp the Looser

        @Joseph Bauman instead they press a button and kill thousands

      2. Tramp the Looser

        @Joseph Bauman well , its very well known who the actual terrorists are! In case if you are not aware , lestin to Tramp saying the our military is causing wars around the world to sell weapons ! Does he lie?

    51. Myth Of DoooDa

      God Bless our Soldiers

    52. Byron Maxad


      1. ebk ebk

        @Byron Maxad "oh so ur a winner?" -nate diaz

      2. Byron Maxad

        @W Baldwin not a loser

    53. Daro The Ancient Babylonian

      The veterans take all the shit the government produce!! Why the fuck they send the Human to other countrys thousand and thousand of miles away.

    54. Jose PH

      Heros lmao ? Killers.

    55. itscauleyy

      Who tf out here disliking this? The Taliban?

    56. malcoperegrantus

      joke. Veterans need the DAV to help them out cuz the government treats them like shit.

    57. Billy Jean

      i laughed when colby popped up

      1. Billy Jean

        @W Baldwin idk cant take him seriously lol

    58. Janaelson Alves da Silva


    59. Simon Krokfield

      Thank you for killing raping and torturing brown people for oil. Rotschild, Soros and the other members of the club are grateful!

    60. Tacitus Kilgore

      Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide and the truth will come out.

      1. Tacitus Kilgore

        @Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it) speak for yourself.

      2. Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it)

        And you'll STILL be chipped. Good luck America. The experiment was fun while it lasted.

    61. JR Porter

      Shout out to America's fighting men and women! 💪 🇺🇸

      1. Frantz Lenin

        Shoutout to the Nazi troops invading and terrorizing the world for American capital! 💪 🇺🇸

      2. Spirit Shinobi

        Thank you brother ❤️🇺🇸🙏

    62. SplaTBoT

      you know what i thought about making some dumb comment about killing brown people but i am pretty happy the us army exists and i dont even live in murica...

    63. wutgodretodd

      Veterans, I salute you. 👋

    64. SpawnofSmoke

    65. Jake Jimenez

      Stipe 🤦🏻‍♂️ dammit lol

    66. Cesar Bartolo

      What stipe?

    67. attracted to the metal like magneto

      I got hairy legs

    68. Edwards


    69. Eh

      Wtf? Why the dislikes? Also thank you to all our Veterans, true warriors

    70. Truth Told

      Trump 2020! USA! USA!

    71. Curtis John

      Colby gets the interim title but Dustin doesn't. lol

    72. Amarilla Venegas Riera

      Thank you for bombing Serbia back in the days.


      police are cowards, military are brave

      1. Smith-Mundt Modernization NDAA 2013(Look into it)

        Idk, global tyranny running rampant... I'm not seeing bravery anywhere right now...

      2. Matthew Ocana

        I could agree with that.

    74. iEntertain

      About to be deployed on the streets, once Trump launches his coup.😂

      1. iEntertain


      2. Brian Banegas


    75. M. pm


    76. Chingri Mungrei

      Rip America... You're doom... The communist is back.. Wooooo hoooo

    77. Siel Bleu

      شوفولنا معاكم الرئيس الجزائري تبون راه مفقود صافي لونطو

    78. AHS

      Celebrating veterans while funding terrorist by employing hate beards and bringing them into the country such patriots 🤦🏼‍♂️

    79. Mat J

      Thank you for all that stolen oil from middle east

    80. Mc Diego Bitaru Oficial


    81. Beetlejuice

      Stipe “thankyumegaveterahnztogetdhfjjansupurt”

    82. texmex223

      0:22 who dee fook is dat goouy

    83. Alex Stephenson

      Nobody : Miocic : fjsksjfusoskshdhf. Hdksoaisurhdjaosudu hsifififjdhhe

    84. Alex Stephenson

      That is the real Covington

    85. TONY BROWN

      Fkk dah troopz lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    86. CIR GOLD

      Awesome Tribute to Our Veterans !!

    87. unarammer

      these people are pawns for satan,killing innocent women and children for a paycheck..they do not fight for freedom they kill for money..everytime they.deploy to go terrorise the innocent,they return to less freedoms,EVERYTIME...if they fought for freedom they would stay here and fight the comminist in our government...they are not interested in their own children's freedom because the enemy is inside the gates not across the ocean and no soldiers fighting for freedom here...they just tell everyone to stay home and destroy your lives and these people say or do nothing...I don't wanna hear fighting for freedom BS...they are being terrorist for money...let's just tell the truth here and leave the garbage on the tv...

    88. Chino!

      México is the shit, México es la verga‼️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    89. zbLoodlust087

      this was so wholesome

    90. Pedagogia da Cultura

      The President Bolsonaro of Brazil needs to see this video. Yesterday he said he had "gunpowder" against the American army

    91. B Dogg

      Stipe said "Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry Easter and please enjoy your noodles"

      1. Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush

        He said: "Thank you for having American veterans get the benefits they earned and deserve."

    92. Adam Markstedt

      I’m just here for the Stipe comments😭

      1. Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush

        "Thank you for having American veterans get the benefits they earned and deserve."

    93. Garrett hairhat

      Ufc is the best. Not afraid to support our country unlike every other sport

      1. ebk ebk

        wwe does tho. every tribute to the troops payperview and wresletmania.

      2. Shai Ace


    94. Eko

      1:12 classic stipe

      1. Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush

        "Thank you for having American veterans get the benefits they earned and deserve." You're Welcome.

    95. Empus WoW

      0:21 who the fook is that guy

    96. Mr. Wolf

      As a Veteran I say thanks.🇺🇸👍

    97. Eugene List loves Truth

      What's Next ? Celebrating *LGBTQ* Carnival ?

    98. Frank Drive

      God bless our amazing Veterans 🙏

    99. ZA-7

      Let's celebrate for those who killed and will kill in the name of "freedom".

      1. ZA-7

        @Brian Banegas not like the hypocrite "country" called USA.

      2. I LOVE GRAPES

        @ZA-7 you're re$#@ted

      3. Brian Banegas

        @ZA-7 you do realize every military has done fucked up stuff right?

      4. ZA-7

        @Brian Banegas no, we are talking about USA...

      5. Brian Banegas

        just like any other military

    100. Boumendjel Omario

      Ok it good thing to honnorat handy war militarie but killing innocent pepole ,bombing innocent families strking by missiles kiling pregnant womens just to gamble to see thatbaby is female or a male ...this called colateral dammage .wowwwww this why god let you handy and back crazy to the contry