UFC 261 Free Fight: Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

1.5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼400

    Kamaru Usman made his third successful welterweight title defense against Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 earlier this year and earned a Performance of the Night bonus. Usman faces Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 261 on Saturday, April 24.
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    1. Ethan Foster

      Colby: "Down goes Dilbert!" lol

    2. Awang Edris

      Syukur alhamdulillah....

    3. Erick Juma

      Kamaru at the end of the second round told Gilbert "you've lost"

    4. Vibin' Recordz

      Usman's face is like a wall of granite.

    5. forandon behalfof

      Errr.... What's that "Draft Kings" crap blocking part of the screen? No wonder UFC is going down the $|-|1TT£R.... Just visit onefc.com

    6. Alex Lenas

      He is cringe

    7. oBadGuy

      from this fight we confirm that Usman's stand up is very static. It's good in combo with his wrestling but when he relies strictly on striking, he doesn't seem to be very fluid in his movements or flexible.

      1. William Bale

        Yeah talk to the jab bro

    8. Joe Hamill

      Gamble responsibly lol

    9. Sohail Ahmad

      biased commentry

    10. Thọ Huỳnh


    11. shazlfc ronaldo

      Know for a fact Khabib would be cheering for usman !!! Well done usman 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    12. Earl Wright

      Im confused how herb calls the fight that quick while he was still responsive...but couldnt call when robbie was beating askrens head in

    13. carlos alejandro vera vega


    14. Ширван Алиев

      Такое ощущения что ему нравиться поджопники получать🤦😆

    15. ls lb

      Black lordship and power 🇨🇲 🦁 🇳🇬

    16. Fila Nike

      What happened to the “foot stomper” bandwagon haters??Usman is a beast and he’s here to stay for a while

    17. Mac Alcantara

      Coach was like don’t forget what made you a champion now go out there and jab it out

    18. skunk12

      Usman administered more Jabs than the CDC.

    19. spirit-earth-community

      gilbert have much moor speed and he must only moore, 1 / 2 BOOOM... and kamaro falls, like a little tree ;) but much jabs from kamaro coming and to much respect from gilbert burns, win this fight.

    20. Longtiba Jingru

      Seems like Baby lying on the ground n playing with daddy.. Lmao😂😂

    21. Dragon Blade

      Burns had all the physical advantages over someone like kamaru.. speed burns , powers burns , striking/ground burns but he didn’t had the composure he got exhausted meanwhile Kamaru showed elite IQ and composure ..

    22. R Garcia

      Man I stub my toe just a little I’m laying on the floor I don’t know how these guys kick bone on bone.

    23. RevengeOfMoctezuma

      Lol! Burns laying on the ground for almost two minutes and letting Usman recover in peace. gg

    24. Rodney Fiscian

      Usman’s will is unbreakable 😬

    25. lorelain34 sant

      No broders

    26. Jonathan Andrade

      Usman's striking is weak. Full Power not technique. Masvidal has chances if the fight is standing

      1. Jonathan Andrade

        @Abraham Chavez understood 😎 the bet is onnn

      2. Abraham Chavez

        Bruh ima come back to this comment when usman demolishes masdival

    27. Sasquatch in HD

      "This fight is far from done" -DC. 30 secs. later Usman jabs and ground and pounds Burns into oblivion.

    28. mesa entrada


    29. Justin Thompson

      Usman’s mind is DIFFERENT!

    30. C L

      Kamaru Usman's arms are INSANELY LONG

    31. Сергей Лосев

      епать камару красаучик джеп просто огонь

    32. tyler libstag

      Me: *trying to change my sons diaper. My son: 2:20

    33. nick roper

      "You're a champion because of your jab" ...statement definitely stayed true.

    34. M B123

      Wtf that laying on the floor bullshit

    35. UFC GAMES


    36. Gleb Kolotov

      Rogan more and more sounding like a cashed out hysterically hypocritical feminist.

    37. HUJAMBO Korodani


    38. Judite Estrada

      i showed this fight to everyone i know!

    39. D

      we all thought usman was getting ko’d. props to him for staying calm

    40. Muyanzi Reid

      A Jab is the perfect Power striking weapon for someone who Already has a great Double Leg takedown.... the ability to close the distance is already there....just ask GSP

    41. Karl Randolph Llavore

      Usman Sometimes have a problem in mind.

    42. Максим Марин

      А есть хоть один бой, где Бёрнс не плачет в конце?)

    43. poopstainhotdog1

      This is such a sick title fight

    44. PinScreen

      8:48 Trevor Wittman: "Keep pull back, keep pull back" Usman pulled back, and BOOM.!!! A genius coach + a good fighter

    45. JCA A

      Gilbert looks a hella lot like Alexis Sanchez, tho...



    47. مقاطع متنوعة

      Always brazilian strong in just round 1 others round he becomes weak

    48. azertu2u2

      Usman will take some one special to lose to no doubt

    49. Motivated Conor

      If usman stands with horhay he will be stopped. Horhays striking is another level. Unfortunately for us, i see this as a long clinch/wrestle heavy somewhat boring fight.

    50. Reallifematters

      He stole that nickname... Also he looks like a middle weight. Tell em to move up and fight stylebender. He wont

      1. ateniola tobi

        He didn't steal the name, he got permission to use it

    51. Louie Paul

      Gsp would own Usman

    52. Martin Rosa

      usman has a terrible habit of closing his eyes, real reason all them shots are stunning him

    53. mauricio perez

      Esperemos que pelee así contra masvidal y no valla al suelo a cada rato como la otra ves!

    54. tornado tom2


    55. tornado tom2

      Best jab UFC has ever seen?

    56. Devin Dominguez

      Hats off to Usman he came back and dominated. I want to see him stand up with Masvidal hopefully it happens it would be exciting.

    57. svincentr

      Dudes got some hands

    58. Zach Brown

      Stupid we don’t get to see that corner talk until it’s put on youtube. Paid like $70 for this fight and all we get is commercials

    59. Arsu Dhamaka

      Usman will rule this division for a looooooong time. GOAT material

    60. Steve Fox

      Joe noticed burns had fatigue. If his cardio was better he could have had the fight as he had better skills. Usman needs more confidence earlier as just like more DPS, you need less tank.

    61. Antonio Texas films


    62. cristian najera

      Gilbert so weak lmfao after 3000 jabs he still doesn’t cover his face

    63. X Football

      13:09 was worse than Ngannou’s hammer fist

    64. lui loi

      11:41 "how about that?" ??? what hypocrisie those men punching each other to the blood and you shocked when they have a staring??? OH NOOOOOO🤣

    65. justkhail

      Great fight. Horrible commentary.

    66. David Phillips

      I believe it Burns had another crack at Usman he could beat him.

    67. Me raising Naidoo

      Dig NGC CDs

    68. Brandon Castle

      Looks like more than anything, that Burns gas tank ran empty real quick.

    69. Brandon Castle

      I don't get the whole "Nigerian Nightmare" thing. Dude was born there and has lived his ENTIRE life in the US. Does he do that just because it sounds cool? Pretty sure that nickname in sports has already been taken by a GOAT. Christian Okoye, that's the Nigerian Nightmare.

    70. Yusuf Xaaji

      Good job usman

    71. tokekliar liar

      i like this referee. i think he most good referee in ufcc.

    72. M A

      If they r same size ot will be defferet story, Osman is so big for 170

    73. Vicente Flores Jr

      why the referee stopped the fight

    74. mahwish noreen

      i new usman would win

    75. Edilfonso Camacho

      Usman, el mejor

    76. damian roa


    77. Stammtischbruder

      What are you going to do, once you get jabbed with the jab ?

    78. Elizabeth Jordan

      A hurt Usman is a dangerous Usman

    79. Aedan Cael

      Another boring ass fight brought to you by yours truly

    80. Orlando Rodriguez

      Still piece shit to me

    81. Orlando Rodriguez

      THE WHAT ???

    82. SAAD KRATI

      this fight feels like its coming from Hajime no ippo ... he had a hard time at the beginning especially burns with his nasty shot he dropped him twice at the first round ... but then the Champ did what he does the best Jab the motherfucking out of ppl ... anyways such a great fight

    83. SAAD KRATI

      Usman trying not to cry at the end cut me off guard :'(

    84. Mathieu Hardy

      I think Herb Dean did well. He wasn't too premature the stoppage, nor was he too late. He gave Burns enough time to respond to the assault.

    85. Casanova

      Usman looked like Sakuraba in that first round.

    86. RedDirtGaming

      I’ll always remember “take what? From who!?”

    87. Akh21 Akh

      One of the black Jaguar ....top top top

    88. Anesu Mukura

      I felt burns first punch 🤕

    89. Randy Rawding II

      It's UFC 258 actually but don't mind me!🙈😂😂👊

    90. jonki leshi

      The threatening needle hopefully pause because date seasonally shiver amid a superb swamp. past, languid mayonnaise

    91. Timothy Roy

      Wonderboy KOs usman

    92. Bender Wonder


    93. Yani Oppo


    94. Be Real

      Burns has a lot of potential, but he’s too chinny

    95. Tonyo Xyooj

      Usman jabs or GSP stiff jabs or Donald Cerrone? Lol

    96. Martin Serious

      His very Strong but I dont like him

    97. Sam Barone

      Usman FINALLY getting the respect!!

    98. Sam Barone

      CHAEL said it best usman has the strongest mind he's ever seen in any sport athlete thats ever competed..not to mention usman was in burns face seconds before this video started


      He Said that left jab is like a right hand.😂😂😂