UFC 260: Vicente Luque Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    UFC welterweight Vicente Luque talks with media after his Fight of the Night win over former champion Tyron Woodley at UFC 260 and discusses who should be his next opponent.
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    1. Only Stuntin

      Luque is a beast🔥

    2. oldman swagga aka Scooba Steve

      Imagine if this version of Tyron Woodley showed up to fight Colby Covington or Gilbert Burns.

    3. Aditya Rao

      Luque is durable as fuck

    4. Joseph McCoy

      I predict Vicente will fight Masvidal in August after Usman beats his ass again.

    5. Toutai Palu


    6. vhyles

      Tyron deserves one last chance with a 12-14 ranked guy.

    7. Aj Champ

      Woodley gonna be bellator champ

    8. Bill Cosby

      Doesn’t have a like able face no wonder there’s only 24k views

    9. Elijha Dailey

      We have the same Birthday

    10. Ricardo Carvalho

      Future UFC champion

    11. Winfried Bauer

      Exciting for the Weight Class! Looking forward to seeing more of his rise!

      1. FlawlessMMA

        Ancient ground and pound forced the demise

    12. Renaldo Matadeen

      He should fight Gilbert. And Tyron, Bellator is it

    13. Aryan Nahar

      Vicente beat Santos, who arguably beat Jon Jones, and beat someone who many once considered could've become a welterweight GOAT yesterday...

    14. Aryan Nahar

      Vicente "im not really good with sense".. fr tho, can't wait to see what this dude has in store.. if he can do well on the ground and have his chin strong, he can actually be a contender if not champ imo.. great talent.

    15. Aryan Nahar

      Luque VS Chiesa or RDA would be great (if RDA wants to do welterweight).

    16. Jon Gray

      Wonderboy wins out here ageing like fine wine

    17. Bobbydigtail17

      I hope uncle Dana gives this man some extra money for getting rid of victim tyron!

    18. Francesco Cerbella

      Best techfight Is WB versus Leon Edwards.,...

    19. Francesco Cerbella

      When a chance for wonderboy that has redicolized masvidal luque till and Petris that he won thanks only for a disyraction.....techinically Is goat of division.....

    20. We are all Equally worthless.

      He goes to war every fight lol

    21. MephsTV

      Volume is so low

    22. Igor Ovcharenko

      I love Luque as a fighter and as a person. Very good role model.. one of the best fighters in the worlds for sure!!!

    23. javier rubio

      No one asked him that maybe he has to Cross paths with gilbert

    24. Ryan McClintock

      This guy is an absolute monster. How he ate that shot from widely recovered then fired his own off.

    25. Michalis Frangou

      Luque reminds me of a female version of Mackenzie Dern

    26. Alfonso Reyes

      He looks like mackenzie dern

    27. F Humble

      Out of all people Woodley decided to brawl with the king of brawlers smh

      1. phantom_mist17

        What's funny is this is the one time where I think him back into the cage would have been smart, because Luque leaves himself so open sometimes, he loves to brawl, but what's done is done. This is going to sound corny but I think Woodley had some inner demons he needed to confront, and he may have lost the fight but he won his inner battle.

    28. AK 47

      Tyron "I'm just glad that belator lives matter" Woodley

    29. happy friend

      the iron chin

    30. ivan sivic

      he talks like he wasnt born in USA lol

    31. Vicente The Goat


    32. George Blizerkerman

      crazy how wonderboy beat both neal and luque who lost yo both of them but lost to younger woodley.

    33. HIGHTS

      New fan of this guy

    34. EmptyWalletMultimedia

      i knew woodley would be submitted made 200 bucks on it.

      1. phantom_mist17

        I would've never guessed! Nice bro!

    35. KAZO98

      He sounds American in some parts of this interview lol

      1. [ Ícaro ]

        He was born In New Jersey, his father Is from Chile, his mother Is from Brazil, he grew up In Brazil but he trains at USA, he can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish very well.

    36. brklnclln

      Just watched the fight. Nobody noticed that Woodley tapped twice with this right hand before using the left hand? Was hard to see for the ref., but the commentators not seeing it...

    37. rhino ranger

      So how good is wonderboy...

    38. Zack Garcia

      One of my favorite fighters to watch. He’s always game. Would like to see him match up with Nate Diaz or a rematch with Leon Edwards

    39. Hashir Hussain

      He looks like Amir Khan

    40. Toki Buroak

      Thank you Luque for retiring Tyquil Snoozely.

    41. Taco Tacotington

      Its impossible to not be happy for Luque.

    42. Jasmeet Singh

      Luque vs Gilbert burn would be a massive fight 🔥 but they're team mates😂, Leon vs Luque would be a fun fight👍

    43. čeVu

      Luque vs Chimaev!

    44. J M

      It's crazy that Wonderboy has a win over Vincent. But Masvidal vs Luque would be a fantastic fight.

      1. Art Sin

        @Francesco Cerbella WB is 2-2 and already had 2 shots at the title before that it should be Edwards that has the next shot, especially when no.1 contender Colby turned him down.

      2. Francesco Cerbella

        WB has punished masvidal and luque like a master teaching to schoolboy.....but Dana dont wont give ti WB a title shot because he Is such a food guy and he Is 38.....so....like WWE It s only a dollar question.....such a shame

      3. Art Sin

        Masvidal ain't taking on any hard fights other than for the belt.

    45. Threatz

      Reminds me of Vitor Belfort somewhat

    46. Harry Puchalski

      Pound for pound the most entertaining fighter in the UFC in my opinion. Luque doesn’t have boring fights.

      1. Murilloh h

        @Faujih S It was

      2. Faujih S

        @Murilloh h are you kidding me?? That was not competitive at all LOL

      3. Murilloh h

        @Francesco Cerbella that was a very competitive fight..

      4. Дrthas ΙnfamΘuЅ

        @Francesco Cerbella yeah Wonderboy was too much for Luque that night, but who knows I think Luque is still top 5 material tho, they put him against a really tough top Welterweight like Thompson but maybe he could've won against Durinho, Edwards or Masvidal idk

      5. Francesco Cerbella

        Luque in front of wonderboy he Is seems like a child going to Scholl.....with two kick wonderboy came in to Brazil.....

    47. jeremy hamilton

      Good guy, good fighter, well done, respect 🙏

    48. Casper Realov

      Lets goooo Luque is gonna be a champ!

    49. jon mayhew

      Everyone should be thanking this man for finally riding us over the insufferable whiner and worst WW champion in the history of the division. Thank you Vincente. I'll buy you a beer if we ever meet

    50. R M

      This beast has a win over Thiago Santos

    51. pohmakas33

      Woodley has fallen off sooo hard, kinda feel bad for him. He used to be a real threat with his overhand and explosiveness, now a blind grandma could TKO his ass.

    52. Martin Hošek

      Vicente is a beast! I hope he goes for that title soon or later.

    53. Bukar Abdullahi

      Give the man a working 🎤 🎤

    54. Nuno Dubb

      I dont care what anybody says... Vicente luque up next 💯 i think he will become welterweight champion his style is unbelievable i would like to see luque against usman,masvidal,diaz or colby cuz for sure it will be a banger 💯

    55. Jeremy Mac

      He is a salvage and one day could be champ

    56. Fullmetal

      Why does everyone hate Tyron? Because he is Black and stands up for his people? Wtf is wrong with you guys Tyron is one the best ever and defended more the guys like Khabib

      1. phantom_mist17

        Ok I'am a Woodley fan but, I'll call it as it is. Woodley was really annoying a couple years back trying make everything about race and say that he was treated bad becuse he was black, tried to go after Wonderboy and say that he doesnt respect him, trying to basically make everything about race. That was a couple years back, since then hes made up with Wonderboy and apologized,(its on PAprom somewhere, definitely recommend you watch it!) he doesn't really make as many excuses anymore and a lot more accepting of his loses, hes definitely changed for the better, the way he fought in the cage was bad ass! He was too hesitant before, for some reason, it was a type of psychological issue and he overcame it! He lost but I was so proud of him!! Hes not a perfect person, but hes learning new things like all of us are people should really let it go.

      2. app369

        Because he called himself welterweight goat because he said he is a p4p great because he complains a lot because he asked for GSP after a boring decision win after his 1st title defense. Because he said Colby and Kamaru are low class wrestlers that aren't in his league because they didn't go to good schools. Because he is a boring fighter that only has a right hand and blames everyone else for not liking him. People love Kamaru who is black and backs up his community. Same as Ngannou. Tyron complains and blame. Those guys put their head down and maul people. They don't pull the race card and as a person of color myself, I can't stand seeing another man pull the race card when he has everything going for him, wrestled at a top 10 D1 school, is educated and had millions. Nobody wants to hear that ish, when they all can see you are the problem not your skin.

    57. Swing King

      Nate would wipe the floor with this chump💯

    58. Mike Ehrmantraut

      Twood now lost to 3 Brazilians in a row. Gilbert, Luque and Colby Covington

      1. Nikolai Z

        @Juan lopes 😁😆😂😭 hella mad

      2. Tanatswa Birri

        @Juan lopes it's just a joke

      3. Barta Bhaus

        @Juan lopes he became a citizen by completing 500 hours of community service filtering Amazon River

      4. Faujih S

        @Juan lopes but Colby loves Brazil a lot

      5. Pootis Spencer

        Juan lopes that’s the joke homie

    59. Classified Info

      The thing I love about this guy is how ruthless he is. He doesn't lay and pray or stall in a fight he comes to f you up. The only fight he didn't finish in the UFC was Mike Perry, and we all saw what happened to him in that fight.

      1. DjNeckstab

        @Toki Buroak Thompson broke both his hands on Luques face, but he just kept coming. This guy is insane

      2. Steve

        @Eman August yeah Luque definitely landed but he was outlanded by wonderboy 2-1 which is a pretty damn clean win, and he got dropped and hurt in the third

      3. Toki Buroak

        Just goes to show how good Stephen Thompson is for making Luque look like an amature.

    60. C P

      Stipe and Luque are two of my fav fighters so it was a crazy night 😂

    61. Hung V

      Great news about Tyron Woodley losing. Has been whinging and race-baiting during his time in the UFC. It'll be a happy day when he retires.

    62. Marco Fantesini

      For once woodley had to fight patient and he fought like a meathead

      1. M Jones

        No...he's fought way too patient his last 3 fights and got battered against the fence. This fight he knew it was do or die and that's exactly what he put out. Also he's 38 ffs.

    63. Black Moustache

      Y'all are sad hating on Woodley still. I'm glad this time he went out fighting rather than idle. Good job Luque.

      1. Humble Bundle

        To be honest he got Gold from the counters and controlling the fight. Now Dana plans to send him to Bellator.

      2. Twiggz Williams

        @app369 facts I feel bad

      3. app369

        Nobody is hating. Dude is passed being hated😂 everyone either feels bad or just laughs.

    64. Ingenium

      UFC Audio is always super low or messed up. Whats up with that, they are a Billion Dollar Company???

      1. PrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPretty

        That snow in Dana’s Las Vegas driveway doesn’t pay for itself.

    65. MMA Stories

      Best English among Brazilan UFC fighters?

      1. alca pone

        Rafael Dos Anjos has pretty good english

      2. Pootis Spencer

        it’s between him and assuncao

      3. justin matos

        Wasn't born in Brazil so he dont got that accent

      4. Marcelo Machado

        Luque was born in Westwood, New Jersey.

      5. Evan David

        Mackenzie Dern

    66. Emil Petersen

      Favorite figther in ufc!

    67. Toolband42O

      I'm so glad he beat Woodley, hopefully he retired him.

    68. OwnedRL

      This handsome fuck.

    69. Ryan Bartlett

      Unpopular opinion: doesn't deserve a top 5 opponent, yes he beat a former champion but he was on a 3 fight skid and is getting old. Another impressive performance and he gets a top 5 maybe colby or Leon

    70. Tengku Syafiq

      Give this guy kamaru usman..

    71. Ali Jasim

      Luque vs Burns

      1. Marcus Brown

        That be fire fight 💯🔥

    72. Andrei

      What a humble guy, solid performance, I think Tyroon should retire he had a great career

    73. 타이론우들리

      Woodley so sad

    74. Life Is My Opportunity

      I lost my job during the Pandemic. I created my channel believing for myself , you and the rest of the world 🌍

    75. RAYS REALM

      *Watching UFC 244 on ESPN 2 now... after witnessing this man face a desperate and hungry former champ tonight. If they ever bring the BMF belt back, this man needs a shot at that title.*

    76. Jack The Greek

      Way better performance than Colby against Woodley.

      1. Murilloh h

        @Jim Lahey not even close..

      2. Jack The Greek

        @Handsome Squidward Exactly.

      3. Handsome Squidward

        @Jim Lahey And? He came back and made him pay.

      4. Jim Lahey

        Lol no.... Vincent almost got koed

      5. Handsome Squidward

        He had the best performance.

    77. Jacob K

      Dude has been a killer! Hope he gets the recognition he deserves after this win

    78. Gage Abdul

      Why am I just now hearing of Vicente Luque? Saw him in the wonderboy fight and was impressed. This dude is the complete package lol

      1. phantom_mist17

        @Peter Westenthaler I hate when people do this, why would a causal be at a post fight press confrence for a lesser known fighter? There is a lot of fighter in the UFC and its hard to know them all. Give him some slack, at least now he knows.

      2. Big Schlong

        @Peter Westenthaler You showed him Peter

      3. Peter Westenthaler

        because you're a casual? Not difficult to put 2 and 2 together, is it

    79. Kainich

      Luque vs Chiesa next 🔥

    80. Jason Santos

      Woodley Is still not done it's his decision whether or not if he wants to continue, unless he gets cut.People are quick to judge and critique, but would never step in an octagon.

      1. Black Moustache

        Exactly. At least this shows he overcame his output fear.

    81. Juan Carlos

      Ah ah f*** my reeb my reeb

    82. yesitzmeh

      I looked at my group of friends and said " this will be the last time the black guy fights in the ufc " and booom

      1. yesitzmeh

        @Turabolin Jon Jones no, they are just casuals. They don't know the names

      2. Turabolin Jon Jones


    83. Swa Sho

      this guy looked like TRT Vitor in the thumbnail

    84. ImNotNormie

      Luque is Vitor Belfort's cousin

    85. Gravity Denier

      I like this man

    86. Нурислам Докторханулы

      I love watching this guy, always puts in the show🔥🔥🔥

    87. Tom Lindsay

      Luque is actually such a nice guy

      1. Anders D

        @Nico Guapo Yeah, He's much more championship material than Woodley ever was...

      2. Nico Guapo

        @Apostas Bet his father is from chile and he was raised dont forget that

      3. Apostas Bet

        he is Brazilian thats the reason

      4. Jason Santos

        @Taliban Dana fuck bro how high are you I really do want to know ?

      5. Taliban Dana

        @Jason Santos u made me violently shake maraccas

    88. Growth IsProgress

      paprom.info/block/v/eoezhLtk2Y6izWk.html francis ngannou vs stipe miocic 2

    89. Rayjaun Taylor

      John Morgan always has the first question

    90. Anirudh Mittal

      Tyron is an all time WW great, but his time is done. It's time now to sit back and look at all those great moments from his couch, and prepare his Hall Of Fame speech.

      1. Anirudh Mittal

        @Caio Ary Of course. If not top 10, then top 15. But what does he get by doing that?

      2. SirCrackerJack -

        @irish science yeah a legendary boring fighter

      3. Luka

        @yesitzmeh how is he not, he has top 5 WW resume of all time

      4. Handsome Squidward


      5. irish science

        @yesitzmeh obviously but he is a legendary welterweight

    91. Meral Yılmaz

      l love this.This is very fun

    92. donnie the khajiit

      This man knocked out Thiago Santos

      1. Guy Gonzales

        Wow low key info I guess ima casual 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

      2. Danilo Batista

        @Adam Rose --> paprom.info/block/v/r2jLpbijnYOEznI.html Here's a short video with the knock out. But it's in Portuguese though.

      3. Adam Rose

        @Forbidden Knowledge source?

      4. ivan sivic

        @Botond Bakos wtf man

      5. Tony Zamora

        Well is a win against a monster like santos in his record.

    93. Bill Cosby

      How can I contact Dana to fight this guy

    94. BEMO Andrianalison Lybert

      TWOOD: " that finishe was pretty racist"

    95. Nathan J

      Tyron "that was racist" Woodley is done.

    96. Erik Carrillo

      Luque lookin like a title challenger. I think he still gets beat rn though Usman's too smart and in his prime.

      1. Rob S.

        @Anzioo24 it would be a rematch, Edwards beat him already a few years ago

      2. phantom_mist17

        Alright let's be honest here. A past his prime Woodley fought recklessly and almost KOed him. Hes too brawly and you cant do that at the highest levels, that's why Wonderboy had a field day with him, I like Luque but if he wants to make it to the next level hes going to have to let go of that "stand and bang" mentality the way Gaetjhe had to. I think he has potential but he has to make those changes. Regardless if he does or doesnt I'll always tune in! Fun fighter for sure!

      3. Pootis Spencer

        wonderboy pieced him up, i don’t think he quite belongs in that top echelon

      4. Kenny Tran

        @Joe Howard pretty much fell out. Usman left the gym. They use to corner each other. They don’t hate each other now but it’s definitely not like before. Burns was in Luques corner. I think it will be the same if they fight

      5. Joe Howard

        @Kenny Tran usman and burns never fell out. That fight was only business, no disrespect



    98. Facebook

      This proves that Wonderboy won the second Woodley fight

    99. cattalkbmx

      "I'm here for a hard time not a good time." Re-Tyron Woodley

      1. Mark Brown

        " i am here for rap time not for music time" tyrib woodley

    100. Mustaquim Ahmed Tanbeer

      great fighter. but calling out nate diaz was cringe. go for colby or leon.

      1. Lucas G

        He wants the money