UFC 260: Sean O'Malley - "I Gotta Do Something Sweet" | Post-Fight Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Sean O'Malley put on a show in his fight with Thomas Almeida at UFC 260 eventually winning with a third-round knockout. Listen to O'Malley talk with Joe Rogan after his bout.
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    1. Mark Brown

      i wanna see him fighting some top 5. i hope he does not become a journyman like cerrone or sanchez

    2. timothy cooper

      I see they gave the baby a nice warm bottle with cereal so he can stop crying

    3. Lee Powell

      Say what you like about his attitude and his outside the cage antics, when watching this guy fight I don't look away from the screen for even a second.

    4. UniVOD

      Bruh he better workin on his slippery feet

    5. G P

      Es lo que detesto de este tipo, gana una pelea casi que montada para gane, con un contrincante inexistente y ya se siente el rey del mundo. Para mi O'Malley no existe.

    6. 777killad

      Dude had a hand-picked bum to fight so they can prop him back up lol

    7. Lachlan Centre

      And the hype train is back. Ohmyleg is good but not champ material. Top 3-5

    8. D3MOKING

      I want to see the garbrandt we seen against Cruz vs omalley.they be taunting each other after every hit 😆

    9. Erik Patterson

      Does this guy get on anyone else’s nerves? I know that I can’t be the only one

    10. iListen

      Can MMA fans stop being toxic now?

    11. Toutai Palu


    12. W A


    13. W A

      O Malley fought excellent no lie. gotta stay humble tho

    14. El Hu3v0 G4ming

      Aún sigue ardido por lo de Chito 🇪🇨🔥

    15. Jadson Marley

      Fraco demais esse thominha

    16. LB - Music

      Wanna see him against zabit

    17. Aasif 23110

      I still believe O'Malley is Undefeated...

    18. Arturo Bandini

      He needs to fight top 5 guys not like this

    19. Gda Rippa

      O’Malley is a big name now You either love him or hate him He should fight either Cruz, Garbrandt or Vera rematch

    20. Jay Brown

      Suga is going to be slow walked. He has personality and a dynamic style to generate views. Dana isn't going to feed him to the wolves just yet. Why ruin him before milking him?

    21. ganjar dwi

      He's and kind. Keep it up. Don't be a youtuber, be a good sportsman.

    22. Scott

      I f@#kin love you Joe Rogan

    23. Samuel Garza

      What's Sean O' Malley Record Now?

    24. JayKob Franklyn

      UFC is trying hard to hype him up. They put a dude that was in a 3 fight losing streak.

    25. aldair padilla

      Hell yeah O’Malley gotta show us something sweet 4/20

    26. Matt H.

      Hype Train : Re-Railed

    27. Shahnawaz Adil

      #And still Undefeated

    28. john smoot

      I’ll be honest I’m a hater lol. Pissed me off how Thomas couldn’t close distance so Sean couldn’t set up. I wanna see o mailey vs rivera. Rivera 1-4 his last five fights. Seans up rising at 1-1 in ufc. Good test and gets him in ranking and possibly set up rematch with Vera if he wins his next fight.

    29. Thebass

      Damn I can’t stand that kid. Obviously he would beat my ass so I can’t shut him up, but I damn sure would love for someone to come along and shut his ass up.

    30. Be Woke Jeanty

      Omally is that cool white guy in the hood

    31. Rational Idiot

      Sugar "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" O'malley

    32. irrelevant ideology

      Lol all of the haters are on here trying to show some love again. 😂

    33. Big Daddy A

      There you go sean 👏 let your skills be flashy.....let the rainbow hair go bub its a little fruity you'll understand when you're older ✨

    34. Peter

      So if he counts losses as wins, is he going to count this win as a loss? 🤔

    35. Andrew Duncan

      Who here thinks o malley is a legitimate threat to the bantamweight division

    36. Michael Owens

      I f’n love you Joe Rogan... absolutely hilarious.

      1. FlawlessMMA

        I hope you have a great day!

    37. Born Blessed

      Still undefeated

    38. DoFishHaveFingers ?

      Remember when people said Woodley was the ww goat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Watching Yourvideo

      Good fight, now move up a weight class and fight someone your size.

    40. Something Clever

      Really stamann?! Lol

    41. svincentr

      Tattoos make him uglier

    42. austin m

      they spoon fed him a total bum though hahahahaa

    43. Conner Lawson

      Been one of my favorite fighters in the league and will continue to be so he’s just fuckin nasty and I feel like he’s slept on just my opinion

    44. j m

      malley will go up weight division

    45. zebivedud_

      We wanna see sugar vs cruz!!!!

    46. wtfisjuice

      Oh man the Vera rematch needs to happen

      1. FlawlessMMA

        I hope you have a great day!

    47. chris james

      Where's that chito rematch?

    48. Michael J.F.

      Lmao I was getting ready for that “I fucking love you Joe Rogan”

    49. Gabriel Caminero

      The UFC NEEDS TO GIVE SEAN MORE MONEY!!! Truly phenomenal performance.

    50. Peter Pan

      Referee Mark Shit

    51. Renaldo Matadeen

      Shia gonna enjoy p;aying this role

    52. lil'blaster22

      O'Malley wants to be the chump someday. He's the chump now...

    53. R T

      Gooood fix fight

    54. Noe Garza Jr

      All haters gonna be like I knew he was gonna win Fuck outta here #Sugashow 13-0

    55. Nodis

      Cody vs O'malley GOD DANG

    56. malkayas1

      Sick 😷 Sean ain’t no joke sick skills and calmness

    57. superAweber

      I just love watching his fight movements. Not many like him

    58. PlaCeBeau Effects

      Him and that mexican and kai are the best in this division just because there all cool dudes 🗣️💨

      1. PlaCeBeau Effects

        I liked my own comment kind of cool 😎🤣

    59. Arthur Daffos

      God damn its hard to like sean o'malley he is so cringe from the walkout to the lil' dance he does at the end, i dont know who he tries to emulate but whoever it is he needs to stop he looks like a clown when hes not fighting

    60. M L

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    61. Mark Anthony

      Dana finally got good news since two of his hype jobs are back lmao

    62. Noah VanNote

      Dude he fought looked like a scrub. I think he still crumbles to real competition.

    63. Gerald Florentino


    64. Ярослав Шарков

      Sean O'Malley vs Frankie Edgar

    65. Franz Landorf

      Sometimes i dont know if its Dana White or Joe R.

    66. Goku Blue

      Lol did joe realise he was one of the stupid people getting proved wrong

    67. Mike Anderson

      Sean is a good fighter yes. But him as a person is the worst thing possible. He’s disgusting and annoying

    68. Stephen Irons

      Marlon Vera awfully quiet, all you O'Malley bandwagon jumpers, isnt he? This fight was an 8.9 outta 10 for Suga. He fought great, he rubbed it in a lil bit, he played it cool, interviews were nearly perfect. I am so happy!


      Walmart McGregor back at it again

    70. Dr. Gonzo

      Why does he keep doin that weird dance lol wtf just celebrate that's not really necessary

    71. J rodly

      Who was he talking about when he said “ a lot of smart people, people I thought were smart”. Seems like that was aimed towards someone. Just curious

      1. Brad

        He was talking about Chael Sonnen, Big John McCarthy, Micheal Bisbing, Josh Thompson, Daniel Cormier, and probably more. I was watching all the media leading up to this fight, and saw all those guys kind of talk like Sean might be in trouble after coming off of a loss. Saying people just need to throw leg kicks to win.

    72. A M

      Give him a title shot he’s ready , he’s a lot more skill full in every way then the current champ

      1. yeah ok

        lmao hate Aljo all you want, but he would choke the absolute shit out of O'Malley

    73. Blue Gorilla 100

      Jesus saves. Love you guys.

    74. SkyRainbow 96

      Would love to see him in a different weight class. Sean vs Max would be sick

    75. Evan

      good performance by o'malley but almeida isn't a top 15 fighter, and his game plan was dogshit. i wanna see o'malley vs. a ranked opponent.

    76. chgofirefighter

      Sugar Shane is so overrated~ He was fed a bum for a fighter, this isn't a real test but a show to attract fans and of course generate more money for Dana White/UFC~

    77. don donks

      And STILL Undefeated.....

    78. GOD

      That last finish was amazing

    79. Korderwalker


    80. rapisor

      "Break out the red panties, it's Bellator time baby" - Thomas "I once had a hype train too" Almeida

    81. Lindsey Gonzalez

      The extra-large extra-small exuberant height ultrastructurally analyse because stocking kinetically instruct till a lopsided surname. rapid, tawdry dugout

    82. Kaderin Habercisi

      İmagine Sean (My kid is an acident) o malley calls someone stupid. What world we live in ??

    83. Zeta ENL

      Somebody call my boy Chito Vera LMAO 🤣

    84. Lavar Ball

      tony ferguson the type of dude to spinning back fist the fridge door to close it

    85. Mike Walters

      This dude is fun to watch pre-during-post fight

    86. Heat Bringa Beats

      Sean K'O Malley

    87. illuminated Sculptures

      Alot A Love in the House.

    88. Juan N

      Please give this guy a ranked opponent so that he can shut up for a bit

    89. Vor Zak

      Don't overhype this guy again.. We don't care

    90. Gary Takvorian

      Maybe the most "fluid" fighter in the UFC. FLUID

    91. Zay RoQ

      I wonder what inspired the owl on his chest 😤🚬🤏

    92. BA C

      PEDs are a hell of a drug

    93. Idk Anymore

      The last round hit was something different.

    94. Jake Wyatt

      Stop fing around give him a top 10 opponent let’s see how good he really is.

    95. Eu Amo Beijo Na Boca

      I feel bad for Thomas Almeida,guy is a good fighter but is on a 4 losing streak now

    96. Michael Woods

      Sean O'Malley reminds me of the guy we all had as a smoking buddy in high school.

    97. CHAV-Ms9

      I can’t wait to see UFC 261 !! That’s the best card coming up I think🤷🏼‍♂️

    98. King Of The Mountain

      Krusty 69 with the victory...

    99. el houcine mensouri


    100. Michael Hamersley

      Oofff Roblox O’Malley