UFC 260 Quick Hits: Gambling Tips With Gianni "The Greek"

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Gianni “The Greek” Karalis stops by UFC 260 Quick Hits to share his gambling insights and tips for the UFC 260: Miocic vs Ngannou 2 fight card.
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    1. morris Laslo

      Betting on the whims of Judging and the expertise of liars has always been sport of slaves.

    2. Indy76er

      Laura is such a fine fine woman!!!

    3. michael burkett

      I just wish he was clint's partner on odds and not just a every now and then. He always has great advice and I love hearing his thoughts about data

    4. Aviad Yemini

      Wow, he got right every pick, good job

    5. LE0NSKA

      "Gambling Tips"? what's next, UFC Crystals? the fuck is wrong with you

    6. Maybe, maybe not.

      Gianni looks like a 70yr old gopher that spent the night doing coke in the bathroom of a "Hollywood Smiles" packaging store. Man knows his sports though, he totally nailed those picks.

    7. Calvin Lee

      Yo the Greek did it again. Haters will hate but they ain’t cashin either.

    8. Marios Garoufos

      Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷❤️

    9. Christopher Guadagno

      this guy nailed it! he picked every winner in this vid!

    10. Gary Quirk

      That guy's teeth are distractingly bright 😎

    11. Tiffany Wood

      HELLO, good video!

    12. King Breezy

      WHOO THE FOOOOK IS THIS GUY ?????? 😬😬😬😬

    13. Ding Lao Bing Lao

      Thank you Gianni

    14. Louis Cypher

      Im in love with Laura Sanko

    15. martinmartin400


    16. Scuba Doo

      Interesting watching this after the fight. He nailed it.

      1. TCFDOD2007

        Was going to say same thing. He called them all, and I thought he would be wrong on some. What do i know lol.

      2. CRYPTIC

        i came back to see his best bet and smack on

    17. el houcine mensouri


    18. Amaru2

      Well...he was right with every single pick. If you would have bet 100$ on all bets combined you would have net 1500$.

    19. Sidewayyys

      dont fucking gamble.

    20. Maksuda Begum

      He was so accurate man

    21. ouydouy68

      This dude was right on all 4 picks in this vid. Wow.

    22. Ben Zeltser

      This guy looks so fake

    23. Shabak Das

      She is so cute ❤ men 😍

    24. Dan S.

      He totally nailed everything.

      1. Dreamsic

        crazy. huge calls. the mullarkey one too, wow what a knockout that was. can't be upset at the new champ either what a narrative

    25. Kacper Łabuz


    26. NIA Mac

      All you idiots acting like you totally ignored how it was only the cardio that messed up Francis last time You forgetting that even in the first fight it was evident that Francis almost killed Stipe in that first fight and Stipe survived because Francis gassed out The fact is that Stipe CANNOT hang with Francis standing up and striking Francis will slaughter Stipe if the fight stays on the feet striking

      1. Nsikak Okon

        Facts. This guy nailed everything. Maybe all that experience with betting does give him some knowledge about the sport.

    27. Bogdan Bogdanov

      This Man mimic like cartoon character

    28. Gio Sang

      This is how it sounds like at Joe's house when he invites his Hollywood friends to a UFC party.

    29. rocket queen

      She's so HOT

    30. Wolf Man

      This guy trying to act like he knows about fighting is like me trying to act like I know shit after reading wikipedia for 15 minutes

      1. Sam Fisher

        Actually the betting experts know more about fighting than anyone else , That’s a fact .in 12 ufc fights 8-9 are won by betting favourites

      2. Ba Goai


      3. mdoubled

        Tbh iv had harder shits and I’m on mobile data hahah

    31. Wolf Man

      I've listened to almost all of Rogan's content for a decade I literally don't think I've even heard him say the word eraser once let alone use it as one of his common fight terms

      1. Jeffrey Policarpio


      2. Jeffrey Policarpio


    32. antoni petrica

      Nate Diaz takes a different kind of quick hits

    33. msp tcb

      Jimmy the Greeks kid

    34. K Jarek

      This fake woman is terrible

    35. Bob Loblaw

      How in the fuck do these people get these jobs and opportunities? Is he blowing an exec? Did eh whack someone for the UFC brass? Whats the deal here?

    36. Oliver TheFookin Queen

      Shes perfect yo 🤤

      1. Brent Shira

        I'm sure she digs guys that say yo and use goofy emojis

      2. Oliver TheFookin Queen

        @Hunter Force rawdog?

    37. Zeraser

      I dont get it.. Does the blood just pool in there when you use the flexfit?

    38. Butter Chuggins

      Is she a puppet or a robot?

    39. Anas Haddouchi

      He should sue his dentist. What ridicolous teeth does he have in his mouth. Zero natural look.

      1. Luca OneTripleSeven

        lmao :))) He took a bet on his teeth ;)

    40. Hugo Vera

      What is this? Where is Dan hardy?

    41. The Menagerie

      Imagine taking gambling tips from the official UFC youtube channel. Yea I'm sure you're gonna be the only one listening in on these FIRE HOT TIPS 🔥

      1. The Menagerie

        @Michael Semon I mean they try, they really do. It's cute, frankly it's adorable.

    42. Christopher Daydreamer

      Gambling tip: don’t gamble.

      1. Ba Goai


      2. Brent Shira

        @Lil Fetus and instead of being smart and investing those smackeroonies in Amazon stock, you will bet them on another no name fighter and lose everything, just like all degenerates

      3. Lil Fetus

        The smackeroonies I just made from Barriault say otherwise

    43. jack the lad

      Is 'howler head' because her forehead is a howler? Genuine question...

    44. rainman11

      Hard luck on the Barriault by decision prop. Ref stepped in with 4 seconds left but to be honest it should’ve been stopped way earlier.

      1. Jaime Blanco

        Always take the round 3 or DEC, instead of just the decision if you have that option.

    45. MH 10

      Why is naganou the scariest man on the planet.....

      1. MH 10

        @Charles Anacha come on big man why is he called the scariest....

      2. Charles Anacha

        @Lil Fetus I'm sure he wouldn't take it personally. It was just a vibe. However, Francis clearly answered the question in tonight's performance.

      3. Lil Fetus

        @Charles Anacha Its not that deep its just a misspelling bro

      4. Mike Metcalfe

        5 rounds with the champ and he couldn't knock him out

      5. Charles Anacha

        Let's start with teaching you how to spell his name "Ngannou" then we can talk about why he's the scariest man on the planet.

    46. Robert Smith

      Every other site “if you’re a problem gambler you should seek help” Dana, I don’t give a F

    47. NIA Mac

      Francis only lost the first fight because he had no cardio But since the bell rang it looked like the boxing are not on the same level Francis was going to rock Stipe

      1. A Boy and His Dad

        @NIA Mac you're an idiot. I never said I picked Stipe to win, I said he's a better boxer. I won a couple of hundred taking Francis tonight.

      2. NIA Mac

        @A Boy and His Dad You fucking tool Stipe had to resort to TRY to take down Francis in the first round of the rematch because he cannog hang in the striking with Francis THen he got rocked and blown out of the water, his lights shut the fuck out Tell me now Talk shit now Fuck your predictions

      3. A Boy and His Dad

        I always wondered what this whole casual thing meant. I get it now. You have no idea what you're talking about.

      4. NIA Mac

        You both who replied… you must have missed how Stipe was almost buried in the first round… because his boxing was suprerior , right? Stupid Francis did not have the endurance. It is the only reason he lost that fight. he had no more of his awesome power once he gassed out

      5. A Boy and His Dad

        Hahaha. Stipe is a Golden Gloves champion. You're right, the boxing is on different levels. Stipe is head and shoulders the better boxer.

    48. Canadian Gamer

      *I would never take gambling advice from that guy.*

      1. Palookapalooza

        How’s about now?

      2. Charlie Rice

        😂 you should’ve listened

      3. Palookapalooza

        9:20 the guy gave you a +200 pick on Barriault wins inside distance -so far.

    49. Filos

      Who is this Malaka.

    50. Python _57

      I honestly thought at first by Gianni 'The Greek' they meant Greak Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo😂

    51. Rontube4

      I still can't call a favor. 50 50

    52. Andy Cory

      Woodley is done. Back to the minor leagues

    53. Andy Cory

      The champ is in the best shape of his life. He KOs an wins with ease

    54. TheOriginalMakaaka

      Gianni looks like he spent 700 hundred years diving for pearls. Each time he lost a tooth, he replaced it with a pearl. Then he applied for the part of Dracula in a movie but was rejected because his smile was so bright it was burning all the undead with it's lumens. It seems he also gave presentation skills to Al Pacino.

      1. Matthew Ocana

        please delete this. you can do better insults.

    55. Andy Cory

      All the fireman world wide re taking the walk with the champ. The champ wins in KO in the 4th

      1. Hunter Lord

        @Mike Metcalfe doesn’t matter he destroyed him

      2. Eric Booth

        @Mike Metcalfe He knocked out DC twice, a man who is a significantly better fighter than Francis Ngannou. Stipe can do it

      3. Mike Metcalfe

        He couldn't do with 5 last time with a worse fighter

    56. T Rope

      i dont listen to rogan, but ive never heard him ever say the term eraser, outside of talkin bout drunk boy~!

    57. T Rope

      did dude needs to get his teetch fixed. them things are horrible. theres a thing called the golden ratio, and a thing called too fucking white! both of which should be applied to that hiddeous fuckin grill. i cant even finish the video, too distracting

    58. B King

      All this censorship yet the UFC cam promote gambling? BS

    59. Arron Blacklock


    60. BattleSkar

      Where should I go to bet on this fight anyone?

      1. Brent Shira

        Draftkings or Fanduel

    61. Smite

      Say good buy to your money Bitch

    62. D W

      UFC Channel E Style

    63. Smokin_Doobs

      😂 Fukin betting expert picks all the favourites 👌🏼 great ‘tips’

    64. Sherrill Gayton

      0:25 bed.gen.in

    65. Po Pe

      dude has 0 lips

    66. Daniel

      Got a heavy bet on Stipe and Almeida....feeling lucky on the inside think I’m gonna win

      1. NIA Mac

        Fucking sucks to go against Francis

      2. Daniel

        @Nathan_ I felt a chill on my backbone As I hung up the telephone.

      3. Daniel

        @Joshua Chipman Got space on the couch?

      4. bofeity

        Womp Womp

      5. Joshua Chipman

        @Daniel are you homeless now?

    67. Yassine Je

      Who the fuck is that guy ?

    68. Drew

      That’s tony Ferguson after the Islam makhachev fight

    69. The MuSiCaL - مشعل

      thank you every body

    70. Spencer Peterson

      This dude gets over 70% of picks completely wrong in his talk show

      1. ItzGanked

        Sports betting isn't about being right its about making money, trade the line and make more money than you lose.

      2. A A

        Glad to hear. I’m going with Miocic

    71. Anthony D

      Right, trust a guy with teeth like that with your money...

      1. O D B

        He got his teeth knocked out for losing bets and got some new pearly whites when he started winning $$$

      2. Charlie Rice

        He got every one right maybe should’ve those turkey teeth

      3. Ba Goai


      4. M A


    72. Monaco Athlete

      The blonde Katy Perry is hot 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Arron Blacklock


    73. widoww


    74. giannetto1000

      I'll bet on cocaine first round tko

    75. Armughan Sohail

      Laura the siren gets the "W"


      When uplod MIOCIC VS NGONU min.

    77. polaris d

      Why is the UFC encouraging gambling? American media is weird...

      1. Robert Smith

        Very true, because Dana for sure. That guy would bet on what day of the week he expects to die on

    78. Simbarashe Mangenje

      That chick is super hot. What's her name?

      1. Sanjay Kumarjha

        @henry rollins Got him 😅

      2. henry rollins

        ur mom

    79. goata8

      Greeks are just Great Value Italians.

      1. giannetto1000


    80. Slimegxd 24

      Why 114 dislikes 🤷‍♀️ the haters SMH

    81. DubbyDominate

      Don't give tips on gambling... Stupid I have a few friends that struggle with there gambling addiction don't promote gambling it ruins lives.

    82. Joshua K

      Francis Nannygoogoo

    83. Diff aspect

      Gianni is Ruthless But i understand his point.

    84. XBLonTwitch

      Amazing how many people don't know of Gianni. Dude's a legit sports bettor and you can definitely win money following his angles and plays (just make sure you do your own research and if it matches up with your research, even better right?).

      1. XBLonTwitch

        @Daksh Jhamb Are you a bettor that listens to anyone and just bets it? If so, I can only imagine how much you lose... Idiotic comment from an idiotic human being.

      2. Juan Walker

        @Daksh Jhamb LMAOAOAOAO

      3. Daksh Jhamb

        Do your own research so what role this horse teeth playing

    85. Ante Zivkovic

      Stats geek analyzing a fight. Blah

      1. Ante Zivkovic

        @Joshua Chipman showed me how little he understands the game and a fighter when he said in the last fight Stipe was hitting highs and Francis hitting lows and odds are it won't happen again. Like fighting is same as rolling dice

      2. Joshua Chipman

        guy doesnt watch any tape, said he doesnt believe in it and its a waste of time..

    86. Abu Rafa

      mullarkey looked awful at weigh-ins, watch out

    87. angelesoinsectos

      K Gianni, Miocic is a lock in this. Laura FTW!!!

      1. angelesoinsectos

        Well i was dead wrong on this. Gianni got It right!!!!

      2. Ufc predictions 313

        He picked Brunson last week

    88. peter dragonz

      Cards not deep enough to buy or bet on

    89. herecomesthe crimsonchin

      stop trying to make this gianni the greek guy a thing

    90. Joe K

      is anyone really going to get gambling tips from them lol

      1. Iron Martian

        That dude has legit bets what are you talking about

      2. Mixed YT

        They made me over 38k already

    91. Oudom H

      I literally picked against the so-called expert at every of his bet🤷‍♂️Who knows, but I’m confident he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

      1. Oudom H

        Well, I don’t know him or his success in betting, but I’m a fan and I hate when people deny the complexity of the sports and using numbers to predict results. Dan Hardy probably got it wrong more than he’s right, but I respect his opinions because he actually knows what the sport is. This guy literally devalue evrything that the fighters did and based on odds??? Wtf, this is fighting man not football.

      2. XBLonTwitch

        Gianni definitely knows what he's talking about, but he uses stats/analysis and things of that nature more than he does actually knowing fighters. Definitely a dangerous game to play when betting.

    92. Truth Or dare

      I'll dare you call yourself" The Greek" !!!. There was and will only be ONE " The Greek" which you are NOT it!!!

    93. Michael Brady

      A friend of my sister's ex- BF's brother-in-law put $100K on Stipe...

      1. Uncommon Sensei84

        Won $500. Should've bet $5,000 damn haha

      2. Simbarashe Mangenje

        Told you.. really dumb move lol

      3. Uncommon Sensei84

        after his chin has been destroyed by DC? Stipe is at his end and Ngannou in his prime

      4. Simbarashe Mangenje

        Pretty dumb move by him. He gonna lose his money trust me.

    94. RvpCro

      Laura is sooooooo hooot

    95. Joe Feeney

      His teeth look like when Chevy chase was the invisible man and trying to look like a person again.

      1. Po Pe

        dude has 0 lips

    96. Ranked Shooter

      Shes sexy 😍

    97. minimat098

      one of my boy have put 25k on stipe lol

      1. minimat098

        @kirki british no news from him yet lmfao

      2. kirki british

        @minimat098 bro how is your friend doing now 25k gone 🤣🤣🤣🤣😟☹

      3. Mystery Hombre

        I'm back and wow thats one big L to hold, make sure you are there for ya don.

      4. Mystery Hombre

        Damn dawg that's some real big boy shit if it's true, I'll be back after the fight to congratulate you say RIP to ya boys post pandemic fresh start.

      5. Uncommon Sensei84

        the guy on sherdog? lol

    98. samy3577

      Whatever Gianni says, do the opposite

    99. Κωνσταντίνα Ντεκελέ


    100. smiley37greg

      Damn them veneers are on fleek, lol She pretty nice too, a hahaha