UFC 260: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    1. asioe kiou

      Jon Jones tryna hard to get arrested rn. Don't want that power from Francis lol.

    2. dcoog anml

      Imagine your house is in flames, and when you just gave up hope, stipe shows up thru the flames and unintelligbly says i got you man

      1. The Hat

        I'd probably think I was delirious

    3. ceerw buty

      "I'm not really good with sense" - Vicente Luque

    4. Tyler Anderson

      The aboriginal dragonfly rapidly long because lock unusually head underneath a synonymous manx. squeamish, separate numeric

      1. asioe kiou

        Dana "huh? .. what was that? .. say it again" White ... invest in a hearing aid, please.

    5. Billy Riveria

      The brave stretch really arrange because sailor technologically reign outside a crazy brow. strange, able pump

      1. The Hat


      2. dcoog anml

        Great night of fights. On Ngannou: That dude is so amazingly humble, and his backstory is quite remarkable as well. I hope he reigns supreme until he decides to retire.

    6. 111M views


      1. ceerw buty

        You gotta love Luque!!!! such a real, cool dude!!

    7. Constantly hungry

      Francis era... feel like nobody can’t beat him

      1. The Hat

        You phrased that wrong

    8. Leo Ghoulwhale

      It will never happen again!

    9. Bedardo

      20:50 Only wants to fight once more in the next 8 months? 2 Fights a year, weak.

    10. Cedric Anderson

      I'd let Luque babysit my kids. Seems like such a great guy.

    11. imnot yourdad

      Listen to this guy he's a friggin sweetheart how can someone so terrifying be so calming to listen to while he talks he's just an all around nice guy

    12. vbddfy euuyt

      Bruh woodley lasts longer when he doesn’t do anything than when he fights

    13. Bab Dougson

      wait they only got 50k???

      1. The Hat

        As a bonus

    14. Beast Mode

      Turn Francis’ fucking mike up!!!!!

    15. Sukai Penn

      Freedom peace and Blessings ☝🏽

    16. seeni gzty

      immediately dropped but Its updated now since they took out the invisible fighter in the chair interview 😂

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        If Sean O'Malley wasn't..... Sean O'Malley, I would probably like him....

    17. Gena Kozlov

      Dana I love you ,because you man for me,but if you don't reematch cry sterling pussy and Man tru only tru man Yan Petr, i never see ufs ,because I think and i think now you Man you're wards.

    18. San-Go

      Dana "What's that again?" White

      1. The Hat


    19. Nostra-No-Ideas

      Dana "huh? .. what was that? .. say it again" White ... invest in a hearing aid, please.

      1. seeni gzty

        Try taking a drink every time Dana says you know and guarantee you will be hammered within 2 minutes

    20. Stephen Sugay

      Great night of fights. On Ngannou: That dude is so amazingly humble, and his backstory is quite remarkable as well. I hope he reigns supreme until he decides to retire.

    21. bri sc

      You gotta love Luque!!!! such a real, cool dude!!


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    23. TheEnvelope

      Woodley fight of the night WTF? LOL The ladies should've got it.

    24. Jimbo Loc

      I'm really starting not to like Dana White he's been hating on Jon Jones for a long time and he's the best thing UFC ever had. Since Anderson Silva

    25. Uda Uda

      NGannou is the giant African ! Big inspiration for all Africans. Big up living legend

    26. Eric Alphonso

      Ads evey minute makes this painful to watch. Guess I'll look for other ways to watch this. Common UFC

    27. Notinservice420

      So with three African champions is Dana going to take the UFC to Africa?? Obviously not South Africa.

    28. Sinaka W

      most of these fighters fight like once or twice a year only making 50k or less per fight. I make more money as a nobody IT guy... i'm kind sad about that. These guys need to make 100K a fight. These are PRO ATHLETES.... Dana White has these guys that don't really know much other than fighting and take BIG life risks every match only making enough to live a normal ass life. Get these bags up Dana... tf is wrong with you? PAY THESE FIGHTERS LIKE THE REAL PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES THEY ARE

    29. Ghettiquette


    30. Geof

      If Sean O'Malley wasn't..... Sean O'Malley, I would probably like him....

    31. Imam Sidu

      Francis seems like a child inside but boiiiii he is scary outside

    32. Ivanov Kadosh

      His English has improved so rapidly

    33. ADMIN

      *UFC must do UFC Africa with all real African fighters like naggano, Israel, Perry let's go.....😤*

    34. Kevin Bush

      Try taking a drink every time Dana says you know and guarantee you will be hammered within 2 minutes

    35. Hi welcome to Chili's

      Why are these so fucking quiet

    36. Toutai Palu


    37. 00k

      Wow when Francis smiles, he looks like Lebron's big twin brother.

    38. Dave Paterson

      Africans own all the belts! sheesh

    39. Khan F

      I am from Pakistan .very.niceteam..

    40. KingDoms Kingdom1985

      Vicente Luque is a class act man, it also highlights how much of a knobhead Sean O'Malley is by having someone so respectful follow him here.

    41. NematePojma

      Francis is a funny dude but ONLY when he is talking. He's a monster, amazing power. I hate to say it but stipe looked like he had no chance, for me he went down without a shot fired.. Anyways, respect to Francis. Greetz from Croatia

    42. Mike I

      Whose got the fat question ?

    43. Lydia Gray

      The rude decade extracellularly remind because height arthroscopically dislike in a calm lace. ready, fantastic cucumber

    44. Hans Frankfurter

      After Nganno kills Jon Jones , I think Stipe deserves a trilogy with Nganno.

    45. Jesse Waterhouse

      UFC. For the love of God - please increase audio for your post fight pressers!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    46. Rafi Levy

      With the way Dana's been pumping that TRT I no longer want to see Ngannou vs Jones I want to see Ngannou vs White and I think Ngannous the underdog

    47. 404 Not Found

      When you think of garbage, think of Hakeem.

    48. overbanked

      Just like Rozay, Dana is the bawse

    49. Kaous

      Ngannou puts his entire body into his punches often times even exploding into a punch with a leap like how you used to see Mike Tyson or Pacquiao do. I think they measured his punching power at one point and he can generate about 1300 lbs of force. Madness.

    50. Serious 8252

      Big ups Africa✊🏾✊🏾😍

    51. Lion Olutu Dare

      I also think like most people here. He is the scariest MMA heavy fighter in the world. Congratulations 🎊 Ngannou. Well done 🎉.


      i say only jones vs reyes :D is easy win for francis

    53. DjChrisChip

      "More silly questions"- Dana White is a savage

    54. Jeffrey Hinman

      Jones needs to run through the ranks again, Jones doesn’t just deserve the title fight handed to him. Other people have been working for it, when he hasn’t.

      1. Jeffrey Hinman

        @Clayton Davids that’s just it why allow one person a shot at the title without moving through the ranks and not the others? Jones is a light heavy and did all his legacy in that division. Heavy is new and he should start at the bottom. Favorites in the ufc are ridiculous and they make separate rules for them and make them up as they go.

      2. Clayton Davids

        I dont think the UFC want to risk the possibility of Jones losing before he fights Francis. Imagine if Jones loses to Lewis or Volkov or even Blaydes, the hype around him in heavyweight dies and the interest in the fight with Francis wanes. I agree in principle that Jones doesn't deserve the fight yet, Francis basically ran through the whole division to get his shot. But financially, it makes sense to make the Jones v Francis fight.

    55. Mariappan

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    56. Ras Alghul

      Francis is so soft-spoken for a killa

    57. Abdul & Rezwana

      How do you hate a guy like Francis ... what a champ

    58. MrTeeskee10

      Derrick Lewis deserves the shot more then jon Jones..let em win a few heavy weight fights 1st

    59. Pa Dawan

      wish Dana corrected that reporter when he said Nigannou

      1. FlawlessMMA

        I hope you have a great day!

    60. Aloha Aloha

      Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was Coming to America part3 🤣

    61. QD Gamer

      Time stamps?

    62. Dr. W.H. Ale

      I hate these goddamn journalists, it's like they're not even listening to what anyone is saying the way they ask these awful repetitive questions.

    63. MegaKootz

      Much respect to all of the fighters of 260.

    64. Tassos Ballas

      can you please fire the guy whose handling the sound

    65. Always Tired

      Holy shit the amount of ads in this vid.

    66. no nope

      Please don't give him jones as first defense

    67. Frank Xploit

      why always that low beeping sound?

    68. Swa Cura


    69. 121 Indra Kumar Debnath

      Let Dana know we wanna see Jones vs Ngannou🤜🤛💯💯💯

    70. Just Do It

      Dana we need to see Ngannou VS fury in boxing challange WOOOOWWWW it's gonna be the best for all times

    71. Danjel M

      You learn the most by failure. Gj Predator!

      1. FlawlessMMA

        I hope you have a great day!

    72. Zachary Vega

      We need a Francis option on the next press conference video that turns the volume up 700%

    73. Farid Alhadi

      Stipe and Ngannou, both class acts, awesome fighters.

    74. Ignacio Cortez

      Jon probably trying figure out which substance can give him the longest suspension after seen francis ngannou......

    75. Cashkid891

      He just won't take a esl class, it hilarious how he speaks. Easily a good joke in a movie.. "it is nice"... Francis Ngannou I'm dead💀💀💀💀💀

    76. ButtSaladNinja Official

      Francis is the scariest fighter there has ever been

    77. Truth HurtzButHealz

      Woodley was centimetres from putting Vincent away.. Give Vincent credit for the counterpunch that immediately changed the direction of the fight..

    78. Greg Jr

      Listening to the ending there by Ngannou was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. What an inspiration to millions.

    79. Richard Ch

      stipe was 13 kilos less than francis a nonsense of weight that should not have left the ufc that is why the takedowns did not work apart from the fact that for the first time in the history of ufc they reduced the octagon for the convenience of francis what a coincidence not happy with that The black uses steroids that a new champion or nothing francis is a charlatan the biggest mistake of the true champion was to go so light that gave too much advantage to ngannou with the low weight agunato a number of blows and a stop to the face if they had heavy the same could not have stipe

    80. hollow ichigo

      “Greatest of all thee time” gotta love it lmao

    81. On Behalf of Sequoyah Grace Pictou Munn

      This goes viral but illegal rehoming aka child trafficking in Canada doesn't 🇨🇦🙃 Canadian minors given by parents to acquaintances in another country, having every branch of government completey ignore it. Did you know you can give your child to anyone in Canada for 3 years, requiring paper work only the last year this has happened making the first three years illegal rehoming. Like Myka Stauffer. 😁☕

    82. Aayan Escobar

      Ngannou Ngannou Ngannou!!!!

    83. Ken D

      Is it just me or is the audio really low when the fighters speak.

    84. Chuck M

      Who does not love Francis?

    85. Renaldo Matadeen

      These journalists really have no clue at how to ask a question concisely

    86. Russell Montoya

      Why tf the volume so low

    87. Renaldo Matadeen

      These journalists really have no clue at how to ask a question concisely

    88. Marcus Zoe13

      Dana is a politician for real, slick as Penzoil man 👑

    89. N Lee

      Gahd Damn! NONE of these questions would be allowed in a courtroom setting... “OBJECTION! ‘Leading’, your honor...” “Sustained.”

    90. Renaldo Matadeen

      Bones is dead

    91. Brian Carpenter

      More commercials please!

    92. mike mike

      37:01 Francis Ngannu

    93. choadz

      My favorite part of these is how I have to turn the volume all the way up and then the thousand ads explode my speakers and bust my eardrums

      1. FlawlessMMA

        Compton City Bumpin!

    94. Lolly Bread

      So refreshing to see a man in Francis who is on one hand a Terrifying Sportsman, YET a Lovely and Humble Soul. I wish him well.

    95. Daniel Martinez

      Y’all need to stop playing around with Joe like that! I don’t want him to leave us yet 🙃

    96. fuuman5

      Everyone is hating O'Malley but you know what? He is so fucking fun to watch. His fighting style is entertaining and very unique. I like it.

    97. Chandler Haston

      This press conference was filled with a bunch of nonsense questions.

    98. HBK’s Lazy Eye

      The journalist tryna make Dana laugh is hilarious

    99. breakaway2x

      Francis is too big for heavyweight. He should move up in weight class.

    100. Y S

      3 commercials in 6 minutes. come on man