UFC 260: Jamie Mullarkey - "He Brought the Best Out of Me" | Post-Fight Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    UFC lightweight Jamie Mullarkey talks with Joe Rogan after his first-round knockout at UFC 260 on Saturday night.
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. náisiún na hÉireann


    2. Think for yourself.

      Where is the clip of the knock out!? This is some BLM bullshit!

    3. Joseph McCoy

      The second best performance on the whole card

    4. alii isaako

      Fkn oath strayaaaa 🇦🇺 mate

    5. D Legionnaire

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    6. Louis

      Rogan: “Jamie, pull that up” Rogan: “Oops. Wrong Jamie.

    7. Tyro Cyr

      Congrats Jamie 🔥

    8. Adam C

      Khama talking shit about chandler lmao dude got knocked out by a janitor

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        Dude shut up this dude would break your jaw put it back together and break it again lol his left hook would have your toes curled

    9. None- Ya-Dam

      His fight name should be "The Bull"... Mularkey.

    10. PrototypeHD

      This man built like the slim jim guy

    11. Robert Kotevski

      Looked like a setup

    12. First Name Last Name

      feel bad for worthy and cirkunov..you in this sports but have no chin..must be frustrating

    13. Nathan Ferido

      His face looks photoshoped wtf

    14. тесн

      Solid asf

    15. User

      Mullarkey! got the hands lets go AUSSIE!

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        Yeah so do my boy Alexander gave that man sleeping pills with his right

    16. 6056 Finest

      Shout out to vaulk when he flat lined you a couple years ago 😂

    17. DespizedICON

      where are them eyebrows Mullarkey?

    18. Beta Boi

      Ya boi Jamie is 26 years old...yet looks 36 haha my mans!

      1. Samantha Blue

        Nice to work with you

      2. Hai Boai


    19. Abdou Wahab

      راني نوجد لكومبا مع السيد garby المدرب تاعي في mma pfc مارسيليا في وزن 72 kiloاشاءالله

    20. Jason Baldini

      Now I get why Volkanovski was celebrating on Twitter for this guy, his mate. What BS reason did that fight fall thru again It’s a bunch of Mullarkey!

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        He’s 1-2 and beat s chinny guy I would of ate that left hook better

    21. Kacper Łabuz


    22. Stan Stark

      Tired of Joe always mentioning that Francis comes from a place where average man earns $1300 per year. Every fight of francis Joe mentions this. 😂😂😂

      1. Buddy FX

        @Necati Ilelli lol man exactly! they started sneaking it in right at the start of every fight like "surely we wont have another masvidal on our hands if we mention it here.."

      2. Necati Ilelli

        @Buddy FX *Tyrone runs in to get knocked out swiftly* commentators: King kong godzilla

      3. Buddy FX

        Man I got tired of them mentioning king kong vs godzilla lol

      4. Necati Ilelli

        he went to europe in his twenties, its a bit of an exaggeration tbh and joe rogan was high as a kite as always and weird commentary

    23. VooDoo Wiz

      bruh i been telling niggas hes guna win but i had no idea like this. he earned it. he won his last fight fuck them abu dhabi judges

    24. Adil Malik

      That was💣

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        Lucky punch he got slept by my boy Alexander lol

    25. Roy Jonker

      Aussie Pride....OI OI OI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. World Elite

      8 losses by KO and Submit? I'm scared for Khama's health.

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        Wait really damn either koing someone or getting koed

    27. kornandfoofighters

      As a coastie, i cant believe bruce buffer introduced it and jon anik said 'central coast mma' ahah good on jamie and pearcy for being really the only show in town

    28. Ron Lynn

      Francis beat the crap out of stipe but I don’t think he has a chin stipe hit him one time and he lost he legs but stipe rushed in

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        Lost his legs??? He didn’t even wobble did you watch the same fight??? lol 😂 what

      2. The Plaza of chaos

        Who doesn’t have a chin??? You crazy Francis has granite chin. He took big shots from a bigger Stipe in they first fight gassed lol that’s worse case... casual ughhh so idiotic

    29. Shabberplasm 32

      Its kind of scary that Khama has 7 KO losses on his record man

      1. Shabberplasm 32

        @That Boxing Lad Because 7 KO losses in a career is dangerous as hell.

      2. Samantha Blue

        Nice to work with you

      3. LordSlug

        @That Boxing Lad That's a lot of brain damage in a short career

      4. That Boxing Lad

        Why scary ?? Lol

    30. Jerome Baker Designs

      What a bunch of Mullarkey

    31. Виссарион Принц

      0:41 dat.gen.in

    32. zooknut kr

      Brought the best out him for 40 seconds

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        He’s 1-2 lol any win is good lol he got slepted by my boy Alexander

    33. Dan S

      What a crappy name :)

    34. staltabzch


    35. Ashlee King

      0:40 dat.gen.in

    36. Paul O'Donohoe

      What a load of malarkey

    37. Richard Rude

      Instant replay guys are slipping tonight

      1. Ba Goai


    38. Zed

      That fight was no malarkey.

    39. The juice joey

      Can't even get the replay?

    40. Jman616

      Great win

    41. Muthasm M

      Can anyone tell me result stipe vs ngganou 2?

      1. None- Ya-Dam

        No contest. Stipe pooped his pants.

      2. Shooting Star

        @E Padula which one is true? stipe win via heel hook or francis via 24sec ko???

      3. E Padula

        Stipe won via heel hook. Fantastic

      4. swag lad

        @Muthasm M DC is a fan of the wwe so this was his audition for it

      5. Muthasm M

        @Greg 'Intergender Champ' Hardy seriously?

    42. Primordial Pouch

      Very honorable quote.

    43. The Relentless Man

      Fuck the REF! That was a early STOPPAGE!!!

    44. Robin Dodd

      DC and Rogan are TRASH as commentators!! TIME FOR A CHANGE

    45. Necati Ilelli

      This man got some hands. Really nice setup

    46. garry whitelaw

      You put a wife beater on this guy and he is an extra in crocodile Dundee

    47. IpodLemoned

      Almeida sheesh O'malley absolutely devoured him.

    48. Elaine Dulce

      0:50 vom.fail

    49. HughMyronBorrough

      What a load of Mullarkey!

    50. sylvie aubry

      F sleepy joe

      1. Ba Goai


    51. Peter Teal

      PAprom trying its hardest to spoil fights as usual. Goodnight boys

    52. Pea Diz

      The Fact My Boi has 8 Stoppage Losses is Scary, he wont Get Cut, he Will be back

      1. Samantha Blue

        Nice to work with you

      2. kalam valley



      Thx for the pint jamie👊👊

      1. The Plaza of chaos

        1-2 lol

    54. Pea Diz

      man, I was Hoping for Khama To Bounce Back, he'll Be back, its sad to See a brotha go out like that but, this is Fighting, Expect the Unexpected

      1. Slimer Magoo

        Exactly 💯

      2. Than An


      3. Bon Goaie


      4. Kamilla K


      5. Jay Smith

        @kalam valley you know I bet there's a beautiful place like that in just about every country on the planet too bad there's so much more bad stuff on the planet thing's good like that. imagine if all the countries just started building themselves especially here and United States just chill and relax like that. Could you imagine that the whole world being like those little special places.

    55. Jay Smith

      Did Mullarkey tell him no woman no cry?


      Good perpormance

    57. Cody Li

      The polite stretch similarly wrestle because cotton hypothetically unite until a fluffy dust. ruddy, watery sea

      1. Bon Goaie


      2. NJM

        @ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY these comments get me every time man especially the short second part lol brutal nickname btw OG I don’t know how to react to it 😂😂

      3. ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY

        @NJM They're spam comments by bots... Floored me at first too lol

      4. NJM

        What’s up with these weird nonsensical comments ? I see them almost on every video.

    58. Lil Peep Yes

      They all always say the same shit

    59. Jay Smith

      That was a bunch of Mullarkey.

    60. Cody Li

      The brief slip ultrasonographically unite because philosophy functionally dance outside a substantial disease. yellow, unbecoming organ

    61. Justin Y.

      Send him black to Africa🤣🤣🤣

      1. Kamilla K


      2. Zeb Townsend

        Grow up diddle dribble

    62. Justin Y.

      Wtf why is that black man not shipped back to first ship back to Africa 🤔

      1. That Boxing Lad

        Stipe should be shipped to Croatia too. He got knocked the fuck out by African Ngannoy

    63. Fathom Arts


    64. A1 Son

      Khama Worthy R.i.P you’ll be missed my friend cya in the Mojahed Fudailat ghost club bye have a good time

      1. Samantha Blue

        Nice to work with you

      2. Than An


      3. That Boxing Lad

        @Pea Diz u can't take a joke huh?

      4. Bon Goaie


      5. Bee's Knees

        @Pea Diz is he like your friend or something

    65. محمد صبري

      مين عربي

    66. Itachi Uchiha

      His accuracy is on point.. looking forward on his next fight.

      1. náisiún na hÉireann


      2. The Plaza of chaos

        He let the skinny kid win sad

      3. Samantha Blue

        Nice to work with you

      4. Than An


      5. Kamilla K


    67. Abdullahi Garas

      What 😳

    68. Firza Naufal

      What recommend manhwa to i watch

      1. Ba Goai


      2. JoeLigma

        Solo leveling tower of god and god of high school

    69. Ashok Last

      First yehh

    70. Fawn Super_Straight


    71. MR. daddy

      Nice win

    72. RøSs

      Aussie aussie Aussie....

      1. Kamilla K


      2. Aaliyah X

        Oi oi oi

      3. Birthday Batter

        RIP Steve Irwin

    73. adryan baehaky

      First wkwk

      1. Barack Putin

        Stfu wkwk