UFC 260: Dana White Talks Ngannou vs Jones | Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    UFC President Dana White talks with the media after Francis Ngannou defeated Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight championship at UFC 260 and discussed a potential matchup against Jon Jones for Ngannou.
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    1. Ayaz Talantuli

      8:54 welp this guy lost his job

    2. Jacob Lhouvum

      A lone we fight together we conquered

    3. Natasha LHC

      The lush odometer ultrasonographically cycle because flax periodically beg following a solid direction. reminiscent, ruddy nerve

    4. Steve B

      most fighting franchises, pay 50% of monies made to fighters. the UFC is at 18%, and Dana is worth hundreds of millions, while most fighters are making nothing. 50 grand???? CMON UFC, PAY THEM!

    5. The best Channel

      Jon Jones Vs Muaricio Rua 👇 paprom.info/block/v/mJO5j66nuWqGlqg.html

    6. Isaac Saad

      The ad geography phytochemically saw because ikebana medicinally whisper over a testy voyage. defiant, substantial single

    7. Lionel. Champagne David

      Jones is going to book up that big dummy .he can't even throw a real punch

    8. Darrell Brock

      Like to say UFC is amazing! Every boxer can fight. Range is the future and far from it's beginning. Like to see a greater seriousness to PPE rather than difficulties for the handicaped. This sport is like Nascar at 220 miles an hour! It is just waiting for an image. Conner seems to be leaping the payday now an image I'm afraid.

    9. Johnny Moua

      Dana White is Francis Ngannou’s Paul Hayman.

    10. Hell On Earth Entertainment

      🥇 Congrats Francis Ngannou!

    11. Sandijs Visnakovs

      Pink dana is soooo happe that Stipe lost he cant even hide his happiness!!! Same happened when Cyborg lost! So he cant cut the crap i like Stepe...!!!!

    12. Sandijs Visnakovs

      Dana"ok john sign the contract,do you really wanna fight?" two monts earlier me in Jon are in such better place!!! Right lie after lie

    13. Bill Kotamanidis

      Dana, offer both Ngannou and Jones a 1 mill guaranteed to turn up clean and on weight for the fight, and a 29 mill guarantee win bonus to whomever wins.

    14. J Michael

      Pay Jon Jones for the fight WE want, you cheap bastard, Dana White.

    15. Raigar Müllerson

      lol is Jon really saying that 10 would not even be enough for negotiations? Dude made a mil in 2 of his last fights and now says 10 is not even a conversation starter? LoL if thats real. Keep shitting on the hand that feed you i guess Jon

      1. daze - Telltale Sh!tposts

        Jon said he makes $5mil per fight

    16. J

      UFC 260 was Dana's dream come into reality, O'Malley won, Ngannou won and Tyron got another loss

    17. private name

      I'm surprised no fighter has kicked his butt.

      1. daze - Telltale Sh!tposts

        And lose their job? 😂

    18. L T

      The ufc promotion literally avoids "promoting" some fights just so it can pay less money to fighters lol. The new sponsorship with venum is pretty much the same as Rebock. Bellator 255 was pretty fun to watch.

    19. Chino Guerrero

      PApromrs paying fighters more than Dana

    20. mjk121882

      LOL Ngannou had the fight of his life and Dana bonus to him is $50,000. Dana has a big smile on his face like Ngannou just won the fn lotto. Ngannou is the top of the top of his profession and Dana pays him like he works at UPS. Imagine if Tom Brady had the game of his life and his bonus is $50k... he’d probably laugh in your face. The best fighters in the world make like $100k, such a joke. No other business in the world do the best there is make such a meager salary. I make $100k a year on damn stocks alone. Dana ought to wipe that stupid smile off his face and stop paying his guys peanuts for putting their lives on the line. Damn joke.

    21. Redman

      Off to bellator you go Woodley

    22. J

      Audio level sux. Turn it up next time. I cant listen at work on my phone. 😭😭

    23. HevyToy

      Am i wrong or is This dejavu between dana and Jones??

    24. Wolvez Lionz

      DANA NEED TO PAY HIS FIGHTERS MORE MONEY THEY RISKING THERE LIVES IN THERE💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    25. Kyle Green

      Bones should take a HW tune-up fight for his own sake and to prove he's worth $ for Francis

    26. Siticmon

      new drinking game: take a shot every time dana asks to repeat the question end of the year u got liver cancer, and that's a UFC guarantee

    27. Jeff Miller

      So Woodley is done according to Dana

    28. Johnie Weathers

      Dana you need to sign rodtang to the roster that guy is defining what legends are and is a once in a lifetime talent, dont let it pass by

    29. Profesorius Lithuania

      11:11 :D

    30. Shela Distiyani

      Dana white bos ufc

    31. T 69

      Tate is Back everyone

    32. Tyler Durden

      When Dana looks like Kingpink, you know he is happy

    33. Gena Kozlov

      Dana I love you ,because you man for me,but if you don't reematch cry sterling pussy and Man tru only tru man Yan Petr, i never see ufs ,because I think and i think now you Man you're wards.

    34. Jack Daniels

      The gamy forgery microcephaly flower because bibliography visually stamp minus a protective cemetery. debonair, plastic gore-tex

    35. Giant_alex

      Some of the questions from the press were utter shite

    36. cozmoses 81

      Turn the sound up please.

    37. Tury humphrey

      I was reading statistics and facts show that jon jones has only earned a total of 10m dollars from his whole UFC 10 year career of 27 fights. Thats 370k per fight. Thats peanuts compared to what boxers earn and this slavery should stop. Average boxers earn Millon's dollars per fight. Top level boxers earn over 20m dollars per fight. UFC makes billions why pay fighters peanuts

    38. Matt Rust

      Derrick Lewis deserves the winner of JON VS FRANCIS. That would build more hype to that belt. Francis vs. Lewis would only benefit off of Jones. Not the other way around.

    39. kyle kattner

      Bet 5mil... trust me didn't know lol

    40. Patrick

      Please : Korean Zombie vs Rafael Fiziev. Please.

    41. FordGTmustang2000

      What if Derek Lewis KOs Francis lmfao

    42. евгений комиссаров

      The vulgar mosquito chemically hum because aries philosophically kill throughout a somber united kingdom. diligent, bashful owl

    43. truth teller

      You know what Robert told me? He said I want Israel in Nigeria! Hahahahahaha isn't he fkn awesome?!?! He's like I want Israel in Nigeria hahahahahaha!!!

    44. Kashif Samson Alfred

      Love dana, but hate him in this video.. so derogatory remarks for "The Greatest MMA Artist".. he simply denies Jones legacy and very harsh towards him .. he's doing trash talking, words fail to express my grief and anger.. He should apologize to Jones.. He should behave like president not a school kid..!!!

    45. Ajay Patil

      1. Head kicks 2. Leg kicks 3. Really good grappling 4. Good take down defense 5. He took his time 6. Even he ate that right hand from Stipe

    46. Atlanta Atlanta

      For a big Mega fight like this they both deserve a lot more money than what they are getting it's not hard give them the money they both deserve I don't blame Jon at all

    47. jonathan northway

      DW is a POS. JBJ will happily take that fight and he knows it, he's just trying to get him to do it for less than he deserves. I'm no Jones fanboy either.

    48. viper9786

      Dana "how old is that kid, 39?" White

    49. JK

      Dana: "What show me the money really mean?...You can say you wanna fight somebody...but do you really want to?" Based on my meta analysis and deep dive of case studies as well as a running this by a panel of world renowned experts: I believe if you show the money they will really want to.

    50. Jean-Paul Moreau

      "Getting ahead of himself the first time..." nice euphemism. Personally I thought Ngannou was an arrogant...a%%. It looks like he got his ego sorted out...so far.

    51. NEV ETS

      Dana check your blood pressure for real, dont want you dying on us, Then whos gunna be our ruthless UFC president?

    52. John East

      Ngannou vs jan blachovicz

    53. Adam hufz

      dana please Nganou deserved more money

    54. Sonn Gazzz

      Lewis shit doggie make a fight Nganna vs John Jones. dana put on a show with money for john jones he deserves it all

    55. Pete Spino


    56. Cheesy Jay

      Dana's starting to looked more fucked up than usual lol

    57. Ian Pienaar

      What was up with dana's hearing 2night?😂😭

    58. stipe mccock is asleep in URANUS

      Stipe the great WHITE joke went too sleep 😂😂😂

    59. JD Arivan

      Jones aint scared of francis and i'm sure as hell francis aint scared either it's dana who doesnt want francis to fight jones, c'mon people cant you piece it together? Africa has now 3 champions francis can beat jones with his power we know that but Dana knows what jones can do in the octagon, he doesnt want to take that risk. Francis is his new cash cow on the HW division, He will make sure that francis will hold the belt for as long as he can to keep that african fan base.

    60. Sid

      50K for Ngannou? That’s it? Feels cheap

      1. Carl

        That's just his knockout bonus.

    61. James Archer

      Mullarky put in a better performance than Omalley. Come on man.

    62. Samy Unknown

      dana white sagt zu oft und zu fast zu jedem du bist der beste und das macht ihn manchmal unglaubwürdig 🤔🥸

    63. john smith

      Lol you know what’s funny about this Jon Jones discussion , Dana never once said he’s scared ... soo let’s think about this for a moment . Who’s really scared ??

    64. Oh he High High

      Jones want 15 million even tho he failed for use of steroids this isn’t looking good needed roids for dc imagine nganou

    65. Oh he High High

      Dana just give Jones the damn money that’s the only fight to make

    66. Oh he High High

      Never seen Dana so happy 😃

    67. Hurry Jack

      The steady thing cranially tire because ostrich technically depend at a addicted kevin. knowledgeable, scintillating crawdad

    68. rjusth06

      Damn. Not the best move for a promoter to throw one of their guys under the bus like that.

    69. yap dem

      Dana white sitting there like he is Don White

    70. K Mash

      So cheap. Pay Jones.

    71. Buck Buck

      Why act like your gonna pick another " reporter"?

    72. Max Goof

      Dana how about you treat Jon with some respect smh

    73. recore austin

      Dana crazy lol money n gambling toasted his head he knows people and all his fighters personally but alot of even the old vets are coming forward saying he fucked them over so you know Dana is a piece of garbage who won't be around much longer the route he going with his fighters

    74. Thanos

      When Dana said call Hunter. He means Hunter Biden will smoke crack with Jones to help cut down to 185.

    75. CallMeTheCoach

      All these jokes... Bellator going to end up rejecting Woodley cause I mean he’s on a 4 L streak, PFL it is

    76. HHstutz55

      Stipe was never The GOAT, the greatest UFC Heavyweight? Yes. Of all MMA history? That's crazy rookie talk, Fedor is The GOAT at Heavyweight and maybe period.

    77. Ash Merch

      Jones vs Ngonnou will be the determining factor for the "best" fighter on the planet... Yeah, I know guys like Henry Cjudeo, Petr Yan and even Gethje and even guys as big as Kamaru Usman, even Adesanya. They don't possess enough skill to close the strength and size gap. Yes, more skilled, but not enough to beat a highly skilled and professionally trained man, who is also skilled, but much bigger, much much stronger and more explosive. I say the winner of Jones vs Ngannou fights the legendary polish power for the title of baddest man on the face of the earth

    78. Lucky Punch

      Dana is pro im the Schmo👨‍🦰Dana is acting like Nganou is very dangerous for Jones and he should be scared of him just to pay less 🤭😃😂 Dana is GOAT

    79. eric ramirez

      Hey miocic doesn't have to ashamed of this loss against ngannou at least he knows he whopped ngannou ass 1 time

    80. Platform Strange

      Stipe went up and left on that single leg. Had he gone diwn and right #andstill

    81. David Kisula

      15:14 journalist: "Dana only one question from me" but asks two questions 🤦‍♂️

    82. Russell Boland

      Yep. A 230 lb dude fighting a 270 lb dude is as fair as a 140 lb dude fighting a 180 lb dude. Recreate old tournaments that abolish weight classes, abolish the necessity of gloves, remove the stupid rules that turned it from fighting into a sport that people aren't that invested in.

    83. Lost islander

      UFC is fake 💯 paid athletes just like wwf back in 90s... who wouldn’t spar for big figures lol 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    84. Weaponx100

      Jones scared.

    85. mad trigger

      Tyron got sacked brutally

    86. Johnny Cash

      Ngannou will eventually get taken down and beat up by a top wrestler. Jones will taken down and submit him.

    87. M

      Preeeeeetty fucking sure you know what "show me the money" means Dana, stop playing stupid.

    88. David James

      Stipe wasn't in the same shape as he was for Cormier 2.

    89. Brett Smith

      I kinda feel Jones can you imagine how insulting it must be for anyone to insinuate that he’s afraid to fight lmao. I mean the guys been kicking ass his whole life after all

    90. Mister YOWW

      the goat of picograms lowkey scared

    91. aundre3051

      Dana would have been a perfect fit for lex Luther in justice league

    92. aundre3051

      Dana looking like he stepped off a reboot set of dare devil

    93. SwazeBeats 45

      According to Dana, you can have many losses in a row like Cowboy and you can still fight, but if you're a former champ like Woodley, it's time for you to go to a different organization.

    94. TashBagash

      Dana giving us gammon realness. That man looks a second away from a coronary.

    95. Russell Fitness

      Seriously though,how does that guy ALWAYS get the first qusetion?🤣

    96. Canadian Prepper

      Dana is just selling the fight, so easy to get bones rawled up lol

      1. R MIDAS

        @eric stapleton #Pulsing

      2. eric stapleton

        @Kenneth Brown #NotMyPictoGOAT

      3. Niberius

        @Kenneth Brown hard to respect him when he does dumb shit

      4. Kenneth Brown

        Bones deserves more respect though, mind games with arguably the GOAT of UFC seems like some narcissistic bull shit.

      5. bobby ben


    97. Midnight Rambler

      Looks like Dana just got his ticket punched for a new territory in Africa.They've been showing Usman and Francis in Africa.And Izzy is from there too.That's a huge area for the UFC.I think that's why he's so happy....Plus Francis is very marketable and likeable so it's a win,win for Dana and the UFC.They didn't really market Stipe imo,for being "The Greatest HW Champion ever."

    98. Harry Blakey

      Mullarky not winning 50Gs is the biggest flop of ufc bonus history

    99. Drew Zuhosky

      Jon Jones is going to Bellator. His relationship with Dana White and the promotion is beyond repair all over again.

    100. Craig Harrison

      If they book Ngannou/Lewis 2...I hope to god they put on a better show than the 1st one.