UFC 255: Shevchenko vs Maia - For Flyweight Gold | Fight Preview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Preview the UFC 255 co-main event between defending flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko and challenger Jennifer Maia. The UFC 255 main card starts at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on Saturday, November 21.
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    1. Anjani Laurens

      💖 彡 Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx 彡 '𝐒 💖 фото и видео x --------------------------------------- -- ---- ---- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸https: //tinyurl.com/K7TV10018 За неимением лучшего слова это потрясающе. Набор яркий. Его насыщенные цвета и клеточный статус привлекают наблюдателей к действию. Костюмы декоративны, красивы и их можно носить одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто не обращает внимания на то, что это люди шутят о частях животны. Вы так взволнованы изображениями, что все они черные

    2. Márcia Valéria Ferreira Vale

      Tá pronta pra morre kkkkkk e muito forte valentina, ninguém consegue 😨😨😨😨😃😂😁😀

    3. juanca yt

      Buen Valentina te esperamos en Perú 😘🇵🇪

    4. I killed da bot

      Anybody here after Valentina won?

    5. F A L C O N - R R

      Valentina is going to moul her

    6. Sexxii Thicc

      Im a simple woman i see fight with val I click. I know she will destroy ehr

    7. Joey Blood

      Let's go Champ. Don't underestimate Brazilians though.

    8. Yas El Ghall

      Valentina nurmagomedov

    9. Lyra Welsh

      Oh my god that poor girl doesn’t know about the ass whooping that is coming for her 😭 I honestly feel that maia is too slow for Valentina

    10. Planet _X9

      Что за музыка кто знает? Скажите пожалуйста?

    11. XxCosmicVibesxX

      Jesus H Christ...Maia looks like Borats Daughter grown up, in the thumb nail. And sound like her too.

    12. sublime420

      They should have given Shevchenko the main event

    13. Prajwal Kore

      Maia would be physically strongest shevachenko ever faced in flyweight,this girls looks thick ,but Valentina is on a diff planet

    14. Matthew Lo

      2:38 Instead of walking, you’ll be carried out on either A) A stretcher or B) A body bag!

    15. R N9gativ

      Shevchenko is so firm,stiff and stabile fighter,just like Zhang

      1. R N9gativ

        @GATEKEEPER BOXING she is Russian so can easily happen

      2. R N9gativ

        @Mary Edge Zhang killed Nunes and Shevchenko struggled against Nunes first fight.It will be the biggest fight in woman competition if happens


        When I think of Valentina I get firm and stiff too.

      4. Mary Edge

        I think she beats Zhang but it would be a hell of a fight

    16. Michael Jessen Hansen

      Does anyone by chance know what the background song is called?? It’s lit 🔥🔥

      1. S L O W A V E S

        It's "show me what you got' by SWWARMS :) soundcloud.com/swwarms/show-me-what-you-got-ep

    17. 9 Old Fingers

      More like ur arm is going to be broke at the end of the fight

    18. Holy Molly

      Muay Thai black belt?? They just make thing up😂

    19. Holy Molly

      Muay Thai black belt?? They just make thing up😂

    20. Mubeen Ahmed

      Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    21. Sajit Pyakurel

      I think Weili, Rose and Nunes are the only fighters who would be competitive with Valentina

    22. Ivan MAB

      And still...

    23. Marlonv42

      Maia: “I will surprise everyone” Shevchenko: “I’m not surprised motherf*ckers, I’m not surprised”

    24. Karabo Molele

      She's here

    25. ANGE G. G.

      The only surprise will be if the girl last to the second round.

    26. Adam Holt

      Word on the street is if you look closely, there's an ashen imprint on the canvas where Jessica Eye was standing when she got nuked...

    27. CookCaramier

      When did Muay Thai has black belts? I'm a Thai living in Thailand all my life, training Muay Thai for 8 years, and I've never heard of black belts. Val has multiple Muay Thai championship belts, and even she doesn't have a black belt for it. This chick is delusional and Val will make her realize it.

    28. Esteban San Martín Sanhueza


    29. Rob The Vampire Slayer

      R.I.P Maia

    30. sven trogrlic

      OK now I am/ and we should be hyped as fxxx for that fight.....

    31. Benjamin Kirby

      Maia: im going in there to surprise everyone Valentina: I think you'd be surprised!


      🇷🇺💪🌏☀️ VALENTİNA

    33. Justin Garcia

      Shevchenko is co main because the ufc knows its going to end fast.

    34. Sam M

      maia better throw 600 punches in the first round......if valentina survives the 1st round...valentina wins with axe kick in 2nd round

    35. Walter Heisenberg

      Valentina by manslaughter 👆

    36. TheWalruswasJason

      Just watch Maia sparring. This gonna be ugly

    37. Walter Heisenberg

      She is a Muay Thai Blackbelt? XDD there are no belts in Muay thai, lmao

    38. Tmoney420

      That Black belt ain't gonna save you from the bullet 🤣

    39. Tmoney420

      Valentina by ko

    40. That Guy

      Ay yo they saying maia has a muay thai black belt at 0:15 😐 Wtf man😂

    41. Taha Abdullah

      This unfair fight. I think they should move Shevchenko to men’s division. Oh wait it should be Nunes actually who should be moved into men’s division 😂😂

    42. Алексей Дзен

      Наша Валя вперёд, ты лучшая👍☝

    43. Mhashan Ezung

      "Surprise everyone" even she doesn't believe in herself.😭

    44. Joshua Hurst

      There’s too much chin for Valentina to miss

    45. Steffen Ward

      Valentina will demolish this woman...

    46. Sin OfUsAll

      this will be a good fight, my thoughts it goes to decision

      1. Sin OfUsAll

        awe yea booiiisss

    47. Kg KG

      Валентина Шевченко 👍👍👍💪🇰🇬

    48. Чынгыз Улан уулу

      It's go Shevchenko

    49. crow ya salty

      "muay thai black belt"

    50. J Franks’S

      “You can b a black belt of all styles in the world, but it doesn’t matter” KILLER

    51. Ahmed Saeed

      Maia and shevchenko tough fight Loading up to Saturday...................

    52. King of Oxydents

      Valentina "ze best" Schevchenko

    53. Pedro rh

      Shevchenko is the best

    54. AsianAssassin 50

      Love valentina !!

    55. Per c Dova

      Maia , you had been chosen for extermination 😢

    56. Dave C

      “ You can be black belt of all styles in the world but it doesn’t matter” damn you have to be a special specimen to dethrone Valentina good luck to Maia lol

    57. The Beast Incarnate

      Cant waittt..🤗🤗🤗

    58. Urmat Alybaev

      The only thing you can make Valentina feel uncomfortable about is the way you look laying down after being knocked out cold

    59. Dimmyism

      Maia needs to have the Joe Rogan "i think you would be surprised" -talk..

    60. Stanislav Kolbe

      Maia is just another sacrificial lamb for Valentina.

    61. Harr Fast Productions

      Wolf tickets.

    62. Butch Bernasol

      Quick work.. and still..

    63. Grimace

      Is she related to Damian

    64. Opus Online

      Just let Valentina derail the hypetrain Megan Anderson already

    65. Orphan Muscle

      I think with 3 years training in MMA I can be a champion in the UFC or atleast a top contender

    66. Moe Reese

      Maia +10,000 underdog

    67. Joe ForeignFace

      We need to bring triple C if we want to see competetive fight with valentina

    68. Superfly Guy

      Maia will miss weight then get destroyed for 20% less pay.

    69. SlimJimSkate

      "Muay Thai black belt" ???????

    70. Jay W

      I thought Valentina said "i go into the after world to get my belt"

    71. nir S

      This isn’t even a fair fight lol. RIP Jennifer.

    72. Maddy Kim

      Shevchenko is in my top 5 of all time for sure.

    73. Eduardo Gaddi

      Val is beautifl the shape of her head is perfect, the chin the face, everything is perfect..

    74. ReLevAnT thOuGhT !

      why dont ufc organization recruit fighters from all over the world afterall it helps to more popularize ufc organization all over the world in an easy way ! they should have open their sub branches all over the world✅which will make ufc a non defeatable no 1fighting org as well as business org .we want easy entry from Nepal .

    75. 786 body fitness

      Beautiful video 🌹

    76. Nabe Gewell

      Feel sad for Valentina Because it’s tooooo easy 😂😂😂😂😂

    77. GrafGarsia

      Seems like another victim...

    78. Tito Pigeollot

      Poor Maya it's pity i liked her 😥

    79. Purge Workouts

      It's funny that these girls think they even stand a chance against Valentina

      1. motocrossriders2002

        I don't think they really believe what they are saying.TBH

    80. javier rubio

      Muay Thai black belt ? 😂 0:15

    81. SphnX

      "Marital art is everysing". Bullet V

    82. ben ben

      Bite on the mouthp go forward grap her and bring her down and try to get a submision if you cant you got a big problem you are going to be kicked in the face auch

    83. Kailash Rathod

      To be honest Jennifer Maia is not ready for valentina, because she's very multi technician

    84. Barry Jerry

      Joane colderwood was doing the right thing when she tapped to maia...

    85. Koida Timung

      I am praying for mai,hope she doesn't hurt bad....mismatch fight!!!!

    86. qwer qwe

      ✋✋✋ paprom.info/block/v/oIqcn9aX1q-iuGE.html

    87. Peace Lovin Criminal


    88. Ashbash DeSmash

      song name?

      1. S L O W A V E S

        It's "show me what you got' by SWWARMS :) soundcloud.com/swwarms/show-me-what-you-got-ep

    89. Ashbash DeSmash

      Valentina vs Thug Rose lets see it

    90. maurice davis

      This is so wrong of the ufc to do this to this young lady 🤕 she's not ready. She will soon realize she's 3 steps behind 🤯 then she sleeps 💤 😴 will learn nothing but she needs to pick another career 😂🤣

    91. uday debbarma

      The background song is lit🔥. Can anyone name the song please.

      1. Markus M

        Thank you very much!:)

      2. S L O W A V E S

        It's "show me what you got' by SWWARMS :) soundcloud.com/swwarms/show-me-what-you-got-ep

    92. Retsu Unohana

      Valentina is all mine 😌

    93. Jim Gill

      Not saying Maia is going to win but outside Nunes she's the toughest opponent for Valentine right now that I can think of

      1. TakeThe RedPill


    94. Beksultan Moldobaev

      And still Alga The Bullet 🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

    95. Cambom Konyak

      Sorry but maia gonna be crushed 🤥 #valentina got some serious kick 🍁

    96. Harish Vk

      Valentina : U can be black belt in all the styles in the world. IT DOES NOT MATTER! Cold Blooded Assasin!

    97. thug nation 420

      I wish Valentina wanted to take advantage of my skinny boi body . shes so strong and beautiful

    98. The Prodigy

      She seems really nice I feel bad for her she have to go through Valentina to achieve her dream !

    99. Chargers Stan Account

      Maia with the UPSET calling it

    100. MAPLE SAUCE

      Anyone she fights in her division is dead meat lol