UFC 255 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

287 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼58

    Alex Perez cuts weight in his hotel with teammate Chito Vera. Valentina Shevchenko continues to train at UFC Apex. Champs Deiveson Figueiredo and Shevchenko both make weight, as do their challengers, Perez and Jennifer Maia.
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    1. Yorkshireyuken

      Why can't you gradually naturally drop weight while training rather than doing a drastic fast weight cut...

      1. 高木

        Cauae fast weight cut can keep the muscle mass

    2. Golden Man

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    3. Microphone Hell

      People are talking about Khabib's fake dominance of 155. Real dominance is Mighty Mouse getting kicked out the UFC because he made all competitors look like cans. The division was nearly liquidated because Mighty Mouse was so dominant. LOL I enjoy watching Khabib fight. However, he doesn't have the record of a dominant champion. He has the record of a dominant contender who became a champion. Just go to his Wikipedia page and look at his UFC record.

      1. 高木


      2. JoolianV

        Khabibs wins are against better fighters in the toughest division. Johnson was a great champion.

    4. sandra mcevoy

      Go Perez!(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

    5. Aidan Haase

      Will someone please tell me what they use to stream ufc fights.

    6. sandra mcevoy

      Valentina for the win!Although Maia is right up to par!Best of fortunes to both!

    7. Fuigl Yopp

      ✋✋✋ paprom.info/block/v/oIqcn9aX1q-iuGE.html

    8. Komal Khan

      UFC 255 EN VIVO

    9. PAU CO music

      Amazing beats! Check out "Pau Co" in Spotify or PAprom! 🌴🚀

    10. PAU CO music

      Amazing beats! Check out "Pau Co" in Spotify or PAprom! 🌴🚀

    11. Francisco Martinez

      I feel like valentina migth actually have an opponent

    12. Frogbear3111 Xx11


    13. Jomarzito

      I just realized. Where the fuck is Dana At???😂

    14. Izul Calm'

      😎jon anik

    15. John Leach

      perez didn´t budge HaHa!!

    16. Dave M.

      Figueriedo is a beast at 125 but those weight cuts are gonna catch up to him. They are brutal

    17. Web User

      Could Schevchenko beat Figueiredo?

      1. JoolianV


    18. Ricky W.

      Perez face when Figuero flinched forward, Too funny

    19. Phil Moran

      Daviedson by ko valentina decision

    20. Snowflake Therapist

      WhoreHey Masvidal is a beast! 💪

    21. Eglartis Eglartis

      The guy that weighs ppl in should have to weigh in first

    22. Othon Pedro

      Seeing the Shevchenko sisters, taking a sip of their drink at same time was priceless.

    23. victor gonzalez

      Wow.que hermosa doña valentina.bella.

    24. Ian Shead

      I got perez

    25. alexbk44

      How’s Maya ranked #3, but still 12-1 underdog?

    26. Luca Rossi

      Perez is the new champion, Valentina still the champ

    27. Coalgolem

      "Mike Perry is a bum." - Darren "I predict deez tings" Till (2020)

    28. Zach mojo

      The cut to Valentina and Antonina mentally sniping Jennifer Maia on the scale was hilarious.

    29. Ljubomir Todorovic

      chito weighing in at 170

    30. Jay Reez

      So are we getting Chito Vera vs. Jose Aldo?

      1. Mogos

        UFC Fight Night on Dec. 19

    31. K Dante

      I predict under 100,000 ppv buys. Nobody cares.

    32. Drapixula

      We are not here to make weight we are here to.....why we are here?

    33. Lucky Hook

      Can't wait for the main event Perry vs Means

    34. Colin McLaughlin

      I don’t understand why they blurred the Nike logo... cuz I wouldn’t have even thought about it but now I am. Isn’t that the opposite of what they want?

    35. Percy P

      Love the embedded series thank yall

    36. Bryan De Gracia

      my humble predictions for today's UFC: (those in bold as winners): *figuereido* vs perez *shevchenko* vs maia *perry* vs means *chookagian* vs calvillo shogun vs *craig* moreno vs *royval* buckley vs *wright* shevchenko vs *lipski* *rodriguez* vs dalby jouban vs *gooden* *daukaus* vs stoltzfus *cosce* vs palatnikov

    37. Daunte Hodgins

      Perry looked soft at weigh ins deserves to lose the fight

    38. Jonas Steinberg

      Figuredo lookin' rough on that scale. My man is emaciated!

    39. Shlug life

      figueiredo is in crazy shape

    40. edit11

      this is a Latino and Slavic fight. ya tu sabes

    41. Tomato Can

      'where you at mike' - ufc embedded

    42. Frank V

      How is Shevchenko not at the top of the ufc p4p list? She is the most dominant fighter in her div and it seems to me that nobody will ever beat her till she gets older. You can only say that about one other person and that is Habibi. So she should be at least 2nd on that list. Stipe at 4? C'mon man that list is a joke.

    43. 1 1

      Don’t eat brown snow

    44. Chef LeFleur

      Gotta love how the scale guy greets them like a concierge & gives instructions to them like they're scale virgins or some shit 😂😂😂💀

    45. T M

      I love Figueiredo he’s awesome

    46. Robert Evans

      Shadow Boxing Dirtyy Boxing yoel style same thing

    47. Just Delete

      So exited for tonight fights, maybe enough to stay awake until 06:00 am europe :D

    48. Chef LeFleur

      You know who we DIDN'T see in the UPI this Embedded? "Fatinum" Mike Perry!

    49. Rory von Meyer

      Chito's a real one for sticking with his boy during his weight cut.

    50. Casey Byrom

      Wtf literally the only interesting thing that’s happened was mike perry missing weight and you leave it out?

    51. s2kBscreamin

      Can’t wait to watch this for free 😏

    52. Zao Medong

      sorry man the flyweights are bizarre like midget fighting

    53. behzad_bhri

      it gonna be good fights

    54. Alberto Barrera

      Valentina is wife material all day!!!!! Shes perfect!!!!!

    55. TreDay

      Figueiredo kinda looks like Mighty Mouse and Tony Ferguson had a baby

    56. Bart Fart

      Weak Ass Card, Il wait to see the free replays on MMA World.

      1. Ben Frank

        You casual. Your life is irrelevant

    57. TreDay

      EVERY embedded weight cut episode someone always says "this is my best weight cut ever " either bs or the performance institute and the times are helping fighters.

    58. Elias Wehbe

      Figueredo will be the next great brazilian champion just like anderson and aldo were

    59. 12 Bravo

      5:29 two killers just having a drink

    60. Multikk


    61. Zackaria De La Serna

      Mike "I eat whatever the hell I want and then cry about it on weigh ins" Perry

    62. Dresnio 13

      Damn bro, valentina’s bra is kinda see through 4:18 😳

    63. Rodney Cruz

      Marlon is a big fucking dude lowkey

    64. Adam Coyne

      Worst ppv of the year?

      1. Ben Frank

        Nah ur a casual

    65. Muskeln-kaufen.de

      Big mistake of White to allow women in the UFC. Boring. Slow. Stiff. And the peak is roided.

    66. Nicky Chimes

      #shevchenko looks focused

      1. Ben Frank

        So does every other fighter...

    67. Lloyd o

      All these fighters complain, blame losses and miss weight and look bad cause of weight loss so why not fight closer to your natural weight and feel good?

    68. karnik shetty

      No embedded is complete without valentinas jumping kicks drill

    69. Alysse Winston


    70. Alysse Winston


    71. Jason Norris

      Not a ppv but I love the sport and nothing else happening

    72. My reply is dumb But,

      They didn’t show Mike Perry :(

    73. smooth cast

      why didn't you drop a previous fight of the champion like you did in every card? it helps hyping up

    74. John Clark Bailey Jr

      Figgy a Bond villan.

    75. Adam Reid

      When valentina just said "weight cut" my knees got a little weak 1:45

    76. Elia Abakah

      The two sisters drinking at the same time🤣🤣

    77. JD Young

      1:40 Perez has some faith in his hands, bet the house on him

    78. TH0MA5

      Chito Vera always steals the show😂 I hope the ufc promotes him because he’s entertainingly heck for me

    79. RickestRick

      is this an actual ppv wtf? like who the fook are these guys

    80. Aivarioha

      Ariel said a compliment to Deiveson about his style, now that moron is gonna wear sun-glasses in-doors for the rest of his life. He ain't got a style. It's just cringe.

    81. Poojan Thakkar

      5:30 the sisters in sync xD

    82. Barry Connolly

      Not buying it shit card

    83. andreas brandy

      just saw Figuiredo "Bruce Lee is back from the dead"

    84. Not Billie Eilish

      Maia gonna beat Valentina people are acting like Valentina is unstopabble but we gonna see valentina gonna lose and figgy will win too

    85. Sherminator

      I am the sherminator, a sophisticated sex robot sent back through time to change the future of one lucky lady.

    86. Benjamin Galati

      Sorry, I meant "The last HARD weight-cut". Arrrggh, fuck it.

    87. Benjamin Galati

      1:51 "The last weight-cut.." So then this is her last fight at 125lbs?! I think she spoiled here!

      1. moto2016

        I noticed that too. Not sure what she meant, maybe just a translation thing.

    88. Densetsu San

      They censored the Nike logo at 5:38

    89. E

      The Shevchenko sisters drinking in unison was the most exciting part of this vlog.

    90. Dark Star King

      Perry been eating to much of that Soul Food.

    91. Kacper Plata

      I have 1 Queen Beautiful Great UFC Champ Valentina Shevchenko Go to Win 👑🌹😃💪❤️☝️

    92. Philip Hahn

      This card isn't super amazing but it isn't as bad as everyone says it is

    93. Benjamin Richard

      Figueiredo is such a great striker

    94. Jay Page

      Dear UFC fighters..... Could you PAAAALEEEEEEEASE STOP TRYING TO IMITATE CONOR MCGREGOR??? The sunglasses have been done over and over. The head bob towards your opponent during face offs is Tito Ortiz. It's cringe when they do it. It's even more cringe when you repeat them doing it. Please. STAHP.

    95. Jl gamer

      Masutatsu Oyama blood is coachin Alex Perez!

    96. Daniel C

      I’ll never drink modelo.

    97. lt mannered

      shevchenko is so freaking hot!

    98. kaiserkarl

      Valentina is shredded as fuck for this one... And that confidence : she knows she has won already And still for sure. Figueiredo looks unhealthy shredded though. Like, is there any fat left on that body?

    99. DDP DDP

      Weight cutting isn’t natural

    100. marklower007

      Looking at this fight I keep thinking about formiga beating fig. Perez is similar with way better striking. I think he may do it.