UFC 255 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 3

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

344 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼80

    Mike Perry, Jennifer Maia, Katlyn Chookagian and Joaquin Buckley land in Vegas with victory -- and grocery shopping -- in mind. Valentina Shevchenko reflects on what it took for her to become champion as she starts fight week with sister Antonina.
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    1. Anjani Laurens

      💖 彡 Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx 彡 '𝐒 💖 фото и видео x --------------------------------------- -- ---- ---- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸https: //tinyurl.com/K7TV10018 За неимением лучшего слова это потрясающе. Набор яркий. Его насыщенные цвета и клеточный статус привлекают наблюдателей к действию. Костюмы декоративны, красивы и их можно носить одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто не обращает внимания на то, что это люди шутят о частях животны. Вы так взволнованы изображениями, что все они черные

    2. Jason Lind

      man fuck that dude tootsie rolls are dope

    3. caylyn111


    4. nikita rupa

      Mike "Mile High Club" Perry

    5. livewire livewire

      Another mike perry straight up ,,fuck up,,,self destruction in warp speed! #1 problem yep Mike perry, #2 like a relationship flunkie in teen spirit ,#3 not a dominant fighter unless fighting himself!

    6. Michael Sly

      Used to like the guy..hes relied on his likability for his job. Hes a bum that forgot how to win. Hes just riding it out. Wasting the younger years of his life by not finding a career. Perry is a future walmart employee

    7. Shaquille Oatmeal

      Odds on Shevchenko 20:1. Wow.

    8. Max Moore

      Mike Perry a straight up clown I can't get behind that dude man. Nobody after Mike. Bragging about not having a corner and then missing weight proves why he looks like a straight up CLOWN...Whew I love Valentina. No emotions strong mentally. This chick thinking to just swing for Valentina and not give her space is straight up dumb and actually walking riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight into Valentina's game where Val can get a highlight reel. You gotta fight a smart fighter...SMART. This female needs to get

    9. Brett King

      Mike Perry is fighting for pennies he haves to give 30% of his purse to his opponent for missing weight by 5 pounds somebody give the award to him for the lowest paid fighter in UFC history. What an idiot.

    10. Marquez Monterrosa

      Buckley’s hella humble. I like that about him 💪🏾

    11. Jesse

      I JOINED THE CLUB, your a G

    12. Larissa Castellanos

      Perry joined the club. 🤦🏻‍♀️ To be young, naive, gullible, & pregnant.

    13. fullr herr

      Mike "War Machine" Perry

    14. Lucky Larry

      Mike Perry pulling a brainlet move not having a legitimate corner man.

    15. Bigtexnick

      mike perry beat his wife

    16. johnaton stephen

      Damn it perry should have put till as his cornerman, that would make this fight much bigger, If he loses here, the whole GF as my corner thing will go completely 180 on him and hurt his hype, if he wins, he needs to have someone big in his corner next fight to hype it up

    17. SaHa

      Paul Felder should have given Mike Perry a speech about weight cut

    18. sheep

      Mike Perry is so delusional. What a jerk.

    19. Michael Lee

      Paul Felder cameo! Yee!

    20. Oliver North

      "Can we stop at the Wendy's real quick" - Micheal Perry

    21. Rick Rogers

      Mike "Dumb as a Diaz Brother" Perry.

    22. michael Eighttimez

      Mike fat cheeks perry

    23. chris hernandez

      I like perry but he’s a drunk-unprofessional

    24. chris hernandez

      They should take 90 % of the purse of their gonna miss weight on purpose like izzy said

    25. Rido Maulana

      Valentina is a real life black widow

    26. bracikmen

      man why you keep testing people with that PCR test, its already proven to not find any type of virus lol

    27. Mina

      bro tootsie rolls are so good what is joaquin on

    28. KG88 music

      Heyo Fock Tootsie Rolls

    29. Youssef Oraby

      Mike Perry looks like a 3% black Ice-T

    30. FRNW Eclipse

      Man it's so nice to see Mike Perry and Paul Felder happy for each other

    31. Toker Shark

      The Drivers are chirpy mofo’s.

    32. Team Roberto

      Wait is mikes gf prego.

    33. Home Lander

      I make explosion

    34. Ethan Hale

      I see bad guy Joaquin making drivers stop at Publix I click

    35. flyingpersian

      No one can knock Mike Perry down, except Mike Perry

    36. samuel hanma

      Let's get this fight perry

    37. Mando Ball

      Platinum Mike needs to be on main event soon! 🙌🏼

    38. Andres Ludmer - GUITARLICKS4ALL


    39. Dave Reloader

      6:30 Paul jumps in to show us how to be nice and gentlemanly. Thanks Paul.

    40. Rima Mukherjee

      suprised mike didnt knock that old guy out

    41. voodoo dolly

      Oh is Chevchenco about to apply another beatdown? cool, ill watch that. lol.

    42. PJE Turner

      Tootsie rolls are not trash

    43. Jomarzito

      Valentina is so polite 😂she said “nice to meet you” to John

    44. xMurphyBoiix

      Surprised perry didn't hit that old guy holding the sign.

    45. Bartłomiej Zubkiewicz

      Only here for Mike Perry.

    46. Mubeen Ahmed

      Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    47. Wade F.

      Hope Mike Perry slumps em

    48. LoNe WoLF Productions

      Mike"I've joined the club"perry

    49. Karabo Molele

      And I thought I loved food.

    50. Joe Bama

      Jennifer Maia about to begin her cam girl career after this beating 😂😂

    51. Cobra Kai 420

      Mike he fucking touched me!! Perry

    52. Andrew Hill

      Do you want some water lmao he had to be a Cynthia fan in disguise

    53. Magic Mar

      Perry with that Nose looking like Arlovski 😯


      Everybody is wearing their facial masks for COVID-19 very good I like

    55. southsidedoug

      Absolutely NOBODY wants to fight Perry, he is delusional

    56. southsidedoug

      Mike Perry thinks fans think its cool if he is heavey until the final week, you look like a jack ass

    57. Aussieborn Kiwi

      Hahahaha "i joined the club" he throttled his gf on that plane mile high club rep

    58. Gregory Mitchell

      "I joined the club" 😂 fuck gotta love mike

    59. Kieran Morris

      mike perry the peoples champ

    60. Gonçalo Pereira

      6:23 "Nobody got my cornerman!". Mike Perry was about to kill that guy!!!! Look at that stare, this guy is a wild animal!

    61. Leprechaun Chief

      6:33 no one has to tear you down. You do it yourself

    62. D W

      MP sounds a little like Nick Diaz 2.0. Just fight, bruh.

    63. Jordan Fisher

      Whose dumber, Mike Perry or his “girl”? The new Dumb and Dumber 🤷‍♂️

    64. DEBO MEJIA

      Dude at 6:23 doesn't know how close he was to getting ktfo. The way Mike looked at him.

    65. Richie Rich

      man UFC dose NOT take care of the fighters financially.it is crazy the woman’s straw weight champ pulls up in a 2005 nisan titan, and then proceeds to her 2 star hotel room.

    66. Rome Shoop

      Mike seems clear headed. Shout out to Mike perry I hope to fight him one day during my first run if I'm good enough for the ufc.

    67. Norman Anderson

      The "New Era of Las Vegas"... is 56.. or.. life after the government confiscates Everything you thought you owned,

    68. Kyrelian

      “You gotta take care of that body for the rest of your life.” “Coach you want to get some cookies?”

    69. Levi Hanger

      It's crazy that Mike Perry is in part of the main event of this fight he's way more popular.

    70. Telly Green

      Fr Mike Perry got no one in his corner except his gf. Damnnnn

    71. David Baughman

      I hope Joaquin doesn't feel pressured to repeat that jaw-dropper of a knockout he had last fight.

    72. Ben Thompson

      I’m glad mikey boy didn’t run straight to the the casino

    73. Marcus Sebastian

      Let's go Platinum 👊💥

    74. Abby Kiser

      Mike perry should be the main event

    75. Jack Lyons

      And we not gonna talk ab how the cashier was the same women who took a picture with Nate Diaz when Nate was getting ready for conor

    76. Jack Lyons

      So we gonna talk ab how they forgot the tablet on top of the car

    77. TYSON LAMB

      brooo mike a fuckin savage he joined the mile high club what an absolute legend

    78. System Records

      my man!! perry joined the mile high club!! good job man! but thats prolly not something you wanna disclose on such a public show haha

    79. Kevin F

      Mike "you ain't on my side bitch!" Perry

    80. g666vin

      Folder is such a class act

    81. lt mannered

      Man i really like Paul Felder!

    82. SEAN T.

      John must've felt like the man when Shevvy knew who he was

    83. lt mannered

      There is something so sexy about Shevchenko!

    84. lt mannered

      Mike Perry is a train wreck and I love it!

    85. Breezy Bishal

      I love Mike Perry ... A good fighter

    86. master shake

      grocery shopping "real quick" in a limo

    87. Cecilio Navarro

      It's nice seeing Mike Perry taking his daughter to UFC events

    88. Big Z 619

      Love to see the Felder cameo

    89. rohanpogii

      I see Chookagian, I skip.

    90. Speed_killz_ 3

      What no paul . Come on we need him d.c , John Anika, and Joe Rogan u golden ufc

    91. Sayajin

      mike perry : hello im mike perry old man : yeah right..

    92. Allan Art

      We still promoting this woman beater huh? Lame

    93. PrimalTendencies

      Tootsie Rolls are trash... agreed.

    94. JBoogie1977

      I keep on thinking that Jeffrey Wright in the thumbnail...🤷‍♂️

    95. Mitchel Barrett

      Buckley looks distracted, different. What 50K might do to you short term. He looks like he is ready to walk into a knee.

    96. Mark Potočnik

      The real Travis Brown

    97. Efra

      “ZEN” Mike Perry is a scary dude!

    98. Black Camer

      I'm a new fan of Joaquin Buckley

    99. Jeremy AMG

      Mike "Mike High Club" Perry

    100. Fred Wu

      Honestly, it is hard to spit out the truth that I am here to see two female fighters Shevchenko families. How is it possible that fighters and be such beautiful. Woo