UFC 255 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

276 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼54

    Valentina and Antonina Shevchenko sharpen their tools at a Vegas gym. Brandon Moreno embraces the spotlight. Champ Deiveson Figueiredo and opponent Alex Perez check in to the hotel. Cynthia Calvillo prepares to put on a grappling clinic in the Octagon.
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. nikita rupa

      Brandon couldn't string a sentence on TUF. His English has improved a lot.

    2. Meg Vanadero

      I'm just here to watch Valentina

    3. Joshua Lee

      I really wish I had got into martial arts when I was younger. I was just too much of a puss I guess...lol. That's a joke I'm definitely not a puss. I remember my dad ask me if I wanted to join a judo class when I was real little. I wish he had made me cause I didnt wanna do shit. I was gonna say no to anything I just wanted to fuck off.. too bad I was like that. But we all have our own paths. I'm on my own road. It is what it is.

    4. Tinoco 2301

      Vamos moreno!! Valentina is an ASSASSIN 100% but it will be interesting to see a grappler try to take her down!

    5. Michael Lee

      Moreno is dope. I feel like he’s really marketable too and a very likable dude.

    6. Samuel Emery Jiu Jitsu

      What was that weird hand dismissal by the covid test guy

    7. sublime420

      Brandon Royval will be champion in the next half year

    8. Robert Schmidt

      I've watched Moreno since he first showed up on the UFC radar. I love that dude, he's a beast. Any fight he's in I'll watch.

    9. Stay Ready

      Ill say it whenever the opportunity arises. The UFC needs to invest more in promoting and marketing one of the greatest martial artists on the planet, man or woman Valentina shevchenko. This woman is a gem who is trilingual I think. She's a ballerina and a dancer, a gun enthusiast who could probably outshoot 90% of the men on the planet. I think our 17 time Muay Thai and k1 kickboxing champion, her striking technibility is again one of the best on the planet. And she's gorgeous. I don't get it this woman is like the real life Black widow a real life female superhero and has everything it takes to have the stardom of a Ronda Rousey who lets face it was a POS of a person and Valentina from all accounts is a sweetheart. Just makes no sense to me. Arguments to this have been that they don't promote her because she's just too good and there's no one who can beat her at flyweight and it's like no competition so she's not a draw because she dominates so much kind of like the mighty mouse effect. Other arguments have been that they don't want to set up another fight between her and Nunez which IDC what anybody says and most of the MMA community agrees that Valentina won one of those fights I forget which one. None of these makes sense to me but regardless this is a superstar and should definitely be up there on the p4p list as well.

    10. Dylan Olsen

      So in short your saying valentinas going to slaughter you next ok that cool here comes another punching bag lmao 💼

    11. tsiggy

      I like doing this thing, where I change the first letter of a word with the first letter of the next word. Sometimes funny things happen: Check this out: Cynthia Calvillo

    12. 狐kitsune

      Its a shame that this event isn’t getting more recognition

    13. Andres Ludmer - GUITARLICKS4ALL


    14. Aaron Redding

      Moreno is the star that Mexico needs to promote even more MMA

    15. Thee BlueKing

      My dogs went crazy when the doorbell rang @ Shevchenko's gym, we have the same tone lol.

    16. karlos Lowry

      Wallid thinks he's a ufc fighter lol

    17. Jake Medina

      A lot of people in that gym that Cavillo was rolling in... Just saying.

    18. Karabo Molele

      Did y'all see Alex's whip? 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    19. Andrew Hill

      I swear Alex Perez with his mask on look like Dave Franco lmao cuz they talk just alike

    20. Benjamin Finley

      4:34 that awkward moment when you go for a first bump and the other person doesn't play that shit 🤣

    21. lycanwarlord

      anybody else find cavillo very unlikeable?

    22. Cris Emm

      I’m so glad I live on Valentina’s era to see her performance 👑🙌🐐

    23. Rob Odessa


    24. Louie Esquer

      Your the man Brandon ! I hope you get that title shot . I see it inevitable after a win this Saturday . You’ve worked your ass off for over a decade and definitely deserve it. A true martial artist . I’m a little pissed that they put you on the prelims after all the great fights you’ve had in the UFC . Good job on polishing your English , Your vocabulary has definitely evolved since the Ultimate Fighter good to see that you work to improve on all aspects in life, a humble and true role model and inspiration to our youth 🇲🇽. All the best my friend !

    25. Ivan Hernandez

      Love Brandon Moreno have been a fan of his since he beat formiga

    26. Dreyhov

      4:33 very awkward fist bump

    27. Cody Dodge

      cynthia has the most boring lines

    28. Jose P


    29. Morten Rollsen

      Why the ever living FUCK isn't Valentina the headliner for this Event? Just look at the comments section UFC! You misjudged this and you have been for a while.

    30. Paulo Costa

      Let’s go Brandon Moreno

    31. Gabriel Apodaca#81

      I think Valentine is very beautiful. Valentina I love you!!

    32. Naz Tsar

      Brendon Mareno probably never heard of Cain Velasquez

    33. Nathan Harrison

      I want that Darce Vader pic. :p thats great!

    34. ММА fan

      Valentina 💪💪💪

    35. Omar Muhammad

      I think Wallid Ismail and Ali abdulaziz are long lost brothers. twin sons of cringe binge

    36. Angelo Maraboli

      So Perez who is ranked 3rd is fighting for the title in the main event while Moreno who is ranked 2nd is on the Prelims? Wtf?!!

    37. Angelo Maraboli

      Moreno is such a likable dude!

    38. Omar Lopez

      Darce vader sign was epic lmao

    39. Omar Lopez

      You can tell perez is a baby cuz Cain Velasquez is one of the greatest of all time and he was as Mexican as you can get

    40. James Byerly

      Im excited for this entire card

    41. Justin Davis

      it's time the UFC use those gloves Brandon Moreno was using

    42. Dallas EDC

      Idk if I’ve heard Antonine and Pavel talk so much...they’re always so quiet behind Valentina

    43. Dan McAlester

      Brandon Moreno definitely looks like he can cause a lot of people some problems, the way he throws his kicks is smooth af

    44. Neil Squires

      No disrespect to her opponent but Valentina is gonna absolutely destroy her.

    45. Kemal Ertas

      Darce Vader had me chuckling at the end

    46. Michael Ciavarella

      This card will break the less PPV sale record for sure. I m French and i m happy to be able to watch this UFC fight night with the fight pass.This card not worth 60€, by far

    47. Cody Anderson

      Is it just me or does Brandon Moreno sound a lot like chito Vera? Just listen to him talk without looking at the screen and tell me it doesnt. Lol crazy

    48. Voji

      Can't help but notice how weird Wallim Ismail is

    49. Vaquero Vegano


    50. ReLevAnT thOuGhT !

      why dont ufc organization recruit fighters from all over the world afterall it helps to more popularize ufc organization all over the world in an easy way ! they should have open their sub branches all over the world✅which will make ufc a non defeatable no 1fighting org as well as business org .we want easy entry from Nepal .

    51. D. Ricechex

      Cc got some cheeks

    52. RON RON

      Alex Perez is not going to be champ. Bro doesn’t even have a team pulling up with him. He’s over here struggling with his all his stuff while this is supposed to be his most important fight of his life 😩

    53. John Venegas

      Royval by murder he kill Kai kara France

    54. uriel rodriguez

      Awkward first bump 4:34

    55. Mrblend27

      Valentina doesn’t seem very energized this week.

    56. Domantas Jan

      Damn Perez pulling up with a new mustang

    57. Noah Ruiz

      Let’s go Moreno!

    58. Siddharth Shukla

      Why arent they covering Shogun ?

      1. DB Cooper's MoneyBags

        Lol, you know why. They're ashamed of his last performance...as they should be.

    59. Wayne Carroll

      If Valentina wasn't a UFC STAR she would be a KGB agent.

    60. manisaucmikus

      Everyones watching these just to see valentina.

    61. Andrew Pek

      Valantina is so fine to me 😍🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. DB Cooper's MoneyBags

        Agreed homey.


      A esa basura de Brandon Moreno lo van es a destruir y con ganas de que eso pase !!!!

    63. Sam Ward

      Valentina be like this is the hardest fight of my career 😏

    64. Jesus

      UFC Champions of Mexican heritage: Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock (aka Francisco Juarez), Ricco Rodriguez, Cain Velasquez, Carlos Condit (interim), Dominick Cruz, Anthony Pettis, Tony Ferguson (interim), Carla Esparza, Henry Cejudo and perhaps tomorrow the the list will go on! lol but more than likely Perez gets his night light. We'll see.

    65. V Ken

      It’s sus when they show the others weight but not figueiredo’s.

    66. Cesar Garza

      Ahuevo carnal!!! Puro Mexican power!!! Somos puros guerrero's desde que nacemos... hechales los 🥚 y de ahi pa delante weii

    67. Gwiz

      For giving Perez the shot over Moreno they’re really featuring Moreno on embedded

    68. Jose Hernandez

      I am liking this Brandon Morenokid. I hope he keeps winning. We need champions with good character in this sport.

    69. Javier Gonzalez

      🇲🇽 on the map

    70. Felipe Castellanos

      Alex "Lucky to be here" Pérez

    71. Before The Bell Podcast

      Brandon Royval & UFC Flyweight division explained. paprom.info/block/v/sIzMhpR7y5CFqoY.html

    72. Joshua Mitchell

      such low views on these compared to 253 and 254. True fight fans know this is a good card...its about time the little guys get some shine

    73. Hi Bro

      Don’t sleep on Brandon Royval dude’s really skilled.

    74. David Cadengo

      Did anyone else smile when they seen the 10th planet door

    75. WindyClear

      Antonina Lipski and Calvillo Chookigan are some good female matchups. Buying this PPV for Valentina, they help make it worth it.

    76. 4evaReadyEddie

      When Valentina punchs she makes the exact same 'oowf' sound as that meme 🤣🤣🤣

    77. Jeff The Ref

      4:31 Wallid tries giving a fist bump the ufc covid guy just is like nah man gives him a little tap on the fist bump

    78. Jeff The Ref

      I like Moreno attitude

    79. Muskeln-kaufen.de

      Nate Diaz was so right to say, Everybody is on steroids. Disgusting

      1. DB Cooper's MoneyBags

        If it's everyone, then that's including him right?

    80. kaigee wong

      Wow I thought Alex Perez and Moreno were the same person .... Until I heard his English!

    81. Marcillio Ficino

      If Biden is officially certified as president, I hope he doesn't shut down all sports... completely.

    82. Tommy Arnold

      Only guy to be cut from ufc and come back and be on embeded ... Third fight from main

    83. Sushant Keni

      How strong is Valentine's mind?🔥

    84. Ezaax

      gang gang

    85. EatCodeSleep

      Episode 2 and still no Maia

    86. Islam Makhachev

      McGregor FANS rise up your hands

      1. Dana Black

        Shut ur mouth

    87. Giancarlo Colon

      ¡Viva México, cabrones!

    88. Matt_Best11

      I love it when Brandon Moreno pronounces other Spanish names..🤣😂

    89. wilson punin

      If Moreno wins I want him to grab the mic and say “I am McLovin”

    90. Ghiulai Dani

      Dana White: "This is trending to be our biggest PPV ever"

    91. Danijel Hrup

      When I see this, I think Bellator has better program and fighters than UFC, even KSW has a great program and very good fighter... UFC is falling into... abyss

    92. Erik Perez

      Valentina's hardcore for sparring during fight week

    93. Otis the Beefy One

      Moreno/Royval should be on main card instead of Calvillo/Chookagian

    94. MMAorNada

      I used to think Brandon was boring but I was wrong as hell

    95. Spanky Roller

      ufc is seriously fake

    96. Stinky skates

      Imagine sparring with Valentina 😬😳

    97. Dan J

      Why is Valentina even training for this fight

      1. Izumabakumatsu

        GSP vs Matt Serra 1. That's why.

    98. edit11

      this is a Hispanic and Slavic UFC EVENT. sweeet!

    99. Tino Porkka

      Valentina should be the main event...

    100. Watch This