UFC 254: Whittaker vs Cannonier - Who Can Survive? | Fight Preview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Preview the UFC 254 co-main event bout between former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker and rising contender Jared Cannonier. SPECIAL START TIME of 2pm ET / 11am PT! Order UFC 254 now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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    1. Sam Spirgel

      "Mate, I've been in wars. I'm accustomed to them." *BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!* "Aussie aussie aussie!!!!"

    2. E Hold

      Anybody know the name of the song in this promo?

    3. Stephen Benitez

      Bruh this fight will be the fucking shit

      1. Emilio

        already happened

    4. Liam coarsely

      So happy rob got the win Aussie Aussie Aussie!

    5. James Ford

      Robert Whittaker felt Cannonier's presence......or at least his fists and feet did...Bbbahaha

    6. Rob

      Jared Cannonier was a very smart fighter, grabbing as much weight as he could and fine tune his abilities/muscle strength.

    7. SateliteMike DataPro

      I wonder why it was only a 3 rounder?

    8. Cory in the house

      Generic striker lost to the sexy kiwi shocker

    9. Toki Kashi

      Robert is a very nice bad ass

    10. ashish sinha

      Who is here after Robert whooped Jared's ass one sided and almost finished him.

    11. Esteban Zapata

      who been here after the reaper win? the monster!

    12. Fotis Tsek

      That will be a crazy fight!!!! 🔥🔥

    13. Michael Karanja

      OI OI OI!!!!

    14. Doomed Existence

      That gyno....annnd no drug test....

    15. BOOTY eater

      Both fighters have beautiful striking

    16. Abrar Taha

      I thought that was Yuri Boyka seeing the thumbnail

    17. Black Fang

      dang i thought his heavyweight form is another guy jeez he came out shredded

    18. robertg305

      Winner vs. Adesanya!

    19. Mahmudjon Kuchkarov

      Бу сафар Трампнинг УФC ва Хабибга бўлган қизиқиши Хабибнинг қисқа тўлқинли ЕМ қуроллари билан нурланишига шубҳа туғдирмоқда. Одамни узоқдан кўринмас ҳолда нурлантириш мумкин. Радиация натижасида одам заифлашади ва енг муҳими, унинг реакцияси сезиларли даражада секинлашади. Бу спортда жуда муҳим омил. Мен мустақил олимман. Мен дунёнинг ёвуз кучларини фош қилганим учун, улар бу қуролни менга қарши ҳам ишлатишади. Натижада, менинг хотирам ва соғлигим баъзан ёмонлашади. Aммо Хабиб фақат иродаси ва тажрибаси туфайли ғалаба қозониши мумкин! Қандай бўлмасин, бу сафар бу осон бўлмайди. Ҳар ҳолда, Хабибга рақибини мағлуб бўлиш осон бўлмайди деб ўйлайман. На этот раз интерес Трампа к UFC и Хабибу вызывает сомнения в том, что Хабиба облучают коротковолновым ЕМ оружием. Человека можно незаметно облучить издалека. В результате облучения человек становится слабым и, что самое главное, его реакция значительно замедляется. Это очень важный фактор в спорте. Я независимый ученый. Поскольку я разоблачил плохие силы мира, они использу ють это эту оружю против меня тоже. В результате у меня иногда ухудшаются память и здоровье. Но Хабиб может победить только благодаря своей воле и опыту! В любом случае, на этот раз это будет нелегко. В любом случае, я не думаю, что Хабибу будет так легко победить.This time, Trump's interest in the UFC and Khabib raises doubts that Khabib is being irradiated with shortwave EM weapons. A person can be irradiated imperceptibly from afar. As a result of radiation, a person becomes weak and, most importantly, his reaction slows down significantly. This is a very important factor in sports. I am an independent scientist. Since I exposed the evil forces of the world, they use this weapon against me too. As a result, my memory and health sometimes deteriorate. But Khabib can only win thanks to his will and experience! Either way, it won't be easy this time. In any case, I don't think it will be that easy for Khabib to defeat.

    20. RC

      I like RW but I feel he's going to loose.

    21. TornadoF60

      Easy win for Robert !

    22. Michael Karanja

      That Whittaker intro cut was clean AF

    23. Jackson Ross

      Team Whittaker

    24. Anam Shah

      Whittaker is right, he has been on wars. But been in too many, it will take a toll on you. I see Cannonier winning this fight.

    25. Blair Fraser

      I like both guys!

    26. nota russianspy

      Whittaker easy if he uses all his skills, Cannonier if Whittaker rushes and thows winging bombs in like he did against Izzy

    27. Mark Phillip Rivero

      Cannonier looks really scary dude but i think Whitaker is much more well rounded.

    28. SHxT GiGs

      Middleweight is Fkin killing it with the fighters it has in its ranks

    29. Trinity

      I think Izzy needs to be matched up with another long lanky fighter with good spatial awareness. Someone with a longer reach than him and knows how to use that reach could probably beat him

    30. Demetrius Jones

      Whitaker made of glass...only a glass cannon. Cannonier is the real thing that doesn't break ever

    31. Keyser Söze

      Whittaker for the Win 💪🏽

    32. Unarcadia Arcadia

      Bum ref

    33. antorafignas Artist Music movie

      i win :) lol

    34. Erik _Shun

      All the best of luck to both men but also, I really want to see Adesanya vs Cannonier!

    35. richard chamoun

      Late in the first,...I'm gonna put Cannonoir away!... Just like that. How exciting if Whittaker actually does that ?. This could be his defining fight and maybe one of if not his best performances. We have to wait and see..

    36. Muhammad Saad Javed

      Whittaker very good fighter to both are good and good match will be happen

    37. nizamm

      Can't wait to see Jared at flyweight

    38. Tristan Sander

      *#TeamWhittaker* who else with me?🇦🇺


      1:03 when rob came in gave me chills bro !!!

    40. desi fitness Gyan

      One fight khabib

    41. M.

      Love Whittaker but Jared is scary. Should be a great fight.

    42. Nyz TeeVee

      Cannonier has a power of a cannon punch and obviously has that strength but, Whittaker has the speed and also the power plus his footwork. I got Whittaker for this fight and maybe an Izzy Vs. Whittaker 2 in the future.

    43. mxamiss5

      Neither guy beats Israel but great fight. Cannonier by TKO or Whittaker by split decision.

    44. Abdallah Hamido

      “Mate I’ve been in wars am accustomed to them “ that’s not Robert whittaker speaking that’s the reaper 💪💪💪#reapernation

      1. SHxT GiGs

        Gave me goosebumps I’m that keen

      2. Shuvojit1092

        Hell yeah

    45. Tim Kruse

      people gotta give credit to rob he's fought some killers in the division, taraves, hall, brunson, souza, romero 2x and till!!!

    46. Tim Kruse

      i like jared but hes just too slow for izzy, izzy picks him apart

    47. TheStudioHo

      Bro was huge at heavyweight

    48. Dylan Underwood

      Jarrod is absolutely terrifying, as is Robbo. Can’t wait for the comain

    49. D

      Whittaker by decision

    50. Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

      Jared Cannonier is like the George Forman of the UFC (he's even got the hairstyle) He punches just like him, and Israel Adesanya is the Muhammad Ali of the UFC, light on his feet and uses his reach.

    51. Elcrispo

      Like both but Cannonier for me

    52. Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

      Can't wait to see Jared Cannonier at bantamweight

      1. Stephen Benitez

        If you ever fought you’d understand why you go up to go down

      2. Sgt. Pepper

        Google global truth project and click "The Present" tab to see the truth about life/death in four pages.

      3. Young Nasty

        The bantamweight goat🐐🤣😭😭🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😭😂

      4. aspen 85

        He will be a wrecking machine I mean a wrecking skeleton I mean......he will be dead

      5. SHxT GiGs


    53. Drumect

      is that Yuri Boyka in the thumbnail?

    54. mistério sombrio

      Esse dai será o dono do cinturão

    55. sahde sahde

      0:58 I don't need anymore my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    56. Pushing 4Better

      Whitaker isn't hungry anymore. He will get knock out

    57. Mahdi Dif

      This fight looks better than the main event

    58. Gabriel Betancourt

      Shameless audio editing at the end. Whittaker did not predict a first round finish.

    59. Steven grime Rose

      Animal 💪🏻👊🏻💪🏻

    60. Jef B

      This is gonna be great! What a card! 😀

    61. Northern Corruption Monitor 907

      CANNONIER STARTED UP HERE IN ALASKA yah babyy!!! the greatland huaaah

    62. Rodrick Lamya

      Let's all say it together OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! 👀

    63. Rauno Loik

      I would be amazed if Whittaker doesn´t get knocked down.

    64. chofo arrivillaga

      cannonier vs rumble LH

    65. youtube commenter

      Whitaker is gonna straight up break this guy.......

    66. ErrolSeverinMUA

      Cannonier is a serious problem. No doubt about it.

    67. Picasso Kwanele

      Reaper gets knocked out, his chin isn't strong enough, Killa gorilla walks through him in the first round.

    68. Alexander Sarver

      Cannonier, get him. Rootin for ya

    69. B Shelton

      Whittaker for the W

    70. Chris Macht

      Rob will again loose that that is so obvious

    71. b24jackson

      Going for Whittaker but I... Don't.... Know.... Bro.....

    72. India needs one Child Policy

      Go Whittakerrrrrrr

    73. 4TH 19TH

      Real main event/

    74. Борьба За Мечту

      yutub kanal Bor'ba za Mechtu, podpishites'

    75. Борьба За Мечту

      ютуб канал Борьба за Мечту

    76. Karabo Molele

      This FIGHT is FINALLY getting the hype it deserves

    77. Tranox

      Mark my words.... Connonier wins this fight by KO.... Then fights izzy and loses in the 3rd round

    78. MetalGoySolid GigaGoyim

      If I was jarred cannonier I would start the ufc bullet club and after every knockout do that gun shot pose that kenny omega does. I'd wear a cape and a gorilla mask.

    79. I CHAP

      Israel Dm'd cannonier about a fight before even beating Costa, lmao Savage 🇳🇬

    80. Hans Syahnaz_e36M43

      Cannonier the killer of all killer

    81. Pash Mackintosh

      As much as i like Whittaker as a person, i think Cannonier would be a better fit to beat the shit out of Izzy and shove some humble pie down his throat.

    82. Ezekiel John Ordoñez

      boyka is here😧

    83. youronly friend

      everyones the worlds greatest fighter lmao!!! there can only be one greatest fighter and he wont be in ufc people! thats for cheap whores!

    84. Just Julez

      Cannonair for the win

    85. stan

      In next five years cannonier the flyweight.

    86. D Y

      It’s just crazy how he used to be a heavyweight and now he is a middleweight

    87. youronly friend

      whitaker been sucking latelty so....

    88. Tony Montana

      I like both fighter no matter what happened the results go get Israel good luck and recover soon

    89. Donovan Platt

      Cannonier is enlightened. I'm not saying he's going to win but I'm warning everyone: Never bet against people who believe in crystal/ supernatural powers. Their believe gives them power real or not

    90. Thegr8Yohaan -

      1:05 love this part

    91. june 90

      i think cannonier can beat whitteker then adesanya..

    92. Alan Joseph

      Should be 5 rounds.

    93. Philip Phil

      Cannonier went from being bald and fat to jacked and full afro.

    94. King Of Everything

      The reason why MMA and particularly the UFC is so much bigger and better than boxing nowadays is that we have 2 fights on the same card which are as equally as anticipated by the hardcore. Knowing the magnitude of the main event - that speaks volumes. And we all know this isn't even the most stacked one of the year. Dana and the gang know how to put 7 or 8 barn burners that blow your brains out. Boxing is always about main events and building certain individuals. Rarely do you even see two anticipated fights. UFC doing a tremendous job!

    95. genkatawplayer

      This fight may surpass the MAIN event. I am expecting WAR!

    96. Rob Miller

      Rob gonna grind him down and finish late

    97. Luke King


    98. Daniel Zepeda

      I got 20 on whittaker

    99. Praful Pawar

      Robert Whittaker is shit . He wouldn't able to stand infornt Jarod .

    100. MDT 123 MVP

      I like both, but I think Cannonier takes Whittaker out (2nd or 3rd round maybe).