UFC 254: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Watch the UFC 254: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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    1. yasio bolo

      Bobby Knuckles is such a genuine,likeable Dude.

    2. FlatgroundTV

      To be honest, there are many illegally stream on this fight that causes PPV dropped. For sure this fight was really exceed the viewer of McGregor vs Khabib fight.

    3. nieooj gotoy

      khabib nurmagomedov wrote history. he will never be forgotten.☝🏼🥇

    4. Daro The Ancient Babylonian

      It seems that Dana is really upset about Khabibs retirement. But yeah right who is not upset because of that. Even the haters are upset.

    5. Bravo Team 6

      Wow he didnt say the ppv numbers

    6. Blue Jeans

      ok this is my scenario well not pure mine i read some fans put it and i was kinda agree with that, first he won't comeback except his mother permission and I believe he didn't really interested in lightweight now because let's be honest he looks invisible and i think noone can beat him, but if someone beat Islam (highly doubt it tho) I think he will comeback for revenge and maybe someone call him in the middle of interview thay he beat his brother and want to fight Khabib next hahaha this will look like a movie, or my second scenario that maybe he'll comeback of course with mother permission if they make it happen in Russia so Khabib won't travel so much and stay close to his family

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Спасибо Хабиб!Ты живая легенда!!!

    7. Anirban Samanta

      Team Khabib till I die

      1. kolim jone

        29-0-0 never lose!! he deserves the title GOAT

    8. Strykerr Rukerr

      Khabib: Im retire now! Lightweight Division: Alhamdulillah!

      1. kolim jone

        Trying to play up legacy and dramatics

    9. Angga AR

      Is it just me robert look like boyka? The undisputed man actor from russia?

      1. kolim jone

        Dana looks so pissed here

    10. Mike Torres

      Yeah he had a good fight, but Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system.

      1. soiung toiue

        Trying to play up legacy and dramatics

    11. mjaatpriory

      Whittaker is such a dude, respect!!

      1. soiung toiue

        Dana looks so pissed here

    12. kolim jone

      Glad khabib didn't give the "reporters" one last chance to bring up his father.

      1. kolim jone

        Спасибо Хабиб!Ты живая легенда!!!

    13. Ramses Linan

      I'm gonna miss khabib so much. I really hope he comes back to fight Ferguson if Tony can be himself again. Weve been wanting that fight for so long and it's brilliant stylistically. One more for the eagle

    14. Headles Norseman

      i feel bad for the guy but they are acting like nothing bad has ever happened to a professional athlete before...

    15. Stephen Sturgis

      Whittaker is not beating Izzy. Was hoping Jared would win

      1. kolim jone

        Deuteronomy 6:5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

    16. Cactus Y

      15:27 Best advice!!

    17. oiuet souiu

      Ferguson Vs McGregor, he's been dodging Ferguson for too long, plus this would be an interesting matchup. Dustin should rematch Gaethje and the winners fight for the title

    18. Mario Garcia

      Give tony a title shot fucking Dana... remember his fucking win streak too

    19. Leovanny Lubiss

      na.to/urflirtyjoygirlteen .𝐀𝐃𝐔𝐋𝐓 〜在整个人类历史上,强势,富人和狡猾的人在部落,部落,城市,城镇和村庄中吃掉了弱者,没有成员来守护和穷人。 但是人类 生存的愿望迫使那些被拒绝,被剥夺或破坏的人,并且基本需要寻找一种生活方式并将其继续融入发展中的人类社会。 说到食物,不要以为那些被拒绝的人只是在吃垃圾。 相反,他们学会了在被忽视的肉类和蔬菜中寻找营养。 他们学会清洁,切割,调味和 在食品市场上轻轻地煮蔬菜和肉,一些废弃的家用蔬菜和肉,学习在烹饪过程中使用芳香木烟(例如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)调味食物❤️

    20. Kyle Quatmann

      I don't agree. Khabib has not even come close to what Jon Bones Jones has done. Jon was the youngest UFC champion in history. Jon also has a massive list of the best light heavyweights he has beaten. Khbib is second in my mind. Jones has also held the title for a lot longer. Most title defenses in light Heavyweight history. Most wins. Longest win streak. Most submission victories. This makes Jon Bones Jones the P4P. Take out what he did out of the octagon. That has nothing to due with what he has done in the octagon

      1. RickyBobby38

        Jones is a drug cheat ... Huge question mark over all of his pre-USADA fights ... GSP was more consistent for way longer in more competitive division ... Khabib didn't get his chance at the title early on like Jones did, he had to work for years before getting his chance (injuries robbed us of Khabib fighting for several long stints of time too).

      2. oiuet souiu

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    21. Mr. BLOGER

      Спасибо Хабиб!Ты живая легенда!!!

    22. Mask Gaban

      29-0-0 never lose!! he deserves the title GOAT

    23. Varun Wadhwa

      Dana looks so pissed here

    24. adam spence

      Trying to play up legacy and dramatics

    25. Nouria Esengulova

      Please make documentary film about Khabib. He is God's soldier and living legend! I can't believe people existed like Khabib.

    26. Professor

      *Georges St-Pierre* • Wins in UFC bouts: 20 • Consecutive wins in UFC bouts: 13 • Wins in UFC title bouts: 13 • UFC title defenses: 9 • Wins in 2 different UFC weight classes • Title wins in 2 different UFC weight classes • Losses in UFC bouts: 2 (both revenged) *Jon Jones* • Wins in UFC bouts: 20 • Consecutive wins in UFC bouts: 17 • Wins in UFC title bouts: 14 • UFC title defenses: 11 • Losses in UFC bouts: 1 (DQ) *Anderson Silva* • Wins in UFC bouts: 17 • Consecutive wins in UFC bouts: 16 (ended) • Wins in UFC title bouts: 11 • UFC title defenses: 10 • Wins in 2 different UFC weight classes • Losses in UFC bouts: 6 (because he refuses to retire) *Demetrious Johnson* • Wins in UFC bouts: 15 • Consecutive wins in UFC bouts: 13 (ended) • Wins in UFC title bouts: 12 • UFC title defenses: 11 • Wins in 2 different UFC weight classes • Losses in UFC bouts: 2 *Khabib Nurmagomedov* • Wins in UFC bouts: 13 • Consecutive wins in UFC bouts: 13 • Wins in UFC title bouts: 4 • UFC title defenses: 3 • Losses in UFC bouts: 0

    27. Bob Knobb

      Dana and the Diaz brothers are going to team up🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    28. MrGroovemann

      Is it me or does Rob sound scared to fight Israel?

    29. Gary Burger

      "he didnt lose either round" The judges had it 10-9 for Gaethje


      Deuteronomy 6:5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

    31. Grant

      The reporter that brough up Mike Perry's wife needs to be slapped

      1. RickyBobby38

        I think if Dana hadn't been so worn out/tired he may have ripped the head off that "reporter" ... GTFOH with that TMZ garbage, this was a post fight press conference

    32. Allen Filkins Jr.

      I've never seen dana act like that in an interview

    33. georgetheonlyporge

      Damn! Robert must be one of the most likeable fighters of the UFC. No persona, no trash talk, lots of humor, especially when it comes to himself, an Aussie how I got to know and love them.

    34. drew combs

      Hands down second best ever to do it....jon jones then khabib

      1. RickyBobby38

        You mean GSP then Khabib ... Jones is a drug cheat, that rules him out of anything GOAT related discussions

    35. Abubakar Butt

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    36. DEMO 300

      Broken foot...couldnt cut weight...cheated on the weigh in. Oh well

    37. Rasa Rom

      Gaethje dismantled Ferguson giving him all the confidence in the world then he goes and faces a guy with a broken foot, who literally puts him to sleep to crown his legacy an undefeated MMA fighter. unreal

    38. saadov Tv

      Habib best☝

    39. J.R Paiva

      Justin is a great MMA fighter but Kabib made him look like a amateur . Kabib the real Goat..

    40. Forsaken Pumpkin

      Yeah Robert's a hilarious dude, the fact he's still fighting and winning is also a HUGE bonus.

    41. fabi_87

      Robert Whittaker is such a cool and humble dude a guy that seems really fun to hang out with definitely my favorite fighter personality wise with Khabib as a close second.

    42. Grayson Andrews

      well Khabib is gone so the only true matchup that makes since is conor vs justin for the vacent title

      1. RickyBobby38

        @Grayson Andrews he's only in the rankings because he's Uncle Dana's golden goose for getting that sweet sweet casual fan/irish wannabe $$$ ... anyone else with a 1-1 LW record wouldn't even be ranked in the top 25 let alone the top 5, be real

      2. Grayson Andrews

        @RickyBobby38 He's ranked number 4 for a reason

      3. RickyBobby38

        Conor hasn't earned his way to a title shot yet, guy's still only had 2 fights in the division after all these years, build up a actual fight record like everyone else has been doing this entire time ... Tony, Dustin, Justin, Dan & Charles are all more deserving of a title shot than Conor, heck I'd give Chandler a shot before him (unlike Conor he's actually won & defended his titles ... Yes, yes "It's only Bellator", but he's already beaten Benson & Eddie, both LW champs when they were in the UFC)

    43. Jamie Kilstein

      Why Khabib can't retire just yet... paprom.info/block/v/eHW5hZp12HxjuIo.html

    44. ILSLF

      Dana White: We put the best fighters against the best fighters. Yeah, After he had a drunkard fight old man donald

    45. Abzzz

      We will miss this gem... And he will be remembered forever... This guy has written a history in bold

    46. Ivonne Jepchumba


    47. Belgian John

      But Tony...

    48. Wom Wimroth

      Bobby Knuckles is such a wholesome dude. All smiles and good energy. Love that guy, wish the best for him and happy for his win especially right before the birth of his new child.

    49. gamer sal

      two lucky men first die walking and the second resign when he is strong

    50. SomeoneInYourChat FromDublin

      Dana looks like them 5 weeks aged him 5 years

    51. Matthieu pnl

      French traduction please 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵

    52. bcvbb hyui

      Greatest of all time. Dominated all fights. No cheating. No doubts about his wins. 🐐🐐🐐

    53. Mohannad Montaser

      The name of this legend will remain engraved in our chests💔

    54. Zochhuanawma Zote

      Jon jones never be the goat because drugs, title strips.. Majority of the ufc fans did not accepted jon jones is the goat.. Maybe Gsp but Khabib deserves to be called goat..

    55. Julito Maraña

      Dana always on cocaine with these interviews...

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Khabib has unmatched legacy😎👊💥💥💥paprom.info/block/v/i22WetKF3Y-knYo.html

    56. Mo AlFa

      Khabib@ Disciplined and Outshined Athlete!

    57. Melissa Smidt

      I wholeheartedly appreciate Dana's refusing to postulate, and his laudable no BS dialogue.

    58. Dr. Josef H.

      “ Nurmagomedov isn’t exact the boogeyman, he is the one you send to kill the fucking boogeyman” . “ He is a man of focus , commitment, cheer will and something you know little about him “.

    59. Joshua

      Bobby is such a likable guy


      It was a privilege to watch a this man in the octagon. He will be remembered for generations to come...

    61. Nicole C

      Dana. It must really suck to be there. I feel terrible

    62. Prime Key

      paprom.info/block/v/aX-prMOT3pCV1YI.html this Khabib video made me look into this beautiful religion 💯

    63. K. T

      Whittaker is the nicest dude ever.

    64. Steph Ben

      Dana white looks so mad, i don't know why.

    65. Jack Thompson

      Only now i know Khabib was all time a LEGEND. We will miss u legend🙏

    66. Manuel Perez


    67. Gee Gee

      Dana 50 gs baby

    68. Mgd_Skits

      i caught TWO child predators on my channel if any of you are interested

    69. Bigfoots dikk

      Great analysis Dana White, really quite amazing listening to your breakdown of the main event. For someone as knowledgeable as you being in the fight business for close to 3 decades, hearing your input really makes me skip every 10 seconds until I see you exit the stage.

    70. Toutai Palu

      Khabib has unmatched legacy😎👊💥💥💥paprom.info/block/v/i22WetKF3Y-knYo.html

    71. Propergander Productions

      Dana does a thing pretending not to hear when someone guesses his plan...aka the pourier connor thing

    72. Father Noon

      This guy pays hookers more than he pays fighters

    73. T1tusCr0w

      Dana looks gutted! Almost about to cry 😢 I feel truly sorry for him.. 😊 a mere shell of a man tonight.. have a 19 hour sleep boss 🤣

    74. Adam Barnes

      Robert I’ve got to pepper Whittaker

    75. Philm

      he promised his mother he won’t fight again, when a man like Khabib says something like this, he means it.

    76. Jiwalo Apon

      Robert Whittaker looks like 'The Deep' from the series 'The Boys' after joining the Church of the Collective :-D

    77. lee j

      Well done too khabib, dana looks gutted he's retired just lost another cash cow 😂

    78. Joseph Wilde


    79. Philip D. Hangs

      Hands down Khabib!! Jones just a bum champion

    80. Miguelito, The God

      The journalist questions are so amateur and his responses are great. So does he hit hard? He doesn’t hit soft.

    81. Luna Belle

      To hate Whitaker: IMPOSSIBLE

    82. Rfz Fanai

      Pound for pound hi enge awmzia,Dana white.?

    83. Rfz Fanai

      What is the meaning of pound for pound.

    84. Mr Say168

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life...

    85. JacobBlakeIsARapist

      So dana knew about khabibs foot hence the Michael chandler backup plan

    86. Gervasio Augusto Djedje

      " I have no ideia" I feel uncle Dana was feeling low.

    87. Key Epic

      Dana’s head gets fatter every time I see him. LOL \/

      1. Primo H

        Hes just full of himself

    88. Fahad Iqbal

      The Legend & Proud for Muslims.We are gonna Miss him Alot ❣️❣️ Love From Pakistan 🇵🇰💪🏼

    89. trigueiros113

      ..Khabib best athlet i ever saw of all sports. Just Michael jordan or phelps are near. I am portuguese

    90. babasnaners _

      Really speaks volumes about the business when a steady group of fighters start relinquishing titles and retiring..

    91. That You'dliketoknow

      Gave chicken legs for a little bit 😁 heh

    92. Charmaine Lawless

      I truly have way more respect for the fighters that handle themselves so well and stay true to who they r. And even I loses still give enter views. And the ones who win. These men that act like boys is just well get read of the little man syndrome. There r several of you that conduct yourselves like men should.

    93. Baggin Brooks

      No way they didn't lose money having this at 2pm est. I was going to order it and thought it would be on at the usual 10pm. At about 6pm I realized it was already over so me and the buddy I was gonna order it with just watched it on PAprom for free. I can't be the only one.

    94. MR SCOUSE

      Only Way We Will See Khabib Bless Us One More Time Is With His Mothers Blessing. Untill Then We Won't See The GOAT Fight Again.

    95. MeloMaloPaulino


    96. D J Productions

      khabib is great, shame...but lightweight goat!... Rob, great bloke in an out the octagon

    97. Simple Man

      Tony rightnow " O my lord all praises are for you 🙏 Thank you for saving my A$$ from going sleep"

    98. Sean Benay

      Retired at 29-0....oh right...the bear, make that 30-0!

    99. Y J

      Why didn't khabib or other fighters do the post fight interview?

    100. MegaScanlan

      defo all time great but no 1 pound for pound 🤔 no 4 title fights jones has much better resume + 10 more title fights and still active very disappointing tony fight never happened his style was a problem for khabib .