UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje - Weigh-in

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    1. yomofoindahouse

      Yeah. He didn't make weight...

    2. Leagend Boy

      I love khabib

    3. armagidon eddison

      hahaha Look how fast they check Khabib weight vs ALL THE OTHER guys and girls :)) Khabib didn't make weight :)) Arabs probably payed a lot of money to Justin to give up in that match.. or Ali, because powerfull striker who didn't miss a shot vs Tony, sudenly start hitting walking to him khabib with HAND not FIST... and his shots were from the bottom to not make any demage to Khabib...

    4. Daniel

      1:50 are we just gonna ignore his belly button

    5. Юрий Зайцев

      Khabib didn't make the weight!

    6. Moh Th

      Khabib like python..

    7. Gon Prad

      Heres why he almost had problems on his Weight-In; their camp is so Bad his been sick for days and had Broken Toes, but Thank GOD he Wins Bcause if he lost the story about what happend to him would not be good people will not believe it and tell him SO MUCH EXCUSES .. And he Didnt missed Weight-In its Perfect when he remove his JoggingPants ..

    8. armwars

      khabib looks weak look at his flat biceps

    9. Abas Abas khan

      I love khabib

    10. Mir Sahib

      What's the point of stripping the athletes, as if those few gram has any affect on the game

    11. CreamyBone

      Woah... that Khabib weigh-in. The guy manning the scale was... QUICK 😉

    12. Adrian Jones

      It breaks me seeing Khabib like that. Obviously a really tough weight cut, unsurprisingly he isn’t making weight in the gym with his Father anymore. When he made weight, he looked like he was going to break down. His father was a legend in the world of MMA. His own legacy will live on forever and through Khabib as well. You cannot honestly say all the shit about Khabib and actually have a genuine interest in MMA. He wasn’t a ‘boring’ fighter, he just wasn’t your typical clown, a knock off Tony Montana imitator. He is insanely gifted and talented. He perfected his craft with his Father by his side always. It was awe inspiring how dominant he could be. Do your research, he has KO victories. He does have stand up, he has knocked certain people on their arse. The fact no one could beat this guy on the ground is a testimony to the Nurmagomedov legacy! Khabib was taught discipline, to be humble and show respect. That’s what this game is all about and he embodied that, he always will. I hope he has a healthy retirement, he has nothing left to prove to any of the naysayers. He is a true warrior of our time and replicating this kind of dominance will be hard to match.

    13. Hello2u Today

      Khabib did not make weight. Watch the videos showing the sliding scale which matches his sliding values. The fight should be cancelled and all the betters should sue the ass off UFC>

    14. keshav kumar

      Only a grappler could take on khabib. Now i don't think that any one else can take him. Gaeji will be a chicken leg for Khabib.

    15. Fred Frederson

      Missed weight, but you how they do it in the middle east

    16. paul patchell

      Khabib didn't make weight, the official helped the UFC's golden boy by not waiting for the scale to stop

    17. Satnav Simmo

      Khabib missed weight. What a cheat. You see the end start to rise slowly which means he was over. Then the man ends it quick.

    18. Patito Gucci

      Abraham Lincon

    19. Mohamed MEJRI

      Khabib: today is my last fight in the UFC. Lightweight fighters : ALHAMDOULILLAH.

    20. MovieBaz

      Хабиб нурмугамедов класс👍☝️😊

    21. CharlesLeeRay 1985

      Khabib ha ha Twoj stary to Twoja stara :)

    22. Thrashert Thrash

      Khabib tak pernah melupakan 1 kata dalam tiap aksi nya ya itu ,allah hu akbar🙏👍👍👍

    23. Remo Lalougarou

      And the scale goes Up up up up....

    24. Matias Asconeguy Raco

      0:15 controversial af

    25. Stringy-bark creek

      0:17 seconds the dude weighing the fighter cheated the fighter didnt make weight watch the white bar @ 0:17 its supposed to come back down and level out before sliding the black thing but u can clearly see him push it across while it was still going up. CHEATERS

    26. KronosUber

      Do they have to get naked or something? Why did they cover up Khabib?

    27. The Wanderer

      So there is controversy about Khabib not making weight.... If you watch when he gets on the scale the beam is going in an upwards trajectory, and it has to balance, It’s going up. That means he’s heavy, and (the official) wipes it there as it’s still on its way up. It doesn’t bounce and doesn’t stabilize in the centre. That’s not correct. What do you think? Great performance by Khabib, the GOAT!?

      1. svennie pennie

        How do these scales work?

    28. Salman Ali

      Damn, Ariel Helwani got gains now?

    29. Jalen Bolden

      "0:29" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1639 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

      1. heptagon is the superior shape


    30. One Shot Gaming

      30-0, including the bear🐻

    31. RazorBP Razor

      Khabib Nurmagomedov >> Yuri Boyka We are waiting for the 5th part of "The Champion"

    32. BJJMTF

      Cheat Codes were used

    33. chane ice

      They both looked at his junk. That deserves a bonus.

    34. Cuyl Shepherdton

      paprom.info/block/v/nY28kbyUqIqcy2U.html - skip to 6:43 to watch Gaethje throw his fight. He grabs Khabib's leg and helps him tighten the triangle, despite the fact that he had room to slip his left arm in to defend.

    35. Brian Stamper

      OMG. he did not make weight. but still I do not think it matter much. Khabib is the the number 1 light weight champion on earth..

    36. Free Man

      "It was not you who threw when you threw, but..."

    37. Otis Sullivan

      He was over weight and they let him fight it’s a whole lot of lying going on in the UFC now

      1. RVD

        Cry now nerd

    38. Demi Raldi

      KhABiB miSsEd WeIghT, eVentHouGht I KnOw He'S n0t. iM jVsT a ButThuRt

    39. console

      holy fuck the atmosphere is so awkward lmao

    40. Mr Enok

      Khabib face looks tired and weary but he is full of energy and has the best stamina and strength over all he is the best fighter in the world .

    41. Hasnain Muslim

      Was anyone else guessing their weight as they were weighing in??

    42. LA ESQUINA


    43. Timothy Smekens

      If you need to cheat with your weight to win, then you should never be considered as a legend. Weigh-ins should be redone a few minutes before the fight.

    44. جمال الدين الجبلي

      أيها الكرام هذا موقع يحتوي كتباً عن الإسلام باللغة الفرنسية. www.muslim-library.com/?lang=French

    45. Handsome

      Alhamdulillah you make us Muslims Worldwide proud Alhamdulillah! Congrats Khabib and Peace! May Allah grants you the best of this world and here after... Thank you! Salamualaikum!

      1. Brahim

        May Alalh help all Muslim

      2. Brahim

        Salam Aleikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Not salam aleikum

    46. limitless

      5:12 Umm hmm

    47. Sam Walton

      The scale didnt even settle poor job by ufc

    48. amichai loeb

      A very weird weigh in...

    49. poopie6205

      lol i could knock these punks out

      1. poopie6205

        @Smith ultra super heavy weight because im such a unit

      2. Smith

        @poopie6205 lmao ok buddy. If you were to step into the ufc, what weight class would you be? what height etc, etc.

      3. poopie6205

        I wouldn't want to steal their thunder... I'm a humble man.

      4. Smith

        sure u could poopie6205, i believe in u

      5. chubbyurma

        Then do it? You get millions

    50. کریم Karim سیفی Saifi

      Khabib I love you Mann

    51. Никита Макаренко

      Лол Хабиб снял трусы

    52. الساهر


    53. ALDOSSEN

      Amazing man

    54. Farhan Ahmed

      Who's here after khabib took the win and now is retiring?

    55. Gggg Gggg

      I think Khabib is most boring champion in ufc...

    56. Blake GT.

      #boring Most BORING fight EVER! Gaethje fought like a looser from the begining and it even felt like a fixed fight...

    57. LDN--Kandahar

      Khabib. Number 1 UFC pound for pound fighter

    58. Mike T

      Khabib retires WOW !! Best pound per pound fighter EVER !!

    59. Mr Say168

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.....

    60. Mr Jean Deaux

      Khabib was over the 155lb limit. Watch the bar rise, before the official quickly swipes the marker right. That means Khabib was OVER the 155lb lint. Watch when Gaethje is weighed. The bar drops, suggesting he's under the limit. The bar rising means over 155lb. Khabib weighed over. It's there to see. Clear as crystal. Undeniable and irrefutable.

    61. Jibran Syed


    62. Jibran Syed

      Khabib nurmagomedov just made justin tap out

    63. Sour

      After seeing the fight, i think that Khabib wasnt glad at all that he made the 155lb He just realized that this weigh in was the last in his career.

      1. Satnav Simmo

        Nope he was about 157. Just cheated. He was relieved he knew he was way over.

    64. Planktosha

      от гсп зассал... я это знал до боя с фергусоном

    65. Have Alexis

      paprom.info/block/v/bGaar9h-125mv6Q.html This is to clarification khabib about his weight problem, it is very visible that he is cheated.

    66. Alazawe Alszawe


    67. pahlawan bangsa

      KHabib the best

    68. pahlawan bangsa

      Justin lose

    69. pahlawan bangsa

      Khabib winn submision

    70. Farhod F

      Россиянам которые болели за Гейджи, я вам сочувствую. 😁😁😁😁😁не падайте духом следующи раз может вам повезёт 😆😆😆😆😆😆

    71. ARROGANT

      Honestly very dissapointing fight , can't believe that this was a title match. Heavyweight is the only thing worth watching.

      1. Don

        Just shows you the class of khabib

    72. Anthony OG

      Who is here after Khabib put Gaethje to sleep in a triangle and retired from MMA TONIGHT🎸✨

      1. Anthony OG

        @Tomás Mac Donnchaidh you deserve a spinning backfist ko for that face

    73. ZeddVines

      Khabib proved he can stand, ended him quick. 2 rounds. He’s the one.

    74. Khan

      Who's here after khabib win and retired from ufc.... 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    75. Ahmed Roudan

      Es importante el peso????

    76. Tony Timbo

      All the people that said, "khabib is going to get K.O" sure are disappointed.

    77. Power Kill

      *Submission - R2 **01:34* *29-0* *Khabib nurmagomedov* 🔥 🐐 👑

    78. Syed Barkaat


    79. More Bass


    80. Ykck

      Congrats to him got the w and had a amazing career

    81. respect all

      Khabib won


      ALHAMDULILLAH 29..0 Let the haters lose...

    83. Cindy Webster

      Who's here after the win Truly the GOAT🐐 Khabib nurmagomedov

      1. BJJMTF

        Why he use Cheat Codes then?

      2. Truth Seeker

        He is goat but I am god

      3. Akhirul Zaman

        I'm in...he is real GOAT

    84. Street Heat

      I was a Khabib hater but wow what a special individual he is. Congratulations on your retired. I’ll say it, G.O.A.T

    85. Сър Стенли Ройс

      who's here after khabib beats justin uh?

    86. shadowsky Gaming


    87. GymIsLife 141

      rip to all khabib haters. 29:0 inshallah and still !

      1. Muhammad Zariff

        @Have Alexis stfu and go get a hobby or something😂

      2. ZA-7

        @Have Alexis These haters never learn.

      3. emzaffar

        @Have Alexis f off.... excuses

      4. GymIsLife 141

        @Have Alexis keep the salt coming

      5. Equalizerreazon

        @Have Alexis Fake

    88. psykotikoutlaw

      29-0 🦅 🇷🇺

    89. abbas poyraz

      And still ... love you man

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    91. Rui Lopes

      Its a sad thing my friends when your shorts weight more than your balls and you have to take your shorts to make weight, eheheheh

    92. lasfinezt

      Now it will be all over for the inshallas 😈 28-1

      1. TheGAMERcamp

        @lasfinezt true I would have liked him to get to 30-0. Also, no chance of tony Ferguson vs khabib now. But I honestly believe khabib would dominate tony ferguson especially after witnessing his performance tonight.

      2. lasfinezt

        But in the end it is still over for the inshallas because khabib just quit his job. Too bad because he was on a roll

      3. lasfinezt

        Hahah I knew y’all were coming. That was quick

      4. Gotcha B1tch

        what happened?

      5. CvnXxx b


    93. Glyn McQueen

      Kabib weight was not correct that needs looking into, weight didn't settle fixed

    94. Faisal A

      Why is Khabib nerves? I want him to win. Would be very happy!!

    95. Richy


    96. Jin Kazma


      1. Victor Palacios

        Fans like you make khabib less likable.....

    97. Truth Seeker1911

      Khabib missed weight! Watch the scale!!

    98. shane connolly

      they had chandler wtf some bs khabib was honest with his expression not his words ,he stayed shut had dude telling him get off the scale looking all suspect grabbing two guys to hop on the scale.. already new it's close when they strip naked and have two guys holding a sheet that means his camp was rightfully worried . This is crazy on Khabibs part

    99. Z Rod

      The scale showed he missed weight.. they just straight up lied

    100. shane connolly

      Wtf was with Khabib weigh in fishy af with the reaction him not letting the scale level.out to his official weight