UFC 254: Justin Gaethje Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

1.5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼265

    Justin Gaethje shares his assessment of his lightweight title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 254 with Jon Anik and also takes the opportunity to defend his golf game.
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    1. Adam Olds

      Him and his team looked way too happy after a loss like that.. didn’t have the dog in him

    2. Colonel.Exe

      P4P the nicest guy, he console Khabib immediately after he woke up losing a fight.

    3. Kushal Acharya

      Tap machine tapped twice in a night. Chicken

      1. Kushal Acharya

        @ChrisTheMMAFan 1st tap was missed by the ref so was 2nd tap then man went to sleep and ref closed the fight. Watch the full sequence bruv

      2. ChrisTheMMAFan


    4. sabrina daebak

      I love you justin.

    5. Skyylines11

      Great guy 🔥❤️ Big respect, Justin !

    6. Saf

      This Is One Of The Best Examples. Sportsmen Spirit 👍 Well Done Champ

    7. Daniyar Kitaev

      Justin had a good job ! Respect...

    8. collin caulfield

      I was sad when he lost. However, I predict he’ll be a future champ. You’re the man Justin hope to meet you someday!

    9. xthen rx


    10. Nazir Ahadov

      Justin earned respect from a lot of people all around the world. Great man!

    11. Krishnendu Samanta

      Love u justin❤from🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏

    12. akib shaikh

      29👑 vs 0👎 😜😜😜

    13. Diego Leon

      Khabib “The Goat” Nurmagomedov

    14. Areeb Sohail

      Justin after fight with khabib: he is a strong man and very honourable man it was a good match Connor: My foot was balloon 🎈 i could have beat him but but but but......

    15. Adam Smadi

      Your a great man Justin good luck! You will get the real belt one day !!

    16. Mohammed Umar Farooq

      Justin can put to sleep to conor after waking up conor would say who fuucck is they that guy

    17. Peter peters

      Gaethje for the belt!

    18. Mr Encee

      They deserve all the Respects.❤️

    19. Usama Shah

      My next hero after khabib is justin gaethje


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    21. Arifin Nuzul

      Conor is known for his deadly hand, and Khabib ended him with his hand Justin is known for his brutal leg, and Khabib ended him with his legs😎😎😎

    22. Sayed Zaman

      After all these respect from Justin I’am now big fan of him

    23. Moh Th

      Khabib like python..

    24. TheLee Maschine

      fact is he still a loser

    25. Riyan K


    26. Mohd Muzieman

      Respect.. Salute!! 💯🔥

    27. Erzat _


    28. Disingenuous Trailers

      Respect to Gaethje but let's be honest, he never stood a chance against someone like Khabib. His D1 wrestling means nothing if he doesn't have the stamina to use it, or have the grappling ability to defend himself when Khabib inevitably takes you down.

    29. Josef Adams

      He landed a few bombs on Khabib - respect to Justin. He will come back an even better fighter.

    30. Nabeel Afsar 129-FET/BSEE/F16

      With such good heart justin after khabib i'm big fan of this guy.

    31. I_K_D

      Respect man Respect.

    32. Mohd Shariq

      Did Justin see khabib blood and reaction ??????????????????

    33. Cherry_ Playz

      I really hope khabib has a plan to wait till the next "champ" comes along, and comes back one last time for one last destruction, and a fat pay day.

    34. Night Walker

      Chandler vs justin. I got Chandler. He has a phenomenal force with knockout power

    35. Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi

      Justin: I will never tap Khabib heard it, that's why he made sure that he asleep already

      1. Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi

        @ChrisTheMMAFan it's Gaetchklje's fault of being arrogant at first place. Khabib trusted Justin, so he made his own plan

      2. ChrisTheMMAFan

        So khabib made him sleep because he tapped? If so then he is not any worse than conor

    36. frankjaeger

      Gaethje was pure class this entire event.

    37. S. Jung

      Huge respect to Justin! He will be next champ!

    38. mahlstadt

      "The best thing about getting choked out is there's nothing really consequential to your health, especially long-term health" Good to knw, becase my brain was depr=ved of oxygn durng a rer-naked choke ad i wos woried abtuo potenl acadmic prblms

    39. Gabe Kennedy

      Justin is so humble but has that warrior mentality and it is beautiful he is gunna be the champ for a long time I think now the kabhib is gone. Kabhib was just to good I wasn’t fare lol but Justin put up a good fight and was still humble and I hope to see that continue🙏


      Great man ✊👍

    41. juggernuts1000

      Love how justin stands there with his head up and takes the defeat like a warrior. unlike colby who ran away after he lost or other fighters that GTFO as soon as they lose.

    42. Abdisalaam Tech

      both man get respect each of them and their fans , both man won for Millions of people watching in TV ,Money 2.

    43. Tyleracab

      Khabib the best of the world 🔥💉💉💉💉

    44. TehBliz

      Did anyone catch what he said at the very last part I can’t quite make out what he said

    45. Dung Nguyen

      Most american fighters are boaster ..they don’t do their homework ..?? They don’t study their opponant’s stategy ..?? That’s why every championship fights they all loose to hkabib .. you don’t do your homework ..?? You never win.....

    46. Mackenzieija Harbour

      Justin vs tony rematch makes sense!


      I respect this Man.. But LOVE KHABEEB too

    48. در مسیر قرآن

      Khabib personality is great 😊 and I love him 😍 the way he puts all his trust to Allah swt and that is why is undefeated Cham. paprom.info/block/v/m43Fsth_rZeP0HY.html

    49. Mike Macaraeg

      This fight was fixed, are we saying Conor McGregor and Al Iaquinta are better fighters against Khabib then Justin Gaethje? Khabib and Justin have the same managers, no conflict of interest there?

    50. Ahmad Ridho Baiquny

      After Sleeping hehe

    51. Josh

      Khabitch was better 100%. Lucky he survived Tony 5 times. Enjoy your retirement.

      1. ok john

        Tony vs khabib is forever cursed

    52. camelia loves

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    53. Deea Alfakih

      كنت رائعا حبيب لعبة ممل يلعب فقط على الارض

    54. Iqbal Ahmed

      Great sportsmen,great sports man ship.

    55. Eren

      What is he saying at the end?

    56. Ro HiT

      After khabib said about retirement.. I think justin is now at win or win situation because khabib has vacated his belt right now so justin is still at no1.. That means he can get a direct title fight for the vacant title.. And most important there's no shame on losing a fight against khabib..He is unbeatable..

    57. BPJ

      he botched it completely. aint no sugarcoating. he didnt show up.




      Justin. You ar very n'as men

    60. James Keenan

      Cop out !!!

    61. Mr. Write

      I'm not fan of gaethje but I can say he deserve to face khabib. Good game Gaethje. When khabib retire you have my support

    62. Dan S

      Sounded like he handed the fight to khabib

    63. Street Heat

      Justin was horrible in this fight. Terrible

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    65. Isaac Ibnoumaryama

      I love Justin even I’m a big fan of khabib

    66. onnyak

      Who in their right mind would dislike this video? Justin , you're a wonderful ambassador for the sport, a gentleman and a CHAMPION.

    67. Reformed SToic

      Some dragon ball z shit man. Justin knows his own abilities, and he is in awe of the man who is maybe the greatest fighter to have ever lived. Thank you Khabib, god bless.

    68. denipriatna lendra

      Bagus lah

    69. Tyler Frankie

      Class act. Big fan of Gaethje now

    70. Jimrick Esyaben

      E lulu ju uiiii im klkiiiiiiluiihbgb huh m

    71. Рафик Вакутагин

      Now he is GayThje! Nice work...

    72. Mohd Asif

      Khabiiiiib khabiiiiib. Tomorrow and still 29.0 Alhamdulilallah.

    73. Faudzee Mokhtar

      The man was like should I shake his hand or na? Ohh ok

    74. S S

      Bad game plan by Gaethje. Why would you run in cyrcles and swing badly just to make yourself tired. I thought you gonna pressure him so he would have his back against the fence.

    75. Tounes Tunisie

      This is what media isn't showing to you, muslim champions of all time and all over the world are like that peaceful, respectful,humble and grateful. Habib made a real legend and he respected every one specially his parents. Justin also deserve respect he is a good fighter( he has a good manners).

    76. Mr_ Atif_

      After khabib ..now justin my fav❤️❤️❤️❤️

    77. dawormly

      Justin just loves to fight man. True dog in the game

    78. Muh. Qatham

      Why running away man? You ain’t the person who fought tony. One two punch only?

      1. Muh. Qatham

        @ChrisTheMMAFan I watched the fight tho and khabib was the one who was chasing him and he was just threw one two.

      2. ChrisTheMMAFan

        He wasn't. He was running from the cage.

    79. Archy Cruzz

      I really admire this fighter, Justin. He's cool, has a nice attitude, so positive. I also watched his fight with Tony F. Justin's performance in that fight was spectacular.

    80. Nishal Thotaram

      Justin u lil weasle

    81. Nishal Thotaram

      Justin looks like a pea head🤣

    82. Jigar Thariyani


    83. styron brone

      what did he mean by 13 handicap?

    84. Niaz S

      justing gaethje is a man of respect

    85. Christopher Bronson

      Dudes a straight champ

    86. Dân Quê

      I love justin but Khabib number UFC.I love UFC!..from🇻🇳

    87. James Davila

      Conor smokes Gaethje

    88. Cletus Sunu

      paprom.info/block/v/baK2mZl5m4ZorZQ.html live in BANKHEAD GA

    89. Tanweer Hussain

      After khabib My favrt justin gathje..

    90. Lyla N

      justine has my respect. great man and a great wrestler. lucky girl will be his wife. he is kind man.

    91. Arian Dito

      people who are hating on Justin because he lost to the best P4P fighter in the world are the lowest of the low, like you couldn't be any more pathetic than that to be honest

    92. jfloyo11

      Total let down

    93. PHEROE

      Justin got paid to take a fall, you can see it in his eyes

    94. Wazza De HuNtUr

      Am khabib fan but my respect going to justin gaethje your true human being bro🙏

    95. MIngalls

      You can see it, every time someone fights Khabib, theyre so ready for the takedown they cant fight the fight they want to. Thats the power of takedowns.

    96. M H

      who else feels like after Khabib's departure there is no point anymore of following the UFC, I mean the message was sent, to be a hero and role model, you need to not smoke, not drink, not to do drugs and steroids, not swear, fear your creator and be loyal to everyone around you and not to let money change you, the guy has changed a lot of people and I am done listening to UFC drama. All the rest is going to go back to same old B.S. before he destroyed that Irish Drunk, we got sick of that era, not ready for it again.

    97. Kate gee

      Dam hes a good sport

    98. 🇵🇸sTriple❤

      I love this guy man. God bless him and his family for real.

    99. Tanmoy TheDeadBoy

      1:11..... He always fools me with his hand -_-