UFC 254: Dana White Post-fight Press Conference

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

721 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼148

    UFC President Dana White shares his thoughts on the event with the media and announces the night's performance bonus recipients after UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje.
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    1. Most beutifulk video in the world

      Khabib is the greatest

    2. Hoffi S

      Dana "You Know" White

    3. Desirée Deike

      Imagine jon jones vs adesanya ultimate fighter season as coaches that would be dope

    4. عادل الونلس

      Love khabib

    5. Adnan Alim

      UFC is over for me now I am never watching it again, sorry dana you lost a legend today (khabib). We all want khabib.

    6. Sam Kletz

      Dana lied tho the judges had Justin winning the first rd

    7. Sockfoot

      Khabib vs Georges St-Pierre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Only One Cannoli

      Dana looked and sounded like he just found out that his best friend f@cked his girlfriend, in his bed, without a condom, then wore his pajamas, pied on his favorite pair of shoes, and finished the box of his favorite cereal...which is rumored to have actually happened...but we may never know as what happens in fight island...stays in fight island. Somebody send poor Dana a ring-girl stat!

    9. Ruthy lunte lunte

      Conor mcgregor "yes..finally now i can fight with someone who can't take me down"Khabib is gone and he will be happy LOL

    10. 123

      AHHH Dana lost his horse tonight , millions gone with the retirement announcement.

    11. De Pijnappelklier

      Khabib lost 100% to Tibeau Khabib had 13-0, 3 title defense, in UFC. i Still feel GSP is the best more title defense multiple weightclass champion, avanged his losses and had groundgame competition not only stand up fighters who dont takedown. Many fighters have better records than Khabib and better competition.

    12. The United States of Smesh

      So glad to hear MMA on Point as the number one recently. Hespetch

    13. Himy Bell

      Khabib does want to fight Conor again but no more press conferences and interviews , he just wants to fight and go home , also he hates the idea that even if Conor loses again still takes home millions and gets more famous and KB thinks Conor doesn’t deserve fame cos his attitude towards KB

    14. Matthew SuperNova

      Dana can be a douchebag sometimes. Don't ask me questions about the future. LoL... then don't sit at a press conference! The vacant title thing is a perfect question for right after the title holder decides to retire. Dana ALWAYS with that "don't ask me about the future..."

    15. Patriot78

      Khabib missed weight!!! paprom.info/block/v/q43Ohsig0o6f0mU.html

    16. Ben doin Nothin

      Dana starting to forget thing.. Dam fifty’s .

    17. Cool Cars California

      Ultimate Fake Cheaters. Watching these guys emmaciate themselves to fight smaller opponents AND miss weight is lame. Nothing means anything to this organization. Then watching this dufus come out here talkin about dont ask me questions... moron. Hey if you dont want to do media WHY ARE YOU SITTING AT THE CONFERENCE TABLE HOLDING A MICROPHONE!???! This whole thing is for dorks. I repeat, I WILL NEVER PAY FOR ANOTHER UFC EVENT. #BOGUS

      1. Cool Cars California

        @DinoKing awwww poor baby 👶 maybe we should get him a binky and a blanket. 🍼

      2. DinoKing

        He answered questions and the questions they asked it's about future and he doesn't know yet the future specially after khabib retirement and his tired they been in abudhabi for long. And this is not the first time for dana to answer questions some time u don't feel well or in the mod to go trough question u don't know the answer.

    18. Leovanny Lubiss

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    19. Juniors Art and DIY

      Appreciate your parent's while you can, Khabibs last Message ♥️


      Worlds sports personality of the year should go to khabyb.

    21. mahin hussain

      my foot was not a balloon

    22. Metal 1

      "What's up guys?" Khabib & Dana

    23. Antoinette Estrada

      still here

    24. Nouria Esengulova

      I loved to watch and support UFC because of Khabib, I retired too. What a living legend and an amazing guy he is!

    25. Firmy Rod

      Spend some money doucebah or lose the ufc

    26. Roylez

      If you shake your phone slowly whilst watching Dana's arm do a dance

    27. Ben Henderson

      Dana could wear a white suit with a purple shirt & look like the Kingpin

    28. Are Em

      Dana went from hating the guy, to earning his respect...

    29. Devourmental Mike

      Beat every good striker. Beat zero good wrestler/jiu jitsu. For this we cant say goat. But he is the proof the best wrestler can always beat the best strikers. Repeatedly too. Not knocking him but thats who hes fought. Woulda been nice to see his career also have a Nate Diaz or some good submission guy under his belt. No disrespect. Great career

    30. Joe Bass

      UFC want to see way bigger purses For all fighters involved in the Sport!!!! DANA????

    31. Om C

      Khabib is the greatest combat athlete ever imo. Gonna miss watching him

    32. Vincero Viktor

      Dana white is a fraud ! He’s furious khabib walked away with the belt haha but he won’t dare say anything publicly he would lose his Abu Dhabi support , he would lose support across the world if he did . He still hates GSP for doing it , he hates cejudo fo doing it and he will give jon his goat status back the moment he fights again ... It’s all an act ! Dana fake white ain’t getting his way this time hahha he’s losing top stars left and right ... still don’t care ??? Haha ! If they wanna fight they fight Hahahaha why so salty then ??

    33. Django

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    34. Noe R.

      These reporters ask questions like kids.

    35. René Mouritsen

      Khabib is a monster but GOAT of all time with only 3 defences of the belt ? Plz........

    36. riyudx 333

      Bad speech. Why people using bad words Especially khabib Better take deep breath Say alhamdullilah

    37. Àzëëm Khãñ

      Alhumduilla ❤️❤️❤️ hes still champ 🔥🔥🔥

    38. Chi Kon

      Heey.. after all this time on fight island, Dana isnt pink anymore 😂

    39. Steve Thomas

      Dana looks like he needs a month off

    40. AJ Jenkins

      Why did Dana cut rough at the end of the interview?

    41. Mert Yavuz Indie development

      Enjoy your time with your family, Khabib the unbeaten legend.

    42. human

      There is no fighter at 155-pound that has the skills to beat khabib at the moment. The only fighter that might have the skills needed to beat khabib is Islam makhachev, but that fight will never happen.

      1. morena.a.j

        Khabib Vs Islam would be fight of the year, in my honest opinion.

    43. Ra S

      Respect to Khabib, He is my Hero,he is not my Hero not only because of his good fighting. He is my Hero because of being good Person. And a fine Muslim. Everybody can learne from him. IT is very Sad to me that i cant See you in UFC but i wish you all the best from your afghan Br in Germany .

    44. Rom pro

      G.O.A.T всего хорошего и самого лучшего тебе и твоей семьи 🤲🤲🙏🙏 R.I.P Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov🤲🤲🤲🙏🙏🙏

    45. 林冠仰Joseph Lin

      No respect to you Dana. Still no address about the weigh in

    46. Ethan Dur

      I don't think Dana is sad because of losing his cash cow. I think he genuinely liked working with Khabib and is sad to see him go. He sold the UFC. He is just running it now. Why would he care? I personally really like Dana. I think he is a solid dude.

    47. Richard Black

      Khabib foot was a balloon and still won

    48. Triton Pro

      Respect for Dana, Thank you bro

    49. Ken Prevatt

      True champion, you earned it sir good luck to you

    50. Ather Mehmood


    51. Michael -M2HB-.50

      #DanaWhite2024 For President!

    52. steve culbert

      Here's what I want: I want GSP to beat the living daylights out of Khabib.

    53. steve culbert

      Oh really? Broken foot? The mumps? Have you ever fought? You don't fight like he did on a broken foot. Khabib can't just beat the fuck out of somebody, but he has to be a "legend."

    54. steve culbert

      White's cussing is small time. Grow up, man.

    55. Dr. Josef H.

      “ Nurmagomedov isn’t exact the boogeyman, he is the one you send to kill the f&@king boogeyman” . “ He is a man of focus , commitment, cheer will and something you know little about him “.

    56. King King

      Khabib 🤘

    57. Matias Asconeguy Raco

      USADA: Go for Uncle Dana already 7:17

    58. Zachary Bruner

      idk man the whole "GOAT" thing and the pound for pound best is kinda dumb cus you never gonna know if khabib could beat jon jones. Or if mcgregor could beat stipe. Or if mighty mouse could beat anderson cus of the weight the fights can never be made. It should always be the best of that division the p4p rankings are silly

    59. MegaMikeCrazy

      Why is Conor even in the conversation about the title? Have a tournament with top 6 or 8 guys. Not including Conor. Also Khabib has been talking about retirement for years. I don't see how this was so surprising? I wish he would return to fight Tony Ferguson! That's the fight we all wanted to see for years!

    60. Mithiang Sungoh

      Khabib is Sliping fight, is nt good 👎 Best fight Adesanya

    61. Yani apriani

      Alhamdulillah... KHABIB Nurmagomedov Master in UFC & MMA... I LOVE YOU KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV... 😘😍

    62. Derek g

      Should tia get 50gs bonus for 1st round knock out

    63. Álvaro Gines

      Is he drugged

    64. William Hallthorsson

      Khabib isn't the guy who retires 5x

    65. Brian Harford

      Wow paprom.info/block/v/e4PMh5R6qIN3uqQ.html

    66. David D. Oquendo

      Dana looks drained. This year has taken a toll.

    67. patbyc1977

      No no he lost round 1.

    68. Official OZE£

      Someone needs to make a anime out of Khabib !!!

    69. Prakash

      He ditched conor for khabib and now khabib left him. Ah this is hilarious

    70. ABO TLAL

      A great end for a very great person, despite the aches and pain and lost the father, but he won and left peacefully .. # Retirement His last words: "Praise be to God ... God gave me everything." Who made the world wait for him to pray only to be seen Great fighter with great morals Thank you # Habib we will never forget you The Record: 29 wins without losing 💔 Habib_Nur_Muhammadov

    71. Ruzbihan

      2 years after khabibs retirement this 155lbs division will be full of rivalry and excitement, and then Khabib returns to wipe them all again...

    72. Lee Drake

      I may be high but Dana's head is getting progressively more and more morphed in this video.

    73. KoroStaa

      Dana looks more and more like a roblox character every time I see him

    74. john billabong

      Dana mad af 😂😂😂 you’ll get over it big guy. Allah knows best

    75. Ahnaf Atif

      *That's how you build a legacy, folks!* That's how you do it. We'll miss Khabib in the octagon. But the mark he's left, it's an indelible imprint. The legacy he has left behind, it's steadfast. ❤️💔❤️

    76. Sandy Orton

      Ufc motion

    77. Siddharth

      We love Khabib but needs to fight more opponents, atleast to make 35-0 to be called as all time GOAT. He hasn't surpassed Silva's record of 16 consecutive wins ( he is now on 13 fight win streak). I think Jon Jones has better variety & longer list of great fighters that he beat

    78. M. Ali

      Khabib one against Gaethje with a broken foot? Seriously? He IS THE GOAT, people would be duluded to not put him at least top 3. Most definitely greatest lightweight.

    79. Jon Burgett

      I know i know... SOMD.

    80. Jon Burgett

      Dana White is a good guy. I dont know him personally but he's genuine.

    81. Jay Enriquez

      Dana was so emotional you can tell. This was a very emotional ending for all of us watching. Amazing carrier to the Russian eagle. You’ll be missed 🙏🏼 🦅

    82. babasnaners _

      It says something about the business when champions start to retire...and relinquish their titles..

    83. Johnson

      Khabib will come back to fight Tony or Conor and retire 30-0 and complete his father’s dream

    84. Blake Cartwright

      Shitty ass year? This is a wonderful year for the UFC

    85. KIFFER_ 007

      I literally just started getting into UFC last week after I bought UFC 4 and already I know Khabib is the real fu*kin deal. He’s one of those guys were it doesn’t take long to know how much of a badass he is, to fight with a broken foot and the loss of his father a couple months ago, a true class act and a true warrior! 🙏🏻💪🏻💪🏻🔥

    86. Bill Quarter

      You know what? We should let Colby run the country and you losers run you hands d n your pants cuz ur just Virgins!

    87. Riza Munazir

      Khabib legen

    88. GET_IN_THE_VAN

      In my opinion Khabib is the goat. Never been hurt a single time. Fighting takes a lot out of people. With everything that happened. I think he is just glad its over

    89. Burak Sipal

      It would make my life if khabib vs mcgregor happened I would pay for that 100

    90. Hari Prasad

      Im the only one whose happy with khabib retirement, boring dude

    91. Romero Max

      Dana you are great

    92. Ryan A

      Khabib will be back in 2021. Money and pride will bring him back.

    93. Christopher Reyes

      Khabib: retires Connor: it's good to be back!

    94. Reba Rice

      He’ll Be back when Broke !!! Mark my Word !!

    95. Michael M McDonald

      Mad respect for Khabib. He is the UFC lightweight GOAT

    96. Leo Zabo

      Why are we talking about what if, what could of versus what actually happened. We're overlooking that khabib, with a broken foot brought the pressure and gave justin so much to think about, that it overwhelmed him. Let's be greatful for what we have seen from this man, it's not often we get to witness this level of greatness mixed with a very humble persona. A man who cherishes everything he has because he has found out it can be taken away in a blink of an eye. Im excited to see what happens with this division, and to see what AKA and Khabib will bring to the game with new prospects

    97. Bill

      What a weird ending , “don’t ask me about anything that’s going on,” isn’t that the point of the press conference? Lol

    98. Rohit Arora

      Dana looks unhappy with khabib retirement. It seems he was having something special for Khabib.

    99. olrik parlez

      From outside the octagon we all say: Thanks for everything Khabib

    100. olrik parlez

      Karma says Jones loses his next fight.