UFC 254: Alexander Volkov Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

129 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼25

    Alexander Volkov put on an impressive performance at UFC 254 where a well-timed body shot earned him a second-round TKO victory over Walt Harris.
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      doble celebración!!! Victoria y su cumpleaños!!!

    2. Evan Fravel

      My fucking man my middle name is drago I love Zander even when he was getting knocked out I knew he has potential

    3. MakaroV PsYFouR

      best tattoo in ufc

    4. Niko Baladad

      Smart move not mentioning Ngannou lol

    5. Pavel Petrov

      Not all know, but he have "Dynamics and flight control of rockets and spacecraft" education!!! From one of the best Russian university. It means that he one of the smartest fighter in UFC

    6. Supreme Leader

      This guys has all the atraputs to become champ imagine this guy shredded with hands and wrestling.

    7. Mega Volt

      Саня,лучше бы ты по- русски говорил🤦‍♂️😀

    8. Denis Yarukhin

      This is how real russian accent sounds. Not stupid hollywood russian accent.

    9. José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici

      0:35 .Is the man in left a Wallid clone ?

      1. José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici

        @P VLH kkkkk .

      2. P VLH

        If Wallid says "knife in the skull" this guy says" skull in the knife" (soviet reversal joke)

    10. Leovanny Lubiss

      na.to/urflirtyjoygirlteen .𝐀𝐃𝐔𝐋𝐓 〜在整个人类历史上,强势,富人和狡猾的人在部落,部落,城市,城镇和村庄中吃掉了弱者,没有成员来守护和穷人。 但是人类 生存的愿望迫使那些被拒绝,被剥夺或破坏的人,并且基本需要寻找一种生活方式并将其继续融入发展中的人类社会。 说到食物,不要以为那些被拒绝的人只是在吃垃圾。 相反,他们学会了在被忽视的肉类和蔬菜中寻找营养。 他们学会清洁,切割,调味和 在食品市场上轻轻地煮蔬菜和肉,一些废弃的家用蔬菜和肉,学习在烹饪过程中使用芳香木烟(例如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)调味食物❤️

    11. chris tamilan

      He didn't call out ngannou understandably he wouldn't dare!! that's what caught my attention but he called out other fighters after him

      1. Акмал Халиков

        @chris tamilan Now everyone is preparing for battle He calls those who will fight him. Ngannu will fight for the belt if he loses he will fight with the possible. Given that he was the one who instilled fear of Francis with his boxing then Аlex can win. I'm sorry I have terrible English. I hope you understand me.

      2. chris tamilan

        @Акмал Халиков still ngannou vs stipe2 has not been finalised n since ngannou is available it would be best volkov vs ngannou is scheduled moreover these two hate each other

      3. Акмал Халиков

        Because Francis is number one and he's fighting Stipe. He named those who are free to fight them.

    12. Вячеслав Калинин

      Саня отличный боец и человек!

    13. DetonateTheDilemma

      Volkov put on some muscle mass for this fight

    14. wadood khan

      Appreciating his effort to speak English 😊

    15. Steven Penn

      That was a good birthday win for Alexander Volkov! He's an awesome fighter! I hope that he does get a title shot and becomes champion, eventually. I knew his good career wasn't over. 32 years old, and 32 victories!

    16. Ask The Pro DJ

      Alexander Volkov what dumb tattoo

    17. Vincent

      Hey Mr.Volkov, do you remember a certain Derrick Lewis?😉

      1. Vincent

        @Акмал Халиков still beat him 💪🏼

      2. Акмал Халиков

        Derek doesn't want to give a rematch to Alec He knows that in the second fight, Loss. His victory is an accident.

      3. VK Modding

        Lewis was getting beat up for 14m 59s and had one lucky shot. Total let off

    18. Trevor Regay

      Harris might want to call it quits......pretty much being used as a punching dummies for washed up has beens like this loser....

    19. Filthy Ogre

      I still remember when Curtis almost kicked over dead after beating this guy

    20. Brandon Arenson

      His english has significantly improved. Respect

    21. han solo

      He needs a title shot

    22. Miljan Mandic

      russia is dominating mma rn

    23. MadMusic

      Volkov's a legit future challenger for the title I think. He got unlucky against Lewis but he's got a great blend of size and skill no one else has quite like him, if he wins one more fight I think he should be next for a title shot. Stipe and Ngannou has to fight first of course.

    24. Joe Sheridan

      Feel bad for walt

    25. jess maynard

      So gutted for Harris great man and he’s been through so much. 1 year to the day. Prayers Walt.

    26. Ghost

      he wasn't particularly out of breath after the fight, good aerobic training

    27. BrawLake

      Volkov vs Rozenstruik would be insane!

    28. Roe Jogan

      His english improved so much! Good win and on his birthday too. Happy bday Drago

    29. Jrp. Samotsari

      Big win for Alexander thank you

    30. Tony Montana


    31. FVKDPN

      Damn that tat is new

    32. The Negotiator

      Give him big Francis next winner gets title shot

    33. edbn24

      happy for volkov. I see him being able to beat anyone in the HW division EXCEPT blaydes and miocic

    34. Brian Thach

      Volkov looked like a fucking monster last night with the added weight and back tat.

    35. Iwan Poerwanto

      The battle should have aired too. That is what we need to watch. Stupid Chanel......

    36. Left Leg Cemetery

      Love me some Volkov. Dude is a beast!

    37. Justin Sonnier

      Notice how he didnt name francis ngannou lol Good win regardless.

      1. Акмал Халиков

        Because Francis is number one and he's not going to fight Alex. He named those who are free He must be slowly climbing top of the rankings to get a fight with Ngannu

      2. Bloater Snake

        You cant blame him though, only man to call out Ngannou died within 20 seconds

    38. X-Fit

      Alex the machine 🦾

    39. Thường Y Xứ Bông

      He deserve a match with Stipe

    40. Zolnierz Crni


    41. Kronus24

      Happy for volcov

    42. Świetlik ALFA

      He's awesome man and great performer. Go for that Belt Drago!

    43. nir S

      Big fan! Looks and fights great at 265.

    44. Эдуард Попов

      Молодец хорошо по английски говорит свободно все понимает что ему говорят а это не просто

      1. VK Modding

        это просто

    45. Anchi Tu


    46. Desmond

      Impressive work from referee by seeing that Harris was truly hurt from the kick thus preventing him absorbing any strikes to the head.

    47. Dark161161

      Great guy Alexander


      Alex, great performance👍

    49. Cantthinkofaname

      Volkov fights the way I wish Struve would fight

    50. Allen Istalaksana

      Happy Birthday Alexander! great win

    51. Farhan Rashid

      Excellent! Alexander volkov

    52. Shawn Cahill

      I feel bad for Harris, but props to Volkov.

    53. LeBald James

      Crazy to think jon jones has a longer reach than volkov

    54. George Soto

      Walt Harris trash 🗑

    55. W ̄ ̄

      Happy Birthday!!!

    56. Marcos Filho

      Volkov mais lento que uma tartaruga paralitica


      Feels dangerous !!

    58. TheOnslaughtMiller

      Walt might actually get released after this I feel bad for the guy he can't seem to win against top fighters like overeem and volkov

      1. TheOnslaughtMiller

        @Joey Blood he already lost to overeem and volkov I'm saying he might get released after this fight because of a nearly negative record I like Ryan bader but I won't mind Walt as bellator hw champ

      2. Joey Blood

        After 2 fight looses to top 10 fighters? Nah. Give him Tai ! Lol

    59. Jordin Tootoo

      How the fuck did Greg Hardy survive this guy??

    60. tifa belly

      Finally volkov didn't fight in slow motion again like when he fight werdum, he was great today

    61. Artyom Agadzhanyan

      As I said 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    62. Cade Beek

      Alexander Volkov will be heavyweight champ. The dude is a beast and his size and reach will help him pummel this division including Francis and Stipe.

      1. Rian Islam

        Yeah in striking he is great but his TD defense vs elite wrestlers very bad

      2. Dimethyltryptamine ist gut fur dich

        Yeah Volkov is a far better fighter than Francis but his chin is no match for Francis power

      3. Benjamin Polska

        I hope so but Ngannou is really dangerous for him because Ngannou got the biggest reach in the division and scary power And volkov needs to work on his takedown Defense if he ever faces Blaydes again

    63. Mark Kelly

      Overeem vs Volkov

    64. Jacob Guiler

      I am now a huge fan of this guy!!! Big respect for speaking English! Great job

    65. PG One

      His english is pretty good 🙌🙌

    66. Angelo Magtajas

      He gained weight at the limit of 265 lbs.. beast..

      1. DarkArterialGore

        @gary wildberger The problem with Rizin is that they put tiny little Japanese girls against huge roided out Brazilian "women" which was gross, but theirs no reason why a 250lbs man can't compete against a 300+ dude at heavyweight, sure you'll get a few Bob Sapp types or sumo dudes trying to compete but the smaller men would be much faster and have far superior cardio. Plus... freak shows draw money and fight fans have always loved seeing monsters throw hands.

      2. Pablo Moreira

        Yeah like 18 lbs since fighting Blaydes . I think is better fot him, he was ragdol all over by blaydes , now he is much heavier . A very good HW . His loss to Lewis was a fluke and the match against Blaydes was ridiculous

      3. DarkArterialGore

        It's a joke that there's even a weight limit for heavyweight's.

    67. Eduardo Flores

      Beautiful striking performance by Volkov. Plus that back piece has landed in the P4P best tattoos in MMA history

      1. Lukrecija Roko Berković

        @Eduardo Flores thank you so much

      2. Eduardo Flores

        Lukrecija Roko Berković check Volkov’s IG there’s a video where he tags the artist

      3. Lukrecija Roko Berković

        Do you maybe know who did it or is it maybe posted somewhere?

      4. Perseus Valles

        Wasn't it a stingray at first? Hahaha

    68. Tyro Cyr

      DRAGO IS BACK ⭐️

      1. Steven Penn

        @Trevor Regay Yeah, Walt Harris sucks a little. But trust me, Volkov has potential! Probably the second most dangerous heavyweight contender, next to Francis Ngannou!

      2. Trevor Regay

        Not really.....they matched him against a stiff....

      3. kodlack whitemane

        He must break you!

    69. George Blizerkerman

      Why not lewis?

      1. Акмал Халиков

        Derek doesn't want to. Alex wants a rematch Derek has a fight with another .

    70. thenotorious

      He should fight Rozenstruik next

    71. Cody Hall

      I like Volkov, but DAMN I wanted this for Walt 😪

    72. Кирилл Правда

      Volkov not bad💪

    73. coolemartij

      Hes like a struve that can actually use his reach

      1. Pablo Moreira

        @Tits Werdum 6'2.75 Travis 2in taller , an almost 6'5 guy . Very tall tho

      2. Pablo Moreira

        @Hamza Khaliq volkov is 6'6.5 and browne 6'4.5 in reality . UFC just bill them at 6'7

      3. Steven Penn

        I feel really sorry for Struve, actually though. He had a sad loss, due to a terrible referee's stoppage, earlier on the prelims. That ref. should have let that fight go into Round 2. Struve wasn't hurt that much!

      4. El Mismísimo

        @Hamza Khaliq Volkov beat struve like 3 years ago in a main event. Struve sucks.

      5. El Mismísimo

        @Music and Football Playlist channel Everybody destroyes him easily. He needs to retire honestly.

    74. S T

      С днём рождения! Спасибо за победу! Очень технично! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    75. drdmilo


    76. Cato Mayne

      Walt finna get cut

    77. Jam

      Russian fighters are very strong!🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

      1. Андрей Илья Робертович Блейков

        @Marcus Williams III you realize he was winning the whole fight and got caught with a big punch in the last ten seconds? Don’t be such a dick.

    78. Olena Savchenko


    79. Rombolicious IsDelicious

      Hahaha that dude has a white head with a beach burn forehead 😂😂.. kinda jealous 😐😑😐

    80. R L

      jon jones needs baptism

    81. R L

      jon jones vs volkov

    82. Let'sShowTheseFools HowWeRoll

      KHABIB GOAT 29-0!!!!!

      1. Benjamin Polska

        @Let'sShowTheseFools HowWeRoll khabib GSP and jones are all GOATs and im a Huge fan of all of them Remember GSP beat Hughes,BJ Penn,Nick Diaz, Condit, hendricks on Roids, Jake shields and he was even going up in a weight class with 36 years and beating the champion And who Jones and Khabib beat I don’t need to say

      2. Let'sShowTheseFools HowWeRoll

        @TAKEDOWN He lost to the bum Hendricks too, Khabib beat the best LWs in HISTORY, NOW CRY ME A RIVER BTCH 😘!

      3. Let'sShowTheseFools HowWeRoll

        @TAKEDOWN LOL u mean steroid GSP? The GSP who got Knocked tf out twice by two bums? The GSP eho never fought anybody??? "Khabiv fought nobody" *GSP = Never fought any good fighter EVER*

    83. Braden Bagby

      He looks massive watching him but itd really hard to imagine actual size of a person compared to me because I'm 6'10ft

      1. Braden Bagby

        @Ben Ryan its pretty good but needs work

      2. TXetc

        I’m 6’4, people call me tall and always ask “Do you play basketball?” and I say no those guys are usually a head taller than me like yourself lol. You should have a good frame to put a lot of muscle on. A lot of the Worlds Strongest Man guys are around your height. Don’t let it go to waste!

      3. Ben Ryan

        @Braden Bagby your triangle must be insane

      4. Braden Bagby

        @Cody Hall no lol I enjoy weightlifting and BJJ

      5. Cody Hall

        So, are you just really unathletic or what? Cause if I'm 6'10 I'm trying to go pro in something. Let's be honest... If you're actually 6'10. Once you reach past 6'8 people won't be able to tell anyway. 🤣

    84. Islam Abo Raya

      Russians are awesome today ❤️ Khabib, Ankalaev, and Volkov have won their fights 💪

      1. Catfish

        @Mateusz Olszewski Russian does not only mean person living in Russia of ukrainian heritage, it means all people native to russia.

      2. Catfish

        @Vasily Kovalenko Did you see Khabibs father walking into the octagon wrapped around in two russian flags? Didn't think so. Did you see Khabib's father talking about there are more RUSSIAN fighters than those he train and mentioning Alexander Volkov could be HW champion? Guess not, so stfu you don't know what you talking about. Of course all groups of people native to russia are russian or else nothing is.

      3. Vasily Kovalenko

        Construction Man PH your point being??????

      4. Construction Man PH

        @Vasily Kovalenko Russia is a Federation. Federation of Republics. Estupido.

      5. Islam Abo Raya

        @Dark Soul Congratulations on his win, bro

    85. Anthony OG

      What a great fighter Alexander Volkov is I believe Harris will be back we respect him but man just what a fighter volkov is he might not look the scariest but he just show how good he is 👊👊

      1. Anthony OG

        @Arnold Fernbladst Don't forget that he gave Curtis Blaydes a hard time and went full 5 rounds with him

      2. Anthony OG

        @Arnold Fernbladst exactly what i was saying that dude looks less scarier than lewis but he was 10 seconds away of winning a unanimous decision His skillset is unbelievable i am excited to see what he brings up next

      3. Arnold Fernbladst

        @Rory Bray If he would have just stayed away for 10 more seconds he would have won a dominant decision. But how can you not like Derrick Lewis after that? And his classic comment "My ballz was hot"

      4. Rory Bray

        @Arnold Fernbladst that was crazy because Volkov was dominating the fight up until the end

      5. Arnold Fernbladst

        You should look up the fight he had with Derrick Lewis - one of the best finishes I've ever seen in MMA


      Хабиб выиграл 👏

    87. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

      happy bday bro

    88. Mike Walters

      Would have called out Francis too but that last name of his is ferocious! 😵

      1. Danna Vanessa

        @ohtebowah volkov called out francis last year and in the bigginig of this year, the things is that francos is fighting for the tittle waiting for stipe.

      2. ohtebowah

        No he was smart not to lol

    89. sachin singh

      One of my all time favorite fighters.

      1. Steven Penn

        He's my favorite of all in the UFC and MMA! He's got great character! And I'd actually like him to be the first UFC Russian Heavyweight Champion. I'd like to see one, eventually. And I'm an American.

      2. Anthony Taylor

        @__ yeah I noticed that too and I’m excited about it

      3. Nikita Karelin

        @thisiskris017 imagine the BJJ he could do if he moved to train at gracies or Bravo with these legs. He was grappling with Werdum of all people, ffs, and doing it well.

      4. __

        @Chris Hayes He also put on alot of weight and that paid off.

      5. thisiskris017

        @Chris Hayes Exactly, I've been following his career since bellator and I wouldn't say he's an all time favorite but he's definitely must watch and someone I care to see move up the HW division

    90. ParrotMan01

      Overeem vs Volkov. MAKE IT!

      1. L. Borges


      2. Rens Weertman

        rematch with rozenstruik

      3. Pablo Moreira

        Overeem vs Jairzinho 2 Lewis vs Volkov 2

      4. Hamza Khaliq

        I'm not sure if Overeem will win. Judging by his last two fights, he's probably on the decline. Hopefully I'm wrong though.

      5. Bastien Debiee

        Or maybe the winner of Dos Santos and Gane. Or Rozenstruk.

    91. Purge Workouts

      poor walt Disney

    92. Chris Holland

      Thats why he's one of my favorite heavyweights he's just one unique fighter very tall height of 6'7 250 Lbs silky smooth.

      1. Chris Holland

        @Moist Penguin wait Struve is actually 7 ft. Eh same thing. 6'11/7'0 are totally the same size.

      2. Chris Holland

        @Moist Penguin that's what I think because old buddy of mine is 6'10/6'11 heavyweight and let me tell y'all I most definitely know what that looks like in person. And Volkov compared to Joe Rogan definitely looks 6'7 or 6'8 so yeah that definitely has to be a total mixup.

      3. Moist Penguin

        @Steven Penn he specifically said it about Volkov during the Volkov fight.... but I also don’t think it was a coincidence that Struve was fighting the same night, he probably got the idea of 6’11 from Struve being on the card and got mixed up

      4. Steven Penn

        @Moist Penguin Are you sure that wasn't Stefan Struve that he was talking about?

      5. Dapper Dimples

        Too bad he sucks

    93. Р К

      Гейджи уснул Хабиб чемпион бой закончился 😁👍👍👍🇰🇬

    94. Ruslan Magomedov

      Мля что за тату он наколол на спине ? Че за видон Саня ? Ну ты … … .

    95. Mona Lisa

      LINK DO JO GO : telegra.ph/khabib-vs-gaethje-ufc-254-live-stream-10-24 Asisstir Khabib vs Gaethje En Vivo

    96. A G

      I speak 4 languages, but still English people making joke's on my not correct English... because some times I'm really struggling to talk correct way..... its sad PS Волков поздравляю тебя с победой! и с Днём Рождения! успехов тебе!

      1. A G

        @Ryan Vo 👍 that right

      2. A G

        @key999 I hope its in good humoured teasing mate.... some times you still can feel it its talks behind your back...

      3. Jeff Maski

        Full footage of khabib submitting Gaethje thank me laterr paprom.info/block/v/r5y7brFpx3-Uq3o.html

      4. Ryan Vo

        Ignore those ignorant people

    97. Serjohn

      class act killer

    98. Ill blahzay Ill

      Feel bad for walt. Been a tough year for him

      1. champ

        @Sam Bradfield worst thing was that she got murdered

      2. Obitrice For life

        @Sam Bradfield not his sister his step daughter lol

      3. Alvein Vincent

        Also feel bad for the translator

      4. El Mismísimo

        Give him time, he will be back stronger.

      5. Sam Bradfield

        @Bigspliff26 my bad daughter

    99. mahad ali

      Where I can watch khabib fight ?? Online

      1. Jay Luis

        Honestly, sometimes there's no point. I watch on 3 different websites, and they LAG like a mf.. You can barely even see shit, specifically for the Main Card.

      2. Special Effexxx

        For free? Nowhere. When it's happening live keep typing khabib vs justin into the PAprom search bar. You'll find some but they'll be deleted fast

    100. r c

      Damn man I feel bad for Harris.