Robert Whittaker - Fighter Trailer | Highlights

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

125 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼18

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    1. Nikhil S

      Can't believe it's been a month now 😂 Time's flying

    2. NoMoreYouSure1000

      The UFC is going to throw contenders at him over and over. How many will he have to beat before he gets a title shot?

    3. Ron Burgandy

      He could lose every fight for the rest of his life and I would still watch him! He's just such a chill dude and alway plays hard! ❣️🤓 Exactly what you think of when you hear Aussie 💯

    4. Golden Man

      Всем Привет! Подписывайтес на мой канал все средства которые я зарабатываю отдам детям которые болеют от нехватки крови! Спасибо большое всем.

    5. Muhammad Salman

      So he classified organisms into five kingdoms damn!!!!!!

    6. Mahmudjon Kuchkarov

      Бу сафар Трампнинг УФC ва Хабибга бўлган қизиқиши Хабибнинг қисқа тўлқинли ЕМ қуроллари билан нурланишига шубҳа туғдирмоқда. Одамни узоқдан кўринмас ҳолда нурлантириш мумкин. Радиация натижасида одам заифлашади ва енг муҳими, унинг реакцияси сезиларли даражада секинлашади. Бу спортда жуда муҳим омил. Мен мустақил олимман. Мен дунёнинг ёвуз кучларини фош қилганим учун, улар бу қуролни менга қарши ҳам ишлатишади. Натижада, менинг хотирам ва соғлигим баъзан ёмонлашади. Aммо Хабиб фақат иродаси ва тажрибаси туфайли ғалаба қозониши мумкин! Қандай бўлмасин, бу сафар бу осон бўлмайди. Ҳар ҳолда, Хабибга рақибини мағлуб бўлиш осон бўлмайди деб ўйлайман. На этот раз интерес Трампа к UFC и Хабибу вызывает сомнения в том, что Хабиба облучают коротковолновым ЕМ оружием. Человека можно незаметно облучить издалека. В результате облучения человек становится слабым и, что самое главное, его реакция значительно замедляется. Это очень важный фактор в спорте. Я независимый ученый. Поскольку я разоблачил плохие силы мира, они использу ють это эту оружю против меня тоже. В результате у меня иногда ухудшаются память и здоровье. Но Хабиб может победить только благодаря своей воле и опыту! В любом случае, на этот раз это будет нелегко. В любом случае, я не думаю, что Хабибу будет так легко победить.This time, Trump's interest in the UFC and Khabib raises doubts that Khabib is being irradiated with shortwave EM weapons. A person can be irradiated imperceptibly from afar. As a result of radiation, a person becomes weak and, most importantly, his reaction slows down significantly. This is a very important factor in sports. I am an independent scientist. Since I exposed the evil forces of the world, they use this weapon against me too. As a result, my memory and health sometimes deteriorate. But Khabib can only win thanks to his will and experience! Either way, it won't be easy this time. In any case, I don't think it will be that easy for Khabib to defeat.

    7. شائف الزبيدي

      النصر لحبيب بإ ذن الله

    8. juju beedicus

      Hope he gets the chance to sleep adesanya

    9. Adam Holt

      Bobby Knuckles when asked recently about having to fight only middleweight monsters said, "I AM the Monster" and that dude is fucking serious.

    10. DibosUniverse

      Even tho he’s always like “ I don’t care about the title”

    11. Eric Kwao

      The way he pounds his chest is to much

    12. Tyler Siegel

      Let's go!!! 🇦🇺

    13. ace razak

      My favorite fighter💪😎

    14. WGP DJZ

      I wanna see Robert vs palo

    15. The Ravana

      His entrance music marvellous..... I'm here for that..... Anyone?

    16. ITZ Abel

      Put the izzzzy highlights 😡😈😈😈

    17. Mr Fantastic I am

      I love Robert, huge fan since I first seen him on smashes I knew from the first fight he would win and become a future champion. It's amazing how fighters recognise other fighters. I truly believe that he can beat Isreal if he truly wants it from the bottom of his soul and fight his fight, which is stay composed, perfect his timing, believe in himself and follow what works for him not what worked for other people.

    18. King of Oxydents

      Lol they used what rogan says about khabib in this

    19. bougie ma vie

    20. Ferita Keyy

      Best MW fighter!!

    21. Around The Verse

      Robert is the man

    22. beginner gamer

      This guy had fought monsters

    23. 马玿TennisGuy

      I got Cannonier, but it's close.

    24. ToJo Buckets

      They say "The Reaper" , We say "Bobby Knuckles"

    25. Krishnajith

      He look like a ruthless reaper who choke everyone out who he has a problem in this video

    26. name is jeff

      Bobby knuckles

    27. จุมพล ยันต์เสถียร


    28. Veena Krishna

      Big fan

    29. Muhammad Kazi

      What time is the walkout for this fight in the uk

    30. Rehan C.R

      I want robert to win but i don't think he will

    31. Paul Bowie


    32. jarrod lambert

      the reaper !

    33. Yu Guo

      How time?

    34. Mopumeren Jamir

      Great fighter, Amazing personality.

    35. Kattar Sanatani

      Robert the real life Boyka

    36. Timbo


    37. Дэвид `x`xx


    38. Blue Scripts

      Bobby knuckles imo is. A better nickname

    39. Reid Whitley

      Homeboy gonna win this and get his ass beat and cyberbullied by anime boi all over again😭

    40. Dedi nadaweo

      former champion with good fighting style. The reaper 👍 !!

    41. Somphoth B Siratsamy

      yeah, thats a beast.... that how i fukn roll

    42. Simply Golf

      That was short, like Robert 👀🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂

    43. Acee The Chosen

      The thumbnail look like a video game

    44. Tan

      He has a monster inside him

    45. Never surrender.


    46. Kansas Geoff

      The tats on his chest look like the fake bullet holes on my step dads Monte Carlo.

    47. Raiden James Taylor

      Bring the fight 🥊🥊 💯

    48. KaasKnabbel8000

      We all love Bobby Knuckles!

    49. Khasanoff_official

      Let's goo ,,BOYKA"🤟🤟🤟

    50. Jean Betancourt


    51. Crisp

      This guy left pec is always red

    52. Jason Voorhees

      No chance against Jared

    53. Faisal Khalil

      Rip Whittaker!!

    54. Limit Breaker

      When ever Whitaker takes loses he comes back like a Grim Reaper

    55. 1313Sma


    56. Oudom H

      Compare to Khabib promo this is below standard(shit).

    57. Lukaa Doncicc

      Let’s fucking go rob reaper!!!!

    58. ShaRMz6g

      He really coming into this fight a slight underdog 💰

    59. kim samson

      I honestly want Cannonier to win since the reaper can't reap Izzy.

    60. Sand Groper

      What is that black string around the Reapers waist at 0:15 ? did his shorts rip...

    61. rishabh shady

      I want Whittaker vs Izzy 2

    62. Muhammad Shafkat Rishad

      Yuri boyka lite 😳😳😳

    63. Grim

      He should stop banging his chest it’s not healthy

    64. luckson fernando

      Man has the coolest nickname in all of combat sports and the skills to back it up 💀

    65. dhananjay singh 3646

      Uncle chael predicted Whittaker 😭

    66. Brandon Amézquita

      One of my favorites.

    67. Satyam Singh Tanwar

      Adesanya and other guys are just saying cannonier is monster and he gonna destroy rob.. Well rob has wins over monsters already.. Other than izzy no one beats him in mw division..

    68. Андрей Бурков

      Юрий Бойко ?

    69. Indic Anonymous

      His fighting style is awesome 🔥

    70. Dr Dre 3009

      His left pec is most damaged

    71. Detroit What

      Reaper loses and retires #ufc254

    72. unexpected things!!!!!!!!

      man whittaker is so damn good..... now wonder adesanya is best on planet earth right now koing this guy twice in a single night

    73. Ballers Anonymous

      Fav fighter

    74. James Court

      Bobby Knuckles

    75. Senor Grav

      This the guy who banged it out with Romero for 10. Will always have respect from ufc fans

    76. Assiya Assiya

    77. nickrod32

      TIPPED TO WIN !!

    78. Manuel Lujan

      Killer kill

    79. God

      He's going to have chest problems when he's older, jesus.

    80. Noman Khan Khabib vs Gaethje Breakdown/Prediction and side by side attributes comparison. Check it out. I am 95% sure you guys will like it. Thanks alot.

    81. El Persa

      Chest loss by k.o

    82. C Giles

      These are UFC fights so anything can happen BUT I just don’t see Whittaker beating Adesanya. I even think Adesanya could beat Stipe if he could stay up/sprawl and brawl or in a K1 Style Kickboxing match but I don’t think Adesanya can outstrike to a KO/TKO against Jones or Ngannou. Jones will kick Stipes ass everywhere as he made short work of DC both times and DC and Stipe are basically even (I think DC didn’t do as bad as the judges say in the 3rd Miocic fight) and all Ngannou needs is one punch to land clean on the jaw or chin (or even side of the face as in his KO’s over JDS and Cain) and he can KO ANY pro at any weight class in MMA, K1, or boxing. Ngannou is the best KO artist in the entire UFC and deserves his HW title rematch ASAP.

    83. David R

      This fight has been under promoted Whittaker vs Cannonier is a main event on its own

      1. Nikhil S

        @David R WOW mate that's fantastic .. nothing better than watching one of your fav sports, enjoy watching your fav win & all the above, make some ££ 🤑 I was ACTUALLY hyped for Robert vs jared & damn i never thought jared would be bleeding 😬 whittaker really showed why he was a former champ 👌🏽

      2. David R

        @Nikhil S yeah man Ankalaev vs Ion Cutelaba.. list goes on i won a few £££ picked all favourites except whittaker. He was underdog, when I placed my bet then they went evens

      3. Nikhil S

        @David R BRO !! WHA A NIGHT IT WAS 👌🏽 jared vs whittaker, damn it really got explosive & then the main event also phil hawes debut 👍🏽 hope you had a great time as well 🙏🏽

      4. David R

        @Nikhil S well, yes it was awesome 👌

      5. Nikhil S

        @David R hope you enjoy it too & may the best win & i see what you mean, khabib & justin already seem like they will go in, do their job & come out but whittaker vs jared will be some drama 😂 so will be fun to watch

    84. HIP HOP HUB TV

    85. Derpy McDerpster

      Reaper? I thought his name was Bobby knuckles?

    86. AJ Dwyer

      To all you teenies - You just don't know who Bobby Knuckles is To the rest of you - You must have forgot!

    87. TEAM SSG Gaming

      The Beast 🔥

    88. ikkaku madarame

      His chest pounding is so exciting to watch, I bet that hurts.

    89. Fastcraft/fastkid

      He smashes his chest harder then he smashes his opponents

    90. Harrison Jones

      I like Rob he's a cool dude, but i just don't wanna see him fight izzy again, hope Cannonier gets the job done this saturday

    91. genxoutlaw

      sic 'em, rex ✊

    92. Jonas Ezequias De Lima Lima

      Já tem outro campeão kkkkk não adianta sempre aparece outro kkkkk

    93. Astarr Fitness

      i love this man's attitude towards everything, such an inspiration

    94. Sabba Sarishvili

      I'm a loong time Stylebender fan and if anyone has to take belt from him, I want it to be Whittaker! He's a true champion in AND out of octagon, he's a SAVAGE and he stood with Romero for 10 rounds and won both fights!

    95. justice4germans

      too quick for Jared

      1. Frank Matthews

        UFC 254 Predictions! Tell me if u agree or disagree in my comments. Stay safe out there bro

    96. Dick Tree

      always liked rob wittaker but i just don't see him taking the belt again as long as adesanya's in the division...

      1. Frank Matthews

        UFC 254 Predictions! Tell me if u agree or disagree in my comments. Stay safe out there bro

    97. Bryan Ganz

      I really do like Robert Whittiker

      1. Frank Matthews

        UFC 254 Predictions! Tell me if u agree or disagree in my comments. Stay safe out there bro

    98. E Girl

      I say the loser fights Brunson and I’m not a fan of ether

      1. Frank Matthews

        UFC 254 Predictions! Tell me if u agree or disagree in my comments. Stay safe out there

    99. David Brett

      He's part Maori indigenous to new zealand im from Australia and trust me the're fucking scary as hell!!😲

      1. Frank Matthews

        UFC 254 Predictions! Tell me if u agree or disagree in my comments. Stay safe out there bro

    100. Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

      Every UFC video I watch has Darren Till getting knocked out by somebody 😂😂😂like bruh *chill*

      1. BadorekBeans

        @prandz420 haha I was talking to the guys up top 😂😂 you’re not wrong though it certainly is not 😂😂

      2. prandz420

        @bmcgmusic pretty ironic coming from someone who fucked up their sentence trying to roast someone for using a conversational tone in a youtube comment.

      3. ShezzaBoyy

        He got kod 1 time by masvidal lol. That’s not that many you Timmy lmao

      4. Proud Indian

        @Frank Matthews many to come for sure

      5. Huong Pham