One Kick Changed Joaquin Buckley's Life

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Joaquin Buckley's viral finish, and potential knockout of the year, last month on Fight Island lit up the MMA and sports world. Buckley looks to build on that moment at UFC 255 and climb the middleweight division.
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    1. Mark Moore

      Wow, amazing ko


      You right, it did but not for the better. Now we know hes a truly shitty person. Ask his ex coach about it.

    3. L0V3 ViSi0N

      Keep it modest man and don’t let the ego take over and remember to protect your groin at all time. However, it is great to see a big man can kick so well.

    4. Storm Shadow

      Taekwondo kick 🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋

    5. JJ

      That fall was pure gaming like.

    6. Kalvin Devonshire

      I really got a kick out of these comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

    7. Nick

      Flawless victory

    8. Leah Anna

      Wow 😳 what a kick

    9. pulsarl2c

      It shouldn't be allowed.

    10. google service heros, like power rangers, like ultralman..

    11. Vega Main


    12. Khan Khalid Hassan

      So in summary dude looks like a pro wrestler, kicks like jet lee, fights like an mma fighter. Alright alright.. im down!

    13. Mere Gaming

      Used to be that MMA guys would say that a front kick, or a spinning heel kick were "too fancy" for real life fighting. Now look where people are at, they just gonna keep getting better. Maybe that old timey martial art stuff isn't as crazy as so many people thought (when you put in the work).

    14. Shivam Petumber

      Let's go champ 🔥✊

    15. Mark and Jenny Kulik

      That was a nicely timed back kick

    16. Gonzen Tag

      We see that he did not strike with all his might

    17. Demond Moore

      Perfect 10 all the way hands down I had to rewind this like 10 times I got to go play this some more I got to see this again

    18. Demond Moore

      This dude looks like Nick Cannon older brother

    19. wesley hill

      I cant help wonder if the guy that received the kick can still speak properly..God Bless

    20. kelly akuhata

      Mike Tyson sparred hard but with CONTROL and SMARTS. Always and there is a reason and logic sparring like you in a real fight. But at least Mike gave them a heads up. I don't like soft sparring i think its a waist of time. It makes no sense to practice at 40% when the fight is going to be 100%. Thats like studying 40% of a test then when its time for 100% you aint correctly prepared. What you expect to face in the ring you face during training. Fireman, soldiers, Paramedics ect train to deal with situations with 100% seriousness, if they don't and go easy and train with 30% when it comes to it they fold. Obviously you don't beat your man down in training but you don't go easy. If you are getting K.O in the Gym from sparring or getting hit to much in the head because man is going 100% then you shouldn't be fighting and continue to work on defence skills.

    21. Big Injun

      Who wrote his lines

    22. Ridwan Rahman

      0:06 The left Caster just missed the legendary moment in FFA history

    23. Tristan Dale Tumbaga

      Since when did Nick Cannon start MMA? Haha jokes aside, that was a nasty kick!

    24. Doodles

      looks pretty damn hard to me

    25. Brian Davis

      Nick Cannon is looking yoked! And he wildin out in the UFC😆

    26. Jack Herer


    27. Justin

      If this kick actually changed his life, how come he still works at Walgreens.. 🤔

    28. Jason Kuang

      reminds me of uriah hall. talented and technical but emotional and uncontrolled.

    29. ReaR Naked BlokE

      I would guess one of these a generation will stand the test of time such as this,,,Masvidal ect ect I will never forget Marvin Eastman getting cut looking like he got hit by an axe

    30. Watson Wallace

      UFC will promote anything because their trying do hard to find a new Conor for ppv Like making khamzat fight Leon. Thier is a huge gap between 15 and 3

    31. Tom Riddle


    32. God Chaos

      Does that kick exist in UFC 4 or we have to wait for UFC 5 to add it.

    33. BoiOfBeef

      All of u guys talking about him getting pushed too soon because of the kick. The ufc gave him to Kevin Holland before and took it to him before the finish the kid is a legit talent. Other fighters have said it best. There’s no pushing someone too soon. He’s in the best organization he’s gonna fight the best guys.

    34. Raja Javed

      The one on the left side ,black shirt missed the live shot.

    35. Yannick ASSA

      This is Taekwon-do kicking

    36. KukkiTaekwondo

      Yes baby that's what I'm talking about.

    37. 54.vishal Vasave

      Black shirt commentator totaly missed the moment 😅😆😆

    38. EDDUUBB

      Amazing athletics and focus to pull that kick off. Hope the other guy is ok as well.

    39. vitalis

      He's got a hot ticket

    40. SunsyloFitness

      He got lucky with that kick don’t mean he the best of the best I’m not a hater okay 😄✌🏽

    41. Lauren Williams

      What was the date of that fight?

    42. Team Ghast


    43. Gambit _of_ NYC

      Video ruined talkin about trump Anyways great kick ... keep up the hard work

    44. Tommy Cordero

      Superb dexterity. My snappiest salute to this warrior

    45. Monty Carlo

      You've got to risk it for a biscuit.

    46. Darrin Gilbert

      Hey Jon Jones.. You want to prove yourself?? "FIGHT BUCKLEY!!" 😁😁✌🏻

    47. ZULFINES

      Amazing kicks

    48. Brycey Socks

      This dude has been banned from every gym in his state for general assholery and for trying to fight lower weight classes in full contact anddd got kod his next fight after this kick happened but “WoAh ThAt KiCk”🤷‍♂️

    49. kris hernandez

      I hope everyone remembers how big a trump supporter , Dana white is, boycott the UFC

    50. Dr.Indranil ganguly

      the opponent was jerk...what he was wondering while holding that leg for seconds..battle is won by brains not by muscles...

    51. Mauro Gomez

      GREAT MOVE !

    52. Julian Wooten

      That kicked changed TWO lives but not in the same way

    53. Art Xue

      Lol he got paid 20k for saying Donald trump

    54. Marquis Roberts

      That kick was different

    55. Paul Gross

      If he would have died you would have committed murder and that is not good

    56. Jay W

      I know a great kick when I see one, ok 👌🏻. Nobody knows a better kick than me! Congrats on the compliment!

    57. Zing Zing

      Ok dont get so excited... Let him in ufc get fight with real dog then we will discussed... Goodnight

    58. IFollowTheSpiders

      Lmao this man will never sniff a belt

    59. jacob mills

      Looool Dan Hardy missed it, u can see him looking in a different direction xD

    60. Luxuryhomes888

      this dude is a ninja!!!!!!! hell yea!!!!!!!

    61. iram mendez


    62. Lk T

      Great he loves Trump too and doesn't fall for the negative news..

    63. Lk T

      This guy is very fast that is for sure..

    64. CHECK M8

      I feel bad for this guy. What if they push him too early and he ends up like uriah hall.

    65. julian

      goddamn he's swole

    66. Lk T

      The most potential Joaquin who has the power.

    67. Kurt Fabro

      Damn I heard this guy is a complete douchebag and got kicked out from multiple gyms for picking fights and calling out fighters from lower weight classes lol.

    68. Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice

      picos baby...

    69. Timothy Robinson


    70. Panzerkampfwagen 1

      That guy caught a kick, then immediately caught another kick

    71. Isaiah Jurca

      It was a great kick and as entertaining a knockout anyone could ask for, but at the end of the day, one win is just one win, regardless of the fashion in which it’s earned. Everyone acting like this guy has now achieved something great - that’s insanely premature. Let’s see whether he wins consistently. That’s what matters.

    72. the irate historian


    73. The Burninator

      Take it slow, enjoy the ride. Now we wait and see if he can also take a punch or deal with pressure both inside and outside of the ring. Don't let this go to your head but enjoy this moment and plan out your future both mentally and financially. Best of luck and without question, that kick was above amazing.

    74. Fierypickles

      This dude looks like an avenger. The kick heard around the world

    75. FishFire_2

      Let me hold your foot and balance you while u kick me in the face 🤔

    76. SparkyChick22

      *Israel Adesanya has entered the chat*

    77. Tanner W

      did anyone see that shot he took sparring at the end of the video? 1:57 i woulda left that out

      1. Tanner W

        doesnt matter high af and noticed it


      Wwe in mma

    79. Carissa's Closet

      He went to my high school

    80. 狐kitsune

      You’re promoting the shit out of him just to see him get knocked out in a few fights again

    81. d f

      Sheesh I cringed when he mentioned that Dana White said Trump enjoyed his KO. Because that's the person he was most hoping to impress? UFC STOP POLITICIZING YOUR FIGHTERS!!! Don't even get me started on the Jorge Masvidal going on tour with the Trump party. Its sick when you use your position of authority to influence your fighters into being political puppets. They are here to fight not to push your political views. For F sake.

    82. Miguel Lopez

      F nasty

    83. Travis Ray

      If over population becomes a problem during this lifespan, I hope they start by exterminating anyone who down voted this video. You are beyond repair.

    84. Sergie Boy Fernando Jr.

      He looks like lebron james son

    85. james reilly

      Holy gawd what a kick.

    86. Hoof Hearted77

      Trumps needs to be kicked in the face on his way out the White House like that🦶take take now smell it🤣

    87. Bankai Jutsu

      The man pulled out the Tekken move

    88. Aliylmz


    89. Heavy Kevy Stunnaham...

      My brother did that to someone... but he hit him with a front kick! We’re boxers btw

    90. Heavy Kevy Stunnaham...

      Lmao at the end he snuffed by his trainer on accident...

    91. check ya chin

      Never happen again. No one wants to be the other guy.

    92. Brandon Rodriguez

      Imagine if a replay impacted your soul irl.....

    93. Lionheart Mind Explosion

      This is your starting point Buckley, the world is watching you now

    94. The Bird Music Playlist

      Oh shit. Nick Cannon became a UFC fighter.

    95. Drew John

      This dude sounds legit and a professional athlete hope he stays that way when he's a world champ

    96. На здоровье!

      Где бой с Дж Джонсом?

    97. ben oooh

      The future of the ufc

    98. Pradeep Singh

      The pressure is on him now. He loses his next fight and he's finished !!

    99. Ja so

      Stay Humble!!!

    100. Augusto Reyes

      ¡Una patada contundente! 0:56 Cruz azul😂😂😂