Khamzat Chimaev discusses his rapid rise with Dan Hardy

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Dan Hardy sat down with Khamzat Chimaev when both were on Fight Island last week to discuss his rapid rise.
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    1. Ali Corap

      "Now that you've boiled these potatoes and gotten out your butter, milk and salt, what's gonna happen next?" ..............

    2. Michael Schaefer

      Reminds me of Fedor just a bit

    3. Angela Jones

      You can see an ancient warrior bloodline in his eyes.

    4. Raymond Gonzales

      Leon is too soft hazmat was made for this he tkos leon

    5. Live Star

      Khamzat vs khabib lets wait and See how is going for him

    6. Anndreass. rr


    7. Tony Ant

      Reporter: How we doing!? Khamzat: smesh everybody bratha we do this

    8. Kim Andersen

      Hey Khamzat, how’s it going It doesn’t matter brother I smash YOU brother.

    9. IM_101

      LMAO.. "doesn't matter, don't ask me who to fight, just give me somebody"

    10. bella99 suraj

      I'm here for Khamxat

    11. MNE Productions

      Enough with the smesh jokes

    12. e b

      make the neil magny fight

    13. e b

      how much bullying/insecurity from the clef lip motivates his training and fighting. he clearly wants to prove something snd hurt people. Dude is Scary Good.

    14. Hamza Hussain


    15. Taufik Akbar

      He is Newcomer who shocked the world 💪

    16. Aman Varma

      Khamzat might be the 1st ever fighter to be banned from UFC for being too dangerous ...


      🔥✊👪☝️☝️☝️ Allahu Ekber khamzat 👏👏👏👏🇷🇺

    18. Emmanuel Avila Pianist

      Synthesis of the interview. Paulo Costa: Chicken. Romero: Playing Games. Adensaya: Smesh.


      🇷🇺💪☀️⚡🌁🌏 İslam Allahu Ekber

    20. sean pick

      This guy is 100% the real deal. Just got a feeling

    21. FitFadi

      Unusual presence of terror about this guy. I can't wait till he fights.

    22. Jacski

      Can somebody remind me what he said to Dana and his manager ?

    23. Frequent Flyer

      Smesh alert

    24. Stigma Rooll

      no one is going to mention how perfect his beard looks

    25. kan olsen

      How he pisses on every fighter out there is funny and scary at the same time

    26. Jacob Owens

      This guy could be something special. He studies the old ways. He talks about wanting to kill the other person and take their gold like kings did back in the old days. That's some Mike Tyson stuff right there....

    27. Mickey Mouse

      Is Joe Rogans face deep faked onto Dan Hardy? or is it just me.

    28. Toby Ault

      Him saying that Leon has to kill him to win is pretty damn intimidating. Mainly because he's the first guy I've truly ever believed when they say it.

    29. GREAT KHAN

      Wish you all the best in life

    30. Will

      Hulk smash... And walk into a counter punch 👊 👌 😎

    31. Jossie A Gerena Miranda

      I would watch Weidman going do or die against Chimaev

    32. salah jriri

      when he said , 'my future smash everybody ' , i was like fuck ... he is not trying to acheive a dream of beeing rich or being a champion or leaving a legacy behind , not a complexe dream that requieres steps and calculations , , as long as he is now paying bills and eating food , he is now living his ultimate dream , fighting and smashing everyone , he is not hungry for titles , fame , money , even in an interview when they asked him if he signed any new contracts , he said "i don't understand that , my manager take care of that , i don't even know how much im making " which seems stupid but , that mindset is not there by design so that he can stay focused , but its his nature , no bullshit mixed with his instincts like "its a business" or "another day at work" ,he is only hungry to fight and to inflige pain ,....... he is unique .

    33. Music Calgary

      Chimaev is greedy and arrogant, no Khabib. Opposite of Khabib.

    34. Awaken The Greatness Within

      Super confidence 👏😎

    35. Tsjung Fu

      Khamzat the berserker from Chechnia ! 👊🏼✨

    36. Dean Thurman

      Stop the interview! Lol 😂 stop the interview

    37. ministerdjspliff

      0:59 "Två (two in swedish) more"... hehe

    38. Kermit Sippintea

      “I try mma I thinking I wanna do this shit” this dude is a beast gotta love it 🤣

    39. Elena Polyviou

      I truly believe that Khamzat could become an Olympian in wrestling if he wants to.

    40. knowledge fusion

      Omg this guy is scary. Like an evil twin of Khabib. I wish he was more calm.

    41. Cash K

      He is wrestler so it's very hard to beat I think he can be champion at 170 lbs Not sure about 185 lbs

    42. PuaBelgrade

      Best comment section right here

    43. mustafa ghawi

      this guy smesh everybody

    44. Martín N M


    45. John Bones

      Over rated rat lip - Israel Adesanya

    46. freebird container

      smashed potatoes, smashed pumkins, smached face for dinner

    47. Drugsareforwinners

      Family member: surely your not going to sleep with her khamzat? She's your sister...? Khamzat: does not matter i smesh everybody..

    48. SDSen

      He really reminds me of Jon Jones in his DC feud days. Soft spoken calm collected but a psycho underneath it all was Jon Jones. Khamzat appears a little like that

    49. 2011Gamerman

      Nintendo should make a movie with Khabib and Khamzat as the Super Smash Bros. lol

    50. Chris

      When he said “I’d smash his face”

    51. Donald Jensen

      Why not let him fight Khabib to either ruin his upcoming career and Retire Khabib for good lol

      1. TUCO

        you should fight Biden

    52. BobbaB OO

      Normal human: Speaks words Khamzat the wolf: Growls words

    53. Julien Murphy

      I been saying for so long adesanya is just the McGregor of the mw division insane striker but he hasnt been tested against an elite wrestler ya mcnuggets beat chad mendes but hes a naturally small guy and mcgregor fights at ww lw mainly so wasnt even really that fair and the most adesanya faced is kg if Romero would have tried to grapple izzy it would have been a done deal

    54. mbuso mbrmanyoni

      I honestly believe in this guy wholeheartedly NOBODY can beat this guy

    55. NaNa La Rogue

      Sexy Wolf!

    56. yousifyms

      Khazmat: smesh smesh

    57. yousifyms

      This guy looks like the villain version of khabib

    58. Business Scalers

      Leon is going to murder this bum.

    59. Time Warp

      Other fighters will have to up their game; he'll improve MMA.

    60. Bun Davis

      I want to see these guy beat connor McGregors ass....

    61. Yassine Bakhti

      Khamzat: "My future is smash everybody" 🤣 This guy is incredible!

    62. MMA Footy

      Khamtz act live when iam playing ufc 4 career mode 😂

    63. €Sama€


    64. Browner 5

      It’s interesting he’s incapable of holding eye contact...a common trait among psychopaths. Coupled with a subtle smugness suggests he’s often somewhere else in his head....likely fantasising about smashing an opponent. He’s as terrifying in interviews as he is in the octagon.

    65. Jeff Simpson

      A total killer .. will maul Leon “Peon” Edwards

    66. Henrique Divina

      Khamzat will be undefeated the next 4-5 years! You heard it here!

    67. Zarp Sterr

      Dan Hardy is a Khamzat nonchalantly drones on in that lazy,eerie way.His confidence is the same....totally at one with his universe of fuss. Just bring 'em.....remarkable character forged in war-torn Chechnya, and I suppose, some things cannot be duplicated in the gym.....War mentality and Khamzat are good luck, Mr Edwards because this guy is going Borz on you, on that mat....Khamzat's intelligence and tactics will be on show, and an interesting one ahead on 19 December.

    68. yeshua sage

      What did he say at 7:50?

    69. LUV4 DOSH

      More smash please brother 💯💯

    70. ЛАМРО [ООН]

      Хамзат Борз ю хьо Брат 💪💪

    71. Sybille Sztorm

      For unknown reasons, I like this guy. I think he's gonna go far. He has this thing in his eyes that says I've seen it all and what's going on right now is nothing.

    72. subhadeep maulick

      Khamzat's wife: do you like my dress. Khamzat: I like you but I will have to smesh you, it doesn't matter.

    73. Angel Pico

      "Doesn't matter don't ask me just schedule the damn fight " lol this guy is amazing.

    74. Sisters Slimekanal

      Haha i love him

    75. Smug Man

      Wish the guy well but sad to see these fan boys kissing his arse before he’s done anything

    76. Karabo Molele

      Just let Borz smash😎

    77. kareem mahmoud

      My man's said build a robot he dont care give him somebody to smesh

    78. An G

      Khamzat can beat adasnya in second or 3round I promise you the reason I said this how much fear adasanya had in his face while fighting Romero you only lose fight if you have fear inside or effected by opponents trash talk ignores those you win try your best most of the fighters outside the cage only talk but when cage they get knocked out this guy has no fear whatsoever the only fighter in ufc my stand with him is masvidal and khamzat may still manage to win by decision only no knockout or submission masvidal in cage no fear on his face

    79. Internet Explorer

      Khamzat the type of guy who will lock his door purposely and smesh it..!

    80. mutanic

      Khamzat, take the advice given from DC to Khabib, keep the humbleness & low profile, never become some jackass BS

    81. Mohd Zaid

      He sounds like Kimi Raikkonen

    82. Consumed by deceit

      A kharismatic killer Les go BORZ !!

    83. Javid Taghıyev

      If we accept Khabib as Spider-man,Khamzat is Venom

    84. Satinder Singh

      I think i dnt care something like that ×100times

    85. Sean Cloherty

      This guy will get found out, fact

    86. Alex Leadbetter

      I really like this guy, hope he goes all the way to the top

    87. Beau Benal

      Khabib his black beast will be Khamzat khamzat he is good wrestler good puncher more aggressive younger and fast strike than Khabib i'm sur Khabib will never rise his hand to fight Khamzat that will be very interesting fight

    88. Sime Vrsaljko

      In khamzat's head: in 2021 i'll beat usman and adesanya. Stop to calling me borz and now call me the nigerian killer. Shout out to all stars training. Cordially

    89. Syed Meraj

      Somebody please give this man a FIGHT:)

    90. Louis Z

      dude is scariest looking guy in the uff

    91. KZ

      Khamzat ''it doesnt matter im gonna fight everybody'' Chimaev

    92. Kosta TSOULOS

      his damaged lips and his ears are terrifying, even tho this guy has only 9 pro fights you can tell he lives and breathes this shit. he truly does have the confidence of a champion or a veteran.

    93. Robert Magen

      Who put speakers on 100% for this vid ?.. :)

    94. FightWorld

      Israel Adesanya is planning on moving up in weight thats how terrified he is of Khamzat Chimaev.

      1. FightWorld

        It was a joke take it with a pinch of salt.

      2. Khabitch & ABDULMANAPOOP

        Yeah so terrified he's going to fight jan a guy whose even more terrific 😂

    95. victor gaudu

      Give this man a fight for the love of God !

    96. Jumshed

      Dan trying hard not to laugh

    97. Island Breeze

      This guy is going to maul Edwards I think

    98. Chris Wheeler

      Neil Magny

    99. Oytun Bey

      You can see the hunger in his eyes.. and his body language I feel he feels restless he really wants to fuck all the divisions up.. Is it true this guy bought a ticket to Ireland to go smesh connor and when he arrived they sent him back? Khabib says send me location Khamzat just goes and looks for him lol SCARY

    100. Razeen Asief

      What if he fails in december 🤔