Justin Gaethje - Journey to UFC Champion

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje joined the UFC as a name to watch and quickly established himself as one of the most entertaining fighters on the roster. After stumbling and suffering losses to two former champions, Gaethje put together a streak of finishes culminating with an upset TKO victory over Tony Ferguson for the interim lightweight title at UFC 249.
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    1. Jo Pucukbumi Darmeswara

      i like when he knock ferguson

    2. Rahul gurung

      Justin is next light weight champion

    3. Ahamed zaid

      im a khabib fan but justin earned my respect in ufc254.

    4. Alex Lee

      Great video!!!!

    5. Николай Прозоров

      Джастин ты красавчик! 🤝

    6. complications fun Mohd


    7. bradłėy

      getting choked out by Khabib the man who wrestled bears as a kid is nothing to be a shamed of


      Не в этот раз

    9. stillfree1133

      Conor lasted longer than this bum

    10. Walt Dapremontt

      .. Faced a bear last night ..

    11. THE V I L L E

      Tony Ferguson is the type of dude to...

      1. Jas & Mikko

        To lose all 5 rounds against Justin Gaethje

    12. Hachirokuji 's

      Justin is great fighter

    13. Razzac Abdullah

      Got Choked OUT????

    14. StormAngelWolf

      Justin is an amazing fighter make no mistake. Much respect brother looking forward to seeing you the top of your devsion.

    15. Gig 777

      For Khabib 💪 From Karabakh ☝️🇦🇲

    16. Asin Gujja

      Who’s here after gatjes defeat

    17. ZONE Vway_YT

      Who want to see masvidal vs gaetjhe

    18. Cânnîbal_Cløne89

      He's gonna turn khabib into a shish khabib stickin him with those sharp punches........ I hope 🤞😬🤞

      1. Cânnîbal_Cløne89

        I couldn't have been more incorrect

      2. Anon


    19. Ashton Viola

      They said his name like 5 different ways

    20. LTP LTP


    21. syed nayeem

      Khabib beat fighting win 29. 0

    22. Prime Auto Chanel

      Nyimak gan..

    23. Sports Theory

      Justin ‘I worked hard since I was four years old’ geathje

    24. The Entertainer

      He did not face the father of ufc khabib,

    25. Arista Budi Setyawan

      Rasah kakean gaya. Dadi peyek koe bos mushuh khabib

    26. P P

      I want kahbib to win but I see a knockout round 3 or 2 by gaethje

      1. P P

        @HungryPanda round 3 minute 2:27 knockout by Gaethje

      2. HungryPanda

        Who wins ?!

    27. G M B

      I don't see Justin and Trevor losing this. Champ time

    28. Susie Allen

      the talent doesn't wait!!...move over and let him through

    29. Michael Hartman

      Fathead Khab missed weight! Justin should be defending THE title vs Chandler and Khab striped soon as the bell rings.

    30. Liam C

      No one: The Narrator: "Gay-thhh-chee"

    31. Gemini Jake

      1:04 thought dude was gonna say “ he experimented with drugs...” I should stop getting b4 i watch these.”

    32. Humberto Tovar

      The “mini Ice Man Liddell “

    33. Футбольный Перестройщик

      paprom.info/block/v/hWTMaZxkyIaes34.html Данный проект выходит частями т.к. оказался очень объемным)поддержите Видео так же как все будут поддерживать нашего Орла Хабиба) Помогите развитию канала) Спасибо огромное за вашу поддержку💣☝️

    34. MannElite

      Man I love Gaethje but I also love Khabib. I don't think Gaethje has the hand speed to catch Khabib… Conor and Porrier didn't and they are both faster than Gaethje, Man he better hopes that wrestling defense comes through...I got a feeling even if it he can't take gaetchje down he can pick him apart on the feet a lot like he did with al Iaquinta. A lot of people don't give Khabib credit for that, he picked him apart with the jab and I think he can do the same with Gaethje, the thing is, that is the range Gaethje wants for the kicks.... so that could play into Gaethje's favor, but also, I don't think that leg kicks are going to be the secret to beating a freak like Khabib, I don't care how good Gaethje thinks his takedown defense is, if Khabib times a kick Gaethje is going down.

    35. Milo James


    36. levi destin

      And New !! lets go

    37. Milo James

      Hes already posted with the belt and KHABIB dont look healthy

    38. Kenan GT-R

      3:50 " That was awesome. Night. Night, %$#/&*!"

    39. Sam James

      I'll give justin the first round or even 2,after that you will see Khabib wear him down and submit him before the 5th round. Everyone has a plan before that cage closes,Khabib is a different ball game..29/0

    40. Kenan GT-R

      3:23 "Oooh, I love this sooo much" ~ Madman Gaethje

    41. Reichen Miller

      Bet I can bet him

    42. John smith

      Fuck rewatching that clip from Tony vs Justin and hearing the hits reminds me of back in the day when we used to do backyard brawls. Watching videos of Gaethje you can tell he is very intense and maybe a little pyscho

    43. John smith

      Go gaethje

      1. John smith

        hey even if he loses hes stilla fuckin warrior

    44. Daniel Frank

      Justin "I have a human services degree" Gaethje.

    45. Sarabjit Singh

      Justin 'socialworker' Gaethje.

    46. cctaylor88

      Give me 8min to stretch and warm up my hammies and I'd body Gaethje

    47. Will Pierce


    48. Mohammad Faisal

      Justin Gaethji is going to be toughest opponent that Khabib ever faces.

    49. Jesse Winford

      Tony ferguson is a beast he took 100 knockout shots all 5 rounds and gave 1 good uppercut knockout but justin held on then came back hard. One of the best fights ive seen.

    50. Xavier antillanca de filippi

      Se viene bueno mano

    51. Jim Mihaley

      I got a funny feeling Justin’s gonna win this fight

    52. 아야카

      I really hope u win but fact is ,,,,, u will lose

    53. Alejandro Ruiz

      Lol Gaethje gonna be mauled xd

    54. abhi singh rawat

      Jai shree ram

    55. 홍우연

      Let’s go

    56. Sandor Farkas


    57. Joe Angel

      Fuk yea his punching is world class ... stuff all 100 take down attempts Justin and let them hands rip into him bro !!!

    58. M P

      Michael Johnson earned those nose plugs!🔥👊🏼🔥


      💪KHABIB 👍👍👍👍👍👍🤲☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

    60. Samuel Han

      Khabib man handles him This will age well

    61. Sebastian Phizone

      All the best to both fighters. It should be exciting


      Justin Rock🤘

    63. Smeebles Ronson

      Does the way the narrator pronounces Gaethje bother anyone else??

    64. Utha Netral

      Khabib still dominant n win

    65. Evil_Gaming Ghost

      justin is like tyson fury (underdog) everyone predicted that deontry wilder is gonna win but it didnt happen i think the same thing gonna happen in this fight


      Gathje vs mayweather

    67. Meloveu Longtime

      Justin said himself that if khabib gets him against the fence it is bad or whatever. Basically Justin knows he will lose.

    68. Og Ghost

      UFC follow me, because imma be the champion

    69. Boxer

      0:51 yooo Justin low key looks like Biden as a kid 😂😂😂

    70. Peter

      4:39 The dude with the cap looks like a cartoon character and looks like he’s wearing make up. Am I missing something?

    71. Brad Wiseman

      Khabib would not get that belt

    72. A D

      Didn't know this man was from az that's what's up!

    73. C R

      Justin: if this doesn't work I wanna be a social worker Gathje

    74. ameenscran

      Justin “human services degree” Gaejthe

      1. ameenscran

        Gaethje sorry

    75. Miles

      He will beat khabib... God I hope he does I love that he’s from Arizona just like me

    76. Jorge Herrera

      *interim* champion

    77. Raider Richard

      Ferguson' got his ass handled

    78. Linus Bakoi

      the amount of people who wasted athletic gifts doing human resources

    79. JTK

      Justin would make a great Navy Seals ☠️

    80. anti Kecurangan

      Justin MUST hurt Khabib in early first round with his dangerouse low kick since Khabib commonly just circling around. IF NOT he will be submitted by Khabib and eat tons of ground pound strikes!!

    81. Eddie

      5:07 - Justin's just like "What're you lookin' at"



    83. Ron Hertzberg

      Lol interim champions areba joke

    84. Aozotra

      But does he have ground game? Khabib will smash

    85. Ashwin Gogawale

      Who skipped Tony vs Justin match? I can't watch that fight tony getting hurt 🤕

    86. Seyhan Tabanlı

      Gaetjhe is dead

    87. M Arendse

      I can't wait for Tony Ferguson COMEBACK.

    88. Abdul Basit

      Most violent fighter on feet vs most violent fighter on ground

    89. Gal Gur

      All the fans of MMA won on Saturday already

    90. W K

      His restraint makes him look like a really nice guy but I'm wondering if he has too much restraint

    91. W K

      he CAN win, but id say 70/30 khabib

    92. Alderly Frank

      justin gonna tap out. on 3rd round my bet.

    93. Rabbit D

      I dont think he will win , but better to cheer for Justin than his opponent who made homeless do pushups for a few dollars


      the strongest will win Khabib fan

    95. khiba albuluk

      Khabib time .. no doubt

    96. Hitlr Stlin

      Since I was 4 years old

    97. Mobile Legends MiND Games

      Justin "Night, Night, *****!" Gaethje

    98. GhostAce

      He ain't Champ Change it To Interim Champ And no hatred Gaethje said he is no champ he is interim and Inshallah Saturday Night we hear "And Still" and we see 29-0

    99. Hs Zaidi

      Background music? 🤔

    100. Rowan Spraker

      Kinda weak on the narration