Free Fight: Walt Harris vs Aleksei Oleinik | Call of Duty® Free Fight Series

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Presented by Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, watch Walt Harris take on Aleksei Oleinik in San Antonio last year. Order the game now:
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    1. Holden Mcgroin

      The Last Time We Saw The Focused Walt Harris.This man Could have fought for a title.

    2. Slate Gunter

      when the fight is so short, the replay is the whole entire fight..

    3. Spongeman Icecone

      If I remember correctly Alek broke his ankle in this fight.



    5. VA UK

      Walt respect bro💉👏

    6. dagboh


    7. Endorse Morse

      Looked like it was slow motion when Walt jogged..

    8. je ma

      fights in the heavyweight divison end really fast.. one big punch and knockout.. not like in the lightweight divison

    9. Eva Svensson

      Толя, лови ешё два ...

    10. planeshift

      0:42 doctor almost trips and falls on him

    11. Глеб Сошников

      Эх,дядя Лёша,как так то?(

    12. Дмитрий Дмитрий

      The fighit Oleinik fractured his foot while falling down from the punch ... Bad injure.

    13. Firman Jati P

      why is he bragging so much for beating an elderly? JK :D

    14. DetroitMoonshine

      First time watching either of these fighters. Aleksei Oleinik just walked up with his head just hanging forward and low like I never seen. I'm baffled, what was he thinking?

      1. MixUp 90

        Fighters do what works for them. Some guy are flat footed, some are on their toes. Your stance can bait fighters intolo throwing certain strikes so you can counter, such as keeping your lead hand low to bait your opponent to throw a straight or overhand on that side. Couldve been that or just a habit and how he stands. Hes a veteran though and very good on the ground. Shit happens

    15. Константин Доставалов

      Просто удачно попал в висок...

    16. Rudy plt


    17. Ashiv Sharma

      Tony Ferguson TUF upkick KO was the best

    18. Mohamed Mansouri

      You can laugh about his weird body but you can not deny his power

    19. audiofunkdialect

      This guy needs to fight Ngannou next

    20. Fokke Veenstra

      When UFC uploads a full fight video of 2:48 minutes, you know it's gonna be good.

    21. Damian Keating

      Bro the ring girl had more time in the cage 🤣

    22. Lilly Castro


    23. Daniel

      Haha something to cheer Walt up thank god

    24. Дима Свобода


    25. Trung Cyf

      Aleksei Oleinik is my favorite fighter of all time. He's so quick, like Bruce Lee.

    26. Ren Nohara

      Love him

    27. Братишка МакГрегора

      Эхх... Алёша алёша😣😣😣

    28. Andreas

      Uhhhhh... Sniper knee... Wow

    29. iDrinkSnapple

      thats a dislocated ankle

    30. Alan attack

      Freight trained.

    31. Ethan Cohen

      What a fight lol

    32. Max Fisher

      Call of duty cold war is the worst dont fall for these ads .. play warzone

    33. Anish Thakkar

      Walt harris vs jon jones! Ahhh powerhouses

    34. Emilio Yap

      Usually when they show this its a fight week, thought Harris is fighting on a week's notice. Last time we saw him he got tko'd by Volkov.

    35. A. Aziz

      The sound of the knee...

    36. Dmitriy Pankratov

      Куда поперся старый пердун?

    37. Bombata Fox

      Bambo leo bambo lajla .....

    38. Toppa Epps

      1:45 woman’s eyes bouta pop outta her head😂

    39. Guess Who

      Old and slow ....

    40. Ramesh Ale

      Reply reply...

    41. Paul Davis

      When the fight is short enough that the reply contains the full fight.

    42. Noah Johnson

      Promotioning Call of duty cold War and Its an American vs. A Russian. Coincidence? Probably not.

    43. J Feliciano

      That knee of Alek is f***** painful to watch. Aside from getting knocked out, he twisted his knee. Deym.

    44. Azamat Blog's Khabib Nurmagomedov highlights

    45. Brendan Nelson

      Man Oleinik's knee though

    46. Вадим Васюков

      Олейник удавввв)

    47. Глеб Аппаков

      Щёлкнуло так будто Олейнику рёбра сломали

    48. idyllic

      what ounce gloves are they? Like is there a certain glove that the majority of fights use? If so what ounce glove is it??

      1. Khabitch & His Deadass daddy Abdulmanapoop

        4 ounce


      People don’t watch ufc as much bc khabib is in the ufc be honest

    50. Joe Ramos

      Old eski Old lenik is to Old

    51. David LaRiviere

      woahhhh thst first left was REALLY fast

    52. James Blankenship

      Can we get a fight longer than 30 seconds please

    53. Insert Your Name

      Heavyweight is borring

    54. motoman22atgmail


    55. Chris Cyborg

      Wait, Walt is fighting again this soon ?He just had a fight. Good for him i hope he wins it

    56. CIutching

      1:46 her eyes 😂


      Mal inicio hasta en el animo

    58. Sinful Shyguy

      1:55 at the grandma sleeping behind the barricade BAHAHA

    59. grimyhellsoul

      Guy is a beast

    60. grimyhellsoul

      Aww, too fast

    61. Michael Hedgemond

      😎That's boy sam. cousin!

    62. gnomeam

      Is it just me, or does Walt Harris seem to have a serious case of anterior pelvic tilt? It makes his posture seem so strange

    63. dit clapper

      one of the best ko's celebrations of all-time

    64. mpforeverunlimited

      I'm sure I watched this fight because I always at least watch the main and co main but I don't remember it at all. Maybe because it was so short lol

    65. Raul Castro

      Thanks for the free old man fight UFC

    66. J.


    67. Aidan Ford

      0:39 RIP

    68. Zǐ lóng

      Good job by the referee seeing Oleinik was done.

    69. Hellgrinde

      That ladies eyes say it all haha

    70. World MMA

      Meet RoboCop

    71. TheJFK8

      I was wondering if this was the whole fight or just the highlights. Turns out it was both.

    72. Militant Vallance

      So I grabbed popcorn 🍿 and for what looool walt ur a beast 💯🔥👌

    73. Оо Оо

      Бой куплен

    74. JO RA

    75. Randominator

      Why this fight? Harris is a bum fighter.

    76. Charlie Carey

      Look at his feet shaking


      Олейник булки расслабил

    78. TS WH

      Good power 🔋

    79. Finessed Analyzer

      0:36 - 0:40 -- look at this legs trembling

    80. UnderGround pLAyMusic

      Что то с ним не так!!! ... как буд-то он больной или продался !!

    81. Николай Смирнов

      Ээххх... дядя Леша... пора завязывать. Пора!

    82. gibby gibb

      They uploaded this so we can finally feel good watching walt fight and win instead of being sad watching him fight

    83. Bryan Ganz

      Damn. No wonder people were so hyped on this dude back then. It's a real shame what happened to him. RIP

    84. Сан Каб

      Шикарный вид!),,,😃😃😃😃😄

    85. derrick gooden

      call that boy mother...whew...

    86. Martin Farkas

      Is that fight from 2019?

    87. нзори ц

      нулевой олень

    88. pughconsulting

      I barely sat down to take a dump and it's over.

    89. Cantthinkofaname

      Look at that giant fat dude in the left

    90. TrustYourGut

      Hey Walt what's your game plan ? Walt: Ok

    91. dulez ninjaman

      Wait.... is walt back so soon? At this fight week?

    92. Alex Guerra

      Lewis did the same right..

    93. Kjertinge

      Aleksei they kinda guy to get knocked out or choke someone out and then get up and say “Ok now where next fight”

    94. pieceofcheese

      wtf was this guy drunk or what, that reaction time is worse than mine on a russion wedding

    95. Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restos

      So sometimes get your ticket punched out early. On the other hand Those parking garages prices are horrible.😂

    96. jeepcj7dude

      1:43 on the right. Her face is priceless. :)

      1. Deleted Account

        A little scary how she goes from terrified to calm over and over again

    97. self discarded king of ruin 72

      When does Walt fight again?

    98. Karim

      Too fast

    99. Sam Haley

      Harris is so fast, he just gets gassed so quickly

    100. Louis Baltimore

      L'Enchaînement était Nwaar mdrr.