Dana White Announces Contract Winners | Season 4 Finale - Contender Series

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

54 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼19

    UFC President Dana White reveals to Laura Sanko who impressed enough to earn contracts and their shot in the UFC during the Season 4 finale of Dana White's Contender Series.
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    1. Anjani Laurens

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    2. SaHa

      When dana sayed attack of the covid😂

    3. Mubeen Ahmed

      Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    4. angelesoinsectos

      37 new contracts of not so good fighters who get paid peanuts so they can get rid of 75 established ufc fighters and even some top 10 guys.

    5. ReLevAnT thOuGhT !

      why dont ufc organization recruit fighters from all over the world afterall it helps to more popularize ufc organization all over the world in an easy way ! they should have open their sub branches all over the world✅which will make ufc a non defeatable no 1fighting org as well as business org .we want easy entry from Nepal .

    6. Alexis Castro

      Dana def smashin

    7. Work Email

      Laura is fucking hot....

    8. The Heumperor

      Kinda surprised Maximov wasn’t pulled and honestly quite disappointed. He seemed like a giant fucking Khabib and not only that, he Khabib’d a dude fifty POUNDS heavier than him. Imagine him at middleweight. Also he seemed like he could become a star personality to me.

    9. Servant of Allah

      paprom.info/block/v/ba23nK6Eyp5lyn4.html video about muhammad ali. What a guy

    10. George Stone

      This chic is HOT

    11. Time Purse

      Mojahed is the one who decides

    12. Dan United

      Dana is the Simon cowell of MMA

    13. Faisal Allozi

      why no body is talking about how beautiful the interviewer is

    14. PositivyT

      Lutz fakes a groin strike to get a breather, fails to deliver on his own promises and gets a contract? One of the lowest quality fights of the season.

    15. Chris Abshier

      Never tell a secret in the middle of a cornfield. There's too many ears. I know it's a corny joke.

    16. JTD472

      She is so fucking hot. Good lord

    17. guy tyrie

      Dana looking jacked!

    18. Barry Jerry

      Time for these kids to sell their souls for peanuts woohoo

    19. Ghiulai Dani

      Dana "I'm on all the roids" White

    20. kshayarsha

      Who's that sexy woman interviewing dana

      1. LioSlayer

        Laura Sanko former mma fighter

    21. charles pitter

      Damn the host is beautiful AF

    22. DestroyNations

      3:01 will make Mojahed

    23. Snoopy Bollox

      Every one with a pulse got a contract obviously Dana's chin needs sum new meat to hang off it...

    24. hbeezey

      oy vey, that thumbnail is anti semitic

      1. RITHIN DAS RA1711002010456

        The fuck?

    25. Trunks 23

      That's such a cool opportunity

    26. Small Bod

      Victoria looks like Cody Ko’s gf Kelsey

    27. Stak Dollars

      JP just signed his death certificate. “They just need to give me the rite amount of time” you just better stay ready if Dana heard that! Curve balls are A UFC specialty, Best be ready to scrap!

    28. Skeeeter

      Congratulations to these young warriors 👊🏽

    29. World Wolf

      Should be 3 fights in 1 night to find a real killer, grand finally winner gets a contract.

    30. klonesupreme

      how much do they get per fight?

      1. Albert hick

        In the contenders series winner gets $10k lose $5k.

    31. Mickey Mouse

      how many fighter does UFC have on contract now? 4 million people? remember when it was somthing special to be in the ufc.? try showing up at Danas office with your own gloves and a guy you call coach, Dana will say YOURE IN KID.

      1. Lawrence M.

        The UFC released too many people. And people pull out so much these days that main events have to have a guy on standby just in case. There’s also 4 events a month with around 12 fights so that’s 96 fighters getting action. So a roaster of 500 fighters doesn’t seem much if you think about it.

    32. Dr Duke

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      1. Dr Duke

        I'll give you tips only 1) don’t trust anyone! - there is no dependence on food, water, air ... there is only weakness 2) there is no dependence on another person, a woman or a man (you are one!) All the rest are attached to you physically and energetically, like ballast, with the feeling that you owe something or you need the feeling of these people, they will just fuck you 3) Begin to see with your soul the gears of the mind (this is figurative, since it is a little difficult to describe in words the energies that pull and push each other), it's like a bios in a computer, it wakes you up when you sleep, it controls your organs, it collects your consciousness - for example, you know a lot, but you don't think about everything that happened in your life, since all the information is on the hard disk and consciousness is the operative memory of the current need, so as not to torment yourself with bad memories and not waste the energy of vision on the rest and use it pointwise (walking in the store you want to buy groceries and not remember the old shit from the past!) - the soul is your autopilot, your bios ... just do not try to turn it off as it will be psychologically difficult for you, as for me, you better learn to see. The eye can deceive and show ready-made, for example, computer screens where thoughts fly into you do not believe this is a deception, it is not yours, just smart-ass creators have also developed and decided to deceive everyone - just think about the ancestors of your soul, the most ancient ancestors who programmed - the first pieces of the soul. (you will be very angry, direct this anger at those creatures that weakened you) good luck... **

      2. Dr Duke

        This is my life experience, I began to monitor my weaknesses in my body and thoughts, I had a problem with drugs - I smoked spice and salt, but when I let go, the memory of the bad disappeared and I thought that I was good and I was driven to hell. I did not control myself and killed myself I spat blood and suffered from pain and bad trips, I started to escape from this shit and realized that and who changed my brain - these were the drug addicts who surrounded me, they were sent to specifically kill me in this way, or subdue and they were also helped by the system of nanorobots (eyes) - also called the devil, this is a systemic regulator - weak people are weakened and killed if a person does not obey and does not want to become a slave! the eye has followers who have been trained to penetrate the mind and add to drugs and a lazy lifestyle, so that a person becomes depressed and accepts the fate of a slave or kills himself in any way, usually these people themselves come up to you and try to become friends so that you lose vigilance and began to trust them .... I have never seen books anywhere in my life experience.--=

    33. Thomas Wolf


    34. VDK Studios

      paprom.info/block/v/kIXVZdKq0qB74JQ.html Geathje speaks about how strong Khabib is

    35. nir S

      great fights !

    36. Dd Vaaj

      What’s the lightest weight class there is for men

    37. Barry Allen

      Create an entire eco system that was a great comeback nic girl

    38. Delta Assault

      Laura Sanko is so hot

    39. 786 body fitness

      Beautiful video 🌹😍🤩

    40. Bhekani Manana

      I wish we can get Our Own McGregor in SA a Guy who can Talk Tha Smack and Back it up and Raise The SA flag HIgher than High....Phakama Mzansi Amandla Kuleyo Ndawo

    41. Bhekani Manana

      Wow JP Buys is now in the UFC Please bring that Gold Back to South Africa.....Let's Gooo....

    42. Darren

      JP is the MAN!

    43. [티알티] TRT UFC Reaction

      JP Buys reminds me of the poem guy from 13 reasons why.

    44. Sa Weekend

      ✋✋✋ paprom.info/block/v/oIqcn9aX1q-iuGE.html

    45. Bert

      How hot is that blonde daammnnn

    46. misclic 2

      im gettin emotional w these . ty

    47. Mauricio Hiure

      glad Glorinha got it, one more BR in wmma

    48. Max Lethe

      Hey Dana, open to an "over 70 division?" I hear your boy don jon needs work

    49. Edilberto crocotá o campeão

      OSS crocotá 👊🇧🇷👊

    50. Mike Hawk

      Worst card of the whole season.

    51. Vin B.

      The real winner tonight is Laura Sanko’s husband.

      1. Vishal Sheoran

        Uncle Dana is the ultimate pimp champion, he’s the winner

    52. Eric

      0:50 I swear he changed his mind mid-thought.

      1. Work Email

        Nah he thought about finishing on Laura

    53. Trump 2020

      Great to see the new talent. Brought me a needed smile on the goodbye to A Silva.

    54. User

      Damn wanted Chelsea Hackett to win 🇦🇺

      1. DanFra

        @The 1 Ghrol win or learn

      2. User

        @The Wombat she trained in Australia there is probably a good wrestling school there.

      3. The Wombat

        Give her a year with the Hickman Bros and she'll be a force.

      4. User

        @The 1 Ghrol agreed.

      5. The 1 Ghrol

        “A sailor can’t get skills on a smooth sea” She’ll be back and better than ever

    55. Treasure LA

      Can joe host man come on lol

    56. Nuriko Kun


    57. sixty nine

      Dana has that HGH going to his head

    58. Saleh Cheema

      maximov should’ve got a contract smh

    59. Liam bruh

      Snooze festt

    60. Blakey Boy

      Good effort Chelsea, next time!

    61. bonke kunene

      South Africa let's goooo!!!

      1. Siyavuya Sam


      2. Kiran Jeffery

        AWE AWE!!

      3. Mduduzi Nkomo


      4. Peter

        Represent! Let's Gooooooooo

      5. Colin Greenway

        @Msizi Mngoma Yes gents so awesome for JP!!

    62. Panca 169-


    63. SJ

      Think that a thief grab bag from ufc girls 😱 After this Thief : i quit this career 😂

      1. Quang Pham


      2. Jonah Webster

        Wtf did u just say

      3. Rory Bray


    64. zippy0099

      How did dana talk the press secretary into being an interviewer here!?

      1. Vishal Sheoran

        Dana gave her the D

    65. Душанбе Сити

      Блин где перевод? Ф

    66. Cristóvão Ricardo

      Jp buys boy aweh aweh from Cape town south Africa

    67. Cesar Anguiano

      Came here for Maximov 💪

      1. kirk slinn


    68. Wezley_Kay 09

      Make it into a Mojahed cartoon and I’ll consider you a major league fighter

      1. Félix Paquet


    69. Mvelo Ndadane

      Let's Go 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 JP BUYS

      1. Kiran Jeffery


    70. Rick Stearns

      That's Dana's girl😀

    71. Jay Smith

      The best part about this whole series is that beautiful blonde woman who's interviewing everybody good Lord.

      1. Jaco Gous

        @Frank Gonzales thats why hes so red in the face haha hes thinking about last night

      2. Frank Gonzales

        @Jaco Gous He signs her paycheck, you'd do the same. Hopefully Dana can get a handful once in a while. Lol.

      3. Jaco Gous

        It looks like shes into dana

      4. Quang Pham


      5. james anonymous

        @Billie Lachatte rly ? What's her name

    72. Matheus Marques

      Boa Glorinha 👏👏


      What happened the guy was shaked and might have woken up from that or was he wake from the start

      1. Frank Gonzales

        Early stoppage. Goddard messed up.

    74. T squirrel

      All I saw was a 🐪 toe

      1. Erich


      2. DanFra


    75. Ехидное Ебало

      u should give contract to Maximov. middleweight vs heavy and u gave contract that bums..what a shame

      1. もちもちももち

        Dana said, "Nick was middleweight under the influence of Covid19, but he fought against a £ 264 opponent. At the age of 22, he was 6-0. He's currently on the move to the hospital, but he's not here, but he's the ultimate fighter. I want to call you. I hope he agrees. "Using automatic translation.

    76. Tentang Terkini

      *Yang Rindu Ceramah Tonton Ini **paprom.info/block/v/fYybZbJg3m5xqnY.html** 👈 Ceramah Wasiat Kepada Pemuda Pemudi Islam*

    77. Mi-Mi-Mi Ko

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    78. william coleman

      funny how these contracts are almost meaningless. fighters have ZERO protection.

    79. Eric Meira

      👏 👏

    80. RTR Productions

      How did Maximov not get a contract ffs? He beat a guy 50 lbs bigger than him and dominated.

      1. just know

        wasnt that great of a fight the de paula one was way better

      2. Inspirational Harambe

        He didn't sound too keen on the Ultimate Fighter route in an interview this week. Nate told him the negatives.

      3. Dr.Glaze

        Because he fought a sloppy heavyweight with no ground game and still couldn’t put him away.

      4. User

        I think its the right choice and get mentor by a ufc vet and build his name and be able to improve his skills

      5. Quang Pham


    81. Shaun Hart

      the MMA HOLES Are Wonderful Wonderful 👊💪🐲🐉

    82. Vishal Sheoran

      Nick maximov won 10-8 rounds off a heavyweight with 50lbs advantage lol.

      1. EVO6

        @andrew hanson no it was 50. He weighed in at 209 pounds. A 100 pound difference does not look like that.

      2. Dr.Glaze

        Fought a dude with zero ground game and still couldn’t finish him.

      3. andrew hanson

        Like 80 to 100 pounds Look like a welterweight vs a big heavy weight

    83. Mike '2blac' Perry

      Dana's newly recruited 'fresh meat' to exploit and take advantage of

      1. Sectus

        Stop whining

      2. arryharry

        If you can showcase your skills, win at least 7/10 times and are engaging, its been proven that you can make a career in the UFC and be happy about it. Do any better than that and you're in the mix for gold, only non-fighters would think that this is exploitation. Its opportunity and when it knocks, open the door and walk through it confidently.

      3. Raven

        How does he exploit and take advantage of these people when he literally pays them large sums to do what they love? It's a company people work together to make money it's not exploitation its business

      4. User

        Yeah UFC is the main stream fight to get exposure that is why lots of new fighter want to go to the UFC and build their name

      5. bonke kunene

        Lol same thought

    84. Вадим

      Где перевод то , отписка

      1. 300 kg

        не тот канал, чтобы был перевод

    85. Kowalski Analysis

      It’s red panty night for them

      1. pomme melon

        @RTR Productions Ok Richie Rich

      2. RTR Productions

        Yeah they'll get a 10 and 10 per fight offer from the UFC. Soooooo red panty.

    86. King Mo


    87. Thomas Lloyd

      NEW MUSIC: Ride For You by Purpose ft Shamyra release date 12-7-2020


      Imagine how many fans are coming here every second..🌹

    89. Brandon K

      Dana feeling like Oprah tonight

      1. MattPachecoOfficial


      2. Stephen V. Tran


    90. JWD