An Inside Look at Sasha Palatnikov's UFC Debut

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Get an inside look at Sasha Palatnikov's UFC debut this past November at UFC 255 in Las Vegas. Palatnikov is the first Hong Kong-born fighter to be signed by the promotion and fights again at UFC Vegas 23 this upcoming weekend.
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    1. Brandon K

      Lmao he's gonna get cut after that last one

    2. Kelvin Ng

      Support from hong kong!!

    3. nandoindahos

      Damn. That "5 minutes for everything you want" was fcking deep.

    4. anuma nuva

      Five minutes for everything you want... Classic line

    5. Winston Churchill

      Can't wait to stop seeing Reebok at every UFC. Fuk that company.

    6. Ruben Garcia-Tapia

      He needs to move his head

    7. Kinson

      加油!!! from Hong Kong

    8. Mike Diamondz

      But UFC has a communist fightetr ... 👎🏽

    9. Samson Chan

      We come from Hong Kong and we are with you

    10. Zarits11 Mode

      Top 15 levels

    11. David Briden

      Cool dude, but will starve in the UFC

    12. Brynn Baker

      He had Cosmo and Wanda helping him, not really fair

    13. ben ben

      Expect the unexpected in mma. Best sport ever.

    14. Евгений Пустовой

      Этот Саша он с России что ли..!? 🤔

      1. AT

        США > Россия, всегда и везде

    15. J legend

      Could be a future star !

    16. Владимир Утейкин

      Sasha "The Hong Kong Hammer" Palatnikov

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    18. Something Clever

      Randomized created character

    19. Dakota Sky-Gaskin

      Wow, what a great debut man. Looking forward to following this dudes career, he's got mad heart. That first round he was fighting for his life and came back like a savage

    20. Martyn Payne

      Joe ooooooooooo Rogan

    21. La Sal

      😭 not a word from this man until 4:37 and he doesn’t disappoint

    22. Dmitry Oksen


    23. GutturalReef


    24. Zain Hussain

      Plaintikov sounds like a Russian name but he's from Hong Kong and speaks in a American accent

    25. Ondra Klíma

      Hong Kong is not China

    26. Strong Girl – superheroine online

      "This is what we dream of, this is what we work for: another day in the office." Sounds like my life.

    27. salvatore mannino

      Why everybody in the UFC says "baby, baby, baby..." always

    28. erikmcnasty

      Shit was so lit

    29. Serge Serg

      Sasha “ sweet as a nut” Palatnikov

    30. Serge Serg

      He is a comrade, for sure

    31. Serge Serg

      Ага, так мы вам и поверили что он не наш пацанчик

    32. Kingpin gfhdf

      3:07 rogan put his whole body into it lmao

    33. JP

      Time for venom

    34. Sourabh Chakraborty

      Guy is so calm and collected.

    35. Hakim Maulana

      Interesting fight

    36. mill b z

    37. raul gonzalez

      ahhh hes from china ok i see

    38. Zafar Iqbal

      I thought it was Dustin Poirier.

    39. krezo

      This video makes joe rogan look good

    40. YhY Beef Yeung

      big up hong kong, we with you

    41. Deniz O.

      Who the f is that guy

    42. 向洋 Nathan Hartono

      They left out the 2 cage grabs, and the 2 nut shots, that also led to a HILARIOUS exchange between Rogan and DC. So much drama in this was amazing, highly recommend you find and watch the whole thing if you havent.

      1. 向洋 Nathan Hartono

        Found the Rogan DC exchange lol 😆

    43. Volat Abaronca

      He was +400 underdog

    44. Volat Abaronca

      He is a beast

    45. UFC4 Spain

      Yess, nice firts performance for Cosce, but if he hasnt a especial match plain he wont win

    46. The Nazgul

      great fight, i watched it live, unbelievable ❤️❤️

    47. Вадим Молчанов

      Where is he from?

    48. Mr. E

      The UFC Performance Institute in China is going to close down if the UFC keeps bringing up that this guy is from Hong Kong

      1. Mr. E

        @Arthur The conflict last year was pretty bad between Hong Kong and mainland China. A decent amount of Hong Kong protestors are actually fleeing to Taiwan. There is quite a lot of similarities. It seems the story is not so different after all.

      2. Arthur

        Thats ok. everyone knows Hongkong is a city. Taiwan on the other hand, is a different story

    49. Illiberal

      Ankle wraps should be banned. Either they give a fighter an unfair advantage, or they don't so why use them.

    50. Illiberal

      I lost a lot of bets on this fight. So many accumulators hinging on Cosce 1st round KO... like an idiot I was.

      1. jonathan archer

        When I learned to never take a -400 again

    51. ZZZZZ7725

      Удачи, Санёк. Размажь их всех

    52. kunzang Stanzin

      He was my wrestling coach🤣🤣🤣 back then...

    53. mbali nhlapo

      Hong Kong what

    54. Manny Blackstar

      He looks like Pea Head Poirier. Let's goo

    55. Manny Blackstar

      Proud moment for Hong Kong. Let's go

    56. Cultural Wheat 66

      great talent and future!

    57. catur utomo

      he looks nervous. it may not his best performance, still slow

      1. Manny Blackstar

        Right. Probably little afraid because of the first UFC fight but yeah there's always room to improve.

    58. User Anonymous

      who else misses goldie and his commentating and energy mistakes and all

    59. Scott Ord

      That was, indeed, a scrap. Bravo to both competitors.

    60. Scott Ord

      1:28 - Cool to see this behind the scenes footage.

    61. Twinsun predator

      Megan Olivie Just top notch woman

    62. Troy Andres

      That was an insane fight.. that first round was straight war 🔥

    63. MMA Time

      Fake nut shot guy lost his debut

    64. Ryan Vanleeuwen

      dude lost this fight, ref should have stepped in twice, but the dumbass ref didn't, and palatnikov took the damage and stayed concious, and the ref called it super early when sasha palatnikov got the finish in comparison to how many blows louis cosce landed unanswered in the first round

    65. Rangernation46

      Cool ass dude proud of him

    66. Ted Muskadeli

      Why are we looking back at this ?

    67. Tabu Théâtre

      are his parents russian?

    68. David Apeji

      "You give me a full camp and I'll take out anyone in that division" - Dude, you are delusional. Do you have any clue who all are in that division??

      1. Opening GT

        Why are you offended though? If you don't have that kind of mentality then you're on the wrong sport.

    69. Conor Mcleod

      promote the prospect or future stars, not the average fighters

    70. Colucci Cédric

      Sasha "if you know, you know" Palatnikov

    71. Lucky Punch

      Never seen this guy before . Good job but he needs to improve his wrestling

    72. JH 03

      Looks like a skinny Volkan Oezdemir

    73. Charles Chi

      Odd punching form.

    74. GateKeeper

      Wtf is on that guy's chest. The tattoo artist who did that for him has no empathy to say pick something else.

      1. Niels Groothedde

        It was something cultural from the state they were from. I mean it has a meaning. But i doenst look pretty indeed.

      2. DJH Nainggolan


    75. Dave C

      You can just see the fight leave the other dude my guy from Hong Kong is tough as nails

    76. Howard Jones

      Sasha "Bald Platinum" Palatnikov

    77. The OX

      I must have missed this one that night I got held up and was late getting to my brother’s house but DAMN what a brawl!!! Was it FOTN???

      1. The OX

        Just watched it again wanna see more of this guy!!

      2. The OX

        Thanks brother 👍👍👍

      3. Vlad Osypov

        I think so, if I recall correctly.

    78. The OX

      Damn what a fight!!!

    79. The All For One

      good luck man

    80. Black Camer

      Sasha Palatnikov gonna get sent to the realm shadow

      1. Somerled

        I wince every time someone uses the phrase 'shadow realm'

      2. SpeedOfThought1111

        by the guy who just came back from there? i don't think so

    81. Baby Awesome Asia

      Normal skill level only.

    82. вова жуков

      Саша 💪✌️😎

      1. AT

        США > Россия, всегда и везде, скоро американский PAprom заблокирует весь трафик из россии

    83. roy tilia

      It's crazy how athletic and fit these guys are and still they get gassed out so fast

      1. Lee Ham

        @mixedmartial Artes that's true. Your fight IQ goes down when tired.

      2. mixedmartial Artes

        @Lee Ham I agree with you though. But also bad weight cuts can really mess up your cardio.

      3. mixedmartial Artes

        @Lee Ham I feel like cardio is in some form a skill too because you need to know how to pace yourself and know when to step on the gas and when to cruise

      4. Lee Ham

        @mixedmartial Artes Weight cutting is a part of it, but Mcgregor had a good gas tank when he cut down to 145, Dustin walks around at 190 (!!!) and is fine for cardio, Khabib is similar (0 cardio issues even tho he looks dead at weigh-ins), and Tiny Ferguson never gets tired, and he has a welterweight frame (cuts a lot of weight). I think weight cutting mess up your skills more than your cardio. Good example is Robert Whittaker at WW, Tony Ferguson's double weight cut vs Gaethje, and Kevin Lee's brain holes.

      5. mixedmartial Artes

        Maybe it could be because of the brutal weight cut they mostly all go through. Or just bc both are super skilled and it makes them both work more .

    84. Silent Shadows

      We need to see more debuts on this channels

    85. H D

      His technique reminds me Lobov

    86. Peco

      This fight was rad, I remember going into that card not expecting much but the two title fights were dope too

    87. tassaq

      more content like this pls

    88. Stephen maharaj

      Megan can do anything and make it sexy

    89. Tengku Syafiq

      Who the fook is that guy???

    90. tylerhill40

      Megan's a class act.

    91. Ola Adams

      Tasha is going to win the fight cuz he has very good boxing

    92. Moe Malik

      That man fought for his LIFE in that first round, incredible comeback and debut

      1. Hatem Kotb

        Yeah he almost lost the fight, great comeback!

    93. Ryan McGuire

      I was more excited to see the other Cosie brother fight, he had the more impressive fight on The Contender Series than his brother, the one that fought Sasha. I wonder why they haven't booked him a fight yet, even this brother should be coming back already.

      1. Ricky Gamino

        Louis is one of my training partners, he blew out his shoulder during the fight, why he couldn’t hold his hands up. He had surgery on one shoulder and is getting surgery on the other.

      2. Joshua Chipman

        his brother is killa. guy is much more skilled imo.

    94. Hairi

      He looks as much as a hongki as me

      1. Badfy Repytweed

        a who?

    95. Mark Arthur

      So is he American, Russian or from Hong Jong

    96. The Gamer

      Joseph Benavidez you’re the man.

    97. Mark Arthur


    98. Josh The Mediocre

      Russian name, born in Hong Kong, sounds like he's from west virginia...that dude is something.

    99. Shawn A

      Who the fook is this guy!!!!

      1. Joshua Chipman

        not as big of a no name as shawn a though!

      2. Shawn A

        another no name

    100. jojo twice

      Why the focus on him though? Not like he was a big name in the first place; people looking at him like, "he's representing hong Kong?" Not sure how much that's gonna be worth in attracting the Chinese crowd. Maybe when he breaks out the Cantonese

      1. Dr. Zaius

        they want to appease the chynese... dont be shocked when you hear of hk being referred to as chynese, they'll slip it in there somewhere you watch.