A Man Before It's Time - Bruce Buffer | Fightlore Preview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Fightlore, a new UFC FIGHT PASS Original series, teaches you about the man with the golden throat and great taste in suits as Bruce Buffer takes you through his amazing life story from meeting his brother, Michael Buffer at the age of 28 to his fistfight with UFC Fighter, Frank Trigg inside a packed elevator. Watch the full episode: bit.ly/32y0vsf
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    1. Loki RIP

      Trigg's ego was always a problem. He makes himself look like such a douche.

    2. TheWopper78

      Fuggin LOVE Bruce Buffer!!!!!! He’s a KING. Unfuggin unbelievable just unbelievable!!!! Whahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    3. Tehtehkhanten games

      I miss when men were allowed to be men.

    4. Jamie Reid


    5. nightwolf6x

      Love the animation incredible lol 10/10 Anyways 3:05 gets hit in the groin but continues to fight... another proof why groin attacks don’t work

    6. JoshOfTheSouth

      Elevator Brawl game mode confirmed for UFC 5!

    7. Sklen Bahkwards

      Both guys deserves a belt in the ufc elevator weight division.

    8. Ceelo Mully

      They forgot to mention that Frank Trigg just got done fighting Matt Hughes that very night.

    9. trilok rawal

      Animation of Dana enjoying the fight was hilarious !!!

    10. Graduate Student

      A man before-"it's, time!"

    11. Jonathan Tejada

      In the real world, grown civilized men don't fight their friends in the elevator.

    12. Si Jae

      PSA : White ppl tell stories so calmly an passionately Black ppl tell stories with hella emotion and body movements 😂😂😂

    13. Si Jae

      Yoooo this story funny asf i watched this at least 4x 😂😂😂

    14. lord lefty

      Franks a douche.

    15. JuulPodJared

      The description reads “the man with the golden throat” ...

    16. S Mack

      Buffer is the man, best ring voice ever no one comes close

    17. Don Marin

      What your talking about is a sucker punching shit bag. Ufc the only company you can work for, be a ring anouncer and gets sucker hit by a second rate fighter in front of their boss, and nothing happens.

    18. A Stranger

      The fact that Dana just stood there and watched and enjoyed the scene is hilarious

    19. Gabriel Reinfalke

      To hell with these guys

    20. TTTeo

      That's what it takes to be a man.......

    21. Mike Justice

      Dana says he set back and watched... He sat back and started placing bets.

    22. ko de bruin

      500 dollars for a shot?! Ah that must be in tbe US.

    23. Fábio Eira

      Frank is probably those guys that beat their wives.

    24. Whyam Ihere

      This is why I can’t hang out with meat heads, always mellow dramatic and looking for a fight

    25. The Common Sense Conservative

      Today you can have a good fight then get shot over it

    26. QuickTimeFailure

      That's the funny thing about fighting. After you beat the shit out of each other, you are both willing to put everything behind you and be friendly with one another (assuming you two are friendly with each other and no serious injuries happen). I say this as someone who got into multiple fist fights with my older brothers growing up lol.

    27. bobbydee30g

      Context, this is why it's so important. For how many years did people think Frank was simply a raging dick. It was still handled poorly. Those were two bad decisions. One hitting a man and worse asking him what he's gonna do about it 🤣. Dude that's an invitation to fight not a declaration that your trying to conduct business here.

    28. Crucifix

      This is great!! More please

    29. Ray Preseau

      From what those in the know, trigg got the worst of that fight. Other than the cut, bruce looked fine, and from what I've heard, Frank's face was pieced up pretty good.

    30. Anthony Freeburn

      Trigg is a joke of a human. Typical narcissist. Buffer is a beast.

    31. F D

      In the Marine Corps we used to handle disagreements by "taking it to the tree line." We'd throw down for a couple of minute and be friends after.

    32. Sky Pixel

      Haha best ever

    33. Ash Neel

      Bruce "Nice Watch" Buffer

    34. Lucifeast

      Every time the elevator would stop for a floor, they'd stop fighting, then would resume once the elevator continued 😂

    35. Euphorixxx

      Buffer really is a class act, even going as far as to call them friends throughout when trigg is a POS. Who chops a friend in the throat?

    36. Ba Kwanté Hill

      another man violate me, he is not my friend anymore , sucka punch me in my throat he could have killed the dude .

    37. OAHG

      What a savage

    38. ᴀꜱꜱɪꜱᴛᴀɴᴛ ᴘʀᴏꜰᴇꜱꜱᴏʀ

      At least they shook hands and are still friends

    39. MightyMoose

      Like I tell my son, even of you KNOW you will loose always punch back 👊

    40. Dhiar Syahputra

      They do have cameras in elevators right?

    41. Brutal Inferno

      What an amazing story

    42. dogseule 2006

      Wow....didnt know Bruce could scrap

    43. Bear

      Trigg sounds so remorseful 😂

      1. Bear

        @wannabecarguy Trigg doesn’t sound the brightest of dudes though.

      2. wannabecarguy

        I typically have meetings about my salary in private, I guess these guys prefer a more public setting.

    44. J M

      Getting a raise then assaults someone yeah maybe you don't deserve the raise

    45. BC RAPS

      I love this guy, Buffer doesn't stand for nonsense, Dana is that one homie who doesn't stop you when you fight😂😂😂😂😂... Bruce was a boxer😆

    46. Ville S

      "Im Bruce Buffer bitch!" -Rick James 2020

    47. Hamza Ferjani

      Bruce buffer what a man

    48. Zach

      Awesome way to make sure you get a pay raise?

    49. Watson Wallace

      Profe that anybody can be a UFC fighter all it takes is a nice team and balls. Rich Franklin UFC middle weight champ was a high school math teacher

    50. Chris Skinner

      Fucking brilliant,buffer is a legend💪

    51. HangTheTraitors AndResist

      Haha what a hell of a show that would have been. Imagine the facilities security guards that were looking at the security cams. Hahaha

    52. Sneax

      Aaaaaaaand that's what being greedy for money leads to

    53. B Foster

      Trigg is a psychopath,

    54. Derrick Mitchell

      awesome story.

    55. TheMadden

      In the old days I could have a fight with you and still have a beer afterwards. Bruce buffer is a real one.

    56. Grau Gaming

      Men fight and then something happens where they can be better friends after. Nature is weird.

    57. Will Blundon

      And that's why Bruce is my favourite fighter of all time plus he's a beast on ufc3

    58. Nenad ИС XC Shuput

      I have a feeling Buffer did that on purpose.. you see, Trigg did make a mistake of only chopping that pice of shit to the trout. What Trigg should of done, is turned him off completely. With cross to the nose, or a hook to the jaw. And should of carried on his conversation with Other pice of shit, Dana.

    59. Tenshi

      So thats how he sounds talking lmao

    60. Jason Thomas

      Fight and then still be friends. That’s how it should be!!

    61. Ashley Williams

      Got to give to Bruce he went toe To toe with top ranked ufc fighter aha.

    62. Stromboli

      "In the old days, I could have a good fight, and have a beer with you afterwards. That's the way I like it." A true gentleman right there. A man of honor. Tons of today's ego-driven self-absorbed hipsters could learn a lot from Mr. Buffer.

    63. Mike Ywakiem

      Put fight lore on espn + we pay enough for it

    64. sean moore

      I used to work out at Mikey Burnett's gym in Tulsa.

    65. Bdpjev

      Great bed time story

    66. bobocpe

      This video is the ultimate proof that men are not women.


      So a guy who has never trained professionally as far as i know, and who seems to be over 15 years older, was able to stand and bang with the exact opposite?! And even take a nut shot?! If that's not a 10th degree black belt getting his ass grounded out by a white belt with no previous combative training, nothing is!

    68. Diego

      $500 for stitches and a tetanus shot? That's fucked.

    69. Will McKeen

      trigg lost too many brain cells 🤣🤣trying to justify it

    70. Snap-off

      "I'm not much of a fighter. . . .but I love a good fight!"

    71. SadoMasichisticboy

      I loved that Dana just let them ride it out lol. Would love some more stories like this

    72. Al Mackay

      Ya don't chop ya mate in the throat, doesn't matter what you were talking about with your boss, what a dickhead.

    73. M T

      LOL who did this animation?? Trigg is 5'8 and Buffer is 5'10 but this video makes trigg look like a beast

    74. Edson Skywalker

      I can’t stop Laughing!!! 😂😂 this is the best story I’ve heard in a long time!! Respect to Bruce buffer for not backing down.

    75. Eldin Nukic

      I respect the whole, two friends and people can and do fight. We all do. However I feel it is much more commendable to practice both temperance and moderation when it comes to conflict. I realize this is also from when younger. And well we all do dumb stuff when were young. And some never really even stop. But to learn from those mistakes. That is what it is to be human. Good job men, I salute both of you.

    76. Eldin Nukic

      So I gave him a pop pop. Also the last comment was cause of an ad. But still. Overall the point stays.

    77. Eldin Nukic

      The best games are made on the tightest of budgets. That's where real thought and ingenuity are put forth. Where passion divorces mandation. Godspeed everyone. Life is good.

    78. over powered ACE

      $500 for 7 stitches and 1 tetanus shot, jeez American healthcare prices always seem to amaze me

    79. Wolf Hound

      And as soon as Bruce walked into the hospital he saw Nick Diaz fighting Joe Riggs.

    80. Dylan Boxler



      500 dollars for 7 stitches and a thetanus shot? You guys are getting scammed with private healthcare.

    82. Poppin’ Ivan

      I beat the shit out of my best friend before I met him and now he’s like a brother.. My best friend: I beat the shit out my best friend before I met him and now we’re like brothers...

    83. familyguy1

      I would very much like to see that video.

    84. Korvus

      The King !!!

    85. TheGreenPrince

      So you angry men just Punch each other in the face and throat? What happens to all your teeth and your jawline.... Does it cross the threshold before you do or...?

    86. Jrs

      Buffer hit him with those big ass rings on too lol

    87. shal nom

      3:48 that's way too expensive

    88. Lost Soul


    89. d-rizzle3000

      OG Bruce Buffer!!

    90. Rodney Davis

      That's how it used to be. You get in a fight with your boy, y'all Duke it out, and then stay away from each other for a little while after, then become friends again. Not today with these young people. Someone would get shot

    91. Jay M

      I don't give a fuck how interrupted you feel, have a bit of civility, you're not an animal. Good man for standing up for himself against a professional fighter.

    92. MasterCrazyKnightz

      Thats amazing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    93. awceagle


    94. PUTU

      If Buffer can fight Frank then he can literally took out anyone walking on street. Buffer was a boxer is that what they said.

    95. Vince V

      I can’t believe Bruce fought back against a ufc fighter. What a G

    96. Milan Trajkovich

      Boys will be boys

    97. tygo


    98. ᅠᅠ


    99. Scott Crawford

      F@#$ing respect to Bruce, I would have shit me pants

    100. VlRGINIZER

      Dana's bodyguard be like: That's not my job. My job is to ONLY protect Dana and no one else.

      1. Jp Lamar

        @SlapS random this guy... don't you know what the video is about? Quit the hate.. even the anime hermit hate

      2. SlapS random

        @arial012 oh makes sense you ah “anime” luvin useless poOOos lol

      3. arial012

        Uuuh yeah, that is literally his job -_-