A Father to His Son | Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov 1962-2020

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    UFC commentator Jon Anik pays tribute to the late Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov with a reading of "A Father to His Son," a poem written by Carl Sandburg.
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    1. Smart Khan

      The champ and the best man i ever seen ufc🥺🥺😭

    2. Swmkwr Brahma

      Can any one tell me music or track used in that video

    3. omar cheikh-amar

      EL HAMDOULILAH Your Father is good-man,may Allah give-him djennat inshallah.

    4. Martin Holub

      Does somebody know the name of the song please?

    5. Ostap Bender

      You must watch this rare footage of Khabib and Khabib's father (turn on subtitles)! paprom.info/block/v/nZ7gkL2bwImdqJQ.html

    6. Network Engineer

      After poirier fight khabib asked towel from his corner to rub sweat off his face His dad used his t shirt to rub his face That was so pure love between dad and his baby boy

    7. pranav vichur

      Name of the song??

      1. Gg Mm


    8. Bunyod Abdusamadov

      the music's name in the background please

      1. Gg Mm


    9. THE Sting

      Abdulmanap should be the 9th wonder of the world because he made Khabib what he is

    10. THE Sting

      The boy who fights for his father never loses. His father never saw him lose.

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    12. Md Javeeransari


    13. Muhammed Mohammed

      The G.O.A.T #khabibtime

    14. VDK Studios

      paprom.info/block/v/kIXVZdKq0qB74JQ.html Gathje speaks about how strong Khabib is

    15. Ayush Vatsal

      Khabib wasn't the one who's undefeated. His father made him one. Respect for the both legends.

    16. abdul hadi

      May Allah grant him top place in jannah.

    17. Muhammad Ikfar

      What the name song ?

      1. Gg Mm


    18. Shuraim Saood

      mashallah this brought a tear to my eye

    19. haroon jelapang TV

      that is no god but is allah..and prophet muhammad is masseger of allah.. welcome to muslim...all teaching about islam...thanks to allah..alhamdulillah

    20. lover Boy

      Love you khabib

    21. Es Läuft

      Song? By 00:53 sec

    22. Javohir Salohiddinov


    23. Sam Bradust


    24. Jamelah Macabangkit

      Habib..u dont like victory..bcoz of that, im Ur fan..bcoz of ur hardship in every fight.not bcoz u intertained people and me😭😭,i feel ur hardship in the cage..that made my heart cry😭😭 i feel so sorry that just ds last week of oct.2020 that i have an idea about ur career nd fame😭😭😭😭im just an ordinary busy mother that dont have much time watching you tube,tv fb..maybe ths why😭😭😭😭 i pray to ALLAH i can talk to u somedy in any possible way.😭😭😭😭😭im so proud of u...😭😭😭😭😭i hope u can read my mssge..INSHA ALLAH idnt know ur exact/real fb or instagram accnt.i hope someone can helpme send this messge to you😭😭😭😭..im jamelah from masiu Lanao del sur, philppines..i love ur natural life than ur fame😭😭😭!i love ur vedio while u are carrying ur shoes with bagpack, i felt ur natural life in that vedio and i said i love ur natural life than ur fame😭😭.i pray to ALLAH that somdy ill be one of those people u know even only here on social media..we love u for the sake o ALLAH..salam to ur family especially to ur mother...ur community is so nice ..seems like many people there are good and kind..indeed, there is such thing as IMPOSSIBLE, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be able to come to ur community..what a good amazing place..

    25. Abdulla Alsaud


      1. Gg Mm


    26. Sharp Edge

      3:04 Me Too 💔

    27. Nadeem Wolverine

      That tribute is so addictive


      My Allah bless you khabib Warld no 1 fighter

    29. thomas ward-cardinal


    30. Aaroneus James

      Ahhh i cant watch this without crying

    31. The Finisher


    32. Kishan Das

      Khabib is a champion... But not a people's champion like Conor McGregor.

    33. ADVEXON TV

      Greatest of all time #Khabib the Eagle!

    34. Ismail Hossain

      A father sees his son nearing manhood. What shall he tell that son? "Life is hard; be steel; be a rock." And this might stand him for the storms and serve him for humdrum monotony and guide him among sudden betrayals and tighten him for slack moments. "Life is a soft loam; be gentle; go easy." And this too might serve him. Brutes have been gentled where lashes failed. The growth of a frail flower in a path up has sometimes shattered and split a rock. A tough will counts. So does desire. So does a rich soft wanting. Without rich wanting nothing arrives. Tell him too much money has killed men and left them dead years before burial: the quest of lucre beyond a few easy needs has twisted good enough men sometimes into dry thwarted worms. Tell him time as a stuff can be wasted. Tell him to be a fool every so often and to have no shame over having been a fool yet learning something out of every folly hoping to repeat none of the cheap follies thus arriving at intimate understanding of a world numbering many fools. Tell him to be alone often and get at himself and above all tell himself no lies about himself whatever the white lies and protective fronts he may use against other people. Tell him solitude is creative if he is strong and the final decisions are made in silent rooms. Tell him to be different from other people if it comes natural and easy being different. Let him have lazy days seeking his deeper motives. Let him seek deep for where he is born natural. Then he may understand Shakespeare and the Wright brothers, Pasteur, Pavlov, Michael Faraday and free imaginations Bringing changes into a world resenting change. He will be lonely enough to have time for the work he knows as his own. Source: www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-father-to-his-son-by-carl-sandburg

    35. Aakif anis

      innalahi wa inalahi rajeoon

    36. Icank Ghandy

      Thank you ufc, dana white for your respect, and send Al-fatihah for Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov 🙏

    37. Hisoka

      Whats the name of the song plz

    38. king of knives

      Make a movie 2021 plz i love this true story

    39. Nacer Guettou


      1. Gg Mm


    40. Shaikh Azam

      Thanks Khabib for jumping on that eunuch outside ring

    41. Mister T

      Whats the song called in the backround?

    42. Monis Ahmed

      1:37 perfectly synchronized

    43. Nîtz Røçkstar


    44. tariq kiani

      Khabib is and his father is a legend

    45. Hafiz Mazhar

      Music name?

      1. Gg Mm


    46. Jackson Wen


    47. Papa Tulo

      ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 RESPECT 😔😔

    48. WAK Writes

      Love you khabib love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    49. TheAlpha-Tv

      What's the song???? Please and thank you!!!

      1. Gg Mm


    50. Show Up Nur

      Is khabib's father died? When? Idk... Please tell me....

    51. Faraz

      A Rocky movie in reverse!

    52. Oliver Veloso


    53. Farhad Hussainzada

      انا لله وانا الیه راجعون

    54. Michael Taylor

      Anyone know the song?

      1. Luke Holland

        @Gg Mm why do you keep posting this link its not the song. Stop

      2. Gg Mm


    55. Haris Asif

      I Just took Bath In My Tears.... iTs Just Wonderful 🖤

    56. Milos Polimac

      What is song name starting at 0:50?

      1. Gg Mm


    57. Mamuszka bis

      Mam dla tego czlowieka ogromny szacunek

    58. TS

      Hala Khabib

    59. GrêêN VÊÑØM

      My biggest wish is to meet my khabib brother may Allah bless him 🤧❤️

    60. Lyla N

      He give the world a legend. inside and outside cage. may he rest in peace

    61. Aaroneus James

      amazing video. beautifully shot. the dialogue is on point.

    62. Adriano Cheko

      rip 🙏🏼❤️

    63. Rizwan Vahora

      And give us hidaya to be father like he was

    64. Rizwan Vahora

      May Allah forgive Abdul munap and increase his darajat in jannah

    65. OG syRUP

      RIP SIR

    66. NS Team

      From afghanistan 🇦🇫 love you 😞khabbib And abdulmanap may Allah jaan at naseeb karo

    67. Ряаб Гацан

      who in their right minds watches this video and dislikes it?

    68. J-Dog West-Combo

      Khabib is a REAL champion.

    69. Herry

      He joined heaven cuz he passed the life RIP Probably the best trainer in the world.

    70. Sami Zahid

      Subhan Allah

    71. MultiTajwar

      #UFC could you please give credit to the guy for the background music and enlighten everyone with the name of it. 🤣 P.S: Like it if you want UFC to reveal the song name.

      1. syed asadullah

        By the whats the song??

    72. Abdussalam Farouk

      Mehn, I've watched this a million times...RIP Abdulmanap

    73. RaulMeatFactory1975

      Undisputed G O A T

    74. Gg Mm


    75. kudzaishe munyoro


    76. Bluvy

      Fly high💫🕊

    77. Aykut Acm

      Allah yerhamo / Allah rahmet eylesin 🤲🏼

    78. shawndx77

      Song name?

      1. Gg Mm


    79. Meysam abbasi

      I can’t stop listening to this! I feel like game of thrones basically based Jon snow’s character off of khabib. He’s the real life Jon snow, even better tbh

    80. Lolboii Lol

      I want to see khabib vs the mountain hafthor

    81. Шерхан

      Just a looser. nothing more

      1. profi 33


    82. Muhammad Saqlain

      u all of see his full career he respected all the fighters and also see to he loves his father his mother says to him thats ur last fight and he sad yes mother what a son in this earth at the time great great

    83. Muhammad Saqlain

      ma sha allah khabib is all time great fighter and also greatest men i love u awesome

    84. Bilal Khan

      WORD CHAMPION #Khabib ✌️🏅🏅

    85. Tonn Derbenev

      R.I.P.Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov !!! Sorry for your lost Khabib !!! Salam iz Florida

    86. Sarandeep

      *Alhamdulillah* _29 -0_ _Blood Passion Legend_ Khabib Nurmagomedov

    87. Alexandros Koka


      1. Gg Mm


    88. supaahflyy

      G O A T.

    89. Faiz Pane

      well i think mcgregor fans gonna be jealous


      mashallah ! what a father ! may he rest in peace in heaven ishallah

    91. Steev

      Every time I see khabib, it looks like his body has been mutated and evolved for fighting.

    92. AR Youtop

      this video make me cry

    93. Mr Plankton

      Having a son like khabib is every dads dream

    94. Andi Pancawati


    95. Villains Never die

      Never saw such a humble family I love my dagestani brothers from Afghanistan ❤️🇦🇫❤️❤️❤️🇦🇫

    96. adeel jan

      khabib Narmago the humble and great freak of UFC ...........

    97. official m4hfzyy

      This poem is written by Carl Sandburg called father to his son. They made their own original version of that poem and added a piano effect. They probably got someone to sing over that poem and beat. That's why nobody can find the song.

    98. Blochin11_

      Thank you Abdulmanap, thank you Khabib!

    99. Mr Plankton

      whats the music?

      1. Gg Mm


    100. siti hasanah

      so sad.... His father is the best coach and infiration of khabib... But, today... His father pass away. Khabib teach all people to get close our parent. Because we dont know how tomorrow will be happent....