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  1. TheLegend 27

    Mrs. poirier is thicc

  2. N11LL0

    OKOKOK!!! WHO Y'ALL GOT!?! WE MEET HERE AFTER THE FIGHT! I like connor but dustin is my pick, that guy is a different man. He proved it we all know.

  3. Big rocker Johnson

    Micheal Chiesa vs Stephan Thompson makes so much sense

  4. mmadigest

    Song: I Want All The Power - LG (TEAM GENIUS)

  5. Bobby Breezy


  6. Criss Strokes

    One day, Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov 2

  7. LegitLPS

    Lol Colby will mop the octagon floor with his face

  8. Ömür Sarıaslan

    Here's the song boys. Enjoy! paprom.info/block/v/sX6-rtxkzJ1p33I.html

  9. Khu Jjhj

    hopefully mcgregor spin wheel kicks porier to forehead. 1 like +1% chance for it to happen

  10. Scott Mclucas

    Love how he tryed to do a walk of and relayed he had more to say and dc walked away

  11. John

    Colby v Chiesa will be Max v Calvin 2.0 in the sense Chiesa will get wrestled fuxked

  12. Young Kim

    Good luck Dustin.

  13. Dahntae St.Pierre

    and STILL!

  14. Jay Poe


  15. Xmas

    So he knew who he was😔🥺

  16. Super Vegeta

    It’s Inauguration Day!!!!!!!!! 😂 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣 Oh my haha 😂 That was AWESOME 👏

  17. Jake Lewis

    It’s so dum charging people money for a rematch of a fight that was no were close the first time why the ufc dosent make a fight people actually wanna see for example. Diaz vs conor 3. Or Masvidal vs Conor. Like fuck this dum ass fight such a waste of time for everyone and the fighters involved

  18. Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr

    I literally cannot stand this dude his face his voice and everything about him makes me want to vomit

  19. sureTHING sureTHING

    UFC Promos are the best.... bar none

  20. John John

    for a guy who’s so good at jiu jitsu he gets submitted a lot

  21. SimmonAU

    How Connor making a fitness business when he's known to only have 5 good minutes in him?

  22. Aiden Wood

    Getting ads for Conor v poirier on an ad for Conor v poirier

  23. Xmas

    This guy wasn’t joking when he said when he ko people the don’t move😅

  24. kevinLAWLESS420

    the real question, where are the holes in Kevin Lees game and how does Jake paul fit into all of this?

  25. Justin

    1:50 smh who else sees Dana the only one without a mask

  26. Laurie Chuck

    Tbh he really does look in the best shape hes ever been in , and he still looks lean . Nice fucking awesome

  27. Sean Berry

    Mikes a champ without a belt he faught magny and Fatigue and still won props to him on a hell of a performance him and colby would be a great fight imo


    Should have shot your shot against Wonderboy

  29. Mick Robertshaw

    I don't dislike McGregor. You can't doubt his skills but I believe that this is Dustins time. I think Dustin will win. His skills will overcome. Just like he's overcome everything else.

  30. Alchemistic Academician

    Conor is going to mention how he predicted having to whoop him twice, in his post fight interview.


    Conor this noob

  32. Patrick Roup


  33. Lanukumzuk Jamir

    I'm rooting for the underdog...

  34. Luca F

    Eye talking about succes lol. Get the fuck out!

  35. xxDAMRONxx

    Weird. I wasn’t subscribed to such a great organization. Well problem solved

  36. Full camp Oezdemir

    griddy performance by Chiesa. Good win.

  37. safwat mansour

    i hope conor lose cause he is big number 1 bullshit

  38. Adam Boydstun

    Getting ronda rousey comeback vibes 0.0 and I want Conner to win btw...


    According to the ufc there's never been a rematch that the fans have not been waiting for

  40. Super Vegeta

    If you called out Colby I officially throw away my beef. You did I didn’t see it, Wow 🤩 He should whip your ass your right.That is exactly why i like you now. It’s not no front runner bs I thought you were a duck. I was wrong. Im sorry.

  41. Hzm Afq

    Just my opinion For this division 1-khabib 2-mcgregor/nate diaz 3- the others So poirier will lose. easy win for connor

  42. PewDiePie Sucks!!!

    Congrats Michael Chiesa you're a good man

  43. Dino Nuggetzzz

    But is this dustin enough to beat connor??

  44. BattleBandit

    Connor really looking like a movie super hero. He’s in such better shape now finally back to his bones

  45. Ethan Dur

    Gaethje: *gasps for air* Dominic Cruz: great strategy by Gaethje, he is sucking all the air in the arena to make it unbreathable for Khabib.

  46. Bailey Andersen

    Khabib just consumes Gaethje

  47. Cody Legare

    Chandler and mcgregor better win its awesome he brings his kids with him

  48. Smoking Joe

    Amanda looks like Michelle Rogruigez

  49. I am ZIMJ

    Who needs 'Rap Artists' when you got 'Tap Artists' competing with each other after Khabib dealt with them.

  50. W. Adams

    I hope Dustin makes a boat load of money, he def deserves it.

  51. Nelo K

    Here only for Nasrat 💪🏼🇦🇫

  52. Am Mar Says

    2:13 this move was OP

  53. CRYCES

    cinemas... take note 😎

  54. Robert Senecal

    King Connor will clean Dustin's clock

  55. Praveen Singh

    What a line by Conor 👌🙏🇮🇳

  56. Dunn

    Joe "OHHHH HE SLEPT HIM" Rogan

  57. Emmanuel Diaz

    @2:26 Damn, UFC won’t even mention Bellators name.. UFC like: “No promotion for them here; not on my channel.” Lmao🤣

  58. james m


  59. Holy Kafir

    Poirier is a very different animal now. If Conor beat him in the first round I would be very surprise. But it’s going to be an awesome fight.

  60. rainbowthegod


  61. Awaited One


  62. Super Vegeta

    “I beat RDA” Meanwhile back in Brazil RDA just smashed his glass, And walked away heated, The wife then grabbed the remote and turned the tv off lol

  63. Cristiano Rodrigo


  64. Radioff Voices NoysyVision&NaClO

    didnt know mcgregor had a daughter too

  65. Will

    Mad how any middleweight in ufc or Belator today would fuck any of these guys up

  66. Zachary Bailey

    It’s easy to hate Mcgregor, that makes it easier to believe he’ll lose. I do think he’s going to win though

  67. eric debord

    Dustin just doesn't move his head out of the way good enough. He's a super tough dude but can't get out of the way and he doesn't take fights to the ground like he needs to to beat Conor, Conor will knock him out in the first round. I'm putting money on it.

  68. JCole

    I don't care if you're Dustin Poitier, bro...high kicking in a purple sweatshirt and in yoga's is a no no.

  69. Helen Troy

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  70. Dwayne H

    McGregor last five 3-2 Poirier last five 4-1 Somehow I still don’t see Dustin winning it.

  71. Ramesh Grg

    I am from Hong. Hi,Respectful all UFC fans ours DUSTIN POIRIER will win. Now POIRIER is already changed, he have a knock out power.

  72. Dale G

    40 min of McGregor & Dustin 8 min Hooker & Chandler

  73. King Slayer

    How many times has Conner defended a belt?

  74. R35

    Why didn’t gaethje get this fight?

  75. Blake Johnson

    Chiesa is a likeable dude just DO NOT talk about his mom

  76. sean ferguson

    Chiesa is a phenomenal grappler and deserves the success, given how hard he obviously works, but he’s just not exciting to watch ( JUST MY OPINION ) I’m a fan of grappling and his transitions and top control were very impressive. I just don’t see the ferocity that I see in other fighters with similar styles. Being down on the card the way Magny was, he just needed to go for broke the last 2 rounds, given he needed a finish, and he didn’t. Seemed gun shy in fear of the takedown. That, and he was grappling to bring the fight to the ground, where he had been dominated, instead of trying to break free and let his hands go. Not the best strategy imo. Between that and Chiesa’s standup and his lack of ferocity on the ground, I had no problem multitasking during the fight, and I wasn’t fearful that I would miss something. 🤷‍♂️

  77. Kungfu camping in winter

    li jing liang is true kungfu hero

  78. R35

    UFC is on fire this year so many great fighters